CIA is “scared sh—ss” of DIA’s Chinese defector. Re-published September 2021

“The Free Beacon reports that U.S. intelligence officials haven’t come to a conclusion about whether or not the students being investigated were spies, but RedState is told that whether or not one wants to use the term “spy,” those students were sent back to the United States with specific information-gathering directives with the purpose of helping Beijing understand the US government’s response to the pandemic at a much deeper level than they could through publicly-available documents. Those students (spies) were charged with reporting back on public policy changes, economic response and damage, impacts on the healthcare system (equipment/hospital bed shortages, etc), supply chain impacts (including how long it took things like semiconductors from China to reach the United States), civil unrest, and more.

In addition, Dong has provided DIA with the following information:

  • Early pathogenic studies of the virus we now know as SARS-CoV-2
  • Models of predicted COVID-19 spread and damage to the US and the world
  • Financial records detailing which exact organizations and governments funded the research on SARS-CoV-2 and other biological warfare research
  • Names of US citizens who provide intel to China
  • Names of Chinese spies working in the US or attending US universities
  • Financial records showing US businessmen and public officials who’ve received money from the Chinese government
  • Details of meetings US government officials had (perhaps unwittingly) with Chinese spies and members of Russia’s SVR
  • How the Chinese government gained access to a CIA communications system, leading to the death of dozens of Chinese people who were working with the CIA

Dong also has provided DIA with copies of the contents of the hard drive on Hunter Biden’s laptop, showing the information the Chinese government has about Hunter’s pornography problem and about his (and Joe’s) business dealings with Chinese entities. Some of the files on Dong has provided shine a light on just how it was that the sale of Henniges Automotive (and their stealth technology) to Chinese military manufacturer AVIC Auto was approved.

Again, according to sources, Dong told DIA debriefers that at least a third of Chinese students attending US universities are PLA assets or part of the Thousand Talents Plan and that many of the students are here under pseudonyms. One reason for using pseudonyms is that many of these students are the children of high-ranking military and party leaders.

As we initially reported, DIA has high confidence in the veracity of Dong’s claims. The fact that since our original report, which was pooh-poohed by Langley apologists, the New York Times published a rare interview with Dr. Shi Zhengli (the WIV “Bat Woman”), ABC News has started an “investigation” into COVID-19 origins, and now the actual name of the defector has been published in an anti-Trump, CIA-friendly blog, demonstrates what sources told RedState today: “This defector has the rest of the intelligence community and the LEO community scared sh**less.””

Comment: OK pilgrim turcopoles, here is the deal. This man, as Chinese counter-intelligence boss looked around the IC and decided that he was most likely to survive an internal leak if he defected to DIA. That means that in spite of the fact that DIA had an internal Chinese mole (recently arrested at DIA request by the FBI), the rest of the agencies are worse in the level in Chinese intelligence penetration not only of their analytic people but also of their operations staff. How do I know that? Material from the defector (Dong) would not normally be shared with analysts if it had his name in it. His identity would be held in operational channels.

Clearly, this man believes that; CIA. army intelligence, naval intelligence, USAF intelligence and all the rest are heavily penetrated. pl

Revision Comment: A senior Chinese defector under US IC protection has surfaced in the last day or so to outline the level of perfidy in Chinese propaganda concerning COVID-19 and his displeasure in the fact that the US is not paying enough attention to what he says. Was this Dong Jing Wei. I do not know. pl


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  1. blue peacock says:

    “Clearly, this man believes that; CIA. army intelligence, naval intelligence, USAF intelligence and all the rest are heavily penetrated. pl”

    If this is true and it would appear true from the fact that CCP have hacked with impunity everything from the personnel records of all government employees to the buying of American leaders from politics to Wall St and think tanks & academia, then we’re going to see the rapid burying of the intel provided by defector Dong and a massive propaganda campaign of obfuscation and deflection. The Deep State protects itself and their nefarious anti-American activities first. Just as we saw Fauci organize Farrar, Andersen, et all to obfuscate and control the exposure of the pandemic they likely created.

