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Some faithful readers of SST were understandably upset when I blew the whistle on Mary Fanning’s fraudulent contribution to Mike Lindell’s latest video, Absolute Proof. I agree with Mr. Lindell that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from Mr. Trump. But what Mary Fanning presents as “evidence” is built on a fabrication. It is not real. And actual cyber experts, including Yaacov Apelbaum, can confirm this.

Sharon Rondeau, who runs The Post & Email, just posted a voluminous report further exposing Dennis Montgomery as a fabricator and grifter. If you take time to read her latest investigative work, Hammer Hoaxer Infiltrates Lindell’s Absolute Proof (Part I) and (Part II), you will here Dennis Montgomery admit on tape that HE WAS NOT THE INVENTOR NOR CREATOR OF HAMMER. Montgomery only started pushing the HAMMER nonsense after Edward Snowden revealed the massive scale and scope of NSA snooping on American citizens.

Many of you have wondered why I took on this story. It is not because I am a secret, CIA mole. It is true that I worked at the CIA for four years (1985-1989) and then worked at the US Department of State in the Office of the Coordinator for Counter Terrorism. It was my time at State Department that led me to work closely with the FBI and US military special operations forces. When I left the State Department in September 1993, I began working as a consultant and maintained my Top Secret clearances. I helped script and execute counter terrorism exercises for U.S. military special operations forces from 1994 thru 2018. This put me in regular contact with people in the intelligence community, law enforcement and military special operations. My prior experience with the CIA was an added boost.

Now that you know the thumbnail version of my history, you can understand why an attorney working for Ed Butowsky (who was in the middle of law suits involving the parents and brother of Seth Rich) hired me to check out leads and information that were touted as “intelligence” material.

This is how I first came in contact with Dennis Montgomery. Montgomery showed up on Ed’s electronic doorstep in February 2020 claiming he had secret computer information that would help Ed win the case against Aaron Rich. Ed’s attorney asked me to check him out.

What I ended up discovering was a talented grifter. Let me be very clear about what is true. Dennis Montgomery did hold a Top Secret clearance and did work on a Special Access Progra–known by its unclassified code word as BIG SAFARI. What Dennis did not count on is that in the course of running down his big claims about his big work with the CIA that I would discover learned the person in charge of managing his contract. Turns out that person is an old friend.

I asked my friend very specifically about a claim that Dennis made to me that his classified work included providing facial recognition software for CIA and US Air Force drones. My friend laughed out loud. Not true.

My next step was to confront Dennis with my findings. I did it via text message. Here is the full transcript of our exchange from last February:

February 10, 2020 (Text conversation started at 2:29 pm est).

Larry Johnson

Just to be clear, you stand by your claim that you provided facial recognition software that worked on drones. Did I correctly understand what you were saying?

Dennis Montgomery:

         Yes can’t believe this is even an argument!

         Just ask the people at Nellis, SOCOM, Bug Safari, etc

         Big Safari

Larry Johnson:

         Yes, I have done so. I am not getting corroboration.

         If you have some specific names I will be happy to check with them.

Dennis Montgomery:

There are many drones with many diff camera many not published about actual resolutions, Secretary of AF James Roche spearheaded one of the programs.

Well I have letters from US Air Force independent testing groups that validated the technology on their own.

Well when you get read into the programs let me know until then just a bunch of nonsense from those not read into programs.

More important I have the source code to all of the programs and all the revisions to the code.

Easy for someone to make a negative comment to discredit 10 years of work without a shred of proof.


Larry Johnson:

Dennis, I am certain that you believe what you claim to believe. Others connected to those programs have a different perspective. I will be happy to speak with people who can vouch for you. So far, based on folks I know in the Air Force and the Intel Community, I am having trouble finding people who confirm your claims. You can help expedite this process if you can give me names and contact info. It looks like I have an in with someone who knows Mr. Roche. I will check with him.

Dennis Montgomery:

I sure am not having trouble finding people. I am amazed you think people who are read in and out of SAP programs will speak freely with you about classified work?

I don’t need your approval or acceptance for anything I worked on.

I don’t appreciate you writing emails about my work that is incorrect. All the programs I worked in were under SAP security classification and you know the rules

I worked 9 years for the intelligence community and no one was fooled.

