Our first anti-America president

The time has come for a direct statement about Joe Biden, a statement that calls for resistance and if necessary civil disobedience.

Joe is a master of deception and disguise. For all those years in government he successfully hid his now obvious detestation of the origins, form of government and culture of the United States. What was beneath his mask was only visible when he was dealing with people he thought of no consequence.

I experienced that directly when I brought an Arab client to his office at the senate. The man made the innocent comment that he hoped for progress in resolution of the Arab/Israeli problem and was then for at least five minutes screamed at by a red-faced Biden who accused him of being a liar and who threatened to throw us both out of the office. This occurred while Biden was seated between two grinning Zionist staffer/handlers, two men who had lured me into this office visit starting with an unsolicited phone call invitation. People like that will regret the support that they have given to Biden believing that he would reliable support Israel. He reliably supports nothing but his delusion of centrality.

Biden’s massive delusion of universal centrality, and narcissist syndrome allow him to treat people as objects to whom no debt of honesty or consideration is owed. He is a sociopath, a sociopath who disguises himself as everyone’s “Mister Rogers.”

He claims that he is a descendant of the oppressed Irish peasantry who fled on the “death ships.” There is no evidence to support that claim but it is evidently a basis for his belief that he will be the savior of oppressed immigrants.

As Tucker Carlson maintains, Joe seeks to change the demography of the US by illegally flooding the US with immigrants whose volkervanderung he encouraged. The belief is clear among the Bidonians that ways and means will be found to grant citizenship to the illegal migrants he is bringing into the country by the hundreds of thousands who will soon number in the millions and whom they perhaps foolishly believe will vote Democrat (or whatever the party will be called then).

He is personally corrupt in matters of money, vastly corrupt. The evidence is clear and it is in the hands of his adversaries in the form of the hard drive that his drunken reprobate son left in the hands of a computer repair man. That evidence will continue to emerge.

Will Mr. Durham be allowed to continue his investigation into the conspiracy created by the Left/Clintonistas against Trump? I doubt it.

BTW I did not support Trump for president in 2016 although I liked most of his policies in office and I do NOT support another run for president by him. Why? IMO his candidacy would increase the chance that the psycho Left would win another term for their puppet whomever that might be. pl

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  1. blue peacock says:

    Is Biden really the guy at the wheel even in his dementia-adled state or is he just a puppet on a string? If the latter who are pulling the strings?

    • EEngineer says:

      Definitely a puppet. Even at his best he was just a grifter that played along to get his cut. I think the recent clusterfuck in Afghanistan is the result of too many cooks in the kitchen. Obama clan, Clinton clan, WEF/Davos stooges, Chinese vassal, Deep State/bureaucracy, Neocons, all think they own the place and grabbing at the wheel simultaneously. Chaos continues until a strongman cleans house or we hit a telephone pole. I don’t see any contenders, so I expect a long wait.

  2. Babeltuap says:

    The woke army has existed since the beginning of civilization. Leaders keep giving and giving to get and retain power to the point the system eventually collapses.

    As much as I hate the border invasion it could be the best thing that ever happened to give the woke army a reality check and fix this thing for a long time. The invaders are already getting more benefits than the woke army. Free housing, money, job programs, healthcare and uncommon protection. The invaders also look like people by and large who kinda want to work real jobs and build a better life. One thing is for sure; we are gonna find out. This pressure cooker is going to blow sooner than later.

  3. eakens says:

    Yuri Bezmenov and Jonathan B Calhoun predicted where we are, a long time ago. Resistance and civil disobedience are now the only hope. There is no other way.

    It would only take 10% of the people refusing to go into work and paying taxes, but sadly I don’t see it. The migrations taking place in the US right now as a result of Covid are the oil and water separating.

  4. Aletheia in Athens says:

    The thing is that we are all suffering anti-nation presidents, since they are no more in charge, as the “Covid Network” research so clearly shows.

    In Germany, it seems that Merkel´s conservatives have payed the “Covid Bill” and have experienced a huge loss in favor of the socialists, but we know by the astounding case of Australia, where the police is now visiting people in their homes to question them on their calls to demonstrate through Facebook ( corroborating Facebook is a tool of the police state..), what this so called “Euroleft” who is also in charge in some European countries, is all about…

    In contrast, fro a politician who at least shows a bit of decency, and even a bit of intelligence, since this is not sustainable, yet nobody echoes her case, not even the Russian media…That is very telling….