  2. Barbara Ann says:

    As you say, his choice of agency to defect to is revealing. It will be interesting to observe the forthcoming early retirements and other fallout in the IC. This reads like a Big Deal.

    The article seems to describe Dong as a ‘walk in’ (“When Dong landed in California he contacted DIA officials and told them about his plans to defect..”). Is this likely, or perhaps a cover story – i.e. might your erstwhile colleagues at DIA HUMINT have recruited/run Dong prior to his defection? Kudos all round if so.

  3. Deap says:

    What did China have against him that made him want to suddenly “defect”?

    • Pat Lang says:


      After they spend 8 hours a day with him for a while they will know if the do not now.

  4. Deap says:

    Wouldn’t have been better to “defect” to a location that had fewer embedded CCP agents than those now present in the US?

    Or is the US just a temporary high-publicity way station to another destination, where a Chinese national might blend in better with less in-house CCP spy scrutiny: Vancouver, Kuala Lumpur, Buenos Aires, Penang, SEA, Polynesia……

    • Pat Lang says:


      Can’t stand the good news that DIA is not penetrated?

      • Deap says:

        Count our lucky stars there remains one oasis of integrity left in our government operations, and he was smart enough to know this too.

        More the fear that even a good agency is able to protect him from his new and committed enemies within the CCP state who are now well woven into our own US society – how does a high profile defector like him ever rest his head at night?

        Knowing those types of secrets cannot be divulged, but it does strike a curious lay person’s imagination how spy craft actually work to achieve these ends. If you told me, you would have to kill me. I get it. But then bomber fugitive Bill Ayers and wife spent decades hiding in plain sight, just by using assumed names.

    • Fasteddiez says:

      You need to include Northern Italy, where 200,000 Chinese live, some coming from back from home in China. One has to consider that the area was hammered the worst in Europe early in the Pandemic. This after the Covid hit Wuhan, and Iran, killing a few parliamentarians or three.

  5. AK says:

    I would be shocked (shocked I tell you!) to find out that corporate media are also heavily bought and thoroughly owned subsidiaries of the CCP. This article from the Communist News Network could not have been better written if it were the product of the chief CCP propagandist himself:

    Then again, at the risk of stereotyping, look at the authors’ names and profile pics. Perhaps I’m not far off?

    The revelations from this defector have laid significant planks of proof of what I’ve suspected for a long, long time: there is a HUGE swath of people in crucial American institutions who have committed treason against their country in the service of the CCP. Far greater than most all of us could’ve imagined. Hell, one must ask oneself (especially if one lives in a blue state), “How many people do I know who, if given the choice of allegiance to the CCP or the Republican Party, would choose the former?” I know a few, I’m sad to say. How long can this country endure with so many people among the ranks of its “elite” who hate it so much?

    • akaPatience says:

      Thanks for the link AK. I may not have become aware of this possibly alarming tidbit otherwise (from the very beginning of the article):

      (CNN)Editor’s note: CNN is launching the Meanwhile in China newsletter on June 21, a three-times-a-week update exploring what you need to know about the country’s rise and how it impacts the world. SIGN UP HERE (emphasis mine).

      Well hey, let’s all rush to SIGN UP – pronto! Maybe volunteer our SSNs, telephone numbers and mothers’ maiden names while we’re at it!

      I wonder how much CNN’s on the take from the CCP to launch this “Meanwhile in China” newsletter???

  6. walrus says:

    This is a generational intelligence event on the same scale as the belated discovery of Burgess, Philby, McLean, et al. or the Rosenbergs.

    When the details come out, I imagine that they will demonstrate that it was the promise of Chinese money, lots of it, that motivated treason.

    I also speculate that it is the cult of President Xi that may have driven the defection but I don’t know.

  7. robt willmann says:

    You beat me to it! I had spotted some updated information today, and had started an article. I think the base reference is from the same website as the first disclosure on 4 June–

    I have not researched it but I have read that former president Obama put generals in the Department of Defense who were of his ilk, which would not have been a constructive thing, in my opinion. I do not remember whether he allegedly moved or removed some generals to make room for his appointees as part of that process. I do not know if Obama’s actions infected the DIA and NSA.

