A master stroke at Charlevoix


President Trump has tied the international policy world (the Borg) in knots with his aggressive threats of retaliatory tariffs in response to long standing restrictions in international free trade.  The Borg and the countries that have profited since WW2 from American generosity in terms of trade understandably have reacted with anger at the thought of a leveling of the field of commerce.  The "never Trump" counter-revolutionary press howls in rage only to be scorned by him.

The G-7 met at Charlevoix, PQ intent on demonstrating their collective mastery of the situation.  Somehow their outrage was not visible.

At a parting press conference today Trump made it clear that he will settle for nothing but what he considers fair trade and if that is not to be had then there will be no be trade with those countries.  This is obviously a negotiating tactic.

Trump's real objective was revealed at Charlevoix in the same presser.  What he really wants is a TOTAL elimination of tariffs, non tariff barriers to trade and subsidies supporting unfair prices within and among the G-7 countries.  He also wants Russia re-admitted to the group arguing that economics rather than politics should govern such a decision.  His intention is to eventually extend his Three Eliminations in trade policy to many more countries.

This move has cut the guts out of the outrage abroad in the Borg. 

I have written that Trump is producing, directing and acting in a reality show entitled "The Greatest President."  IMO this incident at Charlevoix will be the subject of one of the better episodes.  pl

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