    Holland secretary of state was dismissed after she positioned herself against “Covid Pass”

    The Dutch government dismisses Mona Keijzer, Secretary of State, for questioning the health passport. “A society in which you have to be afraid of everyone except those who show a pass, should make us think if it is the direction in which we want to move,” she said.

    This is the woman…


    This is the kind of empowered women we need, and not Hillary Clinton….

    • walrus says:

      Alethia, I don’t know where you are getting your news from but your observations regarding Australia are incorrect.. Nobody i’d being visited by police over what they have written. For those in quarantine at home, police will make random visits to check. They also have to enforce the public health act. There is plenty of criticism of government policy but very little informed criticism of police over this matter.

    • Deap says:

      What is the “covid” tyranny motivation in Holland or other EU countries?

      I can understand the US hysteria since the Democrat goal was to get rid of Trump. But how does this “all-covid-all-the-time”, play out elsewhere. What is the end goal.

      Is it a symptom of the unraveling of the EU and its early promises several decades and billions of dollars of wealth transfers from north to south? And now those on the inside of the EU don’t want to lose their iron grip on this distorted money machine.

      Democrats passing out US tax dollars to their inside cronies, can relate.

  5. walrus says:

    From my experience, the ending of a sociopaths rule in business or government is usually abrupt. This is triggered by one of two things;

    – The secret discovery by a corporate board or equivalent of a crime. This results in immediate and unforeseen departure to “spend more time with family” or the equivalent. I have seen this happen to a few high profile leaders who were caught in financial or sexual escapades that were never made public.

    – The discovery of a “what could they have possibly been thinking when they did that??” type decision by the general public. An example is Martha Stewart who destroyed her multi million dollar business by a shabby cheap insider stock trade. These happen because the sociopath does not believe rules apply to them and in addition underestimate the cost of discovery because they don’t do empathy.

    We should pray that Biden is hurriedly removed for the first form of transgression. The second “what was this idiot thinking?” type of action, perhaps like unilaterally declaring war on China or Iran without good reason for example, could be fatal to our interests.

  6. BillWade says:

    It would seem due to the current Australian lock downs and police brutality that the US State Department should be denying any Australian government officials entry into the USA and all US citizens should be warned not to travel there. What’s going on there better not be a preview.

  7. Aletheia in Athens says:

    Colonel Lang and pilgrim turcopoles,

    I have watched several videos on Telegram where there appear some US farmers stating the government is offering them 50% plus for their harvests if they totally destroy them, under the menace that if they do not do it, they will not receive subsides…

    Also there was another video where a truck driver was stating he was asked to spill the fuel charge of his truck wherever he deems but that he dissapear it…

    I have no means to test whether these videos are real or not..In case it is so, this is serious, this is a crime, after the other…Since the people do not rise, do not move themselves, they think they can do whatever they want…AOC will cry a bit and that´s all…

    Adding this to the current situation in the UK, with people in kilomewtric lines to get fuel, plus the already lasting months packing of containers in L.A and other West ports, plus the fact already known on that Gates and his ilk want to control supplies, I am having the impression they are provoking an artificial shortage of everything.

    The media in Europe are saying the Russians are not pumping enough gas, and that that is behind the increase in prices in face of the coming winter, but the Russians are denying this stating they not only are pumping the same, but even more, especially to the UK and the US…Only problem is that the European people do not read Russian media…

    Are the governments hoarding goods to cause unjustified shortage, so as to rise prices, to make the population paying for the Covid bill, while blaming the Russians or whomever?
    Would they try to blame the unvaccinated for this, trying to turn the vaccinated population against them?

  8. Barbara Ann says:

    Well said Colonel.

    Under certain circumstances, is not civil disobedience a duty of the patriotic citizen? What, I wonder, would Henry Thoreau think today of the new laws of Segregation apartheid being introduced in relation to vaccine mandates? Laws that force private property owners to bar entry to their premises to one class of citizens. Laws that make participation in society contingent on citizens submitting to the government’s right to inject them with drugs of its choosing. How can any right thinking person tolerate such evil? Should we wait until the midterms in the hope that the majority will decide these measures are unjust?