  8. sbin says:

    With the likes of Brennan Pompeo Comey and Haspel.
    Incompetence should be higher on the list than compromised.

  9. Leith says:

    Lots of rumors swirling around about this Dong person. Did he really defect? There is an article today by him in the South China Morning Post that may (or NOT) indicate he is still in China.

    If he did in fact defect he is a counterintel guy; a spycatcher of people spying on China. So why would he have such specific knowledge about Wuhan Lab, or about Chinese spies in America, or about Hunter’s hard drive? Do the Chinese not have compartments like our SCI?

    Or was the defector someone else named Dong? It is a common name – kind of like the Jones or Garcia of northern China.

    • Pat Lang says:


      Senior people, really senior people acquire acquire all sort of knowledge from their colleagues and in this case comrades even though the rules say they should not.

      • Leith says:

        Yes, the top echelons sometimes typically think that their friends need to know even if they have not officially been read in to a compartmented program. I have seen similar in our military in the past. However that is only at a bare-bones summary level and does not go into details.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      That SCMP article appearing to deliberately try and refute allegations about Dong’s defection is an interesting development. It looks like a weak and desperate move to me. If he hasn’t defected wouldn’t the CCP be keen to provide concrete proof, such as footage of him speaking in public? As it is, there seem to be no details on the seminar he is supposed to have spoken at. Perhaps he called in via Zoom from a DIA interrogation room. I expect the Chinese are “scared sh—ss” too.

      • Leith says:

        Barbara Ann –

        You may be correct that China is attempting to throw shade on rumors of a hi-level defection.

        But time will tell. So I’m not ready to believe these rumors until more info comes out.

        • Pat Lang says:

          Barbara Ann

          I suspect that DIA deliberately leaked this info to make it more difficult for CIA to try to take him away from them. I would have done that.

    • Fasteddiez says:

      The Chinese having something like SCI? Quelle foutoir de horreur! Is there no American intel institution sacred? Actually, I believe that it was Chinese hackers who broke into the US OPM database to fish out everyone’s clearance details in full. Quite some time ago, the people who broke into the Pentagon’s non-classified data were called script-kiddies, not an idle moniker there, methinks. They probably moved up to Unix/Linux boxes as they aged, to collect better results from everyone, including Tammy Sue down the Holler.

  10. Mcdonkey says:

    Lol.this feels like dong from Hong Kong.
    A Hong Kong dong.

  11. Yeah, Right says:

    “Names of Chinese spies working in the US or attending US universities”

    Would someone care to explain to me how a senior Chinese COUNTER-intelligence official would have access to that information?

    I mean, does the head of the FBI know the names of the spies that the CIA are running inside China?

    • Pat Lang says:

      Yeah, right
      At the top, the collective of the heads of agencies or function are a club. They tell each other and show each other things they should not. Rules are for little people.

      • Yeah, Right says:

        Oh, I do not question that scuttlebutt, boasting and point-scoring is rife amongst the Grand Poobah’s of the Intelligence Community.

        After all, the ego of these men must precede them as they walk into a room.

        But that article said he came over with a List Of Names, which is an altogether different proposition.

        I mean, even in their most jovial of back-slapping bohemie, would the head of the CIA ever provide the head of the FBI with the names of his spies inside China?

        Because that would be the equivalent to this claim, correct?

        • Pat Lang says:

          Yeah, right

          He told some fellow that he would love him forever and needed the list. Old Soviet saying “Such d–ks and read newspapers and you, too can be a commissar.”

          • Yeah, Right says:

            I am genuinely curious: is that also how it works in the US Intelligence Community?

          • Pat Lang says:

            Yeah, Right
            That is how it works in every intelligence community at the top of the agencies and among those appointed to supervise them.

  12. Harlan Easley says:

    Yes, I have been following the buzz on Tweeter about this defector.

