Agitprop in our time

1984 An interesting item sent by a friend of SST.  pl

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  1. N. M. Salamon says:

    The Irani twitter issue is old [to me, and others], the Israeli preparations, and actions are new.
    The unfortuante aspect of STATE orgainzed SPIN with reference to war is the DIRE UNFORSEEN [by the spinners] consequences: look at Iraq, and now Afganistan [also notable the SPIN since the financial collapse, by Bush, Paulson, Bernanke et al].

  2. Fred says:

    Very interesting reading. Thanks Col. It looks like Isreal won the twitter war, just didn’t win the ground war in “Operation Cast Lead”. Perhaps they should join Col. Nagl (referenced in the last post) and re-read C.C. Too’s take on who the target of the propaganda should be.

  3. very interesting and useful

  4. N. M. Salamon says:

    Colonel: Furhter on your topic please inspect the following:
    Israeli and pro-Israeli propaganda: Nuttier every day!
    Amirican commentator on I/P etc problems.

  5. Fred says:

    Social media will impact elections, it is just that some use facts while others do not. Compare the swiftboat veterans for truth with dailykos
    For a Michigan example just google Dick Devos. The “doctrine of Dick Devos” Still in the top dozen hits 3 years after the election. You can bet that the Isreali agitprop will hang around the net for years to come unless an effort is made to actively purge it.

  6. J says:

    CSIS is at it ‘again’ trotting out an Iran attack scenario. Israeli agitprop continues unabated.
    And the Canadian National Post willingly trots out CSIS ‘stuff’ mixed with the new Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Mr. Oren and his constant Israeli-lets-thump-Iran diatribe
    In the real world, the only nuclear threat in the Middle East is the one posed by Israel with its over 400 nuclear weapons. If Israel follows through on its threat to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, the result will be catastrophic. In the aftermath of such an attack, large amounts of radioactive material will be lofted into the air contaminating the people of Iran and surrounding countries. This Israeli induced fallout will cause cancers, leukemia, and genetic disease in Middle East populations for years to come, both a medical nightmare and a war crime of Nuremberg II proportions.
    CSIS and other neocon/Israeli D.C. based ‘think tanks’ will need to be held criminally accountable for — their let’s attack Iran agitprop –.
    A War Crimes tribunal against Israel seriously needs to be considered by the world at large.

  7. batondor says:

    First, the CSIS part of the National Post piece is anything but agitprop in favor of an attack on Iran… and it hardly seems fair to suggest that people like Cordesman have been lending credibility to such a venture both there and in the past…
    Second, I personally take the attributions of technical capabilities to the IDF with a big grain of kosher salt because they’ve never been tested under realistic conditions. That the Jerico II or even nukes could be used in a full blown conflict is one thing while their roles as deterrents is something quite different… which is not to ignore that strategic deterrents can be smoke screens for less apocalyptic while still pernicious strategies “on the ground”…
    Third, I don’t think Israelis with any lucidity can ignore the fact that the time from Osirak to the purported discovery of renewed efforts to acquire nukes was about seven years (though I would concur that some in the current leadership of Israel challenge any reasonable conception of ‘lucidity’)…
    All that is not to suggest the agitprop in cyberspace as well as in traditional media is not a real problem that the American people should ignore when interpreting history as it unfolds before our eyes…
    … which is one big reason why I respect Pat Lang and others who try to keep the flames of vigorous debate stoked with realism and pragmatism as an accompaniment for their core principles…

