Chris Wray and the FBI’s Outrageous Lies About Domestic Terrorism

David Dorn, a 77-year-old retired St. Louis police captain was shot and killed on June 2 by looters who broke into a pawn shop. Dorn went to the pawn shop to check on a burglar alarm.

David McAtee, the 53-year-old owner of a barbecue restaurant was shot and killed on June 1 in Louisville. Police and the National Guard troops were trying to clear a crowd when they heard gunshots and returned fire.

Chris Beaty, 38, who played football for Indiana University and was known as “Mr. Indianapolis,” was shot and killed on the street in downtown Indianapolis on May 30 during a protest.

Dorian Murrell, 18, was fatally shot in Indianapolis the same night as Beaty. According to the court documents, Newby claimed he was pushed to the ground and saw Murrell standing over him, so he shot Murrell one time, Fox 59 Indianapolis reported. Newby has been charged with murder.

Italia Kelly, 22, was shot and killed June 1 in Davenport, Iowa, as she was leaving a protest outside a Walmart.

Marquis Tousant, 23, of Rock Island, Ill., was shot and killed in Davenport the same night as Kelly. He was found dead near where police say one or more persons fired 13 shots at an unmarked police truck investigating a suspicious car in an alley around 3 a.m., the Des Moines Register reported.An officer driving the truck was shot in the leg during the shootout, the paper reported. Another officer in the truck returned fire. Six men fled in a car and were arrested after a high-speed chase, the paper reported. Police found numerous guns in their vehicle.

Patrick Underwood, 53, a federal officer, died as he was providing security at a U.S. courthouse in Oakland, Calif., during a protest when someone fired shots from a vehicle. Another officer was critically wounded.

Calvin Horton Jr., a 43-year-old black man was fatally shot outside a Minneapolis pawn shop on May 27, two days after Floyd’s death. The 59-year-old owner was later booked into jail on suspicion of murder and then released as the investigation continues, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

James Scurlock, a 22-year-old black man, was killed Saturday after authorities said he tussled with the owner of two downtown bars. Surveillance video of the strip of bars shows a group of people, including Scurlock, approach white bar owner Jake Gardner.

Javar Harrell, a 21-year-old man, was killed in downtown Detroit on June 5 after someone fired shots into a vehicle during a protest. Detroit police have released photos of Harrell’s suspected killer, a man in a surgical mask, and a dark hooded sweater.

Barry Perkins III, 29, of St. Louis, was killed May 30 after climbing between two trailers of a FedEx truck during an interstate protest near downtown St. Louis.

Jorge Gomez, 25, of Las Vegas, was shot fatally shot by officers breaking up a protest in downtown Las Vegas on June 1. Police said the officers opened fire after Gomez pointed a gun at them. Gomez had recently shared anti-Donald Trump conspiracies on his Facebook page, and hours before the protest started, he wrote, “Be ready for war. Do not cower in the face of revolution,” the Las Vegas Sun reported.

Jose Gutierrez, 28, of Chicago, was fatally shot during unrest following a protest in Cicero on June 1, according to reports. He was shot as people were breaking into businesses in the neighborhood and taking whatever they could carry, police said. They said Gutierrez was a bystander, not involved in any looting.

Victor Cazares Jr., 27, was fatally shot near a grocery store in Cicero the same night as Gutierrez in a separate incident. Cazares was from Cicero.

Marvin Francois, 50, was shot and killed May 31 after a protest in Kansas City, Mo., according to reports. Police said his killers were three carjackers trying to steal his car, Fox 4 KC reported.

A suspected looter was killed Tuesday breaking into a gun shop after protests in Philadelphia, police said. The man was shot and killed by the owner of the gun shop, Greg Isabella, who said he saw a group of looters on his surveillance video breaking a padlock on his gate with bolt cutters.

