Cuomo should be recalled, and then prosecuted …


"Unlike California, which is petitioning to recall Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom for his coronavirus lockdowns and mismanagement, New York does not have a recall procedure.

Pataki once sought a New York amendment for just that in 2002, but then Democrat Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver swatted it down.

Gov. Cuomo is facing fire after his aide Melissa DeRosa admitted to Democrats this week the administration withheld nursing home deaths data from media and lawmakers fearing a Trump administration Justice Department investigation. Cuomo is one of five Democrat governors who issued a mandate to nursing homes at the start of the coronavirus pandemic to take in COVID-19 positive patients.

About 40% of New Yorkers supported a recall of Gov. Cuomo even before the DeRosa admission, according to the Post.

"Crime is through the roof," Pataki told the Post, adding, "You have mentally ill people on the street harassing you and this is Sixth Avenue and midtown in the middle of the day. There is a tremendous concern that things are not as they should be and it's not because of COVID.""  Newsmax


So change da law awready, Change da law!

Get this monster rotten with self-centered egotism out of Albany before he can steal, wreck or kill anything else.

This creep sat on his ass and performed for the camera everyday while old people were dying like flies in the death cells he had condemned them to even as he complained about the lack of support from Trump.

This is also the character who ignored and under used the Navy hospital ship ties up at the pier in New York and the large field hospital the Army Corps of engineers built for the people of New York City.

Women across the country thought him attractive?  Perhaps we should reconsider the 19th Amendment.  pl

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One Response to Cuomo should be recalled, and then prosecuted …

  1. TV says:

    Have another election.
    No doubt that Cuomo gets re-elected.
    NY is a one-party, corrupt disaster zone.
    California with a bad climate.
    Like the DC swamp, NY is ruled by a Republicrat uni-party where the Democrat agenda rules and the Republicans find it profitable and easier to happily take the crumps swept off the Democrats’ table.
    People get the government they deserve.

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