  8. J says:

    Is OSD Gates engaged in Agitprop, or is there more there to his latest ‘consultations’ with the Israeli war mongers Bibi and Barak regarding Iran’s quest Civilian nuclear power production? Both D.C. and Tel Aviv have been engaged in accusations without any shred of proof against Tehran regarding purported Iranian nuclear weapons programs. Israeli war mongers have gone through the hoops moving their war piece back and forth shaking the sabre at Iran (Israeli war ships in the Suez, Dolphin Class subs armed with nukes heading towards Iranian waters), and engaging in black propaganda operations against Iran. Israel does not have the capacity nor the capability to hit with certainty Iran’s facilitates without direct U.S. support and assistance, even if such ‘weapons facilities’ supposedly existed. And any Israeli strike would send waves of death and disease back to its own shores, and its Mideast neighbors from an attack’s radioactive fallout aftermath.
    Gates outlined the U.S. ‘position’ at a joint press conference with Israel’s Defense Minister Barak in Jerusalem. Meanwhile back at the Agitprop mill, Barak expressed impatience that the U.S. was even willing to talk to Iran. Also Gates repeated D.C.’s pledge to stand by the Zionist state. Gates went onto specifically state ““We also discussed the regional security challenges we both face from terrorism to the threat posed by Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons”.
    Iran has repeatedly denied it seeks nuclear weapons although D.C. and Tel Aviv both dispute this ‘without any proof’.
    So is OSD Gates engaged in Agitprop, or is he giving Iran a time-line ultimatum until the end of September? Can we the U.S. ‘citizenry’ really afford both in blood and treasure an unnecessary Iran war?
    Note: ‘Bushehr nuclear plant to come on stream by end of September’

  9. J says:

    How does one ‘sabotage/prevent’ the next ‘unnecessary’
    The AIPAC/Israel/Israel firster crowd don’t give a hang how many Americans die because of their unnecessary Iran war nonsense. And they sure don’t give a hang regarding how many Iranian women/children and families perish, because of their Israeli lies.
    How does one set out to ‘successfully sabotage’ the next Israeli inspired unnecessary Mideast war? Sadly our U.S. Cngress is in AIPAC’s pocket, OSD Gates/Sec-O-State Hillary both are spouting AIPAC/Tel Aviv talking points regarding a ‘non-existent’ Iran nuke weapons program as their ‘basis’ for U.N. sanctions/attack on Iran.
    This is soooo insane, the whole bag of it, flipping insane. Arghhh
    Would somebody please convene a Nuremberg II, ‘before’ the fact and with Bibi and his criminal conspirators in the War Crimes docket. ARghhh

  10. different clue says:

    Knowing and understanding all the mechanisms, parts, and pieces involved in a social media warfare campaign can deprive that campaign and future campaigns of the stealth-mindmolding power they have by virtue of not being recognized as campaigns with nameable and study-able
    parts and pieces. Astro-turf doesn’t work so well once everybody knows the turf is astro.
    Israel’s use of tweets in the early days of the Iran protests raises the issue of reverse-psychology.
    Israel has enough computer-knowledgeable people that they could have disguised the origin of their contributions to the tweet storm if they had wanted to.
    But instead, they left the visible origin of their tweets so easy to find that an enterprising blogger discovered it in a day or two. Why did the Israelis leave a trail of smoking breadcrumbs leading from the tweets right back to Israel?
    I think the answer is rooted in the Israeli government’s desire to portray Iran as undemocratic
    and unreformable and therefor an irreducible threat. Israel saw this sudden upsurge of highly civil and polite protest as making Iran look better than Israel wanted Iran to look. So Israel released a tweet storm with footprints leading back to Israel with the poorly veiled intention that the trail be followed back to Israel fast enough for the Khamenei-Ahmadinejad
    faction to be able to use that fact to discredit the protests so fast and hard that the protesters would be discredited in the eyes of the Iranian majority. The protesters would be thereby neutralized and suppressed fast and hard, the K-A faction would swiftly triumph; and Israel would have an unreformable Iran to point to. Luckily for Iran, the protests spread far faster and deeper
    than anything Israel could hope to get “blamed” for; thereby depriving Khamenei of a tool which the Israelis
    were secretly trying to provide him in his struggle to get ahead of and on top of a civil protest campaign in its early stages.

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