Bibi must go

Joe Biden and top aides have discussed the likelihood that Benjamin Netanyahu’s political days are numbered — and the president has conveyed that sentiment to the Israeli prime minister in a recent conversation. The topic of Netanyahu’s short political shelf life has come up in recent White House meetings involving Biden, according to two senior administration officials. That has included discussions that have taken place since Biden’s trip to Israel, where he met with Netanyahu. Biden has gone so far as to suggest to Netanyahu that he should think about lessons he would share with his eventual successor, the two administration officials added.

A current U.S. official and a former U.S. official both confirmed that the administration believes Netanyahu has limited time left in office. The current official said the expectation internally was that the Israeli PM would likely last a matter of months, or at least until the early fighting phase of Israel’s military campaign in the Gaza Strip was over, though all four officials noted the sheer unpredictability of Israeli politics. “There’s going to have to be a reckoning within Israeli society about what happened,” said the official who, like others, was granted anonymity to detail private conversations. “Ultimately, the buck stops on the prime minister’s desk.”

The administration’s dimming view of Netanyahu’s political future comes as the president and his foreign policy team try to work with, and diplomatically steer, the Israeli leader as his country pursues a complicated and bloody confrontation with Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that controls Gaza and attacked Israel on Oct. 7.

Comment: I do wonder if Netanyahu himself thinks his days are numbered. He’s arrogant and shameless enough to think he did nothing wrong. He now must take out Hamas. I see no alternative to that. Many more Palestinians will be maimed and killed. I also see no alternative to that. It’s apparent that neither Hamas nor the Likudniks give a fig for the lives of the Palestinians in Gaza. I’m not sure just how well prepared Hamas is to receive the IDF. Nor am I sure how prepared the IDF is dig the Hamas fighters out of those tunnels. I have serious doubts about the IDF. I have no doubts about Hamas willingness to die resisting. All that guarantees an ugly and bloody battle. 

What dooms Bibi’s political future should be his actions and policies prior to 7 October, not the horror of the current and coming battle. Years of his policies towards the Palestinians, the not so benign neglect, gave Hamas the support it has garnered among the people of Gaza. The gross negligence concerning security in the face of a sworn enemy is still hard to fathom. It’s better that he stays in charge now. He can absorb a great deal of the blame and anti-semetism Israel will gather for doing what they must do, destroy Hamas. 

If by some malicious fluke, he remains prime minister, I doubt the current battle will change his policies. If anything, it will harden his belief that he can fully implement his final solution for the Palestinian people. This will practically guarantee another 7 October or just another Intifada if they’re lucky. The Israelis will have to throw his ass out and maybe into prison to be rid of him.


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  1. mcohen says:

    I disagree.Biden admin were snoozing on job watching TV of Ukraine when things went sideways.
    Bibi is the right man for the job.He will finish 2014.As to world opinion,well where all the protests and marches when the Yemen war was raging.Or Ethiopia

    Free James brown

    • Peter Hug says:

      Israel is an independent country with its own intelligence services (previously thought to have been reasonably good) and a substantial military that both they and the US spends a lot of money on.

      It certainly is not the responsibility of the US generally, or the Biden Administration in particular, to be in charge of Israeli security regarding Occupied Territories they are responsible for.

      • mcohen says:

        Occupied territories ?Yes but who is the occupier in gaza.

        Hamas is a home grown militia funded by big oil.Same as hezbollah.

        • TTG says:


          The Israeli government controls all commerce in and out of Gaza except for what’s smuggled in and stolen from relief agencies. Hezbollah is now an established and official part of the Lebanese government and society.

        • Yeah, Right says:

          “Yes but who is the occupier in gaza.”

          This is the definition of a belligerent occupation: “Territory is considered occupied when it is actually placed under the authority of the hostile army. The occupation extends only to the territory where such authority has been established and can be exercised.”

          Note the last bit: HAS been established and CAN BE exercised. It doesn’t say IS BEING, but CAN BE.

          There is no doubt whatsoever that the IDF established its authority over the Gaza Strip in 1967. No question whatsoever.

          The issue is whether “disengagement” meant that the IDF had relinquished its authority (to whom, exactly?) or whether the IDF simply chose not to exercise that authority.

          To my mind it must be considered the latter. The UN certainly considers it to be the latter, as does Egypt.

          TTG is quite correct: all commerce in and out of the Geza Strip is controlled by Israel. All movement of people in and out likewise requires Israel’s permission.

          Furthermore, the IDF reserves the right to go back into the strip whenever it wants, and for any reason it chooses to name.

          Airspace? Under IDF authority.
          Food, water, electricity? Likewise.
          Communications? That’s for the IDF to decide.

          Disengagement was a sham intended to hoodwink. Nothing more, and no less.

          So to answer your question: The IDF is the occupying power, and has been since 1967. Recent events prove only that it has been such a pathetically navel-gazing occupying power that the occupied were able to sneak up and king-hit it doesn’t change that fact one bit.

  2. Stefan says:

    Bush didn’t resign after 9/11. As I remember there were not even calls for him to resign. If the buck stops at Bibi for the October 7th attacks, it should have stopped for Bush. Not only did he not resign, he ran for another term and the man who invaded a wrong country in response to 9/11 and cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, was elected again. To my knowledge there has been zero accountability for this on any level.

    The US has zero control over what Israelis do. Israelis will continue to do whatever they want to do regardless of what anyone else says in the US. They know they have a blank cheque in the US.

    • F&L says:

      Just in case someone thinks you’re not 100% correct – see this news below. The creatures actually hit the refugee camp again! It’s called “In Your Face,”
      “Up Yours,” and “Kiss my A$$ if you think we care.” The American 40 – 80 % of pure imbecile gun collectors and born-again rapture suicide Armageddon delusional schizophrenics will find a pastor or sports celebrity to say “duh, slobber, uh, we here is a baseball playin’ nation an with us it’s three strikes and yer out, not two!”
      Second Israeli airstrike in two days pummels Gaza refugee camp, deepening a growing outcry.
      Israel bombed the densely-populated Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza for the second time in two days Wednesday, prompting warnings of war crimes as more nations took diplomatic measures and condemned Israel’s offensive in the besieged enclave.
      Israeli airstrikes also hit the vicinity of the Al Quds hospital in Gaza City where doctors say up to 14,000 displaced people are sheltering, according to the director of the hospital. The strikes that began Wednesday evening continued into Thursday morning and were “getting closer to the hospital,” Dr Bashar Mourad told CNN by phone.

      • Peter Hug says:

        If Israel struck that refugee camp a second time, does that mean they actually didn’t get the Hamas leaders they claim they were targeting, and that they say they killed the first time? It’s just going to go downhill from here.

