“A country where an immigrant Sikh girl can become a neocon ambassador” Anon.


"In her statement during the UN Security Council briefing, Haley said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and its “enablers,” Russia and Iran have a playbook for the war in Syria. First, they surround a civilian area. Next, they make the “preposterous claim that everyone in the area is a terrorist,” thus making all civilians targets. That is followed by a “starve and surrender” campaign, during which Syrian security forces keep attacking until the people no longer have food, clean water, or shelter. “It’s a playbook of death. The Assad regime has spent the last seven years refining it with Russia and Iran’s help.”

According to her it has happened many times before, in July 2018 it happened in Dara’a and the southwest of Syria, where Syrian forces “trapped and besieged civilians.” In February 2018, it was Ghouta. In 2017 it was Aleppo, and prior to that places like Madaya and Hama.

According to her, Assad’s government has left the country in ruins. “The atrocities committed by Assad will be a permanent stain on history and a black mark for this Council – which was blocked over and over by Russia from taking action to help,” Nikki Haley said."  SF


Well, strictly speaking, her parents were immigrants, not she.  She was born in Bamberg, South Carolina, a little town in the Piedmont that is majority Black.  Her parents were professional people at Amritsar in the Punjab.  Haley is the surname of her husband.  Nikki is a nickname by which she has long been known.  As governor, she was in favor of flying the Confederate flag on the Statehouse grounds before the Charleston massacre of Black Christians at a Bible study session.  They were killed by an unstable white teen aged misfit whom they had invited to join their worship.  After that Nikki discovered that the Confederate flag was a bad and disruptive symbol.  It was a popular position across the country and Nikki became an instant "hit," the flavor of the month so to speak.

I suppose that she was supposed to be an interesting and decorative figure as UN ambassador.  She is quite pretty and the South Carolina accent adds to the effect.

The positions she has taken at the UN with regard to the ME are similar to those expressed by her boss, President Trump.  They are largely reflections of images projected by the popular and mass media operating as Zionist propaganda machines.  I don't believe that the State Department's INR analytic bureau believes the crapola that she spouts with such hysteric fervor.  I don't believe that my former friend David Satterfield believes the crapola.  So, where does she get ideas like the ones quoted above?  IMO she is trying to out-Trump Trump.  DJT is a remarkably ignorant man concerning the geo-politics of just about everything in the ME.  He appears to have once seen the film, "Exodus" and to have decided on the basis of Paul Newman's performance as Begin that the situation was and is quite simple – Israel good!  Everyone else bad!  Nikki's depth of  knowledge appears to be just about the same.

She also appears to me to be in receipt of a stream of opinion from various Zionist and anti-Muslim groups probably related to the anti-Muslim ravings of Maronite and other Christian ME extremists.

These groups cannot seem to understand that alliances shift as does policy.  They don't seem to understand that Israel's policy in Syria is no longer regime change.  They never seem to have understood that the Syrian government is the protector of the religious minorities against Sunni jihadi fanatics.

They don't seem to understand that the Syrian government has no choice but to recover Idlib Province, a piece of Syria's heartland.  pl



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