As for Aran Roston my ex attorney leaked info to him to leverage me into settling with him.

He was later sanctioned by the 9th circuit for filing bogus claims in lawsuits with no evidence. Hit him with 200k in fees. Won’t be working in federal court again.

I testified under oath at FBI headquarters about my work videotaped with fbi and DOJ officials in room only after work was validated months earlier reason I got immunity,

Let see you friends go through that same process.


Larry Johnson:

Dennis, you misunderstand. I am trying to help you. I held clearances in this community that you are referencing for 24 years. I fully understand the need to protect SAP material. There is a lot of negative info published about you and I am trying to find those who worked with you that can back up your story. You indicated that the hit pieces on you did not go and speak with those who could vouch for you. I am wanting to help you with this. No hostility on my part.

Dennis Montgomery:

They negative info came from my ex attorney who was trying to get another 600k out of me after paying him 2.6 million.

I know that from the emails I obtained under discovery in James Risen matter who also admitted on record he had no source but my ex attorney.

I turned over 600 million pages of personal information collected in fbi cia nsa domestic programs I worked in and proved to us gov  including my source code.

Larry Johnson:

Well, that’s the point I’m making. It should be quite simple for me to contact the folks you dealt directly with and hear them out. Right?

Dennis Montgomery:

I worked 40 years as a programmer including going public on nasdaq 2991 in medicine.  I never had anyone question my work until this cia crap.

My attorney should have been disbarred but being sanctioned by 9th circuit accomplished that,

Going public 1991 in medicine. I have never worked for anyone in 35 years. At one point had 235 employees never missed a payroll or failed to pay my taxes.

My mistake was filing a whistleblower complaint against the cia nsa fbi for domestic surveillance.

On top of all of that I suffered 4 strokes 5 years ago hospitalized 3 months had to learn to talk read write math walk again all from  scratch

I don’t need to defend myself of a lifetime of work.

Larry Johnson:

What does any of this have to do with the question I asked? Just give me a couple of names who can vouch for your work.

Dennis Montgomery:

This is just wasting my time nothing I can do or produce is going to change your mind.  Giving you names of people in SAP programs will put me in harms way.

Larry Johnson:

I did not say a thing about “SAP” programs. People can vouch for you without getting into that. I can give you the names of 20 people who can vouch for me

Dennis Montgomery:


This is classic Dennis. When you try to get specific information that would prove his claims he deflects and shifts the topic.

But there is a new twist to this story. Late yesterday (Saturday, 13 February), Mary Fanning surfaced in writing insisting that I am a liar and working on behalf of the CIA. I am neither a liar nor in the employ of the CIA. Anyone who has taken time to read what I have written over the past two years at Gateway regarding the CIA would know the absurdity of that charge.

But I can show you a very specific lie from Mary Fanning, who writes:

Following a particularly odd phone conversation with one of these reporters during which ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson lost his cool and began screaming, Dennis Montgomery phoned Johnson to offer clarity to the confused and seemingly upset former CIA agent.

Larry Johnson told Montgomery that Johnson’s CIA contact had confirmed to him that HAMMER does not exist . . . .

Johnson told Montgomery that he had a CIA guy who could confirm his assertions that HAMMER did not exist. Montgomery responded, “put him o a three-way call now.”

Montgomery offered to put his own guy who was read into the HAMMER SAP program in touch with Johnson’s supposed CIA contact. Johnson quickly reneged and then claimed that his man had “now retired.”

According to Montgomery, Montgomery said, “I’ve got a hundred guys. Whare are your contacts in CIA, DIA, U.S. Air Force, Special Operations Command, DOD, Homeland Security? Why is it Larry, that it is the CIA who you seem to be representing?”

That is when Johnson demurred and hung up the phone.

This alleged conversation with Montgomery never happened. I did speak with Mary Fanning and told her that Dennis was a liar and a fabricator. She called me on the morning of November 16, 2020 to try to convince me that Dennis Montgomery was telling the truth about HAMMER. She apparently heard from Kirk Wiebe that I was raising doubts about Dennis and his claims regarding HAMMER and SCORECARD.

She got one thing right–we had a heated exchange. I strongly encouraged her to have sexual relations with herself. But I was anything but confused.

