A Michigan voter’s state court lawsuit about voting machines is at a perilous point

By Robert Willmann

A very important lawsuit about voting machines brought by a voter in state court in Michigan is at a perilous point today. The now despotic mass media has censored the story since it was filed in November 2020. The case comes from Antrim County, Michigan, where at least a partial examination of a voting machine from the Dominion company was allowed. What has been revealed so far is more evidence that electronic voting and counting machines are to be outlawed and elections are to be done only with paper ballots and counted by hand under careful, supervised procedures.

A court hearing got underway this afternoon at 1:30 p.m. eastern time on several pending matters. One is a request by the defendants to get the lawsuit dismissed at this time before there is more legally authorized discovery of information in the case and a trial. In Michigan it is called a motion for summary disposition.

This case is just as important as the audit going on in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona. However, the electronic court files in the Michigan county, as in Arizona, cannot be accessed by the public over the Internet. Only the court clerk’s docket sheet is available. So I have picked through the Antrim County Clerk’s docket sheet and am working to get filed documents from other locations.

William Bailey, a registered voter in Antrim County, brought the case as the “plaintiff”. The defendants in the lawsuit include Antrim County; the Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who intervened into the case on 9 December 2020; Jonathan Brater, the Michigan Director of Elections; Sheryl Guy, the Antrim County Clerk; and Miller Consultations and Elections, Inc., also known as Election Source, which is a subcontractor of Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. or one of Dominion’s affiliates. Bailey’s lawyer issued subpoenas to 14 different townships in Michigan and to Dominion Voting Systems. The defendants filed a request to quash and cancel the subpoenas to try to prevent the subpoenas from being enforced.

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6 Responses to A Michigan voter’s state court lawsuit about voting machines is at a perilous point

  1. Bobo says:

    While the Bailey filings do toss a considerable amount of mud there is more than sufficient data to show errors in the tabulation of votes in the 2020 election that has not been answered or rectified by the election supervisors of Antrim County.
    The reference to the donation of $300,000,000.00 by the Zuckerbergs just prior to the election to the CFTC (democrat get out the vote group) which would up in the hands of local counties, democratic groups, leaves one to believe little Mark should be strung up by the short hairs.

    • Rodney says:

      The YouTube site for 13th Circuit Court – Hon. Kevin A. Elsenheimer has been wiped clean. No content at all. I’m sure Antifa is right on top of these fascist power controls.

  2. Deap says:

    Ongoing full court press opposition to any 2020 election investigations allows the media, including the WSJ this very morning, to keep repeating the mantra “there was no evidence of 2020 election fraud”.

    This is nothing more than a snowflake snow-job and anyone can see past this “no evidence” ruse. EU caught on years ago and banned all “electronic elections” because they quickly determined they were ripe for fraud. Surely we can do better.

  3. akaPatience says:

    Thank you Mr. Willmann for your considerable efforts in keeping us informed about these important matters. I went to bed on election night thinking Trump had been re-elected, only to be shocked to learn that nefarious things occurred overnight, without oversight, and which defied logic, to change the outcome. That our judicial system stonewalled all of the issues of suspected fraud AND improper/unlawful changes in states’ election processes brought to it proves to me the depth and breadth of corruption. And now, in light of the dogged push-back against thorough audits, one cannot help but wonder what will become of election integrity from this point onward if those trying to thwart transparency and accountability succeed.

    • Deap says:

      The day after election night a commenter on American Thinker who was living in Switzerland and had been watching election returns in real time, while the rest of us slept, thinking Trump had won.

      He wrote wondering when we would question the very abrupt shift in votes that had happened during his Swiss day time zone, but during our bed time.

      That was on Day One. For whatever reason he sensed something very funny had happened on his Swiss daytime watch. That early suspicion …from Switzerland … always troubled me, but it was still early in the long-count post election chaos to give it the attention it deserved.

  4. scott s. says:

    Voting machine software must be open source and vetted. No more proprietary systems. Computer Science professionals have been demanding this since the mad rush from mechanical voting systems after 2000. Having been a software engineering manager for a system with nuclear weapon capability, I have some personal insight into the nature of the problem, and how we managed it within the DoD/DoE framework.

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