And what about the property damage in the various cities shredded by the so-called peaceful protests? In the two weeks following George Floyd’s death, peaceful protestors burned and looted to a cost in excess of $1 billion dollars:

DatesLocationDollars2020 dollars
May 26-June 8, 202020 states across U.S.$1-2b$1-2b
Apr. 29-May 4, 1992Los Angeles, CA775m1.42b
Aug. 11-17, 1965Los Angeles, CA44m357m
Jul. 23, 1967Detroit, MI42m322m
May 17-19, 1980Miami, Fl65m204m
Apr. 4-9, 1968Washington, DC24m179m
Jul. 13-14, 1977New York, NY28m118m
Jul. 12. 1967Newark, NJ15m115m
Apr. 6-9, 1968Baltimore, MD14m104m
Apr. 4-11, 1968Chicago, IL13m97m

Black Lives Matter-Antifa mobs caused over one billion dollars in damages in cities across America since May. In Minneapolis alone Black Lives Matter mobs damaged or destroyed over 1,500 businesses or buildings.

Over 700 police officers were injured in the BLM riots — and that was back in June!

Black Lives Matter was linked to conservatively 91% of the riots that resulted in the most expensive property damage in US insurance history.

Then we have Kenosha, Wisconsin–rioters caused nearly $2 million in damage to city-owned property in Kenosha, Wis. after the police shooting of Jacob Blake on August 23.

And how about Seattle?

[there] was anger that city and police officials had allowed the rioting to spiral out of control, as well as fear the weekend’s destruction could make recovery even more difficult for businesses already wounded by the pandemic shutdown.

“This isn’t going to make that any easier,” said Jon Scholes, CEO of the Downtown Seattle Association, who described the destruction, which ranged from smashed windows to the torching of vehicles to widespread looting, as worse than what the city saw during the 1999 WTO riots. “It’s something we’ve just never seen in downtown Seattle.”

The scope of that damage may take weeks to fully measure. Scholes added that it was “millions and millions of dollars in property damage alone, and far more in terms of lost economic activity.”

Compare the two billion dollars inflicted on American cities by BLM and Antifa with the damage to the U.S. Capitol:

Architect of the Capitol J. Brett Blanton told legislators that more than $30 million in expenses were incurred by the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and the security measures required in its aftermath.

Note–the vast majority of this expense is to pay for increased security measures. The actual physical damage to the Capitol was minimal.

White Americans who support Donald Trump or, better stated, who oppose the entrenched, corrupt political parties that control Washington, DC are not terrorists. They did not torch the Capitol. They did not deface the works of art that adorn the Capitol. Yet, we are confronted with the lies of Christopher Wray, who has been virtually mute about the tsunami of violence that swept across America in the wake of the George Floyd death.

Desperate to preserve the myth of white supremacists eager to kill legislators and burn Washington to the ground, the rotten law enforcement and intelligence officials in DC are pushing the fantasy that Trump supporters will carry out an attack on March 4. It is a lie.

One of these days we will discover that much of this so-called intel was generated by FBI informants who infiltrated groups, like the Proud Boys, and then began encouraging acts of violence (all the time looking for anyone who would take the bait).

The best thing Americans can do in the immediate future to protest the stolen election and the fraudulent Presidency of Sleepy Joe Biden is to show up at any city or event attended by Biden and peacefully protest. Come with signs and flags. Do not carry weapons. But let your voice be heard. It is the best way to send the message.

Many of the legislators and policy makers infesting Washington think you are stupid. They think they can spin their lie about domestic terrorism that does not involve killing, bombing and looting and that we will finally accept this garbage as fact. But we have eyes, ears and memory. We know what Antifa and BLM have said. We know what they have done. The smoldering ruins that dot American cities as a result of Antifa and BLM cannot be erased from our memories. We remember and we will not forget. We are Patriots.

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15 Responses to Chris Wray and the FBI’s Outrageous Lies About Domestic Terrorism

  1. Fred says:

    “FBI informants who infiltrated groups, like the Proud Boys”

    That would be FBI informant and Proud Boys founder Enrique Tarrio, who promoted the rally, inflamed the membership, and got himself removed from the scene a couple days before the event courtesy of friendly law enforcement who were protecting their agent/informant.