I did not have a phone conversation with Dennis in Nobember 2020. I did not initiate contact with Dennis. He texted me out of the blue. This was our first communication since February 2020.  Here is the full transcript of our text exchange. You will see for yourself that Dennis Montgomery is a shameless fabricator.

Please pay careful attention to the fact that his decision to contact me was not in response to anything I had written or said in public. I communicated privately with friends to ensure they were aware that the grifter was on the loose. In addition, he refused multiple times to provide the name of anyone who could vouch for his work. You will see the same pattern of obfuscation that he exhibited in February 2020.

The TEXT CHAT begins:

16 NOVEMBER 2020, 11:51 AM

Dennis Montgomery:

I really don’t understand why u continue to call me a liar and fraud?

I have thousands of emails and documents and so does FBI they go prove I am right.

Amazing that you know have access to SAP programs?

Please stop defaming me. I have done nothing to harm you but you seem intent on harming me only making my fragile health condition worse.

Take care.

Larry Johnson:

I am not defaming you in any way. I wish you good health

Dennis Montgomery:

When tell others about bogus digital info in analog tapes and u meeting with my CIA handlers or talk to them about a SAP program u concern me.

I am u set a lifetime gag order and the state secrets privilege and do are they?

Which CIA handlers I worked with are you communicating with?

Let’s get them on phone?!

Larry Johnson:

Very eager to see you produce the info you claim to have. That will clarify everything and save the Republic.

Dennis Montgomery:

They were read in and read out and signed same documents I did.

I could have went to Russia and dumped classified docs. On internet, but didn’t. I am American that loves this country. and will do whatever to protect t it.

Why did I get immunity then?? Why did they give to me if I didn’t have anything of value?

Larry Johnson:

Good. When can we expect to see the info you have?

Dennis Montgomery:

Which CIA officials are you talking to about me and discussing SAP programs?

What is the issue about sharing that info?

Tired of having arrows shit at me by invisible people.

I spent 40 years programming and there are a few that want to destroy my lifetime work. I have had enough.

Larry Johnson:

SCORECARD uses a prismatic scoring algorithm that Montgomery created, to achieve the desired results by those that control THE HAMMER and SCORECARD.

So, you’re responsible for the software that was used to steal this election?

Dennis Montgomery:

Who are u talking to at CIA about me? Why not share info with me?

Larry Johnson:

I sure hope you’ve contacted the President’s attorneys and provided a sworn affidavit and provided a sample of the code. Did Dominion every pay you for it?

Dennis Montgomery:

You told others I talked to My CIA handlers about my work and they called me a fraud. Why not share with me??

Larry Johnson:

Are you going to file a defamation case against Will Sommer at the Daily Beast? He certainly states very clearly that you are a hoaxster.

Dennis Montgomery:

Not sure?

Licensed various medical technologies to American Hospital, Baxter Healthcare, Dupont, Corning, Perkin Elmer, the Henley Group, Fisher Scientific, Instrumentation Labs, Kaiser, Siemens, Kodak, among others.

Larry Johnson:

But according to reports and former employees, Montgomery’s supposed technology was all a hoax. One employee quoted in the Playboy report claimed Montgomery had ordered him to fake a test for U.S. military officials, tricking the officials into believing Montgomery’s software could detect weapons in drone footage.

Dennis Montgomery:

Designed and built programs for GE, Intel, Technicolor, MGM, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and  including various Wall Street companies for algorithmic trading and stock predictions.

Not one of those clients ever claimed a problem.

U mean the person that the judge ask to come into court and under oath refused and took fifth?

U people take snippets out o one line and use that when the judge destroyed that and the fbi ruling.

Why are you not reporting that?

Larry Johnson:

If I was you I would not wait one more moment in sending a cease and desist letter to the Daily Beast. Why are you wasting your time and energy with me? I’m not writing anything about you and I’m not saying anything in a public forum about you. Very strange behavior. You obsess about my conversations but are doing nothing about the Daily Beast.

Dennis Montgomery:

Are u also saying no Hammer, drives I gave FBI were blank, didn’t work at ft. Washington etc. one of those guys?

I have thousands of emails that would dispute all of that crap.

U know the cost of litigation.