        • Yeah, Right says:

          Perhaps the satellite images couldn’t see his mangled body in amongst all the rubble.

          So the IDF thought to throw a few more bombs to toss the rubble around.

          You know, so they can get a better view of what’s underneath.

    • Jovan P says:

      I agree with Stefan.

      Bibi together with a good part of the Israeli society is leading the Middle East in to a very bloody war in which the USA will be dragged in. The moment the IDF gets bogged down in Gaza, Hezbollah will intervene on a larger scale, and if the US attacks Lebanon, Iran and Syria will join the fight.

      The Israelis wih Bibi are cornering themselves, the USA and all the others in to a bloody war by not abiding to the rules of war. You can’t justify obliterating Gaza and 2 million people with bombs justifying it with ,,Hamas must be destroyed”.

      • mcohen says:

        The rules of war.A case study

        Fallujah 1 and 2 or Mauripol.

        Will gaza city be different.

        In these difficult times,in order to allow the facilitator to settle up nicely special rules shall be applied to Israel.
        Furthermore in order to satisfy the call for all parties to agree upon the cessation of hostilities,all the children taken hostage by the jihad forces on 7/10,shall not be released until Israel pays the Palestinian authority 100 billion dollars.
        Secondly all woman civilian hostages shall be released once Israel pays 200 billion dollars to Qatar.
        The remaining civilian hostages shall be swapped for jihadis held in Israeli jails.
        The remaining hostages shall be tried before a military court and jailed for crimes.
        As to the gaza population they shall each receive a hardship payment from the Jews worldwide of 1 trillion dollars to be paid monthly.
        As my the saying goes.Money walks and bullshit talks.

        • Yeah, Right says:

          Fallujah is a case study of what the IDF could have done but isn’t.

          The US Marines were determined to storm Fallujah, and to their credit they opened humanitarian corridors THROUGHT THEIR OWN LINES so that the innocent civilians could leave.

          Compare and contrast.

          Israel has three border crossings with the Gaza Strip. Absolutely *nothing* prevents the IDF from opening those crossings and allow the civilians of Gaza City to pass through the IDF lines and seek safety in refuge camps.

          Once Hamas is destroyed then the Israelis could then let the civilians pass back through those same crossings.

          Nothing stops that except that the Israeli public is in a blood-lust that they would consider such compliance with international humanitarian law to be completely unacceptable.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        A bloody war against who exactly?

        I keep hearing about this coming WW3 from the anti-America agent provocateurs, like Larry Johnson, Scott Ritter, etc. I think those guys will do anything for clicks and the adoration of the disenfranchised and stupid whiners of the west. As an aside, like a broken clock, I do think they are basically right about the Ukraine situation, though Russia is not the genius 5D chess player they think it is. It’s just that Russia has better logistics and is sufficiently less corrupt than Ukraine and NATO such that can prevail.

        Anyhow, back to Israel, I’m trying to imagine which MENA military could be a threat. The US smashed the Iraqi army twice, in a matter of a couple weeks. The Iranians couldn’t defeat the Iraqi Army, though the two belligerents managed to kill over a million of each other (what? Muslims killing Muslims! I thought only the evil US did things like that). The Iraqis couldn’t stop ISIS on their own. Syria can’t manage to wipe out ISIS/Al Qaeda, which is basically a bunch of head chopping bandits with automatic weapons bolted to Toyotas (“technicals”). The Saudis can’t finish off a bunch of camel jockeys in Yemen. As I’ve been saying, being backwards, Muslims suck at modern warfare. But sheesh they sure like to kill each other. I suppose the US/Israel made them do it (sigh).

        That said, Turkey could probably do some damage, but would be kicked out of NATO in the process. I don’t think they want to lose all the wonderful baksheesh they get from being a NATO member. So they will go against their deeply simian instincts and sit it out.

        Bottom line, if the rules of engagement that have handicapped the US in combat were to be lifted, the US would turn any opposing Muslim force into dust and piles of bloody rags within days of the first engagement. There isn’t going to be a big war threat to Israel.

        • Yeah, Right says:

          “The US smashed the Iraqi army twice, in a matter of a couple weeks.”

          Eric, remind me again how many months the US Army spend building up its forces to over half a million men before going on a two-week rampage?

          Because UNTIL they had built up those forces the USA was not willing to take any offensive ground operations against Iraq.

          Compare and contrast: Biden has ordered an additional 1,200 men be sent to US Central Command.

          Yep, the grand total of 1,200 men, and very few of them are ground troops.

          Nobody has been able to tell me how many troops the US Army has on the ground in the middle east, nor are they able to explain to me how the US Army plans to reinforce or consolidate those isolated garrisons it has inside Syria.

          But I’d bet good money that the Iranians could mobilize their army way, way faster than the USA can ship additional troops over to the Middle East.

          I suspect it would all be over in a month. Just not in the way that you think it will.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Sure. The Iranian army is going to just go marching 1,800 KM to Israel, unmolested. The Saudis will allow it and US air + drones+missiles + Israeli same will just sit there and watch.

            Where oh where do these fantasies come from?

          • Yeah, Right says:

            “Sure. The Iranian army is going to just go marching 1,800 KM to Israel, unmolested.”

            Eric, I said NOTHING about Israel. I said what I said, and what I said was that the Iranian army would mobilize and go looking for US Central Command, who are scattered here, there and everwhere.

            If you are going to argue with me then argue with ME, not with your straw man.

            “The Saudis will allow it and US air + drones+missiles + Israeli same will just sit there and watch.”

            The. Saudis. will. allow. it.

            Really? You have a high opinion of Saudi military prowess, do you? That would put you in a majority of one.

            As for the supremacy of US air power, we’ve been there before. Looks like the USA just never learns.

            October 15, Wake Island
            Truman: “What are the chances for Chinese or Soviet interference?”

            MacArthur: “They have no Air Force. Now that we have bases for our Air Force in Korea if the Chinese tried to get down to Pyongyang there would be the greatest slaughter.

            October 25, Yalu River
            Run away! Run away!

            The US Army and Marines had to run so far and so fast that Pyongyang became something that they could only see in their rear view mirror.

            “Where oh where do these fantasies come from?”

            History, observation, awareness.

            I’m going to ask you, Eric, because nobody else seems to know and it appears to be a secret: how many combat-ready ground troops does US Central Command have on the ground in the Middle East?

            Do you know, or don’t you?

            Because if you don’t then it is YOU who is plucking fantasy scenarios out of thin air.