    • Seamus Padraig says:

      Technically, I think it was Gavin McInness who founded the Proud Boys. But good point about Tarrio.

    • That 1 Dude says:

      This is a complete lie…the story about Enrique being a snitch was from an incident years and years was about him and the OTHER defendants ALL TALKING…he didn’t snitch on anyone and most definitely didn’t snitch on ANYONE ON JAN 6TH…nice to see that even people on the Right believe the bullshit that the leftist media feeds them

  2. Seamus Padraig says:

    Capitol riot? I just call it ‘the podium theft heard ’round the world.’

  3. semiconscious says:

    simple, straight-forward post. it shouldn’t be this easy…

    • Pat Lang says:

      Perhaps you could explain “it shouldn’t be this easy.”

      • semiconscious says:

        what i mean is that pointing out the undeniably obvious hypocrisy shouldn’t be this easy. the narrative that the swamp continues to foist on us all is just disturbingly transparent at this point, it’s almost like they aren’t really even trying to be convincing anymore…

        • Mal says:

          Swamp narrative…….how about repetitious droning from the MSM 24/7/365×4 (watch CNN? The View?)…..easy peasy, and hell no, it should not be that easy. Now here’s the real question…what are everyday US stakeholders going to do about it? After Jan 6th, wait another 4 years, and then what? Rinse repeat? No one lives in a utopia, but watching the USA today…….where’s this going?

  4. BillWade says:

    Official: “there was an armed insurrection”

    News: “how many guns were confiscated?”

    Official: “none”

  5. Bobo says:

    Every town in America has reciprocal agreements to assist each other in the case of emergency thus a similar event in east Podunk could of brought a half dozen LEO’s from every town within a 100 miles plus half the State Police of the adjoining states within two hours bringing an assist force of over 1,000 Leo’s. But we heard all day in that hearing from a National Guard General talking about “if only I could of brought our 40 man Quick Reaction Force to assist at the Capitol”.
    Where were the +2,000 LEO’s from the surrounding areas versus crying for the U.S. Military to solve your problems when everyone knows they are mission orientated which is slow but steady momentum. Of course the Soldiers rightfully deserved to be fed properly like our Congress Critters at the local government provided cafeteria.

  6. PMBurton says:

    US is a young democracy, compared to my native Britain whose institutions are many centuries more mature. It will take time for America to mature. Your country is going through growing pains. I am sure it will get there one day.

    • English Outsider says:

      Bunkum. Sorry, but pure bunkum. The country didn’t just turn up on the doorstep in 1776.

      And by that reasoning Australia is still unweaned. Such bunkum.

      The constitutional and political traditions of a country are not in any case some magic inheritance. They have to be preserved and if necessary fought for. That battle is the battle we see and have seen in the States for some time now. That we in England or in Europe have scarcely awakened to that battle while those in the States are now fully conscious of it is no measure of superiority. It is a measure of decline.

      What an astonishing place to find this jejune English exceptionalism. It has dogged us as long as I can remember. It is the tired exceptionalism of the failed and any Englishman who believes his country still has within it the seeds of recovery should rebut it.

      Unless you are being sardonic. God, I get so bored with the knowing English sardonic, for that too is the wit of the defeated.

  7. Sam says:

    Trump nominee Wray is the perfect Swamp creature. No draining the swamp here. Were the Deplorables hoodwinked by the MAGA man?

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      With gatekeepers such as Jared & Ivanka screening personnel and whispering in his ears like a stereophonic version of Grima Wormtongue, little better can be expected. But then, in the Great Dismal Swamp that is Washington, pickings were expectedly pretty thin for a non-Uniparty executive, ‘cuz the whole place wanted him gone, baby, gone; this MAGA talk was harshin’ their mellow.

      • Sam says:


        Who allowed the gatekeepers to wormtounge?

        When Devin Nunes implored Trump to declassify and gave him the list of docs, this at the time that Mueller was writing the script, what did he do? If he didn’t have the courage to stand up then when the attack was directed at him personally, the question ought to be, does he have the courage, let alone the “smarts” to carry the MAGA banner?


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