Help me find a. Attorney and I will.

Larry Johnson:

I’m sure you do. But why are you wasting your time with me? The Daily Beast just published a widely read/distributed piece and you’re fuming at me? That’s crazy.

Dennis Montgomery:

Kevin Shipp and his friends are making living off claiming the fbi property receipts are fake and I am tired of these lies! That why.

In the meantime the Blackwater defendants are rotting in jail and u less Trump pardons them they might die there.

Larry Johnson:

Well, I think Kevin Shipp is a gross exaggerator as well. He worked at CIA but he was not the Top Secret operator he claims.

Dennis Montgomery:

The fact I couldn’t get help to free them is crazy when there wasn’t one drone via there were two!

I got a letter from DOJ week before election holding me to a 16 year old gag order.

that is insane.

Kevin Shipp also claims he does exorcism

The us gov reminded me that if I try to defend myself against defamation they will have issue.

Larry Johnson:

Can I see a copy?

Dennis Montgomery:

I will ask my attorney. Bern working on Bivens case.

Larry Johnson:

Wait, why isn’t your attorney filing suit against the Daily Beast?

Dennis Montgomery:

Defamation cases

Larry Johnson:

Do you have an attorney or not?

If you have the letter you can send a copy. Real simple. Prove it.

That’s not an attorney client work product.

Dennis Montgomery:

I Knew u were going to ask that.

Yes but I don’t have the $$ to fight a defamation case

And a Bivens case at same time.

Larry Johnson:

What is a “Bivens” case?

Dennis Montgomery:

The judge in NV ruled the fbi filed false affidavits and got caught red handed tampering with evidence. Montgomery did nothing wrong and fbi violated his constitutional rights. Why are you not report that? The US attorney in NV was fired 8 days later.

While will you not share who at CIA is spreading lies about me in SAP program I worked in with them?

You claim they showed you the proof. Than share with me do I can confront them.

So share with me so I can confront them.

U want stuff from me so share with me stuff too?

Larry Johnson:

You claim you have a letter. This is your M.O. You always claim to have something and then find excuses to not produce it.

Dennis Montgomery:

Just like that clown that made comment about me; when judge asked him to court and under set oath swear to it he wouldn’t and said he would take fifth.

Just like others I produce but others don’t.

Wr started off talking about you talking to CIA officials involved in my SAP work and they showed you proof; who are they and what did they sow you?

Let’s get them on phone

Why hide?!

If CIA officials claim I am a fraud and my work was a fraud; and they showed you top secret work let’s get them on phone.

The letter came from AUSA in Reno Nevada; call greg addington and talk to him he wrote letter.


There is contact info.

Ok now who did you talk with at CIA headquarters about my SAP work so I can contact them.

Greg Addington also was the one who made po and sap against me in court documents.

sorry po and ssp against me  and is one holding me to it.

After 4 strokes lucky to be alive any two I had kill 98% in first 24 hours or end up in coma forever.

There are no good strokes all bad.

I gave you the contact info so you our one of you contacts can reach out to him. He can’t deny.

Now help me out with your CIA contacts so I can confront them? They talk trash about me and you are spreading it with malice.

I am asking to be able to confront these lies about me.

Please give me that chance?

Larry Johnson:

Dennis, I know you had a CIA contract and that you held TS clearances in association with the project you were working on. Give me the name of your COTR who will vouch for you. He does not have to reveal anything classified just to say, “Yes, Dennis is the real deal and an incredible national security asset.”

Dennis Montgomery:

What does this mean?

U are obviously talking to my CIA handlers give me a chance to confront them? What is big issue?

U told others they showed u proof I was a fraud and my work in SAP program then let me talk to them?

Larry Johnson:

I know who I talked to. But you indicate that there is someone at CIA who will tell the truth about you. Great. Give me their name and I’ll track them down.

Dennis Montgomery:

Ok great who is that. I have no idea what proof he showed you and want to make sure it was my work?

I am surprised a CIA agent who was read into a SAP program would talk about work since those are lifetime orders but maybe they found a way around the State Secrets Privilege and I would love to get around it to.

That would be huge for me if I can show the CIA is ignoring those orders too.

Than I would be free of those orders. Help me.

