A “gas station” on Mars. Scitech Daily

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2 Responses to A “gas station” on Mars. Scitech Daily

  1. EEngineer says:

    Robert Zubrin proposed this 30 years ago. Even built prototypes way back then and formed the Mars Society.

    Mars has comfortable gravity, but the atmospheric pressure is ~0.5% that of earth, and poisonous due to the high CO2 concentration. It might as well be a vacuum from the perspective of any living thing from earth. Aside from the temperature swings caused by the month long “day”, the moon would be an easier place to operate.

  2. Fred says:

    “producing fuel as a byproduct”

    I get using this to purify the breathing air on the space station, but this sounds like a ‘research’ scheme that is only viable due to the regulatory structure and the tax funding. Two of China’s universities are listed as contributing to the project. How much is China paying?

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