        • LeaNder says:

          will go against their deeply simian instincts

          Fascinating! Would that hold true concerning all Muslim, or is it a specific Turkish trait? Some type of gene defect that keeps them from becoming the equivalent of fully self-absorbed spiritual MAGA humans?

    • Keith Harbaugh says:

      “The US has zero control over what Israelis do.”

      That is an outrageous lie.
      Consider, e.g.:
      1. The makeup of the Israeli Air Force, largely F-15s, F-16s, and now some F-35s.
      2. The munitions Israel is using against the Gazans, largely made in the USA.
      3. Israel’s requests for further munitions from the U.S., to make up for what they have expended in their Dahiya strikes
      4. Their reliance on U.S. vetoes in the UN Security Council to ward off any Security Council resolutions which would sanction them.
      5. Their reliance on roughly $3 billion per year on U.S. subsidies.
      6. The U.S. media, which outrageously portrays Israel as a perpetual victim, while ignoring the quote reasonable claims of the Palestinians to be victims of Israel.

      No, if it were not for U.S. support, it is quite plausible that Israel would have long ago been forced to accept a two-state solution, as recommended by the UN many years ago.

      • Stefan says:

        That is nice, in the fantasy world. When I said that the US has no control over what Israel does I meant that Israel is well aware of the fact that the US will never openly break ranks with Israel in any way.

        The US COULD do something, that is a completely different animal that the US WILL do something. The US will not do anything, hence has no control over what Israel does.

    • John Minehan says:

      Israeli is a Parlimentry system, so President Bush would not be an exact analogue.

      PM Meirdid did not resign in 1973 (although she did resign as PM in the Spring of 1974 after her Coalition lost seats in the Knesset). She did not resign after the Munich Olympic attack in 1972.

  3. F&L says:

    After the wide circulation of videos of gas chamber murders of countless Jews and other enemies of the Reich thought to number in the millions, the Reich’s Chancellor Adolf Hitler turned to his press attache and said:

    “Why don’t you have someone draft an opinion piece which suggests that possibly Himmler’s career is not going to continue forever on this path, OK? But make sure to stress that the war against communism and cosmopolitan plutocracy will not under any conditions cease or be diminished in intensity.”

    And his press attache said:

    “Yes, mein Fuehrer, it will be done as you say, I think I know just the person for the job. Seig Heil!”

    And the Fuehrer Adolf Hitler smiled thinly, and as his Alsatian shepherd Blondie frisked nearby with beautiful Frau Eva Braun and Commander of the Luftwaffe Reich’s Marshall Heeman Goering, he said:

    “Very well. You are dismissed. Now Herman – who in fact is this Sicilian gentleman Luca Brosi, and can we get him here to the Berghof before Roosevelt’s emissary is due to arrive in Geneva?”

  4. James says:

    Bibi is like a vampire that cannot die. Even his funding of Hamas is not going to end his career:

  5. Lars says:

    Bibi is responsible for numerous policy failures, which will be increasingly used against him. Seriously dividing the country lately has had an impact, as has being unprepared for the Hamas attack. Any comparisons with the US is moot the moment it is offered. Israel is a very small country in a dangerous neighborhood and some of their policies have made that situation worse for them. What will happen is anyone’s guess, but I suspect there will be many changes on many fronts. Bibi miscalculated, but so did Hamas and that will have consequences.

  6. babelthuap says:

    This conflict sure did conveniently suspend the Israel SC from taking any further actions against Bibi’s judicial reforms. Hard to understand the status right now but it does appear the main one passed.

    That one gives Bibi’s party the ability to override the SC from my understanding. If that’s the case highly unlikely he’s going anywhere. He consolidated power and the people are now scared and want a tough leader. The Palestinian invasion, as horrible as it was and still is worked out for Bibi. It really could not get much better other than a lot of the planet wanting him arrested for war crimes which is really nothing. It wasn’t for Arial Sharon.

  7. F&L says:

    For anyone interested. An author foresees a way that the US can be impelled to make Israel stop. Excerpt below, but there’s much more.
    Israel doesn’t have time to defeat Hamas. (Petr Akopov in RIA Novisti)
    But if the Arab countries at least threaten (that is, put forward an ultimatum – we warn that we will stop supplies if, for example, in two weeks, you do not stop Israel) to the West with total energy sanctions, this will be a completely different conversation. The oil and gas market is already in a very difficult state after the introduction of sanctions against Russia , and without Arab gas , Europe , which has already abandoned Russian gas, simply will not survive. Not to mention the fact that prices will also rise in the United States – more than significantly, which will completely deprive Biden (and any Democratic candidate) of the chances of winning, thereby opening the way for Trump to the White House.

  8. English Outsider says:

    The man’s a walking disaster zone. True heir to Jabotinsky. But not operating in such favourable circumstances.

    Biden one can only give up on. Show him any cliff to jump off and he heads for it like a zombie But what of Trump? He seems to be going with the hysteria too. Is Christian Zionism and the Evangelical vote generally such as strong political force in the States? If that the gallery Trump must play to?

    • F&L says:

      EO –
      Try to keep it quiet but the secret organization that I unofficially represent and which will deny any knowledge of my existence, has, as you know, very reliable and extensive sources. They have intercepted the list of candidates which will be offered to the American citizenry in Nov 2024. We suspect it may be incomplete, but here’s what’s proposed so far:

      Bride of Frankenstein
      Black Dracula
      Gay Frankenstein
      Black Transexual Non-Binary Lesbian Adolf Mengele Dracula.

      Do you think it is inclusive enough? Will the “…stein” ending in 3 out of the 6 candidate names be cause to suspect undue influence on the part of a particular ethnic and or religious group? Note that only 16.5% are female.

      • English Outsider says:

        Eh? You’re talking to an earnest English provincial, F&L. In your terms, Little House on the Prairie and then some. One who can’t always be expected to follow the flights of fancy of you sophisticated metropolitan intellectuals. Though one always enjoys attempting to decipher them.

        In this case I guess that at the top of your list comes Joe “Oi’m Oirish” Dracula. So you expect Biden to be a candidate. Message received.

        Still leaves Trump unaccounted for. He’s playing the Christian Zionist/Evangelical constituency for all it’s worth at the moment. The two flag deplorables and the various shades of Dispensationalists. How determining a part does that constituency now play on the American electoral scene? How far does Trump have to go to accommodate it?

        • F&L says:

          Earnest English Provincial (formerly English Outsider):

          Good call – yes!
          The evil Count is Joseph “Jugashvilli” Biden or Rob ‘n Net if the more formal Robinette is on the teleprompter text draft outline. Actually I didn’t have anything specific in mind for any of the listed candidates and Halloween was purely coincidentally recent. The idea was simply that it’s a damn horror show top to bottom here in your colony of backwoods trappers, slavers and injun scalpers gone woke.

