“Antifa” (US) is a domestic subversive and terrorist movement, but there is no present way to outlaw them..


"The principal feature of antifa groups is their use of direct action,[12] with conflicts occurring both online and in real life.[13] They engage in varied protest tactics, which include digital activism, property damage, physical violence, and harassment against those whom they identify as fascist, racist, or on the far-right.[18]

Activists involved in the movement tend to be anti-capitalists[19] and subscribe to a range of ideologies, typically on the left. They include anarchists, socialists and communists along with some liberals and social democrats.[26] Their stated focus is on fighting far-right and white supremacist ideologies directly, rather than through electoral means.    Wiki on Antifa



I spent time this AM seeking the legal authorities needed to outlaw Antifa as the violent, seditious pastiche of anti-American lefty groups that it is.

I found none.  The US AG used to have a list of subversive Groups;  The Communist Party, Nazi Party, The Black Dragon Society, The Knights of the White Camellia, etc.  This was a useful list.  It could be used to exclude Dragoneers, etc. from federal employment, personnel security clearances for federal information and it made surveillance of such people by the FBI automatically authorized.

But, alas, Nixon abolished the list.  Try to come to terms with that, lefties.

At present there does not seem to be a suitable tool in the equipment of DHS or the FBI,

That, actually, is a good thing.  Some future administration would love to shut down opposition groups if it had the legal tools.

Go meet them in the streets!  Go greet them en masse. They think they will like that.  See if they do pl

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  1. Thirdeye says:

    Antifa will not be held legally accountable as long as ruling political establishments in their stronghold cities such as Portland OR and Berkeley CA find them useful for intimidating opposition. The mayors of both cities made winks and nods towards Antifa after they committed violence against their political opponents.

  2. If we can’t outlaw the KKK who has killed multiple people, we’ll never be able to outlaw Antifa, who have yet to kill anybody. At least they can be arrested and prosecuted as individuals when committing violent crimes.

  3. BTW Colonel Lang, your image is a doctored photo of a riot in Athens, Greece in 2009. The Antifa image was added to the back of the rioter’s jacket. There’s plenty of legitimate photos of black clad, masked Antifa activists illegally whooping on nazis and such.

  4. turcopolier says:

    You seem quite well disposed toward Antifa.

  5. No, I think Antifa is a fatal accident waiting to happen. Although I find the white supremacists like those of the “Unite the Right” variety especially vile and deserving of being confronted forcefully, Antifa is not much better. The police should be the ones forcefully confronting both.
    That image is part of a Getty series of photos taken of that 2009 protest in Athens.

  6. turcopolier says:

    How is Antifa in any way better?

  7. Antifa doesn’t stand for white supremacy. I can’t fault them for that. It doesn’t stand for anything, not even the Marxist Communist symbology they often use. Their methods of confrontation are no different from those they stand against so they deserve the same treatment from the police, FBI and DOJ.

  8. optimax says:

    In Portland we have an alt-right group called Proud Boys. They battle with Antifa on a regular basis. They’re both violent scum. These days Proud Boys can only muster a couple dozen people at their demonstrations with a hundred or more Antif#cks ready to rumble, with a large contingent of sucker-punching fat women.This article in the Marxist rag Truthout white washes Antifa–The right wing blogger Andy Ngo–he takes picture and is not violent– was beaten by Antifa people and not peacefully confronted as the writer implies. Unfortunately, the article expresses Portland government’s political attitude.

  9. Jim Ticehurst says:

    If you want Images…go look up The WTO Riots in Seattle..1999…The Biggest Organized Riot (Protest) in America of its kind..and Everyone was there..40,ooo of them..Most of the Masked Violent Rioters were Anarchist from The West Coast…Many from Oregon..but also San Francisco..The WTO Rioters and Now renamed ANTIFA.They are Capable Of The same kind of Violence and Destruction as the Weather Underground and Other Subversive Groups..

  10. Jim Ticehurst says:

    Wiki…WTO Riots Seatttle..Its all there..

  11. turcopolier says:

    Communists and anarchists are usually not for “white supremacy. That does not make them .”good people. So, for you this is still about immigrants. 1.2 million legal immigrants/year are evidently not enough for you.