    On Twitter, I have been closely following the vicious back and forth between proponents of a Zoonotic origin and proponents of a Lab accident. Deliberative release is a red line nobody wants to talk about on Twitter, whether improvised or not. This is due to the few brave scientists who say a lab accident should be looked at are already treading treacherous grounds. In fact, many of these individuals are putting their careers at risk due to questioning the High Priests in their field who control Grant money and publishing.

    I, under a pseudonym have joined the fight the last several months. In favor of the lab accident hypothesis. Been blocked by Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance several times but as a computer programmer I seem to always have another account somewhere to hit him with, lol.

    My brief summary of the debate between Zoonotic camp vs Lab accident camp

    Zoonotic Camp
    1. Globalists ideology
    2. Radical Environmentalists
    3. Sociopathic(Evolution suggests these individuals rise to the top)
    3. Controls all the important American Institutions
    4. They have been covering for their CCP allies since the beginning
    5. HUGE Conflicts of Interest that make them 100% untrustworthy
    a. They will protect the Golden Goose(funding) at all cost(this is rational)
    6. Ruthless(manipulative) growing up that exhibit Dunning-Kruger effect
    a. They have been caught in so many lies that Kristian Anderson of Scripps was forced to delete his Twitter account. He is a traitor in my opinion. 100% in the back pocket of his boss Eric Topol(Pharisee) and the Chinese.
    7. Virologists:
    a. They are driven by funding and nothing else. They would whore out their whores at an outstanding rate as a Pimp. They don’t give a shit about the women. And they certainly don’t give a shit about you. Many believe they are God-like. Take away dangerous GOF experiments in their field and their funding would shrivel.
    b. In the contentious 2012 NIH meeting on whether or not to fund dangerous GOF experiments, a prominent scientist actually made an argument to make HIV airborne in an experiment in case it ever happens naturally.

    “Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.”

    Lab Accident Camp
    1. Idealistic
    2. Dogged
    3. Multiple high-performing individuals across many industries coalescing as a team.
    4. Suspect “The Seeker” on Twitter is a cut-out for an Indian Intelligence Agency
    a. The breakthroughs this account achieved are remarkable
    5. Many go under the acronym – DRASTIC

    My view is there are two overlapping conspiracies occurring. The first is the old age dream of World Domination by the Pharisees. This is the determinative factor. Reason Wray is compromised. And the “prestigious” Nature and Lancet journal are compromised, etc. The lab accident may or may not have been deliberative but once recognized the enemies of all Mankind decided that nothing will stop their momentum of having their plan fulfilled.

    And they took advantage of the scenario. HCQ was smeared in the press. Doctors were subject to losing their license. HCQ was available to be bought OTC in France. Lo and behold, a Government official(Pharisee) made it only available via prescription at beginning of pandemic. I could go on and on. Maybe later.

    The second conspiracy is many Scientists, Governmental officials are captured by the CCP of China through funding or ideology. Many are traitors.

    An excellent article by Katherine Eban in the Vanity Fair on the internal fighting in the State Department regarding the origin of coronavirus.

    Last point, the most important.

    To the arrogant group that believes they will dominant the World one day. You believe due to the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 that there is a score to settle. Revenge motivated by your spiritual hatred.

    There is a storm coming. But not the one you expect. When you nailed him to the cross 2,000 years ago and mocked him while he was dying did you think he would forget?

    Walk 12 End 12

    • Deap says:

      As data collects that makes one reconsider whether the hysteria and total global lockdown was in fact necessary.

      Data is supporting “covid” might never have been more than a 99% recovery but really bad flu season. There is still no accurate testing confirmation for “covid’s” exclusive presence. And towards the end CDC was lumping upper respiratory reports into a generic soup called PIC – Pneumonia-Influenza-Colds

      Perhaps the powers that be now benefit from this new Franken-Bug (lab origins) explanation, in order to justifies their draconian 2020 election year responses.

      Just as the early spread of the “covid” hysteria benefited from the natural origins theory – it is everywhere, no one is safe and we are all gonna die. Plus it’s all Trump’s fault.

      Just a consideration to put on your spread sheet. Was this a typical biologic viral pollution, or an atypical viral political pollution?