    “A wise man will not leave the right to the mercy of chance, nor wish it to prevail through the power of the majority”

  9. Polish Janitor says:

    Joe is as corrupt as the polity/culture that installed him as POTUS. And I don’t see any meaningful difference between him, Hilary and Bill, Al Gore, Harry Reid, Obama, Schumer and the rest of them Dems. On the opposite side things are not good either. The conservative movement is brain-dead and you don’t see any proper ideas coming out of it, but noises, noises and noises and a lot of bitching with no solution whatsoever. I’m too young to say really mouthful things like, “America needs someone like Barry Goldwater, or Reagan to clean up this predominately ‘cultural’ mess”, but boy when I read about how it was like in the past few decades or so and how the conservative movement had so many top intellectuals like Pat Moynihan, Sam Huntington, Jim Wilson, Irving Kristol (but not really a fan of his son Bill!) and Bill Buckley and compare it to today’s insane and retarded dimwits in the movement the difference is day and night. Every nation needs people who really care about it and have good ideas to help improve it, right now I see none. Where are they?!

    Sure Biden is corrupt and mean as hell but when there is demand there is supply! As long as a good chunk of the citizenry gravitate toward the ice-cream-licking-Biden and Pelosi or Trump and that loser MyPillowGuy, not only things never improve, instead it will hit deeper and darker places too with little to no chance for recovery. It is all about elections nowadays. Who wins, who runs, who campaigns, who endorses, who this, who that…..This coming midterms, the next one and the one after…until eternity. Like an endless cycle of death. This is the problem and the current culture does not allow any alternative ideas to emerge and challenge the dominant nonsense that many accept and promote these days. In the meantime every shithole hater of freedom wants to rub it on America’s face: Peasant-minded Russian elites target and infiltrate and sow mistrust inside the institutions in order to destroy the republic, China promotes ‘blame America first’ crap as a dominant ideology inside colleges and universities to try to rot it from the inside out, Iran does its own crap with progressives and leftists, Israeli Zios buy and sell politicians like cheap hookers to do its bidding and brainwash the gullible with its own evangelical Zionism, the Saudis and Emiratis and Qataris do their own damage, kill people in cold blood, bring down buildings and get away with it…and everybody blames all the terrible things in the world on American socio-political system-the first modern republic based on ‘natural rights’- and its Constitution and how it discriminated against this or that since the day man set foot on earth! I’m not American, but when I see how people especially the brainwashed little Marxist Gen Zs and millennials are being so ungrateful for living under the America freedom but instead choose to throw dust into the face of their ancestors it just makes me upset and bewildered. And the funny/painful thing is that none of these little ‘Marxists’ dare to move out to China or Russia or Venezuela or Tel-Aviv or Tehran and join their comrades to fully enjoy command economy, bread lines, and communist Shangri-La!

  10. Deap says:

    August 19, 2020 – in the middle of the DNC – they laid it all out in full view – what they really intended to do, besides selling the PR buffed up Biden as their innocuous front man.

    Tucker Carlson went behind the scenes of the DNC, with plenty of time to warn America:


  11. Sam says:

    Trump running in 2024 will make it certain that the wokesters will win the presidency again. Trump had his day in the sun. It is time for someone with far more competence to push back. IMO, the only person who’s demonstrating such competence is Ron DeSantis. However, since he comes from the traditional wing of the Republicans I’m sure he’ll be all on board the Deep State wing like Mikey Pompous.

  12. TonyL says:


    “…I do NOT support another run for president by him. Why? IMO his candidacy would increase the chance that the psycho Left would win another term for their puppet whomever that might be. pl”

    I thought the reason you’ve determined that Trump was finished was his incitement of Jan 6 insurection. I do remember you made that judgement back then. So I am curious, did you change your mind about this?

    • Pat Lang says:


      I don’t know what you call “incitement.” I think he was unwise in essentially encouraging the crowd to go to Capitol Hill. He does not seem to understand the nature of masses in the street. I do not think he conspired to bring these people to Washington to attack the capitol but he should have known better than to send them to the capitol. The Democrat exaggeration of the effect of the incident is ludicrous but typical of their present nature as a party. There a great many in the country who can’t deal with Trump as a person and who would vote for the devil rather than Trump. IMO he would be a crippling propaganda burden for conservatism if he runs again. One of the governors should run with Trump’s backing.

      • TonyL says:


        “He does not seem to understand the nature of masses in the street”

        That was my impression, too.

