Did Justin Fairfax rape Vanessa Tyson?


"Criminal Statutes of Limitation in Massachusetts

Learn about Massachusetts' criminal statute of limitation laws and related matters in the sections below.

Code Section

Ch. 277§63


Murder: none; robbery, intent to rob or murder with dangerous weapon: 10 yrs; rape, assault with intent to rape, rape/abuse/assault of child: 15 yrs.;



""As I have stated previously, fifteen years ago, when I was an unmarried law student, I had a consensual encounter with the woman who made the allegation," he said of Tyson. "At no time did she express to me any discomfort or concern about our interactions, neither during that encounter, nor during the months following it, when she stayed in touch with me."

Tyson has accused Fairfax of sexually assaulting her at the 2004 Democratic Convention, saying that Fairfax forced her to perform fellatio on him.

In a tweet posted by NBC News, it is alleged that Fairfax used profanity and insulted Tyson in a private meeting. Fairfax addressed that claim in the statement Wednesday.

"I would like to encourage the media, my supporters, and others to treat both the woman who made this allegation and my family with respect for how painful this situation can be for everyone involved. I wish her no harm or humiliation, nor do I seek to denigrate her or diminish her voice," Fairfax said."


By my "back of the envelope" figuring, the statute of limitations in Massachusetts has not run its course as yet for this accusation of rape made by Vanessa Tyson against Justin Fairfax, the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.

The event occurred by mutual admission during the Democratic National Convention 28-29 July 2004 at a hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.  The statute of limitations in Massachusetts as quoted above, is 15 years.  Five months remain before the statute of limitations expires.

Will Lieutenant Governor Fairfax be extradited to Massachusetts to face this felony charge?  I doubt it.  Massachusetts is perhaps the bluest, most Democratic Party dominated state in the Union.

IMO Fairfax will not be prosecuted for this putative crime.

It should be noted that Tyson is a tenured Associate Professor of Politics at Scripps College, a private women's liberal arts school that is a member of the Claremont consortium of colleges, an elite collection of schools. She is also a liberal Democrat.  IOW, she is fireproof.




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