          I’d called him “The Undertaker” awhile back but the name didn’t take it looks like. Please note, historians, that Dr Mengele’s given name was Josef as was Joseph Djugashvilli Stalin’s as is our elderly president’s. And don’t forget the biblical Joseph, son of Jacob, and enslaver of the Egyptian peasantry for Pharaoh – all behind the silly fairytales in genesis. And “sixpack Joe,” let’s not forget.

          If he croaks? Came Allah! Is Potus. Let’s have a cheer for Came Allah! Harris. That doesn’t sound too hot for Go Away Soon Benny Bibi Benjamin Netanyahu, but not to worry, Came Allah! is blissfully though childlessly wed to a Hollywood lawyer (burp). Came Allah’s last name Harris is a carefully crafted fake name devised in the bowels of the a place unlawful to reveal which is a standard spookification meant to invoke Harry (Harris – Harry’s) Truman who was an atom bombing President and former VP himself just like Trump Trum(p) invoked Truman. It’s Halloween all year round here in America when it comes to our Satanic mass murdering presidents, yes it is.

          So Came Allah Harris is meant to invoke terror in Muslims, Jews, Russians, Chinese .. you name it .. simply by virtue of her name alone which is also coincidentally an very very near anagram of Amalek in its pure form Kamala, the ancient tribal eternal spiritual and corporeal enemy of the Jews who their lunatic sages believe is reincarnated in every generation just so they can have something to fear, hate and kill. And their holy books terminate in the book of Esther which celebrates the genocide of the Persian race – Iran – which their crazies believe and preach is divinely foretold and needed for their conquest of the world which is something they have openly preached for ages, openly behind closed doors, that is.

      • d74 says:

        ” Show him any cliff to jump off and he heads for it like a zombie”

        Ho, dear!
        This sentence was written by the French writer Balzac (oeuvres complètes, 1874), but about the Poles… Those unfortunate Poles were already under the Russian imperial boot. And Balzac added: “This people has above all the genius of cavalry, believing it can smash through any obstacle and emerge victorious.” Up to date it’s seem for our masters.

        [Just to try and lighten an endless discussion. Bibi was duly elected by a democratic country. It is up to IDF voters and MP to do a job that is no doubt necessary but that eludes us].

    • Fred says:

      That would be Ze’ev Jabotinsky MBE.

  9. LeaNder says:

    Netanyahu has managed so far to only pass one of five changes in his larger “juridical reform”. There is this rumor that he didn’t want to see his minister of defense coming to see him on the same day before it was passed. …

    Bibi is the right man for the job.He will finish 2014.
    Oh dear. Finish 2014? 06, 08/09 … 14 …??? Mowing the grass again? With a little help from Ben-Gvir and Smotrich? Their exquisite military experience in settling Eretz Israel or for that matter, Judea and Samaria will help a lot.

    Or is his war cabinet more likely to help him? Men like Benny Gantz, Gadi Eisenkot and Yoav Gallant, as one of our Jewish German experts assumes? Will they be able to kill all those that Ben-Gvir and Smotrich would like to see killed? Ideally, all Palestinians? Those illegal squatters on Jewish land?

    But yes, maybe the two friends, Netanyahu and Trump, will “finish” matters once and for all.

    • Stefan says:

      Or, maybe Hizb’Allah will finish 2006. If the IDF fared so badly against Hamas, they will do far worse if Hizb’Allah goes all in. Hizb’Allah of 2023 is immensely more dangerous than the Hizb’Allah that spanked the IDF in 2006.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Maybe the US Navy + Marines will flatten Hezzibolloh on Israel’s behalf. A lot has changed since 2006 for nations that can afford the technology – and Lebanon ain’t one of those.

        • Stefan says:

          Yes…..this would explain why Hamas was able to take out at least one IDF tank with a cheap drone. The technological advances since 2006 pretty much all favour non state actors who can put together and use drones just like the established powers. This is how Houthis were able to cause so much damage to the Saudis.

          Unlike the weekend warriors in the IDF, Hizb’Allah has thousands of battle hardened soldiers who have years of actual battlefield experience under their belts.

          The US is not going to get involved directly unless Israel is getting its ass handed to it on a platter by Hizb’Allah.

          If you think Israel will come out better than it did in 2006 you have a rude awaken coming. If Hamas, an inferior fighting force, can do what it did to the IDF, Hizb’Allah will run cricles around them. Your bravado is based on ignorance and a wish and a prayer, nothing more.

    • English Outsider says:

      LeaNder. Appropriated your Vanity Fair reference for a comment on an English site. Didn’t acknowledge. Hope that’s OK.

      It was a most telling reference. Not only for a look at how Washington was even at that time playing it by ear. Also because it showed the brutality that is the norm in that region. I accompanied the link with another that showed that that level of routine or “normal” brutality has not abated in the region.

      And with another link showing that, although it may only be gesture politics, in this case the EU is doing better at telling it like it is than HMG:-

    • mcohen says:


      How is mondoweiss these days.Abu weiss well? F&L is the new Mooser out here on the fringes.

      Remember annie fondly.Loved my poetry

      • LeaNder says:

        So F&L reminded you of my good old friend, the Moose, too? Now that’s interesting. S/he/it no doubt is a gem too, but a slightly differently colored one. You disagree?

        Mondoweiss? Staying the course, I assume … There was another interesting voice other than Moose in Phil’s comment section. Both are long gone, I guess. Not staying on support course. Even Finkelstein threw in the towel.

        Curious that? Two states, what? Where? How? In what disconnected bantustans?

        • mcohen says:

          Found an old comment of mine from 2013

          There was an article in haaretz by Ruth schuster about an injured owl in the war

          3W2 2013 comment on Marc Ellis article
          What Comes Next: The Jewish/Palestinian Diaspora

          tribal state before 1948,and eventually tribal state after 1948,after the socialist experiment runs its course,one or two states makes no difference.

          Beyond the bloom of perfect red flowers
          The rain bringing the desert to life
          An owl watches over the darkened landscape,
          Keeper of mysteries
          Once inscribed in the book of the prophet
          It speaks to me in my dreams.
          And so I pray

          Blessed are you,G-d,king of the universe,who reigns in the seven realms.

          in the north and in the south
          in the east and in the west
          in the earth below,in the heavens above
          in the soul eternally.

  10. Sgt P says:

    The Jews’ days squatting on stolen land in Palestine on the American taxpayer’s dime are clearly numbered.