  12. Vegetius says:

    Sir, you need some SA. Please review the last four years of Antifa interactions with law-abiding citizens.
    Except for deep red states where anti-mask laws are enforced, Antifa operates with the implicit protection of the police and the tacit acceptance of their tactics by local authorities.
    Because of this, every time Antifa has been met in the street it has gone badly for law-abiding Americans
    Zman, who I have recommended to you before, has a great post on this:

  13. Vegetius says:

    In effect, Antifa are shock troops (read:useful idiots) for anti-American open-borders globalists and international finance capital.

  14. doug says:

    Antifa worries me more than the alt-right white nationalists. They bask in the glory of being anti fascist. This can be quite appealing to young men with minds full of mush and a hormonal need to express themselves. As much as Trump’s gross behavior appalls me, I fear more a swing in the other direction post Trump. Marxism is coming back into style ever since the Soviet Union disintegrated from it’s own internal contradictions, to use the vernacular. For the last 20 years or so of its existence it provided evidence of just how stagnant a communist economy devolves into.

  15. Jhaeir says:

    I’m sorry. But when Antifa count in their ranks people who post on forums about how women and girls in the thousands “deserved” to be viciously brutalized by gangs of soldiers when the Soviets stormed Berlin. Then, yes. They are as vile as white supremacists.

  16. Divadab says:

    My take on this is that it’s probable that letter agency boys and girls are a substantial number of the ´antifà headcount , as they are in the “proud boys” also.
    It’s a show. But so are professional sports which are nonetheless mostly real contests. So taking it to the streets, and scrapping it out, may be a good idea. A punch in the nose is quite educational! I should add, however, that my hooligan days are over and I cede the field to those younger and fitter and more willing to take a hit for the cause.

  17. Fred says:

    Just how many “letter agency” people are there in Portland and Seattle?

  18. walrus says:

    beware of those who believe that like Antifa, they are in possession of the sole, perfect, revealed truth and that therefore any action including murder is permissible in the name of building a perfect society.
    Pol Pot and his colleagues murdered 2 million Cambodians in pursuit of such an ideal. Antifa will try and do the same if not stopped now.
    Dostoyevsky encapsulated this mind set in “The Brothers Karamazov”:
    “Tell me straight out, I call on you—answer me: imagine that you yourself are building the edifice of human destiny with the object of making people happy in the finale, of giving them peace and rest at last, but for that you must inevitably and unavoidably torture just one tiny creature, [one child], and raise your edifice on the foundation of her unrequited tears—would you agree to be the architect on such conditions?. . . And can you admit the idea that the people for whom you are building would agree to accept their happiness on the unjustified blood of a tortured child, and having accepted it, to remain forever happy?”

  19. Degringolade says:

    Colonel and TTG:
    A report from Portlandia (since I live here, I feel that perhaps I can add some local color).
    I feel that the Portland City Council does use Antifa as a counterweight to the folks coming over from Clark County. Having lived in the ‘Couv (Vancouver Washington, just across the Might Columbia) and now in Portland during my dotage, I can tell you that what is happening here is a classic Red/Blue sissy boy slap fest.
    Antifa is a refuge for the angry liberal who wants to use violence but abhors the use of such against themselves. Sean and Carl (Folks I know who enjoy such things) seem to feel that parading around with baseball bats and rebar is a great way to score political points and impress women.
    One has to remember that Portland is first and foremost a city of arrivistes. The Proud boys and their ilk (Know several of them personally, they played football with my youngest, overall they are good kids) come over from that hive of scum and villainy known as Clark County specifically to fuck with the Antifa types and mock the poseurs that line the microbreweries and Tapa bars that one finds in Portland.
    Antifa is the fighting wing of the genteel poseurs here in Portlandia. Proud Boys and their ilk are merely rough boys who have figured out there is another gang out there who like to fight and come on over to offer their services as an opponent.
    As for the “Journalist” that got a couple of cuts and bruises in the most recent dust-up, well, who the fuck cares? Other than other “journalists” who feel that their “profession” should be free of all risk and that their words aren’t the incitement to riot that both sides welcome.
    Nope, I kind of look at these activities as spectator sports. I liken their activities to the parking lot fights after football games that I used to enjoy watching and commenting on (football players considered watching the parking lot fights a reward for playing, kind of a post-game entertainment).
    Nope, I kinda see the whole thing as kinda harmless. Yeah, somebody is going to get the shit kicked out of them is a mutually agreed upon fight, but hell, I am missing a couple of teeth myself from a set to in Fayetteville (my CO was not amused), so who am I to judge.

