More Deep State criminal leakers in the IC


"Per Reuters and NBC News, US intelligence officials (albeit ones speaking under the cover of anonymity) believe that Kim may care a little bit more about the long-term survival of his regime than being flattered with Trumpian propaganda videos, and so may have told a few white lies about whether or not he is continuing to move forward with his nuclear weapons program. Specifically, reports suggest that while North Korea has stopped testing nukes or missiles for now, they are continuing to enrich uranium and stockpile the relevant materials."  Gizmodo


"Four other officials agreed that North Korea is intentionally trying to deceive the US about its ongoing nuclear capabilities, NBC News reported, and others said intel suggests that North Korea is continuing to operate more secret uranium enrichment sites than previously believed."  Gizmodo


Well, pilgrims, unauthorized disclosure of classified information of any kind and especially the results of satellite photography is a federal felony subject on conviction to sentencing to mandatory prison terms.  You can be sure that these Deep State operatives within the Intelligence Community received NO permission to disclose this information to Gizmodo and the numerous other media outlets for whom they spied.

The Deep State continues to wage war against President Trump.  There should be a massive manhunt to find these violators of the Espionage and Illegal Disclosure laws and imprison them "pour encourager les autres."  pl

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