    Maybe the Jews can move to western Ukraine and help repair that land, which has been destroyed under the rule of one of their co-ethnics.

    The Jews have been thrown out of every land they have ever lived in, but its always the other guy’s fault, got it. Every single time. If you say otherwise, you’re Hitler.

    This trick worked on a couple of generations of trusting, naive Americans, especially the childlike Boomers. But the trick works no longer.

    • Stefan says:

      “The Jews”. I didnt forget your standard neo Nazi tripe on other posts. Not all Jews support Israel. The thousands of Jews that shut down Grand Central Station in NYC recently? They dont support Israel. The Rabbi who shouted at Biden recently in public when he was speaking and demanded a cease fire doesnt support what Israel has done.

      I know many Jews who completely reject what Israel is doing. If you didnt hate Jews, you’d probably be able to see it.

      Dont want to be seen as an anti-Semite, stop speaking like one.

    • scott s. says:

      My understanding is Jews did pretty well in Spain until Christians took over. Some assimilated but were subject to the Inquisition.

    • TTG says:

      Sgt P,

      Your comment is either exceedingly lazy or just plain ignorant. Conflating all Jews into your personal boogeyman is as bad as conflating all Moslems or any other identity into the object of your hatred. If you detest Hamas or the Israeli Likudniks, that’s fine. But blaming all Jews for your woes is channeling Hitler. Don’t whine if people point that out.

    • Fred says:

      Sgt P,

      Stolen from whom and when? Jewish people have been living in the region for thousands of years.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        I thought the first and second wave of Jewish immigrants purchased the land from the Ottomans. The Arabs should should blame the Turks for selling out to the Zionists.

        • TTG says:

          Eric Newhill,

          They were there before there was an Ottoman Empire, but I don’t know how many stayed. I remember the Brits suggested Uganda as a Jewish homeland at one time. That would have been a plot twist.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            I recall that too. Another brilliant idea. But you’re right about Jews living in Palestine pre-Ottomans.

            And I am right about immigrant Jews purchasing land from Ottomans.

            All of our antisemites are complaining that the Arabs attacked Israel once the jews developed it into something worth having, lost and lost land in the process and that Israel didn’t give the land back to their sworn mortal enemies and treat them like good neighbors. I can’t tell if these people are being disingenuous – or if they are just retarded.

            The Golan Heights, for example, are militarily important, being “heights”. Why would you let an enemy have them? Why would you let people that want you dead to roam about in your midst? Why would you let them gain a majority in your government? And so on and so forth.

          • Yeah, Right says:

            “The Golan Heights, for example, are militarily important, being “heights”. Why would you let an enemy have them? ”

            Because it is Syrian territory, Eric.

            Your argument amounts to this: I want it, I need it, so I should be able to keep it for myself.

            No, that’s the sort of thinking that a certain little moustached man espoused.

            A very large war was fought to prove him wrong.

            Look back through the history of the Mandate for Palestine: the French and the British had to decide between themselves where the border between their respective Mandates would be.

            The sticking points were the Golan Heights and the region of the Dan, and the decision they made was that the Dan region would be in Palestine, and the Golan Heights would be in Syria.

            So if Israel wants to keep the Golan Heights then it should offer to swap the Dan for it.

            Seems fair enough to me, though Assad might think differently.

            But just seize it and keep it because, you know, I want it? Nah, that’s not actually a thing.

          • Yeah, Right says:

            “Why would you let an enemy have them?”

            I’m (slightly) curious about where this principle stops.

            Example: Kaliningrad is a Russian enclave separated from the rest of the Russian Federation by the Suwalki Gap, which is controlled by two NATO countries.

            So – obviously! – given the threat that NATO poses to Russia Eric would have to look favorably towards the Russians seizing the Suwalki Gap and claiming that territory for itself. Correct?

            I mean, your logic is even more compelling in that case as it is for the Golan Heights.

            Example: Crimea. From a military point of view claiming Crimea is important for the Russians, so Eric-Logic would argue that the Russian annexation of Crimea was a right and proper thing to do.

            And, heck, once Russia did announce that it was keeping Crimea then Eric-logic says that the next step becomes unimpeachable, since Crimea only has a bridge linking it to the rest of Russia.

            Well, that simply cries out for a solution!

            You know, like seizing the Donetsk region of Ukraine to form a land corridor to Crimea.

            Eric-logic would suggest that such a move is unquestionably the right thing for the Russians to do.

            Eric-logic at work! It is as magnificent as it is compellingly moral.
            And as far as I can tell the only thing wrong with Eric-logic is that it is very selective in its application.

        • Fred says:


          How far back in time do you want to go? Post WW1 emigration is all that will be reviewed? That region was Roman, and Christian (and pagan before that); go back further it was something else.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            We can go back to last month, last year, last century or the beginning of human history. Whatever you’d like. Some principles remain the same.

            1. land changes hands; just like the climate changes.
            2. If you start a war and lose, you very well might also lose land and/or be occupied by the victor. Like climate change, it’s a fact of life. Don’t start wars if you’re not willing to accept the consequences
            3. Point 2 is especially likely to occur if the land is of military strategic value and the enemy you took it from has proven itself to be implacable (see Golan Heights as an example).
            4. Right/wrong/justice has nothing to do with points 1 – 3 and we are all standing on land taken from some other group of people.
            5. Whiners gonna whine and haters gonna hate.
            6. Dressing whining and hate up in social justice righteous garments doesn’t change what it is and doing so doesn’t fool anyone of importance anyhow.
            7. When you swear to exterminate an entire country, don’t be surprised when they, in turn, seek to exterminate you
            8. When two sides seek to exterminate each other, the stronger side wins. One aspect of being strong is the will to thoroughly exterminate or otherwise neutralize the enemy.

            I didn’t make the rules anymore than I can impact longterm climate changes. Just a humble messenger.

          • Yeah, Right says:

            Post-WW1 is a sensible place to draw the line, as the legal regime governing so many aspects of international relations changed after the First World War.