  20. Seamus Padraig says:

    And then there was Charlottesville:
    I have come to suspect that Antifa has long been infiltrated by FBI assets, and that the Feds are quietly steering them to keep us under control. They are probably no more ‘spontaneous’ or ‘independent’ than were Mao’s Red Guards in China, or the Soviet Union’s League of Atheist Citizens in the 1920s.

  21. John Minehan says:

    “At least they can be arrested and prosecuted as individuals when committing violent crimes.”
    And, as with any **group** that commits crimes, the criminal RICO statute is available to US Attorneys . . . .

  22. Ligurio says:

    Antifa –my sources and 20th century American history tell me–is thoroughly infiltrated by (let us call them) federal “agents” (official and unofficial). The point of Antifa violence is to delegitimize popular political movements to the left of the corporate war-mongering Democrat Party. This is why Antifa, though ostensibly an anti-*capitalist* group, has become notorious for their assaults upon innocent Trump supporters whom they accuse of “racism” or “white supremacy.” This is just the old strategic American use of race-baiting to counter economic populist movements that goes back to the beginnings of the country itself. I am surprised that pl, who is so able a military analyst and so astute a student of American history, should not see this for what it is.

  23. Peter C says:

    Re.: anti-capitalism.
    Capitalism and democracy are fundamentally at odds with one another, and for democracy to function well, it is required that there be 1) a well-informed populace 2) strict limits on campaign donations and spending, and 3) no freebies to elected officials (trip to Israel, anybody?). Without proper oversight (aka relying on the wisdom of the free market), we end up with things like superpacs, corporations being “people”, a pervasive lobbyist culture, and concentration of press ownership into a small number of hands.
    Capitalism run rampant severly hinders genuine democracy, and it’s why we now have a “free press” that systematically misinforms its readers and viewers, an absurdly expensive (and predatory) military industrial complex, crumbling public infrastructure, monetization of essential services, and a choice between Trump (ick) or Clinton (yuck) as candidates in the previous US presidential election.

  24. Quartered Safe Out Here says:

    All this sounds too familiar. I recently re-read Remarque’s Three Comrades and the current news echoes. Admittedly it’s a stretch from Antifa in Charlottesville to Freikorps remnants in Weimar and our republic is resilient and we’ve lived through worse. But it’s still worrisome.

  25. Eric Newhill says:

    Yes. They are aided and abetted by members of the Democrat party.

  26. casey says:

    Mr. Colonel;
    I am probably being naive, as usual, but when i saw their Nazi-like regalia and black outfits and masks, I’d assumed Antifa was an agitprop group whose antics were scripted as a narrative piece to keep the proles scared and squabbling and distracted. I figured Antifa for a kind of contemporary Hoover-esque CointelPro op re-imagined for the digital age, and directed by quasi-governmental ops (Soros or one of his ilk?). As usual, I am probably wrong, but their theatrical tactics have the same reek of that agitprop preacher that was going around years back demonstrating at the funerals of veterans who he decided were gay and damned, which struck me at the time as the worst sort of ham-handed, keep-the-proles-distracted psyop, brought to us with our own tax dollars. Antifa feels very Bibi to me, which is all the more reason to ban them, though I’m sure you’re right that there is no mechanism to do so.

  27. Jim Ticehurst says:

    Anarchist..”A Punch in the nose is Quite Educational” ?? It is a little known Fact That Mass Muderer Jarred Lee Loughner..Who Shot Congress woman Gabrielle Gifford in the Head.with a Glock 19…Murdered a U.S. District Judge..Killed a 9 Year Old Child on Janurary 8..2011 and Was Charged with 19 counts of Murder and Attempted Murder In Arizona.. .. Loughner.was a Hard Core Anarchist..He frequently used Drugs and Magic Mushroom…He constantly wore His Head phones..Listening to His Favorite Band….”Fuck the Flag”and other Heavy Metal Bands that sang about Anarchy.. Anti America..Music..He had recently gone to a Large Open Air Concert in Arizona by a European Band..Who Decorated the Stage all over with Red..White and Black t Banners.The Lyrics were all Revolutionary and Anarchist…When Gabby Gifford came to Town for a Public Apperance…He saw his “Target of Opportuunity” All those Poor Souls “took a Hit” for His Cause.Anarchy….Hatred of the United States Government..