Larry Johnson:

First, there is no such thing as a “CIA AGENT.” The Blue Badgers are called CIA OFFICERS. Second, I am read into multiple SAP programs and know what can and cannot be discussed.

Dennis Montgomery:

You tight officers

So you were read into this program too? That would be great for me. I want to speak publicly this would be my best way to make my case to DOJ.

You are right CIA officers I was wrong.

No easy to do this with my injury.

Larry Johnson:

When you get basic, simple details wrong it makes me wonder how you can be trusted on big stuff.

Dennis Montgomery:

You obvious don’t want to help me despite the fact I have been honest with you but must walk a tightrope with those court orders on me.

U mean officer versus agent?

That is the basis for your doubt?

Look what I have bern through for 16 years. I have been writing computer programs for 40 years. I gave u the name of other clients I worked for u get contract that a huge companies.

Larry Johnson:

No. That is not the basis for my doubt. It is just one more piece of evidence that you do a good job of talking about things but, when it comes to being precise and technical, you get sloppy.

Have a nice day and be well.

Dennis Montgomery:

Give me an example like that clown who got busted by the court that u made reference to.

I had 4 stroke and a brain aneurysm. Give me a break I am lucky to be able to talk and write.

Or are you one of those guys that claims that is a lie too?


Larry Johnson:

I wish you good health and a speedy recovery. I have nothing further to add to this exchange.

Dennis Montgomery:

Stop spreading lies about me with malice. If you are talking to my ex CIA handlers about my SAP programs you and they are branding the law and u know it.

Everything e I confront people with facts they run away.

Larry Johnson:

         I’m not spreading lies about you.

Dennis Montgomery:

When you make claims about my CIA work and those who I worked with who are claiming the same you are.

I am not looking for a fight with anyone just trying to get through life with this serious injury.

Larry Johnson:

         CIA terminated your contract. They did not renew it. That’s not a lie.

Dennis Montgomery:

 Take care

 Another lie by your friends

 Please provide me the name of the CIA official that is spreading that crap.


I have had enough of this. I hoped to set record straight but impossible with people that don’t want to hear truth and just want to harm me with malice knowing my fragile state.

I don’t need another brain aneurysm to burst I die within minutes and this conversation does nothing more than weaken that aneurysm . Maybe that is the intent of you and your secret friends at CIA.

U make baseless allegations and expect me to break the law to defend myself.

I have had e Pugh if you and. Your CIA friends lies.

I have had enough of you and your CIA friends lies. You talk to them about SAP programs which I k os they can’t do.

Take care

Larry Johnson:

Dennis. Calm down. You’ve wasted more than an hour on this crazy shit. I’m a nobody and I’ve not written or said anything in public. If a person calls me up and asks me my opinion I will tell them exactly what I think.

Dennis Montgomery:

I have had enough of you and your CIA friends lies. You talk to them about SAP programs which I know they can’t do.

Larry Johnson:

You are so full of sh*t. You can bamboozle others with that line of bullshit but not me. Please f***k off.

Dennis Montgomery:

Yes but when you claim they showed you proof of my work in a SAP program it bothers me cause.

You are the only claiming lies out there no me.

Larry Johnson:

You dummy. You showed me one of your contracts. Jesus!!

Dennis Montgomery:

and there were others.

That one was only confidential others were classified.

Leave it at that. I don’t need swearing at me.

Life too short.

Larry Johnson:

Fine. Stop sending me texts.

Dennis Montgomery:

Than stop spreading lies about me with malice.

I don’t need anymore enemies.

Larry Johnson:

I only say what I believe to be true. You are a talented grifter and, according to multiple published sources, a degenerate gambler. A dangerous combination in my opinion.

Dennis Montgomery:

Then way did I have to give 12 years of every tax return check credit card receipt expense to the FBI before my deposition under oath videotaped at fbi headquarters. Live to see u do that.

Another example of lies and misinformation you are spreading to others about me. U have a way of turning your opinion into information on the street.

U didn’t even ask about Blackwater defendants who will better get a pardon from trump.

U didn’t even ask about Blackwater defendants who

better get a pardon from trump.

Amazing a second drone video out there and people would rather let the die in prison.

than get it into right hands.

Easy to call a person a name to destroy their reputation of 40 years exactly what you are doing on the street to me now!