  11. F&L says:

    This “Russian Engineer “ channel spells out what is obvious but unsaid in our finance+business+military dictatorship. Military tech heads may know better what to make of the kramnicat channel post. I watched two video launches yesterday purported to be Houthi forces cheering on their rockets, and was not overawed – seemed rather slow and vulnerable but I only saw the very early stages of liftoff till disappearance into clouds, so 🤷🏼🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
    This is the appearance of wars between nuclear powers. This case, the war of Iran, nuclear, against Israel, nuclear, at the hands of proxies, in the form of Hezbollah, Houthis, Hamas.
    Just as the nuclear West is trying to force nuclear Russia to submit, through the hands of the Kyiv regime. And nuclear Russia creates problems for nuclear France in Africa, undermining the position of the most advanced competitor in nuclear energy.
    So yes, times are interesting. And this is just the beginning…
    It’s just like the ancient Chinese curse about interesting times. But it’s okay, we’ll break through, because how else😎
    Israel reportedly intercepted a Yemeni medium-range ballistic missile over the Red Sea. Corrupt bourgeois newspapers © write that the leading role could have been “Hetz” (Arrow)-2 or -3, but out of nowhere © they say that we are still talking about -2. And it seems to be on a downward trend.
    The distance from Houthi-controlled territory to Israel is ~1700-1900 km; the exact launch location was not reported. This means that they most likely launched something like Gadr-110. The Burkan-2H and Burkan-3, which previously flew at distances of 1000-1400 km against targets in Saudi Arabia, are hardly suitable for this task.
    Previously, Arrow-2 had already fired at S-200 missiles launched from Syria, but it was the first time it had fired at a real IRBM. Many people guessed that the first combat launch of the missile defense system would probably be against an Iranian missile, and probably in Israel. But that the missile would be launched by Yemeni rebels was clearly not the general scenario. We continue to live in interesting times.
    Russian Engineer –

  12. F&L says:

    Is this true? 1st space battle in human history? I’ll assume if so that the only reason a retired dweeb math teacher has beat Lt Col TTG to the story is because either he is still researching it or he’s opening his fallout shelter and doesn’t have time. More seriously – wake up and smell the coffee folks. It looks like a damn rehearsal. Be nice if it wiped out the world’s most problematic douchebags though, wouldn’t it, so we could carry.on living without them, no? Lloyd thinks of everything, doesn’t he? That’s what I call superhigh IQ Jewish intelligence – enslave millions of Africans for centuries and then entrust the world’s most powerful military to them (with some transexuals too, thankfully) to protect you!
    The first space battle took place.
    On October 31, 2023, the first military clash in the history of mankind outside the atmosphere took place high above the Red Sea.
    A medium-range ballistic missile was fired from Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen towards the Israeli city of Eilat. Judging by the available (as yet sparse) data, it was a ballistic missile of the Burkan family (Arabic: “Burkan” – volcano), probably the Burkan-2 model. It was a liquid-fuel, single-stage detachable warhead missile—a development of the old Soviet R-17 Elbrus (NATO: Scud-B), likely built with Iranian technical assistance—capable of reaching a range of more than 1,000 kilometers.

    At the time of the combat collision, the warhead of the rocket had already separated from the empty body and was falling into Israeli territory from outer space at a speed of about 3 km/s.

    To meet it, the Arrow-3 transatmospheric interceptor missile was launched from Israeli territory . Introduced into service in 2017, the two-stage solid-propellant missile was the fruit of nearly a decade of efforts by Israel Aerospace Industries and Boeing to create a high-altitude interceptor capable of intercepting long- and medium-range missiles outside the atmosphere – so that any their combat load would have dissipated harmlessly before reaching Israeli territory. For six years these missiles were in service, waiting in the wings. On October 31, 2023, their time has come.(More at link)

    • scott s. says:

      Interesting in seeing from assessments of Arrow-3 interoperability with TPY-2 butt also possibly Naval system (SPY-1/SPY-6 ACS?). My understanding the 4 destroyers stationed at Rota SP are there for missile defense. Not sure what the DDGs that deployed in the two CSGs have for missile defense.

  13. Christian J Chuba says:

    What we really need is the truth about the Oct 7 attack, were ANY Israelis beheaded?

    If the answer is yes, then Hamas = ISIS and all means that Israelis uses to destroy them is acceptable to the U.S. / Israel, regardless of the cost to Gaza civilians. We in the U.S. celebrated for weeks after our proxies re-took Mosul from ISIS and didn’t even mention the 13,000 civilians buried under the rubble.

    If the answer is no, then a softer touch makes it tenable to negotiate w/Hamas who have only publicly asked for two things … 1. end the 2007 blockade, and 2. leave the Al Aqsa mosque alone.

    The point is that along as we believe that ‘Hamas = ISIS’, then whoever replaces replaces Netanyahu will have their hands tied and be forced to continue his policies. I’m not asking anyone to bend the truth to favor and outcome, all I care about is the truth.

    • Stefan says:

      No matter what Hamas did it doesnt justify the multiple war crimes being committed now. You cant kill an ideology from the outside like this. The only reason why ISIS was defeated, but by no means eradicated, was because it was what the locals wanted. The Iraqis and Syrians did the majority of fighting and dying against ISIS.

      The difference here is with every Hamas fighter killed Israel is creating another 3. Israeli cannot militarily defeat the ideology. What comes after Hamas, or Hamas 2.0 will likely be much worse than what preceded them. The only way to beat Hamas and its ideology is to get the locals involved in the push to eradicate them. Give them a valid alternative. Give them some hope in a process that leads to a state and freedom.

      Until then all you are doing is making the situation worse.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Also, hope and freedom and purple thumbs have accomplished exactly what in the Muslim world?

        For some freedom = the freedom to behead the people you hate and to institute Sharia and stone women to death for showing a little leg and dancing to music; or even learning to read.

        I hate to break it to you, but people are not all the same. They don’t all want what you want. Western civilization is unique in the history of the world and should be more appreciated.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        If Israel is creating 3X the current number of Hamas, etc. then they will just have to step up ammo production.

        Something worse than Hamas will follow? Lol. That’s some sophistry yo got there. Ok. I’ll bite – Pray tell, what would be worse. ISIS? I don’t see the distinction. Just more backwards violent jerks to paint with lasers.

      • Fred says:

        “The only reason why ISIS was defeated, but by no means eradicated, was because it was what the locals wanted.”

        Sounds like Gazans support the killings of October 7th along with all the rest, except the retribution.

        • Stefan says:

          Just like the Americans supported the hundreds of thousands of dead in Iraq. Easy to do with little fear of retribution. And who, exactly, has faced any sort of justice for a war on the wrong people sold on wholesale lies to the American people by the President and all of his men and woman?

        • John Minehan says:

          Probably safe to say it was more like “some large enough faction of the locals agreed.”

    • TonyL says:


      “40 beheaded babies” story has been debunked a while ago. It came from a i24 reporter (i24 is Israeli News Network). When asked if there is any evidence, she reportedly said she’s heard that from some IDF soldiers. Absolutely ridiculous: if it were true, why there was no photo or video taken … in this day and age when everybody has a cell phone.

      Also the has a recent article about Oct 7. A must read. Max Blumenthal’s citations were from Haaretz, eyewitnesses, and released hostages.

