“Russian diplomat warns US sanctions against Iran to destabilize Middle East” AMN


"Resumption of anti-Iranian sanctions by the US is a destructive step that might bring about destabilization in the Middle East, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s official spokesperson Maria Zakharova told a news briefing on Thursday."

“Washington’s course at bringing down the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [JCPOA] on the Iranian nuclear program and restoring full-scale pressure through sanctions is absolutely destructive,” she said. 

“There’s scarcely any doubt these steps by the US administration will have long-term deplorable consequences for global nonproliferation [of the weapons of mass destruction] and will impart a destabilizing impulse to the situation in the Middle East.”"  AMN


IMO Zakharova, the Russian spokesperson has it right. 

The Israeli desire to have a less than 1% chance of an Iranian nuke existing has led us to adopt sanctions that may well bring down the present Iranian government.  Unrest is growing across the country because of ever growing economic hardship.  We claim that regime change is not our goal but I do not believe it.  IMO Gina Haspel has been given a presidential finding that orders CIA to bring down the government and the sanctions are just part of that attempted coup. 

The Iranians have every reason to distrust the US.  First there was Mossadegh.  Kermit Roosevelt brought him down by manipulating street mobs.  Secondly there is the undoubted fact that we backed Iraq against them in the Iran-Iraq War.  Now we have abandoned JCPOA, an agreement that IMO was good for everyone except the extreme right in Israel and their neanderthal friends in the US (Hannity, Varney, Keane, Pompeo etc.)  Bolton I will not even mention in that list because he is such an extremist, a man who hungers for war, a man who hid from VN in the Maryland National Guard.  The CIA is just doing its legally ordained task but the rest of them seem to have no comprehension of the chaos that will occur if wilayet al-faqih falls. 

Trump,  Bolton and Giuliani seems to want the Mujahideen e Khalq to become the government of Iran.  This passel of Islamic Marxists (spawn of Ali Shariati) actually fought against Iran as allies of Saddam's Iraq.  That has never been forgotten.  Why would it be?  In fact they would be destroyed in short order of they attempted to form a government.

There is no other coherent body who could form a government.  But, from the Israeli point of view that would be just fine.  pl


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