  28. turcopolier says:

    Do you have any actual experience of working in US law enforcement or the intelligence community. I suspect not. If you had you would know that the these agencies do not set out to manipulate US public opinion as you suggest. Too much time in libraries and reading the papers of other lefties leads to fantastical group think. It is one thing for scoundrels like Brennan and Clapper to enter into a conspiracy to further their personal interests but it would be impossible to launch the “Trust” like operation that you dream of.

  29. Mark Logan says:

    Political parties being exempt from RICO is a good thing.
    Or maybe not…

  30. Peter C says:

    It is well established that the police infiltrated various protest groups at the G20 summit in Toronto a few years ago (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/g20-g8-summit-opponents-infiltrated-by-police-1.1059275), and there is strong evidence that such infiltrators have instigated violence at this and other protests (https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-toronto-g20-riot-fraud-undercover-police-engaged-in-purposeful-provocation/19928). Indeed, the Quebec Provincial Police have even admitted doing so (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCRsj06wT64&NR=1).
    This is not to suggest that all others in attendance are angels, but it does support Ligurio’s contention that authorities use such methods to deligitimize (and to justify ignoring) the demands of protestors.

  31. Peter C says:

    Maybe Americans are better behaved, but as outlined in my reply to Lugorio one of the largest law enforcement agencies in Canada has admitted to such dirty deeds. With all due respect, perhaps you overestimate the morals of certain organizations.

  32. Divadab says:

    They’re everywhere. DEA has a huge presence on the West coast . I’m sure both Portland and Seattle have large FBI contingents. The DIA is also here in numbers-due to significant military presence. And this neck of the woods is very popular with retired letter agency types – who reputedly never really retire: consider all the work our worthy host does right here in his retirement!
    A favorite game in activist circles is “spot the FBI agent “ – when I was new around here I got so tagged for a while until people figured out how unlikely an FBI agent I really was.

  33. Divadab says:

    I learned a lot from the few punches in the nose I took. Haven’t you ever been in a scrap?

  34. jonst says:

    Col, I would think, if one wanted to do so, that it might be worthwhile for LE to reexamine the RICO Statute. I am not suggesting this. Yet. But as a starter it might be worth a cursory look.

  35. turcopolier says:

    Thanks “LE?”

  36. turcopolier says:

    Both of the comments supporting Ligurio are examples from Canada and are examples of the RCMP infiltrating street actions to discredit and deflect them. That might happen in the US in the case of a riot in some city but IMO it would be the local police, not the FBI (the US equivalent of RCMP) who would have the action. Ligurio was not talking about that. He/she/it was talking about controlling a group like Anitifa as a strategic political tool. I don’t think an American national police or intelligence could be used that way. Someone in the agency would spill the beans to the media or Congress.

  37. jonst says:

    sorry. Law Enforcement. A long time ago I did one hell of a lot of research, not as a ‘crusade’, but as a job for a client, the State of Maine, on RICO possibilities against the tobacco companies. It is a very complex, and flexible, creative, statute. Which should not be read as recommending its use. But, just saying…

  38. Linda says:

    Sorta harmless until they drive a car into a crowd and actually kill someone

  39. turcopolier says:

    Seamus Padraig
    But you don’t actually KNOW about this. do you?

  40. turcopolier says:

    You have no condemnatory words for Antifa?

  41. Fred says:

    You mean antifa is engaged in criminal drug activity that would give probable cause to the Drug Enforcement agency to investigate their activities? Shockingly there have been zero news reports about that. The defense intelligence agency is active in Portland? That’s actually funny. The only military bases near Portland are Oregon national guard. Would retired three letter types include NEA, NHS, DOE and so on? Gotta watch those retirees, just look what they did to Florida.

  42. turcopolier says:

    Yes. They infiltrate criminal groups with possible prosecution as a goal, not to use them as tools.
    give me an example of infiltration for manipulation.