      • Fred says:


        how many dead babies are there?

      • Eric Newhill says:

        How come there’s video or photo of Israeli military shelling Israeli citizens?… in this day and age when everybody has a cell phone

        And a missile hitting the Pentagon and crisis actors at Sandyhook.

        We need to talk about that beautiful bridge I have for sale. You can get the special discount for being a Turcopolier member, but you have to act fast. If you make your order today, I throw in some marvelous development swamp land in Florida.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Oops. There is NO video of alleged Israeli shelling of their own people. None.

        • Stefan says:

          There are hundreds of videos on the ongoing attacks on Gaza as well as hundreds of dead children. Google it, they are everywhere. I had to stop looking. One can only look at so many dead children before it becomes overwhelming. You are not seeing it because you don’t want to see it.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            No. TonyL and other conspiracy theorists think that Israel shot up its own people on Oct 7. The Israeli civilian casualties of that day are due to IDF fire, not Hamas.

            It’s Alex Jones level story telling that’s starting floating around the sketchier venues on the internet (see Larry Johnson, for one).

            Of course I’ve seen videos of Israel bombing Gaza and the results of that.

        • Stefan says:

          If there were not friendly fire incidents on October 7th it would be a real surprise. Given the fact that so many IDF solders were taken unaware, surrendered without a fight and others ran, it makes complete sense that the weekend warriors who did not run or were not taken prisoner might not have shown the best fire discipline.

          Given the fact that the majority of Israelis these days come from Arab lands, it might have been hard to tell the difference between a Hamas member and a Mizrahi guy whose family came from Iraq or Yemen. They look just like their Arab counterparts. When you are a scared IDF soldier who just saw your positions overrun and members of your unit surrendering or running….you might just well shoot at anyone who looks Arab….which is more than 50% of the Israeli populace as it stands.

          All of this will come out when the Israelis get around to investigating how such a supposedly well trained and equipped force were taken by surprise, failed to fight and ran.

          The IDF forces at the border were routed, completely. Routed soldiers, retreating under fire, are dangerous to everyone, including their own forces and population. It is one thing that makes a route so dangerous.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Sure. What you describe could happen. However, that is not the conspiracy theory going around the anti-US/anti-Israel outlets. Rather, their story is that IDF was *ordered* to fire on Israelis; and did. This wasn’t just small arms. Helos, etc. were involved.

            Same kind of delusional mush brains who think that 9/11 was the “CIA” using controlled demolition and missiles.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      What difference does beheading v some other means of killing make? Also, it seems that just about all – militant and otherwise – Muslims are obsessed with beheading. The Saudi “government” beheads it citizens, Chechens like to behead and eat livers, Al Qaeda and ISIS behead their victims, Azerbaijani troops have recently filmed themselves beheading captured Armenians (to the cheers of onlookers). The list goes on – As the US evacuated Afghanistan adherents of the “religion of peace” were burning babies, shooting other Afghanis and, yes, doing a little head chopping; all right in the open and right in front of US troops, who were ordered to not intervene.

      All these distinctions between Islamic militant groups are just so much geeky, meaningless navel gazing. They are all jihadists and they all believe the same thing. I think these flunkies are using beheading to overcompensate for being, well, loser flunkies. Makes them feel powerful and in tune with the Koran, which advocates putting non-believers to the sword wherever they are found.

      • Stefan says:

        The resistance to Israel was secular for decades before Israel assisted the early Hamas. I am pretty sure you didn’t like Palestinians when the resistance was secular. Admit it you wouldn’t be okay with Palestinian resistance no matter what it looked like. You are just putting out all of this Muslim hate because that is the main form resistance takes to Israel these days. You are the mirror image to Sgt P and his Jew hatred.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          When were the Palestinian terrorists not Muslims?

          • Stefan says:

            Wow. How do people with such little information become so strident in their views? George Habash. Look him up, he was a Christian, one of the best known figures in the Palestinian resistance. He was not Muslim, he was a Christian and secular. Founder of the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine).

            Chris Bandak, Christian Palestinian, leader of the al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. Wadie Haddad, leader of the PFLP. This Christian Palestinian was behind multiple air line hijackings in the 1960s and 1970s.

            Amazing you know so little yet are so strident in your views. Amazing.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Habash is an outlier. He was heavily tutored by Muslims and he was a socialist. Straight up sociopath looking for a cause to allow him to to release his antisocial tendencies.

            Arguing by outliers is a cheap way of avoiding reality. There are always outliers out past 3 standard deviations (see bell curve). It’s always the trend that counts (within two standard deviations).

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Not only is Habash an outlier that hijacked a Muslim movement to further his hardcore socialist ambitions, but calling a group ‘al Aqsa Martyrs’ is clearly an appeal to Muslims. Christians don’t care about that mosque. Again, there will always be outliers in any situation. Central tendency is what counts – and the overwhelming tendency is Muslim

          • John Minehan says:

            Ask George Habash.

      • Christian J Chuba says:

        “What difference does beheading v some other means of killing make?”

        It’s the difference between a rational vs irrational enemy.
        Beheading, mutilating, and burning helpless prisoners is why we never even tried to negotiate w/ISIS. We concluded they were nihilistic fanatics, incapable of rational thought. If this distinction did not matter than Israeli spokespeople would not keep emphasizing the nature of the attack to claim, Hamas = ISIS.

        Gaza’s chief coroner released the identity of thousands of Palestinians killed by IDF bombing. Why can’t we get a straight answer from Israel how many civilians vs military deaths and how they actually died? Israel has more resources than Gaza, it should be easy for them to do

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Distinctions without meaning for the weak minded.

          People that emerge out of the blue to machine gun toddlers and women are rational actors with whom one can negotiate? Sure. Go ahead. You first.

          I see now that a new meme is being propagated by the likes of LJ that goes something like, “Well half of the Israelis killed by Hamas were actually soldiers”. Implying, I suppose, that Hamas is only half bad, or some similar squishy brained sophistry. I don’t even think the metrics are correct. Maybe LJ is using, once again, his anonymous secret insider contacts to get the “facts” (like The NY Times likes to do) – or maybe you’re wrong about the facts not being available.

          Or maybe the whole pro-Hamas crowd is a bunch of desperate, morally bankrupt, story tellers that can’t align on the same page.

    • F&L says:

      Let’s see. Presumably cutting off people’s heads is also a sin if they’re already dead for three days and the odor is becoming unpleasant so much so in fact that because the fridge is stuffed with six-packs for tomorrow’s game, in order to get the cadaverous thing into the cold to stop further decay and putrid stench it’s necessary to decapitate it so the head can fit in the icebox and the body in the lower refrigerator if you remove the shelves and stack the six-packs towards the back wall on the apliance’s floor level?

