Giraldi on McCain


"The entire hagiographic saga of the warrior prince that has been woven around McCain by those in the media and the political world that want to use him to demonstrate the deficiency of those qualities in Donald Trump is little more than a work of fiction. John McCain was a monster, betraying his country while a prisoner in Hanoi and then his former comrades-in-arms after the war ended. From Vietnam he learned nothing, saying “I hate the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live.”

McCain subsequently embraced every war that came his way while also promoting regime change and doing his best to start new wars in places where America had no interests. Think Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia, Ukraine, Somalia and Syria just for starters. A prosperous Libya was bombed into anarchy and is now ruled by gangs who have reopened slave markets. McCain was also an opportunist par excellence, parlaying his dubious war record into a political career and at the same time ditching a first wife whom he considered a liability to marry the daughter of a multi-millionaire Arizona beer distributor to finance his personal ambitions."  Giraldi


With only a couple of minor quibbles I totally agree with Phil Geraldi on this.  1- All pilots bomb civilian targets as well as strictly military ones. It   is in their DNA to do so. 2- I must have been with a truly saintly breed of American soldier in VN.  I never heard anyone call the Vietnamese "gooks."  Maybe that was a habit in the sea services.  "Dinks,"  "Zips," yes but not "Gooks."  pl

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