  43. Jim Ticehurst says:

    Yes Liguro…You find out from such Invntigations and Infiltration…That Organized Radical Groups like this..have among their trusted members..a U.S.Navy Sailor…who believes His Nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier needs to be Sabotaged..”Blown Up..”I believe the Infiltration for Manipulation is mostly going on in All Types of NON..government owned “Media”

  44. Kilroy says:

    I’m an antifa. I’m tired of seeing people misled about who and what we are. I want to set the record straight.
    The word “antifa” is a contraction of “anti-fascists.” That’s all it means, nothing else. Don’t mistake the Black Bloc for the anti-fascist movement. It’s a tactic that some antifa employ some of the time. It’s not the main thing we do. It’s just the only part that gets media coverage.
    Anti-fascists are numerous and diverse. I’m a life long anti-fascist. I don’t wear a mask. I’m 70. I look like somebody’s grandfather. I dress like the guy next door. My wife is a Jew. That makes me a race traitor, so Nazis want to kill us both. Antifa want to stop them. Guess which side I favor.
    It is true that some antifa are Communists. Most are not. I certainly am not. I don’t care what else any other antifa believe (or don’t). It doesn’t matter. They’re fighting Nazis, fascists and white supremacists in general. That’s good enough for me. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, a Republican, a Communist. I don’t care if you’re a nun raping baby eater. If you’re against the filthy Nazis and their equally guilty fellow travelers and enablers, you yourself are an antifa. You’re on our side, so let’s go. Time’s a-wasting. Roll up your sleeves. There’s work to do. Anti-fascism is a big tent. If such mortal enemies as Churchill and Stalin could bury the hatchet long enough to crush the Wehrmacht, we can set aside our differences to face this existential threat together.
    Antifa are not terrorists. We have killed no one. The violent right are murdering people wholesale. Virtually all terrorism in this country is committed by far-right extremists. They’ve shot up churches, synagogues and temples. One of them shot innocent shoppers in the back in cold blood. They even blew up a day car facility. They stab and club antifa, and innocent bystanders,at demos. They slashed three of our throats and ran a crowd of us down, killing one and injuring many. They’re a murderous death cult with blood on its hands. They must be stopped. The government isn’t doing it, so it’s up to we the people.
    The street brawls that the media dwell on are the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more to antifa than what you’re being shown. If punching Nazis was, per se, enough to do the job, their movement would have died out in the ’80s. I know. I was there. It didn’t work. Today, antifa fight only when attacked. Most of our time and energy is spent on the far more effective strategy of intelligence gathering and dissemination. We dox these vermin and expose them to their families, their employers and their neighbors. We defund them. We deplatform them. We shame them in public.
    It’s working, but we have a long way to go. It won’t be easy. They have friends in high places. We don’t. No, antifa are not funded by Democrats. Democrats hate us and have said so in public repeatedly. Blaming antifa on Soros reminds the historically literate among us of the last time a demagogue and his gang blamed Jewish boogeymen for their country’s ills. People, especially in the media, blame antifa on everything but the truth. If you’re going to blame anyone for anti-fascists, blame the fascists themselves. When there are no fascists, there will be no anti-fascists. Until then, the struggle continues.
    The last time we let fascists rally in the streets, it led to 50+ million dead. Never again. Save lives, nip fascism in the bud. Join us. Do your part. History will remember.

  45. John Minehan says:

    Charlottesville reminded me a lot of the clashes between the Freikorps and the Spartacist after the fall of the Kaiser.
    Hardly an historical parallel that bodes well . . . .

  46. turcopolier says:

    Thanks for posting your manifesto. There will be a lot of comment. Explain to us who the Nazis and fascits are at present in American society.

  47. Eric Newhill says:

    One problem is that you have decided to take it upon yourself to supersede the first amendment.
    The next problem is how you [broadly] define “fascist”, “Nazi”, etc.
    Apparently anyone who doesn’t think and act as you’d like, is a fascist. Ironically, that approach to society makes you the Nazi. You are prepared to attack those who hold different opinions. You have placed yourself in the role of the final arbiter of truth, justice and right-think.

  48. Antifa-watcher says:

    You wrote

    One of them shot innocent shoppers in the back in cold blood. They even blew up a day car facility. They stab and club antifa, and innocent bystanders,at demos. They slashed three of our throats and ran a crowd of us down, killing one and injuring many.

    Could you provide specifics on those claims? Or is this just another series of lies coming from antifa?

  49. for your consideration says:

    Local antifa members I know talk and act within a defensive posture. They are afraid of neo-Nazis and worry that they cannot rely on the police to protect them and their families. They argue among themselves about whether challenging neo-Nazi threats with a violent response only helps neo-Nazi groups recruit. Maybe the sort of violence-happy dopes other contributors to this thread focus on really exist and pose a threat to public welfare, but the people I know are not like that.
    If you want to understand antifa, you’d best start not with Soros but with a study of police-community relations and appreciate how in some parts of the country people don’t believe the police can be counted on.

