“General Staff: Russia has lost 75,930 troops in Ukraine since Feb. 24”

“Ukraine’s General Staff reported on Nov. 6 that Russia had also lost 2,765 tanks, 5,611 armored fighting vehicles, 4,191 vehicles and fuel tanks, 1,781 artillery systems, 391 multiple launch rocket systems, 202 air defense systems, 277 airplanes, 260 helicopters, 1,465 drones, and 16 boats.”

Comment: These are Ukrainian numbers but if the numbers are really like this, the Russians ought to go home before a total collapse occurs. pl

General Staff: Russia has lost 75,930 troops in Ukraine since Feb. 24 (msn.com)

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9 Responses to “General Staff: Russia has lost 75,930 troops in Ukraine since Feb. 24”

  1. Fred says:

    Did the Ukrainians report what they have lost?

  2. Lars says:

    Even if inflated, it shows some serious setbacks. Which makes me wonder whether there is a von Stauffenberg lurking in the wings. The professional military has to be very concerned about how this war has developed and I am sure they know the real causes.

    Homo Sovieticus has not gone away and the inbred corruption is on display. I am a firm believer in tipping points and I suspect we are getting close to one.

  3. Bill Roche says:

    Seventy-five thousand by October 31 with two months to go. By year’s end, Russia will have lost 100,000 men since 2/24/22. Worth it? If you win maybe. Trite to say, but true, “things” can be replaced; men and officers can’t. My reading suggests the US and western Europe will continue to help the Ukrainians, who seem willing to accept the death that comes w/t fight. The “grinder” will grind on. Jonnie one note here tells others on this post (again) that this was always and only about Russian Empire which CAN’T BE W/O Ukraine. That’s the existential aspect of Putin’s battle. Suppose by next spring Russia wins! In victory it will gain 40+MM souls who infinitely hate Russians, have revealed its weakness to the Turks, Iranians, and Chinese, and convinced Slavic Europe to stand, more than ever, fast against the Russian bully. Didn’t any one in Putin’s state dept. discuss this with him? Home Vlady … go home. Vlady go home! For Russia’s sake GTF home.

    • Peter Hug says:

      It’s actually quite simple – what can’t go on, won’t. I don’t see how this can go on. The Russian choices right now are between a minimally ordered withdrawal (probably under fire) or a complete rout where the survivors get to walk home, in the winter.

  4. Worth Pointing Out says:

    I certainly agree: if those Ukrainian claims are accurate then the Russian position will collapse.

    The corollary is that if the Russian position doesn’t collapse then the inevitable conclusion is that the Ukrainian General Staff is telling pork pies.

  5. drifter says:

    These aren’t just Ukrainian numbers. They are in the ballpark of Ukrainian losses. Actual Russian manpower losses seem to be at most one-third of this if you include all of their auxiliaries. Doesn’t mean the Russians are winning, but a heck-of-a-lot of NATO-backed soldiers have died already to stop them.

  6. Stevelancs says:

    This is the final paragraph of the essay linked below ..
    Zelensky is reported today in Western media as saying that 3 million people may be forced to evacuate Kiev if the Russian assault on the electricity generation and distribution proceeds at its current pace. Ukrainian authorities responsible for the national grid, say it may collapse in the near future. And so we may envision two developments that lead to the same conclusion of Kiev suing for peace: the flight of 9 million or more citizens to Western Europe where they threaten to overwhelm capacity of reception centers and so precipitate an armed push-back; and the disintegration of the Ukrainian fighting forces in the midst of national black-out.

  7. Impressive numbers indeed

  8. mcohen says:

    Russians have also lost a lot of bullets.

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