First Commercial Moon Launch: Astrobotic Peregrine Mission 1

In just a few short hours, the US will be embarking on a return to the Moon. The United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan rocket, due to launch at 02:18 EST (07:18 UTC) on Monday, 7 January, will carry a lunar lander named Peregrine, from commercial company Astrobotic.

Aboard that lander will be five science payloads from NASA, designed to collect in situ lunar data – the first NASA instruments ferried to the Moon since the Apollo era ended in 1972, over 50 years ago.

The launch will mark the first of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) – NASA collaborations with commercial companies to transport NASA science instruments to the Moon, and test space exploration technology. “We are so excited to see this vision become a reality. CLPS is an innovative way of leveraging American companies to send important science and technology payloads to the Moon,” says Science Mission Directorate associate administrator Nicola Fox of NASA. “The Moon is a rich destination for scientific discovery. Studying and sampling the lunar environment will help NASA unravel some of the greatest mysteries of our solar system for the benefit of all.”

You can watch the launch live at the YouTube embed above, or on NASA Plus.

Comment: Our first Moon landing in decades and I almost missed it. The lander sounds like they emptied out Grandma’s attic. Among the items are two rovers, one from the German Aerospace Center and the other from a Carnegie Melon student project. The landing is scheduled for 23 February. I’m definitely looking forward to that.


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  1. F&L says:

    How was Deep State Headquarters concealed and why until this very moment has its existence been rumored but never verified? Our roving analyst on his way home from a visit with a mysterious stranger was alert enough to discover this:

  2. Lars says:

    I did not watch the launch, but the rumble woke me up. The problem with this effort is still the one use of rockets that now has equated them with the horse and buggy. Billions will be spent on this and the reason it will not change, is because all those billions are spread around in various congress critter’s districts. Many at NASA are aware of the obsolesce of these systems, but there is a reason why NASA is run by a former Senator. Change will come, but very slowly for the reasons I mentioned above.

  3. jim.. says:

    The Rumble..The Roar..The Good Lift Off…Then Solar Panels Didnt Deploy…

    Only The Space Station Seems To Keep Deploying….Many Many Solar Panels…

    Chinese Made..?

  4. d74 says:

    Off topic. Gaza.

    I came across statements by an Israeli MP in the Knesset.
    Brutal frankness.
    “You are not only committing a crime by covering yourselves in blood in Gaza, you are showing that you are mad. You are blinded by your power.”

    Plus a few other assertions that I find just as accurate, albeit said in an unwelcoming if not vigorous tone.

    My thought is that the Israeli leaders need to get back in touch with reality, and quickly. Their dream world has no future. They have reached a dead end.

  5. F&L says:

    This is truly sickening. Hodges and Thatcher – two beasts or bestial cannibals, your pick. I can name several more right here in God bless America.
    Plan B for Ukraine is in full swing

    Alexey Zhivov drew attention to the message of the Minister of Defense of the Kiev regime, Rustem Umerov , about the first purchase of 50 thousand sets of women’s uniforms . Tens of thousands of women will be sent to the front line.
    ▪️ Everything is surprisingly predictable, it even takes you aback. Kiev is doing exactly as retired American General Ben Hodges publicly predicted :
    “Ukraine should draft all women into the army. Anyone who fled the country should be returned and mobilized. If Germany could do it in 1944, Ukraine can do it too.”
    The main essence of Plan B for Ukraine is the replacement of expensive Western equipment and weapons with free “Ukrainian meat.” The West is reducing its material costs.
    ▪️ One of the reasons is the insufficient capacity of the Western military-industrial complex and the warehouse reserves of the United States and its allies to supply Kyiv. In a different situation, the Kyiv regime would have been given further equipment, setting more ambitious goals for it.
    I remember a phrase that was often attributed to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: “5 million people will be enough for Ukraine.” The old plan, which turned out to be unfeasible for Russia, can now well be implemented in Ukraine.
    Ian Bremmer’s Top Ten risks for 2024. One of the worst in his opinion will be American domestic instability due to the election. He’s very sharp. He foresees escalation in the mideast and bad news – partition for Ukraine. And ungoverned AI, a nasty El Nino etc.

  6. F&L says:

    Does anyone think they know what’s going on here with the Sec of Defense and want to take a swing at this? It seems obvious that they are getting rid of him and this is window dressing so that the natives don’t get restless during 2024. This might indicate that Austin knows about certain military things in the works concerning which he isn’t on board or has strongly objected to, I don’t know. They’re never ever going to say that their 4-star general, Raytheon executive and first ever black Sec of Defense thinks that their envisaged policy is wrong, immoral or dangerously reckless – so this. If so it’s corroboration for something but we can only guess what and pussilanimously wait calmly and inertly to see.

    New Timeline Emerges on Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s hospital ..

  7. Lars says:

    That spaceship will not reach the surface of the Moon due to a fuel leak. It will become space junk shortly. If they use SpaceX, they can assemble the craft in Earth orbit and test everything before continuing to the Moon. But that is currently not on the horizon.

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