      • Harlan Easley says:

        Sars-CoV-2 was identified by a scanning electron microscope and the genome has been known for awhile. It is a real virus and different from the influenza virus.

        Yes, fortunately, the virus was not that lethal or dangerous for the younger age cohort.

        It was much more dangerous than the flu for the older cohort. Which is expected due to many older individuals are functionally immune-compromised. Many reasons. And have zero previous immune memory to a novel virus. My mom is a 77 year old smoker. If she got it. She wouldn’t make it. She took the Moderna Vaccine and Thank God had no bad side effects. Risk/Reward was worth it.

        Though for any other time these vaccines would have been withdrawn due to safety. Any healthy individual under 30 the Risk/Reward is not worth it, imo.

        The way the virus was so well adapted to attack humans in the first place with an unusual furin cleavage site for this particular class of virus indicates Gain of Function work in a laboratory in my view.

        Also, the Horseshoe Bat habitat which is the ancestor is over 1,175 miles away in Mojiang Mine where this bullshit all started imo.

        It comes down to three possibilities
        1. It crossover into an intermediate animal and somehow these animals did not cause an outbreak in Yunnan Province along the local inhabitants and made their way into the Wet Markets in Wuhan. Unlikely, but possible.

        2. Bullet Train Theory: An individual got infected in a mine in Yunnan collecting Bat Guano and took a bullet train to Wuhan, China. Shortly afterward took a bullet train over 1100 miles to Wuhan. Infecting nobody on the way. They arrived in Wuhan and started the outbreak. Unlikely, but possible.

        3. Laboratory escape: Some technician became careless and caught the virus without knowing and while pre-symptomatic spread it to others outside the lab. The rest is history. Likely.

        They may had have noble intentions on the experiment or it may have been apart of a more nefarious offensive research. Just because it escaped and didn’t kill everybody doesn’t negate this possibility.

        Good news, many evolutionary scientists believe a novel virus becomes more transmissible but less lethal as time passes due to the virus wanting to replicate. And it cannot continue to replicate or survive if it kills the host.

        I believe there is some evidence for this disregarding the obnoxious fear-mongering by the press. This Fall/Winter respiratory season should give us the answer.

    • Sam says:

      The Indian dude “The Seeker” doesn’t seem to be a cutout as he shows a level of competence and intrepidness that one wouldn’t find in a bureaucracy. He unearthed documents before the CCP shut it all down. Research papers, names of scientists and the linkage to the Mojiang mine. The early papers on the miners affected with respiratory ailments and death. And the precursor virus with the strange furin cleavage artifact that has never been seen in the wild but is rather common in a lab.

      Luigi Warren one of the inventors of mRNA technology was an early member of DRASTIC. So some serious talent got involved in countering the cancellation and discrediting of those questioning natural origin. IMO, Nicholas Wade made rational people begin to question the prevailing groupthink orthodoxy.

      Knowing that the powers will not want a real expose that could impede the funds flows and expose the collusion among US and CCP government leadership, the virology researchers, Big Pharma and private funding organizations like the Wellcome Trust, we must expect that it will be buried under a lot of bullshit.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Suresh Suryed

      I tried to reason with this man for a decade or so but he is obsessed with Germany’s enemies from WW2. principally the US even though it was the British Army who burned his grandparents house in north Germany. He knows nothing about intelligence. His military experience consists of having been a reserve oberleutnant in the bundeswehr. His choice of “Moon of Alabama” a phrase from the communist playwright, Bertolt Brecht says a lot about him. I am amused that he still reads my blog. I do not read other blogs.

      • carl says:

        Moon of Alabama is completely unbalanced and rabid on certain subjects, especially China, and those articles are painful & embarrassing to read. On the other hand Bernhard [the site operator] has consistently opposed the Russiagate narrative. He also wrote many good articles on the Boeing 737 scandal. At one time I was a contributor.

        What is most annoying about the site is the attitude of the regular commentators who rarely have anything original to say and repeat themselves over and over as if they were mindless robots.

        Sometimes I read the site for the links, about one in five of which I find useful.

