” … Gov. Kemp signs election overhaul bill into law.”

” … the election bill was approved by the state’s Republican-controlled legislature.

It calls for changing the rules and processes for requesting an absentee ballot, including requiring voters to present valid forms of photo identification. It also limits drop boxes and the early voting period for runoffs.”

“The new law also allows the state to take over county elections or remove local elections officials if there is a determined need to intervene.

Further, it prevents food and beverages from being provided by outside groups to voters waiting in line to cast their ballots.”

“Georgia was one of the key states that the Trump campaign focused on as it honed in on unfounded claims of voter fraud during and after the 2020 presidential election. Democrat Joe Biden narrowly won Georgia by roughly 12,000 votes.”

Comment: IMO, this new state law, if had existed and had been judged constitutional by the federal courts, would have prevented a Democratic victory in Georgia in the presidential election and there would have been no run-off in the two senate races. In other words, I think the Democrats successfully stuffed the ballot boxes in a number of ingenious ways. pl


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16 Responses to ” … Gov. Kemp signs election overhaul bill into law.”

  1. The Twisted Genius says:

    The ingeniousness of the Democratic party in the 2020 election was to get more voters both to the polls and voting by absentee ballots. It was that simple. Even Kemp’s administration saw that. They saw no trickery or fraud and they looked hard for it. They know the Republican party in Georgia is in trouble if more eligible voters vote. The goal of that bill is to reduce voter participation. That is unless it is accompanied by an effort to open more polling places where voters live and more working machines in those polling places.

    • Pat Lang says:

      If that is the case the Democrats should be able to replicate the performance under this law and without an unconstitutional federal takeover of elections.

      • The Twisted Genius says:

        Except the Georgia State AG now fully controls who has ready access to polling places and sufficient voting machines. I doubt if many Republican precincts will endure 6+ hour lines and closed/moved polling places. If every voter had to endure a 3 0r 4 hour wait to vote, it would be a level field. Wider absentee voting did the same thing. No, the last thing Republicans want is a level playing field.

        • Fred says:

          You mean the state will now prevent local election boards run by democrats from reducing the number of in-person voting sites like the democrats did during the primary in Georgia?

          “If every voter had to endure a 3 0r 4 hour wait to vote…”
          wow, once every two years I have to endure 3 or 4 ours of line to make sure idiots don’t get into office? Sign me up. Unless, of course, Covid 2021/2/3/ infinity threatens the extermination of mankind, requiring 15 days to slow the spread lockdowns (George Floyd protests exempt) like last time around.

          “Wider absentee…” They automatically mailed out multiple ballots and did essentially no verification of eligability beforehand and almost none on receipt. That was an invitation for fraud. The Republicans in GA don’t need to stand in line, they need to ballot harvest and utilize media exactly the same way.

  2. Jose says:

    TTG, in Florida we had laws tougher than the new Georgia Law and still had record “minority” voters.

    There are several cases now of voter fraud and voter manipulation, but you can never change people’s behavior in blue counties…lol

    Why don’t we make Florida’s Voters Laws the national standard?

    • The Twisted Genius says:

      The Florida 2020 election was a model for all states, especially the way it handled absentee voting. They started processing mail in ballots long before election day preventing the late mail in surge in the ballot count. All states should do that. Florida Republicans are obviously confident in their ability to win fair statewide elections… except for that one district that ran a sham candidate to trick Democratic voters. The former Republican state senator is being prosecuted by the Florida AG for that fraud. Good on Florida for that.

      • Jose says:

        There might be more than one SHAM candidate, this happens all the time on both sides.

        They always get busted.

        You can not fix stupid.

  3. Deap says:

    Meanwhile out in California La La Land, is Gov Newsom signing his own recall death warrant? https://presscalifornia.com/2021/03/26/l-a-times-to-run-or-kill-a-newsom-affairs-expose/

    Anonymous sources …. never a good start for an article. But the story is someone is trying to push this story for the past two days, corroborated or not. Which sounds pretty much like the last four years of anti-Trump politics coming out of California sources – Pelosi, Schiff, Harris, Feinstein and Swalwell.

    How does it feel, Newsom?

  4. Alves says:

    Voter ID laws are so obvious a good thing that I still do not understand why it is an issue in the USA.

    However… “Further, it prevents food and beverages from being provided by outside groups to voters waiting in line to cast their ballots”? Wtf?! That can not be seen as anything other than a try at voting supression.

    Six hours lines to vote are insane too.

    Elections should always be on a weekend.

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