        However, I think the people who advised him behind the scene, e.g. Steve Bannon, know well ahead that how a peaceful Trump rally will become a riot at Capitol Hill. I don’t know if it was Trump’s intention (now that I have a long time to think about it, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, that he only wanted to stop the Certification). But I believe people like Steve Bannon would hope for a member of Congress being taken hostage by the mob.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Incitement like this?

      “Anyone you want, but I think right here, we’re going to walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women, and we’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them”

      Or this?

      “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”

      The whole tone of the speech was calm, not to say turgid. If the intent was to incite a riot, Trump is the worst orator in history.

      • Deap says:

        Most telling is the video of the peaceful, milling protest crowd well below the Capitol Steps suddenly turning into an angry crowd the very moment the Capitol Police fired flash bangs and tear gas at the crowd.

        That is when (a signal?) when some of the milling crowd rushed up the Capitol steps. The mood changed instantly from peaceful protest to anger when they were fired upon, with no apparent visible threat as evidenced by this video.

        We need to know more about who issued the command to fire on the crowd. And why. This video needs wider distribution.

        • Artemesia says:

          Jan 6 started in mid-November, with the first of three Stop the Steal rallies:
          Nov 14 2020 https://www.c-span.org/video/?478128-1/rally-president-trump-washington-dc
          Dec 12 2020 https://www.c-span.org/video/?507234-1/women-america-rally
          and Jan 6 2021
          All three were sponsored by Kylie Jane Kremer, Director of Women for America First, daughter of Tea Party’s Amy Kremer. K. Kremer was a guest on C Span Washington Journal on Jan 5 2021 https://www.c-span.org/video/?507646-3/washington-journal-kylie-jane-kremer-discusses-tomorrows-rally-challenging-2020-presidential
          Numerous media figures and political leaders spoke at one or another of the Rallies, including Mike Flynn, Sebastian Gorka, Mike Lindell. Flynn was more overtly militaristic than Trump, calling his family “the Fighting Flynns” and One of the rallies was opened with a rabbi’s prayer and sounding of two shofars to remind protesters of the ‘storming of Jericho.’ Flynn was more overtly militaristic than Trump, calling his family “the Fighting Flynns” and picking up on the rabbi’s reference to storming the walls of Jericho (C Span has scrubbed these elements from video and transcript archive.)

          Rallies #1 and #2 were relatively small. I watched videos of those two earlier events and do not recall noticing freak characters like the guy in fur and face paint. Come to think of it, such characters were not noticeable in the early shots of the Jan 6 crowd before the melee at the Capitol barricades.

          Christian broadcaster TruNews sent a reporter and videographer to at least two of the three rallies, including Jan. 6, when highly-skilled filmmaker Matt Skow got “swept into the vortex” inside the Capitol, while his partner, Ed Szall, was outside. Szall and Skow interviewed several persons (including a former Israeli intelligence agent) from a “Jews for Trump” group that bussed to DC from New York to “do whatever Trump asked them to do.” (Szall has since been fired from the TruNews roster. Skow remains at TruNews, hard at work on a follow-up to that network’s highly acclaimed Sacrificing Liberty 4-hour documentary. https://www.trunews.com/stream/sacrificing-liberty-would-israel-sink-u-s-warship-in-strait-of-hormuz-and-blame-iran)

      • LeaNder says:

        Barbara, I am waiting for the final proof concerning the “stolen vote”. After all, there were many ‘witnesses’ and ‘experts’ on the issue. Can it be unraveled/disentangled from the Capitol attack? How? Tell me.

        I am patient.

        Otherwise, I semi-agree with Pat. The event as earlier ones seem to have been exaggerated for purely political reasons. … And I am strictly not in Pat’s political camp. As foreign fence sitter.

  13. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    re: “People like that will regret the support that they have given to Biden believing that he would reliable support Israel.”
    Colonel Lang,
    That day might be quite near. Rumor has it that some “izzies-who-matter”are furious about the Afghanistan withdrawal. In addition, someone seems to have blinked or turned a blind eye: Iranian fuel is being delivered to Lebanon. The gambit to degrade Nasrallah’s Party of God seems to have produced the opposite effect. tayyip-the-lesser seems to be ill and there seems to be a succession fight going on in our local muslim brotherhood faction. While this might be OT, would you care to comment on how “Biden” might try to finesse the current stalemate in MENA?
    Ishmael Zechariah

  14. John+Merryman says:

    The question at the forefront for me, is whether the donkey flies or falls when it runs off the cliff this week.
    I think that will be a large factor in what comes after.

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