You k it if my health issues and you continue to write and spread lies about me with malice.

Yet I have no said a word about you.

Just another misinformed mouthpiece.

Larry Johnson:

I have not written a damn thing about you. Once again, you can’t get your facts straight. I have said nothing in public about you. One person called this morning and asked what I thought. It is a free goddamn country and I can tell a person what I think. So, f*** off.



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  1. David Parsons says:

    Re Fanning’s spreadhseet & network-flow animation. It looks like a QAnon-style hoax. (“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”)
    ANYBODY CAN MAKE A SPREADSHEET LIKE THE ONE SHE SHOWED. The info in the spreadsheet could be real, or could be fake. It’s just a spreadhseet, after all.
    But let’s assume it’s all REAL, with Chinese IP addresses. Does that mean Chinese hackers? No. It means the hacker wanted to use Chinese IP addresses.
    The real culprit here isn’t a mystery. The culprits are the people who insisted on using computers to count votes. They are the criminals. If you want a real, fair, actual election, you use paper and written human signatures, with no room for editing or tampering, not computers.

  2. longarch says:

    David Parsons wrote:

    Re Fanning’s spreadhseet & network-flow animation. It looks like a QAnon-style hoax.

    It might be relevant to note that some posters on 8kun today claimed that Larry C. Johnson, Bill Binney, and Ray McGovern are the masterminds behind the Q drops. However, before the other posters could address the arguments, the thread was derailed by the ritualistic name-calling that always prevents anonymous imageboards from hosting rational conversations.

  3. mcohen says:

    ah so ah so the q drops.lol.so what was that all about.seriously at the end of the day it does not matter because the Q was jumped by the R.
    Let it go Larry just let it go and look to the future which is the R drops.
    R does not stand for Russia.nooooo.it stands for Rubicon Larry.Ops rubicon is the future

  4. Seamus Padraig says:

    Still waiting for an investigation of the mail-in ballots … my hair keeps getting grayer!


    Larry, I followed your work since NO QUARTER.
    Consider the following:
    Something happened in Germany you said so yourself.
    Something happened in the Austin raid.
    Someone was in fact arrested in Italy for hacking into defense networks.
    To many statistical analysis of the election results by professionals indicate conformity in cheating that could only be achieved by a program.
    The recent discovery of consistent percentages in the fraud in New Hampshire indicates programing was used.
    None of this will go away.
    Just like the magic bullet.
    Or the 2 buildings that were designed for a passenger plane crash collapsing straight down just like you pay professionals to do and show it on TV so everyone can marvel at their expertise.
    So, the “table” could be misdirection to stear the conversation away from the CIA. But that would mean Mary and Dennis are CIA assets.
    And by the way, putting the FBI on your resume doesn’t carry water with me.

  6. Larry C Johnson says:

    I don’t know whether Montgomery is doing this on his own or has outside assistance. He’s been running scams for years that have nothing to do with CIA. You are mixing apples and oranges. There was election fraud and Dominion machines played a role. But Montgomery’s information is so off the mark (e.g., interference from over 70 countries) that I believe he is being used as a wedge to discredit anyone who challenges the fraudulent 2020 election.

  7. vig says:

    But Montgomery’s information is so off the mark (e.g., interference from over 70 countries) that I believe he is being used as a wedge to discredit anyone who challenges the fraudulent 2020 election.
    Posted by: Larry C Johnson | 15 February 2021 at 11:12 AM

    he did reference interference from over 7O countries? If you mentioned that before I missed it.
    How many do you think were involved?

  8. LD says:

    Yup. That is one way of looking at it. At least some ppl are talking about the alleged dominion fraud. Too much time discrediting the guy. Easy target. Maybe spend more time- with all of your connections- figuring out how the hacking was really pulled off? Thanks in advance.

  9. TTG says:


    We disagree vociferously on many things, but I’ve always found you to be an honest and honorable man. Your astonishingly even handed review of the Mike Lindell Show and claims by Montgomery and Fanning reinforces my view of you. That Montgomery sounds like quite the pill to deal with. I’m sure he’s not the only one. For your own sake, I hope you have hobbies/interests beyond your research and writing. Until our next disagreement, stay healthy.

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