"Things keep heating up in Venezuela, with possible “military options” now being seriously discussed at the Pentagon. And of course you know what that means! That’s right, it means we can expect to see even more lies and manipulations from the political/media class as the narrative managers try to get their rapey little fingers into our minds to manufacture support for unconscionable acts."  Johnstone


Trumpy!  These stiffs are losers!  Losers!  They lost in Iraq!.  Remember!  You say you like to win.  These guys are losers.  Keeping these losers will just drag you down!  You always dump losers like these.  Remember!  Where did you get these stiffs?  Who pushed them off on you?  Get rid of them losers too!

Bolton torpedoed your deal with your friend Kim!  Remember.  Is he trying to torpedo your deal with China?

You know that you  have to make some kind of deal with Russia and the great judomaster.  Is Bolton trying to screw that up ?

The three stooges.  Ah, no, Pompey the Magnificent is missing from the group mug shot.   Trumpster! You should dump these guys, AND the crews who gave us the messes in Ukraine, Syria, Gaza, the Golan Heights, Kushner's deal of the century, and the coming good deal in Lebanon.

Get some new ones.  You can't let little people losers drag you down.  pl

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32 Responses to Giddoutahere!

  1. Fred says:

    But they’ll great us as liberators! Then Trump can be just like Jeb’s brother. Mission accomplished!

  2. Lynn hue says:

    Now you’re talking, fully on board with you, and many many more must be dumped before some sense is back on the Potomac…

  3. JamesT says:

    With all due respect Colonel, I think it is clear that Trump has made a concious decision to join with the neocons. He doesn’t have the cajones to go his own way. I wish I could say that I am confident that Bernie would stand up to the neocons, but I am not. The only major political figure who has what it takes, in my opinion, is Corbyn.

  4. turcopolier says:

    James T – Yes, he is with them now but a creep like him will dump anyone who looks to be too expensive.

  5. JohnH says:

    My take is that a deal was done: Mueller’s exoneration in return for neocons in charge. Mueller could have exonerated Trump at any point during the last year, but he had to wait until it was clear that Trump was following their guidance. Trump’s self-humiliation in Hanoi was probably the event that finally made it official–neocons are in charge and free to overrule Trump.
    The earlier efforts at entrapment outlined by Larry Johnson were the borg’s attempts to get some goodies on Trump, to make him pliable as needed. When these failed, they had to hang the Mueller investigation and possible impeachment over his head until he cried ‘uncle.’ Then he was exonerated.

  6. robt willmann says:

    An outline of a secret plan from the U.S. Southern Command (Southcom) to do regime change in Venezuela was allegedly leaked in 2018. Whether the 12-page document is authentic or propaganda/disinformation is not known at this time, but it is dated 23 February 2018, and appears at these website locations–

  7. I agree. Trump has no sense of loyalty to any of these jackasses or the policies they are pushing. There is hope in that. Unfortunately, he has no sense of loyalty to anyone else or any other ideas beyond what will contribute to his self aggrandizement and personal wealth. He doesn’t give a damn about Venezuela. He doesn’t give a damn about getting out of Syria or staying in. I’m convinced he doesn’t give a damn about MAGA either… only to the extent it feeds his ego.
    As a corollary of this, Trump has never been disposed to “colluding” with Russia. That would require him to either submit to Russian objectives or cooperate in the achievement of those objectives. His personality is just not suitable for becoming a controlled asset of anyone. Since his election, I see nothing in his policies that could be attributed to any quid pro quo stemming from collusion.

  8. Trump is on record with his admiration for John Bolton before elections.

  9. From a personal sense, Bolton seems like someone who never got over being bullied as a kid, while Pompeo seems like the class bully. Wonder how they get along.

  10. rho says:

    Corbyn? That man can’t even make up his mind on whether he wants the UK to stay in the EU or not.

  11. JamesT says:

    I agree with you almost completely – the one difference being that I think it was Trump’s diplomatic recognition of the Israeli annexation of the Golan Heights that “sealed the deal”. This was a huge win for the neocons.

  12. A simple question. Who can any president hire in today’s world that has both expertise and honor? The whole Generals thing may have been an attempt to circumvent the paucity of honorable talent. Didn’t work out so well. Problem is, the Swamp creatures make it damn near impossible to bring on fresh faces without a Swamp pedigree. And then there’s an open question as to whether there are any independent thinkers left in this country with the smarts and the balls to take it to the Borg.
    I’m not being facetious. I’m really wondering if such people exist anymore. I like Tulsi (gave her some dough, too), Rand Paul, you. Others, anyone?

  13. turcopolier says:

    Larry Johnson, Harper, Fred and TTG/

  14. Well yes, when I said “You”, I meant this Committee of Coorespondence. But could you guys get past nominations and into positions of power?

  15. Timothy Hagios says:

    I read elsewhere that Rachel Maddow is taking Bolton’s side. Not really surprising, but what makes her an especially loathsome hypocrite is that around 10 years ago she wrote a book called Drift, in which she alleges that politicians are increasingly supportive of militaristic adventures due to a lack of family in the military. And now here she is, shilling for war, undoubtedly due at least in part to a lack of personal stake in the outcome.

  16. Fred says:

    Working for Trump would be interesting to say the least.

  17. walrus says:

    Rule#1: The people who got America into this mess are not the people who can get us out of it.

