Cuomo has always been an ass. What a surprise!

“Kennedy’s eight siblings had given up on Cuomo before the divorce, however. “We tried to be gracious, but … it turned on his lack of humanity. That’s where I started to think, This is a bad guy. He’s just a bully,” one Kennedy sibling told Shnayerson. 

While serving as assistant secretary at Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Cuomo was known to hammer those who weren’t a part of his tight inner circle behind their backs. He allegedly called older civil service staffers “white heads” (deriding their hair color as a sign of their advanced age) or “f–kheads” or “dumb f–ks.”

Cuomo was known to rule with the tough-guy persona even at HUD. “I’ve dealt with a lot of macho guys in my family,” one staffer told Shnayerson. “I can spot them a million miles away. I was just surprised that someone like that had gotten to be secretary.”

The abuse continued when Cuomo, the son and former aide to New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, returned from Washington to New York.

 “If you were unprepared, if you could not answer his questions, he looked at you like you were a moron,” one staffer from Cuomo’s time as attorney general of New York told Shnayerson. “He might not criticize you to your face … but he would rap you when you left the room. When you’re a bully, you insult people to their faces. This was to the back.”

He reportedly called New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli “Chipmunk Balls” and mocked his then-attorney general Eric Schneiderman for looking like he had makeup on, making his eyelashes glossy and thick. It turned out Schneiderman had an eye condition requiring him to use eye drops. 

Comment: Ho. Hum. Been there, done that, dealt with many many asinine bullies like this guy. So has Walrus. We are veterans of the Bully Wars.

Is his brother the body builder loud mouth also like this? New York City society seems to breed this kind of nastiness. Even people like hotel desk clerks are unpleasant. The Old Money guys have a patina of civilized behavior but if you get to know them well enough they are pretty much all the same. Maybe the country should learn a lesson from people like, Trump, the Cuomos and Schumer.

The lesson? Avoid them. pl

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  1. Fourth and Long says:

    His brother Chris was caught on camera reacting vehemently to being called “Fredo” in a video that went viral in August 2019. Most of the extant clips have been cleaned up with numerous bleeps:

    Trevor Noah covered this episode on his show saying that despite Chris being supposedly outraged at being subjected to a well known derogatory Italian American stereotype, his response was, well, hard to distinguish from another, how to say, well known Italian American stereotype.

  2. TV says:

    I lived in NYC for 13 years and I DON’T miss it. The rudeness comes from living in an ant hill. Cuomo would be an asshole no matter his hometown. NYC just gave him a headstart.

  3. Eliot says:


    I’ve spent a fair bit of time in other major cities, and I’ve never encountered the New York attitude anywhere else, what makes New York unique?

    • Fourth and Long says:

      About NY City there was a saying:

      The biggest hick town in the world.

      It really really is. Endless number of ethnicities squirreled away into overcrowded randomly situated, scarred by dense massivenesses of development spurts, bankruptcies, acres upon acres of section 8 housing. Sub-metropoli of sequestered immigrants never mainstreamed or acquainted with much more than their little dwarfed neighborhoods while commuting daily and nightly through an unseen City, unseen sky, unsampled fragrance – because ensconced in noisy clattering metal chambers on tracks. And mostly, and quite understandably afraid of everyone. Pavement after pavement after pavement for what – for the feet spine lungs and ears of former horsemen, sailors, farmers, serfs, slaves and otherwise refugee?

      An insulated, insular, rude, noisy, smashed together and hurried jungle of mostly cement and traffic.

      My favorite line from Garcia-Lorca’s Poet in New York 1929 (translated):

      This is not hell, but a street.

      • Pat Lang says:

        F and L
        I really hate the place, a “sprawling alien city” as Isaac Smoot calls it.

        • Fourth and Long says:

          I first saw it age 8 because my family was traveling to the UK on the SS United States. I was an uncomprehending dwarf at the time staggered by the height of the Empire State building.

          At 16 I hitchiked from far in the bitter cold hinterlands of Upstate NY to see a young woman I’d met in college who lived way out in Brooklyn near the ocean. By luck I was picked up by a Playboy tennis-pro driving a red Fiat sports-car convertible. Finding I knew nothing about where I was going – unwashed and clueless – he thought out loud about the best route to take into Manhattan. He chuckled after deciding to take me via the Bronx, saying kid you might never be the same after what you’re about to see and experience. He was right. My impression was that it would be merciful to the inhabitants if say, something went terribly wrong in the cold war. Of course that’s ridiculous but that’s how awful it was. A few decades later I mentioned my impressions of the place to my father who fancied himself a tough WW II veteran because he’s been a navigator in the Army Air Transort Command. He said only: you would have had a real hard time in the war. From a man who would immediately leave a restaurant if he found a strand of hair in his food, and whose answer to children’s questions about why were the two Japanese cities nuked when the war was nearly over was: people wanted to go home.

          I think Sartre once wrote: Hell is other people.

  4. Oilman2 says:

    I spent several months in Manhattan, doing an oilfield IPO. I was derided for being both a Texan and a southerner, in no particular order. The derision was both overt and subtle, and unabated. I was quite glad to get on the plane and return home. And after actually getting a good view of the city, I have no idea where the prideful arrogance comes from – the city is truly a shit sandwich.

    I have no use for people who have no manners, and regard only for themselves – which seems to be the norm for people in NYC zone. That being said, I have met MANY upstate New Yorkers who I find enjoyable and mannered – they will pitch in when the chips are down, such as during hurricanes.

    Colonel, I agree. Avoiding them is actually the best route – life is too short to court unpleasantness….

    • TV says:

      I was born and brought up in upstate NY. My uncle said “They should put up a fence below Albany and call everything south of there the state of cancer.”
      There is no greater loathing of NYC than that found in upstate.

      • Leith says:

        my bride is from upstate. born and raised just outside canandaigua in the finger lakes. she and all my in-laws claim that ny city is full of grifters and cheats, not fit to call themselves new yorkers.

  5. Le Comte says:

    NYC was a nice place at one time. I lived there for 28 years starting in 1982 and have many city friends who agree that it was done long before COVID. The libtard voters and media really destroyed it. It was probably nicest in the 50s and early 60s and then when Giuliani cleaned it up. NYers like that tough guy image-“If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” It’s just not a warm, calm existence, but there are many plusses- Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum, Lincoln Center, Food, etc. Cuomo and De Blasio have totally ruined it with the “No Bail” for many crimes insanity and all the BLM BS. Who would want to be an urban cop?

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