    • blue peacock says:

      b it appears caters to an anti-American but largely American audience. He’s obsessed with the US and any way he can spin any story to demonstrate either an American conspiracy or how the US is so weak relative to China & Russia he’ll do it. Note he hardly ever writes about his home country of Germany or Europe.

      He will always find a way to defend any of the vile acts of the CCP while at the same time excoriating the US. I would occasionally visit his site but when he started extolling the virtues of Chavista Venezuela that has literally impoverished its citizens it became apparent that his site is primarily propaganda couched under high-minded “analysis”. He’s your perfect keyboard jockey with an agenda. He ain’t no DRASTIC however.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Moon of Alabama and it’s commenters are a pathetic and disgusting collection of weakling, institutionalized detritus of the English speaking countries and socialist Eurotrash. They are all so dripping with hatred of America due to their personal inferiority complexes that they actually are willing to openly state idiotic things; like that China is a freer and more just and open society. Unfortunately, a number of them come over to this site. I find it funny that they don’t realize how obvious they, and their personal issues, are.

  13. Jimmy_w says:

    We can see that some agencies chase fame and prestige more than others. Thus they are more “political”.

    However, over the past 20 years, it seems that DIA HQ has chased more “cool”, as well. The high turnover rates of the DC analysts, as well as their increased contact through inter-agency coordination / “collaboration”, has made them more sensitive to DIA’s doddering status. (Chasing PDB mentions, eg.)

    Of course, the services face similar problems. ONI leadership seem bad, while MI is, well, MI.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Jimmy w

      “their increased contact through inter-agency coordination / “collaboration”, ” What are you chasing?

      • Jimmy_w says:

        I am saying that the inter-agency coordination of production, as well as the other professional seminars and social events, provide the social incentives. To Borg-ify the DC-based analysts.

        • Pat Lang says:

          jimmy w

          There was always cooperation among analysts. The whole IC is connected electronically and the analysts talk at interagency meetings. That does NOT mean they are one bi swampy mess. Each has its own interest and personality.

  14. Eol says:

    The list of goodies he brings reads like a partisan wishlist (like the fake Steele Dossier was for the Democrats) so my initial reaction would be: another partisan fake intelligence report.

  15. Deap says:

    Who presently benefits most from a possible distraction caused by the Spy Who Came In From the Cold, on the very eve of the AZ audit reports?

    Or on the eve of the “covid” delayed Durham Report?

    Or on the eve of the release of the 14,000 hours of Jan 6 Capitol Hill videos?

    Or, who benefits most if this defection is in fact a real deal. Besides the spy who is now possibly residing in a newly vacated safe house in Venice Beach?

  16. bp says:

    I do hope that this defector is real. I could speculate that he determined that Xi Jinping has every intention of making himself the permanent dictator of China (like Putin has arranged for himself in Russia). Perhaps Dong is not on the best of terms with Xi who always can find or make up some dodgy financial arrangement to eliminate any official. Perhaps Dont’s daughter is a student here and likes what she has seen– enough to persuade her father to consider getting out. I would like to believe this is the reason for his defection along with his daughter. Time will tell.
    Who knows what information Dong has explained thus far? I don’t. But, supposedly it is limited to top DIA, top Pentagon and some few in the White House– perhaps Winkin’ , Blinkin’ and Nod. I mean Blinken, Sullivan and Biden.

    Supposedly, the first two did not have a fun time in Ankorage Alaska a few weeks ago while meeting their Chinese counterparts. The Chinese reportely demanded the return of Dong as the first order of businesss. When that didn’t happen, the talks fell apart and none of these three Americans have been able to put on happy faces since then. Now, we are steaming an aircraft carrier and its protective ship squadron right through the heart of the South China Sea and China is flying their best jets all the way around Taiwan… There is nothing pretty or positive to say about these displays of force projection over the past few weeks, but, imo, they ‘say’ a lot. I can’t confirm the defection, but, to me, it is looking more and more that it’s real.

  17. Leith says:

    I’m holding my powder until this is proven one way or another. Although if this defector names a mole in the CIA or elsewhere we will find out about it sooner or later via the journos that haunt DC looking over the shoulders of the intel community. James Angleton lives on.