  50. turcopolier says:

    for your consideration
    Since you are a sympathizer of these anarchist revolutionaries, I will ask you as I ave asked others of your tribe – Who are the neo-Nazis and fascists in America today other than the police and people who do not want to live in a country ruled by you?

  51. Mark Logan says:

    For Your Consideration,
    The neo-nazis photoshop Trump shirts on Greek protesters for agitprop, you guys pretend the police are in league with the neo-nazis.
    I’m not pursuing botherism here, I’m pointing out a flaw in your strategy, the same one in the fascists. Both of you are seeking to justify your own violence by imagining the threat of violence against you is clear and present. I urge you to abandon this, lest you become what you say you hate most.

  52. Fred says:

    Police community relations. That’s a talking point which comes around whenever the results of left leadership doesn’t meet expectations in the cities the left has run for generations. Perhaps Portland and Seattle should ‘throw the bums out’ next time there’s a vote and put in some folks who are not on the left.

  53. Fred says:

    You have ‘fought’ nazi’s since the 80’s. Were you against the ACLU in 1977? They were, to use your phrase, “equally guilty fellow travelers and enablers” by siding with the Nazis and defending their right to march through Skokie in the courts.
    I compliment you on the exercise in rhetoric. Church, synagogues, temples; shot in the back; throat cut; ran a crowd down; All events at unknown times and unknown locations; meanwhile you “dox these vermin” By the way, that word sounds a bit like the dehumanizing language of, you know, actual Nazis; or the politicians that are labeled nazis because they use that word when describing describing that species of animals known as ‘rats’ in speaking about the city of Baltimore having those four legged rodents in a state of over population. Not of course, when Honorable Elijah Cummings D-MD 7, used either word “rat” “vermin” or “infested” to describe conditions in Baltimore. Of course he said that back in the ’90s, so it was an acceptable usage. Donald J. Trump, of course, is a bad man for using both “vermin” and “infested” in 2019, because, he is a, what’s the descriptor: Nazi. I sure hope he doesn’t put Jared and Ivanka and his own grandchildren in the gas chamber – which is certainly being funded under Speaker Pelosi’s leadership in the House. If only we had a squad of inspirational new woke leaders to take over and put things right, ah, make that ‘left’, in the House.
    I sure hope they do thier part. History will remember. “The last time we let fascists rally in the streets, it led to 50+ million dead.” Uhm, except when the Nazis marched in Skokie; or Cicero before that. Maybe you can re-edumacate me as to what happened to all those dead Americans. 50 million is even more than Planned Parenthood is credited with aborting.

  54. Ligurio says:

    Certainly several of the stated ideologies of recent mass shooters are broadly resonant with nazi and fascist ideology, no?

  55. turcopolier says:

    what do you think are Nazi and fascist ideology? what I see in these nuts is mental illness not ideology.

  56. Procopius says:

    But, alas, Nixon abolished the list. Try to come to terms with that, lefties.

    Well, Nixon, as much as I hated him at the time, was our last progressive president.

  57. turcopolier says:

    Ah, a repentant lefty.

  58. Jim Ticehurst says:

    The Mainstream Media of All Types and Politicians of all types..Are Back at the Same Old Blame game and Talking Points We have heard in the United States for decades..Since Berkley and the Anti Viet Nam War Protests in the 1960s..and the Doping Up (With Drugs) and Dummying down..with Media of All Types..Of the American People..which also has gone Global..Psy Ops..combined with Propoganda..is The Game..Anarchy of ALL Types..Under The Protection of Free Speech and Politicians ..The ACLU..to the Supreme Court..Even Fox News has the Same Old Guest “Experts” back on..From Judges..to Politicians..talking the Same Old Points of Gun Control..To White Supremacy being the Only Factors…The Last Time Fox News Had a Real EXPERT on..who Was HONEST…was DD of Counter Terrorism and CIA Analyst LARRY JOHNSON..Who Writes here on SST..The Media wants to Control Public Opinion…Get Ratings..But NOT the TRUTH…..