      Or is there a death penalty order in effect for that too? How many neighborhoods of a middle eastern city full of living human inhabitants can a nice fundamentalist chrischun, zionist, gay, transexual and lesbian army and air force an navy obliterate if we find out someone’s doing that? At least a block or two at least at least I bope I hope?

  14. voislav says:

    I think Bibi outsmarted himself, I think he thought that letting Hamas rampage will both increase support in Israel his political party and allies, while making him popular as a war leader.

    The plan backfired because Bibi’s complicity was quickly revealed by US and Egypt, so rather than the country uniting behind him, like US did behind Bush after 9/11, he is facing a backlash. Now he is stuck, he know that end of the war also means end of his political career and likely a jail sentence for corruption and he is trying to find a way to stay in power.

  15. F&L says:

    The US Air Force announced it had halted testing of the Minuteman 30 intercontinental ballistic missile yesterday after an “exceptional event” was discovered.
    Many of you heard that report already or read of it today. Guess why it’s troublesome.
    Because the US “deterrent” is not up to par? Only if you have brain damage would you think so, and no that’s not why.
    Because it likely signals prep for using nukes. Right, that’s too difficult for cretins here, of which there are a few, so you need assistance. Do you think it means that because they aren’t reliable it implies that therefore they can’t be used and thus the US mainland is safer? Getting a teeny bit closer but really lame, sorry. It’s a signal to Russia and China and whoever else that there’s no use in hitting our land based nukes because “they don’t work, see?” And that will be interpreted as the US preparing nuclear strikes (by subs, bombers or other means). And whoever the imbecile strategist are who announced this is – they sure ain’t friends of any American. Because it means our cities will be hit, not our land silos. So I’m wagering this was announced as part of a terror campaign by one of our not so allied allied who run the show here in actuality. That so-called ally can make any number of moves now which will.lead to nuclear war. And they want Americans who’ve been lied to and reassured that nuclear war won’t hurt them but only some fields and Dakota badlands, they want them to feel the terror because they themselves are scared now and people here are tired of their BS. If our defense department was a defense this announcement never would have gone out. These are incompetent boobs who are run dizzy in circles by maniacs far from our shores.

  16. Fred says:

    Looks like ‘shit’s on good buddy’ is going to be a new catchphrase here:

    Unless it’s just a lot of different kinds of ‘operations’ scheduled.

    • TTG says:


      It’s got to be some serious shit for the CENTCOM Jarheads to cancel the Marine Corps ball.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        That’s some serious high readiness status – and the alert must have come down from on high.

        I hope they’ll be allowed to do what they need to do this time around.

        • TTG says:

          Eric Newhill,

          I doubt there is a plan to act at this point, just a realization that it could happen. They don’t want to be caught dancing and eating cake if an alert does come in.

        • F&L says:

          Eric Newhill –

          Rice When Ill. Do you think it’s generally sound advice or were are forefathers handicapped in those years when high blood pressure couldn’t yet be treated with 21st century pharmaceuticals? It’s a bit dodgy if you take your rice with melted butter and salt and pepper though.

          That’s right Eric, your name’s letters are in fact “Rice When Ill” with a bit of rearrangement. There’s other anagrams but this one will do for now, I hope you like it. That makes you the only commenter here other than MC O’Hen mcohen for whom I’ve composed a revised handle by way of anagrams.
          I will never, ever, however, speak or converse via text box input with MC O’Hen again, thank goodness, and not because TTG censored my last communication to him, despite it not containing one single blasphemy, but because, well, to be honest it isn’t nice to make fun of .. how shall we say it .. god’s special creatures (?) And by that I certainly don’t mean holy fully superior chosen Jewish angels, no, I mean something else. However Eric, you do have a brain, admittedly one eager and overly relishing every opportunity to commit severe violence to a huge subset of the human population called Muslims or dirty goat fuckers or however you phrase it. Isn’t it great great fun to beat up and even murder huge quantities of smaller sized weak and undernourished brown skinned individuals when an opportunity arises? Isn’t it wonderful to be American and hang out with big tough guys whose wives carry pistols in their handbags whenever they visit the local Winn Dixie and who themselves go to the shooting range to destroy harmful and threatening paper bullseyes and silhouette figurines with expensive ammunition while also remembering to geneflect during a short hop off visit through Drive-by Jesus? But I guess tiger brains are adapted to operating the large, muscular, immensely powerful tiger body, and likewise big strong make American brains are adapted to operating the big strong superbly armed and incredibly violent American male body – doesn’t it stand to reason that it would be that way? So just as MC O’Hen can’t help it due to severe impairment, most guys like you can’t help it either due to endowment. What a wonderful world we inhabit!

          Your Honor, set the Nubian free, he thought he saw a pussy-cat!

          Israel strikes Jabaliya refugee camp for third day running as war crimes pile up in Gaza.

          The Israeli regime is carrying out horrendous war crimes on a daily basis, with Thursday marking the third day in a row that the Jabaliya refugee camp was struck. As the official death toll among Palestinian civilians surpassed 9,000, the Israel Defence Forces also reportedly struck four schools within 24 hours and is preparing a horrific massacre of civilians in Gaza City.

  17. F&L says:

    The muscle bound heroic he-men among you, chimping at the bit for lustful revenge which you need to rationalize as justified will be disappointed to learn that a significant portion of the much ballyhooed savagery attributed to Hamas reported in the media was actually the work of the incompetent and immeasurably brutal and overarmed Israeli military. It’s usually called the “IDF” which stands for Idiocy DeiFied, and nothing else.

    What the BBC Fails to Tell You About October 7
    Jonathan Cook • November 2, 2023

  18. ked says:

    Bibi spent the last few years fighting to stay out of jail & retain domestic political power. To gain victory he assembled a coalition destined to infighting & collapse. He paid little to no attention to the direct, immediate external threats (I think Col Lang would have called it existential) to Israel over those years. This domestic political focus & outcome appears to have spread to the nation’s national security apparatus. Perhaps that’s a weariness of his benign neglect. Hamas picked a propitious to conduct their raid… unfortunately for them, tactically, it was both too successful & undisciplined. Demographic & generational shifts play a significant part in Israel’s domestic crisis. The upshot is that he is indeed done-for, regardless of the outcome of the war against Hamas – or whether that takes place sooner or later. I suspect he will hang onto power to the bitter end – it’s his nature. It will not be a good thing for Israel (nor Bibi, as if that matters). Lotsa self-destruction on the world stage these days.

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