    Interesting that the defector brings up the Thousand Talents Plan. But that is old news we have known about for over a decade. Many investigations into that plan were launched here and in Canada, Oz, and the UK. Some arrests were made.

    I’m curious about the comment “LEO community scared sh**less.” Why would law enforcement community be afraid of this defector’s ? Or were they referring specifically to just the FBI and not the law enforcement community as a whole?

    • Pat Lang says:


      So, how do you think it will be PROVEN to you?

      • Leith says:

        It could be proven to all of us if more info gets out. It would have to be something more than an unsubstantiated rumor from a single source.

        And already there are counterclaims. Bill Gertz from the Washington Times, hardly a nest of lefties, says ”If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t”. Gertz also said that the defector was probably a PLA officer who was under the protection of a European intel agency.

        What is your insight on the claim that the LEO community is also scared sh**less?

        • Pat Lang says:


          Bill Gertz is a CIA asset.

          • Leith says:

            Maybe so. But he openly criticized CIA incompetence in his 2006 book. Both for their negligence in the Robert Hanssen case and for their stupidity in failing to find the three clandestine service officers on China’s payroll that they had been informed about years before.

            And more recently he lambasted them for their Yuk Ching Ma double agent disaster. Ditto for the Jerry Chun Shing Lee debacle where the CIA lost a large number of their recruited spies in China.

            Gertz is definitely NOT a friend to China.

          • Leith says:

            Aldrich Ames I meant to say, not Hanssen.

  18. Deap says:

    Young writers at RedState who were among the first to “break” defecting Chinese spy story, now wrestle with the reaction to it:

  19. jim ticehurst says:

    Well..I Think Its About Time For This Righteous Event To Happen…And I Agree that DIA was the Right Nest…One only has to look at Historical Timelines to the 1950s and 1960s..( A Coordination of the Chinese Culture Revolution in the 1960s…with Organizing the Front Groups for The American Culture Revolution out Of Berkley, Cal..)Of Political and Intelligence Failures..and Give Aways and Cover Ups…and Paths of Destruction…and Dead Messy Bodys…too see The Reality of Penetration and Betrayals are Obvious. Traitors…Like….Robert Hansen ,,,Russian Desk..FBI…. Stinky ,,Aldrich Ames…with the Messy Cubicle at CIA….FBI Failure to Issue Search Warrants on the 9/11 Hijackers that would have Prevented 9/11…Chinese Spys…who Got many of Our Foreign Assets…killed..because They are the New Bosses..With New Deals…and Really Good Connections..We are Near The End of This ..Drama..Except for This Event…The Foundation of the United States…Is Very Weak and Erroded…and The STORM..Is Growing..

    • Fred says:


      “The other was a series of further attempts to increase childbirths, including measures to help reduce the costly burden of educating children. ”

      I know where they can get a rapid increase of 15,000, followed by a couple million year. Come on man, can ya even get a good taco in Tsingtao on a Tuesday? Open borders! Joe will even give up his ‘cut’ to get outta his border mess.

      • Deap says:

        Han Chinese are too racist to accept any Other.

        On the other hand in the US, I track my father’s childhood home town in Mississippi on Zillow from time to time, which at one time had the darkest racial past – very small town, but with some beautiful, well-priced homes. Fried chicken and shrimp and grits were long the standard for fine dining.

        But in the past year there are now three Mexican restaurants and a Mexican food store in this town of a few thousand. US demographics are changing. So why not the Chinese as well, it they are looking to increase birth rates.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      I’d be wary of claims by a staff writer at the Nikkei that the PLA suffers from “low troop morale”. Especially one whose incisive military analysis includes gems like this:

      “Over the past few years, the PLA has rushed to add more fighter jets, surface ships and submarines, which might indicate an intention to increase the number of missiles that can be launched when battles commence”

      In other news, I see one of Rupert Murdoch’s minions is openly calling for a coup to oust Xi Jinping and bring democracy to China. Howling at the wind. A coup in Murdoch’s homeland is more likely these days. (paywalled)

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