  59. Ligurio says:

    That is a fair enough and, in most cases, more probable reading. Though the line between mental illness and violent expression of extreme ideology–of whatever variety–is often blurry.

  60. Jim Ticehurst says:

    My Point about The Main Media News (TV NETWORKS..) and Larry Johnson is..this..Just before 9/11 during Bill Clintons Term up to Jan 2000..Bill Clinton had many Opportunitys to Kill Bin Laden or Attacks Al Quaeda Bases..supporting Bin Laden while he was still in Afghanastan..and Madeline Allbright was Secretary of State. especially After the attack on the USS Cole..Clinton declined to take action..and Left Office..After 9/11 Madeline Albright A Democrat supported George W. Bushes..Invasion of Iraq with Dummied To WMD Intel…Larry Johnson went on Fox News and Exposed the whole Bush…Cheney..”No Bid Contracts) Rumsfeld..Actions/PolicysNews .. and called them Out..Fox didn’t seem to like that…Now Fox News has …DNC Democrat DONNA Brasillea as a Host…FOX is repeating ALL The Democrat/Raedical s Talking Point all Day Long..But Democrat..Elizabeth Warren..Loudly said..During The Debates for President…”DONT REPEAT Republican Talking Points..”This is NOT about Donald Trump being a White Racist..Its about Manipulating Public Opinons..and Making enough People Hated Donald Trump Enough that That Socialist can win the Next Election…and Beat Him..

  61. Jim Ticehurst says:

    WAS The The So called “Intelligence ” Information that IRAQ and Saddam Hussein had “Weapons of Mass Destruction”…another False Flag Operation like the Steele Dossier..Used to Push Mr Sessions buttons..and Justify the Muller Team Actions..Im sure it was Easy to Push George W. Bush into Attacking Iraq…Saddam was in Control..we had little Resources in Iraq so how did we obtain the WMD Information…Who Benefited the Most…?? Perhaps it was an Iranian False Flag Operation…

  62. Jim Ticehurst says:

    Enough of the Blame Trump for Everything Rampage by Lemmings following the Banners of Revolution..or Big Media Pay checks..Back to Mass Killers..and what Influences them to Kill Innocent People..like listening to Hate Music..Heavy Metal of all types..(Including DEATH Metal) Black Rapper Music ..Like that Produced by The Group DEAD PREZ..(Anti George Bush Music) that Influenced the Killer of Four Dallas Police Officers…Many shooters are Young..Teens to Twentys…Loners..Anti Social..Dont Socialize..Listen..while Heavily Drugged..In a Mind Altered State. to Heavy Metal..or Rap Music..Many Attracted attention in school ..by Counselors..Family and Friends…who often say They were Not Surprised to Hear the Shhooters finally Killed Someone..Police have Ignored Tips..People have seen Bomb makers in the Garage..i/e California and were afraid to call because of fears of Racim and Profiling..Kip Kinkle..of Oregon..wwho killed His Parents..said Voices in His Head Made Him do it..He was Listening to Heavy Metal..that Promoted Killing ..I have researched many of these Shooters..I recommend you go do a Wiki/Google Search on Heavy Metal Bands,,Lyrics..and Hate Groups..Videos..and Imagine Having Them Influence You..and Altering Your Mind and Thinking with Drugs..No Wonder..

  63. Jim Ticehurst says:

    It hs frequently been the Case many of these Killers Develop Their Hate/Rage during their Teens..Have been Identified as Dangerous and Anti Social Loners…When they have been Programed By many Events in their Life…Their Rage builds Up…They decide they want to Kill People..Go Buy their Weapons..of any Type..Mostly Guns..They have falled through The Cracks..Are Not in Any Data Base..Pass Background Checks and Get the Weapon..and KILL People..Thats The POINT of Focus…

  64. Jim Ticehurst says:

    It is reported today that The ANTIFA….and.. The PROUD BOYs will hold Jointbut Seperate Rallys on the Portland Oregon Water front on August 17th…Souns like a Remake of the Marlon Brando Movie..

  65. Jim Ticehurst says:

    Those in ANTIFA who brag that the Police Never bother them…therefore they musy have Police support sre Wrong..They :Stand Down: Because Democrat Mayors and City Council members..Order them too…That includes State Patrol Officers..Under the Control of Democrat Govenors..The LEO Motto.”.Serve and Protect”..No longer is for Law Abiding Citizens any more..

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