  18. catherine says:

    ‘Problem is, the Swamp creatures make it damn near impossible to bring on fresh faces without a Swamp pedigree’
    Indeed, Swamp ‘Nepotism’ makes it impossible. You cant get any ‘clean’ people into government until you get rid of the head swamp creatures that keep them out.
    FYI Jared Kushner and his friends pick/suggest most of the people Trump appoints to agencies and hires for the WH.
    I mostly gave up on our government when I discovered the US-Israel relationship abomination. Still my head explodes when I observe that the US has turned over a ME Isr/Pa ‘peace making deal’ to 3 Jewish/zionist characters, Kushner, Jason Greenblatt, Trumps former personal attorney, and David Freidman, his bankruptcy attorney….all of whom have donated in the past to the illegal settlement groups.
    Evidently no one in Washington has ever heard of the quaint Conflict Of Interest vetting that use to be done in the good old days.

  19. Jonathan House, MD says:

    On this day, the first day of Ramadan, the SAA has seemingly launched a major offensive on/in Idlib. I hope that you, Col., or TTG and/or others will keep us informed of your thinking, analysis, speculations as the situation develops.
    With thanks in advance, Jonathan House

  20. I had thought that was fake. It reads so. Is there any provenance given?

  21. Joanna says:

    Bolton only, seriously? …

  22. Tidewater says:

    There is a profile in the April 29, 2019 New Yorker by Dexter Filkins, “John Bolton on the Warpath.” This may be behind a paywall, though one generally gets four or so free articles from them. Bolton has since denied the so-called “moron” opinion of Trump that is claimed.
    One thing that Trump and Bolton are doing is treating the US Navy excessively as an instrument of their out-of-date gunboat diplomacy. Life is neither a rehearsal nor a television show, though they seem to think so. Images don’t matter so much these days. The North Koreans laugh in Trump’s face. They say that John Bolton is the father of the North Korean atomic bomb. The threat of arrant, naked aggression seems to be the mark of the American these days. Bolton and Trump are now sending a carrier group out to the Persian Gulf to defend Fort Zinderneuf. So it’s haze gray and under way! Dating back to Abdl el-Krim, a relief column of infantry was and is the only tried and true response. The Seventh Fleet is being ground down. The USS Fitzgerald running blind, barrelling across the equivalent of an eight-lane interstate highway during rush hour at twenty knots, under the non-control of a depressed black woman watch officer who was just sitting there having a fit of them blues, is a sympton of a fleet being pushed over the edge. And there seem to be a lot of fourth generation planes on board that carrier. Nice photo! There are only two planes in the American lineup that can take on the Iranian S-300, and I doubt that they are on board. There is, of course, much we do not know. My guess is it is another All-American bluff. The United States navy has a term for this kind of diplomacy: “Boring holes in the ocean.”

  23. different clue says:

    If Bernie were to run explicitly aGAINST the NeoCons to begin with, and were able to get nominated on that basis, and then even maybe elected on that basis; he would have an “electing constituency aGAINST NeoCon-games” as a basis of strength from which to resist.
    He did already go on record as saying that Netanyahu is indeed racist and that the Palestinian People deserve at least some measure of human respect. Those two statements right there go against everything that NeoConism stands for.

  24. different clue says:

    So if Bolton could never be a bully, he could perhaps be some successful bully’s eager little footstool.

  25. different clue says:

    Though sometimes the people who got us into this mess could be useful guides on the path out if they can be broken to obedience to a new set of people in power and authority.
    Joseph Kennedy was a noted stock swindler and worker of the financial rackets. His intimate knowledge of the Thousand Forms of Fraud made FDR decide that Kennedy would be uniquely useful as the thief one sets to catch a thief . . . . crafting and enforcing regulations at the New Deal-era SEC.

  26. MP98 says:

    Corbyn is a wannabe communist America-hater and not all that bright BTW.

  27. different clue says:

    I gather that Rachel Maddow is regarded as being “on the Left”. But if one looks closer at “the Left” one sees that there are several Lefts, some overlapping more, some less. Those who find “The” Left to be problematic will probably find all of the Lefts to be more or less problematic. Still, it can be interesting to see one Left kick another Left around some.
    In that spirit, there is a Leftist political comedian named Jimmy Dore. He can be loud and sometimes foul-mouthed and sometimes repetitious to the point of “beating the fading stain where a dead horse used to be”. But I thought his analytical beat-down of Rachel Maddow just shortly after the Mueller Report was coming out to be very interesting, and to me very cheering. ( I have disliked Rachel Maddow for some time). Anyway, here is the Jimmy Dore presentation on Rachel Maddow.

  28. rho says:

    Wait until Maddow starts to outright praise Trump if he orders military action in some country that is on the hit list of the swamp dwellers.
    You could see small, short-lived glimpses of this CNN and MSNBC glee when Trump ordered the missile strikes on Syria in April 2017 – I wonder how the hyperliberal Maddow audience would react to it if it happens again and becomes a persistent propaganda point in her show.

  29. Christian J Chuba says:

    Did Pompeo have any role in the Iraq 2003 debacle?
    I haven’t been able to find any but he just seems too perfect a character to have been totally on the sidelines but then again we had a surplus of these dreadful souls.

  30. turcopolier says:

    I think Pompey was still out in Kansas then.

  31. rjj says:

    Bolton is certainly an awesome guy.

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