“Dick Morris to Newsmax: GOP Won the Senate Today”

“Libertarian Marc Victor dropped out of Arizona’s Senate race on Tuesday, one week out from midterm election day, while at the same time endorsing the state’s Republican nominee Blake Masters.

This, political author and Newsmax host Dick Morris says in his prediction on Newsmax, paves the way for a Republican Senate majority.

“Let me say that the huge news today is I think the Republican Party clinched control of the U.S. Senate,” Morris told “American Agenda.”

“In Arizona … the Libertarian candidate withdrew from the election and endorsed Masters, the Republican. And to me, that is absolutely the key to this race.

Morris adds that the “3%” of support the Libertarian candidate has received, according to the polls, is “absolutely earthshaking” to shore up a Republican victory in Arizona’s Senate race.

Assuming Arizona will turn Republican, which would give the GOP a 50-50 split in the Senate if toss-up states aren’t accounted for, Morris says, “this means Republicans can now count on 50 votes they brought in, which means Oz, Vance … are going to win in their states.”

According to 270 to Win, if Arizona turns red for the Senate election, even if Oz does not win Pennsylvania, Republicans will receive an even split in the Senate.”

Dick Morris to Newsmax: GOP Won the Senate Today | Newsmax.com

The Case For A Republican Sweep On Election Night | FiveThirtyEight

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10 Responses to “Dick Morris to Newsmax: GOP Won the Senate Today”

  1. Whitewall says:

    I didn’t know Dick Morris was still around and actually drawing a paycheck from someone. A cat always lands on his feet I guess.

  2. Fred says:

    The actual polling must be very, very bad for a Clintonite to say this in print.

    • Pat Lang says:

      The problem for the GOP will be that, as Biden said the other day, he still will have “the veto pen.”

      • Bill Roche says:

        And in a sense so will the legislature. A split Senate and a Rep. House will send “two fingers Joey” no more socialist bills to sign. Well, well, well, good ole checks n’ balances. How quaint.

      • drifter says:

        The problem for the GOP is that they don’t have solutions for the problems. And the problem for the Dems is that they don’t either.

        Let’s hear it for a free people solving their own problems, not depending on the state, but connecting their generosity directly with those in need. [NB]

        • Whitewall says:

          We seem to be trying to solve all the ‘solutions’ to past problems. America post Great Depression has been trained to look to central government to solve problems. Result, central planning and an expectation of ‘behold its mighty hand’. This self government thing is going to be tough to relearn.

          • Bill Roche says:

            There was a informative series of views b/t Hoover/Roosevelt in the summer of ’32. B/f T.V., it was really a “newspaper” debate. Hoover argued for self reliance, warning against the loss of character, self worth, and individuality to the country if it voted for socialist Roosevelt. The country voted for Roosevelt 4 times. By ’48 Republicans, fearful, of never being a national party again, gave up. They said “we are socialist too, just not so much so fast.” These were Dewey’s “boys of ’48”. They rejected the Libertarian/Conservative coalition that had guided the GOP and b/c political pros. Say whatever works, say whatever you need, believe in nothing, ideology is harmful, etc. The socialist meanwhile expanded the central gov’t and brought socialism to the country’s living room. Dewey lost to Truman in ’48 but his acolytes, Eisenhower, Nixon, Romney (George), Rockefeller, Bush (Prescott), Ford and a very young Bob Dole b/c the “moderate” (professional pols)” GOP of the ’50’s through ’80. They stood for, and stand for, nothing. Nothing? Yes, b/c something might lose you a vote somewhere. They are today’s RINOs. Goldwater bucked them so RINOs attacked him. Reagan bucked them in ’76, RINOs offered Ford. In ’80, Reagan won despite the RINO’s who endured him for 8 years. Trump bucked the RINOs (who still hate and fear him) b/c he challenges them for control of THEIR PARTY; the one they built in ’48. You don’t understand American politics if you think all repubs are the same. There are the descendants of the old Lib/Cons coalition and there are the prof. pols. The prof. party is the “source from which all blessings flow” and RINOs won’t give the money train up. The “other” GOP is an ideological party, just as opposed to socialism today as it was 70 years ago. RINOs would rather lose to a socialist/democrat than an old school republican b/c they would then lose THEIR PARTY. As long as RINOs own THEIR PARTY the “blessings” will flow. American political party history is not boring. It is just our history told through another lens.

  3. Martin Knutsen says:

    Sir, just wanted to notice you on the fact that the Moon ofAlabama blog has targeted you. NAzi/tanki

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