150 Central Americans tried by force this week to enter the US illegally en masse


"US agents have fired tear gas over the border into Mexico at migrants trying to enter the country illegally.

Around 150 Central Americans tried to make the crossing near the town of Tijuana to the south of California on New Year's Day.

One US official described the migrants as a "violent mob".

It comes as the US federal government remains shut down as President Donald Trump and Congress argue over funding for his proposed border wall."  BBC


The BBC does not seem to know that the US voluntarily admits over one million legal IMMIGRANTS per year.  These people are automatically on a track to full citizenship after five years residence if they behave themselves, pay their taxes, do not commit criminal acts, etc.  They can accelerate that process if they join the US armed forces and serve honorably. 

The people now seeking to force their way across the border seem to think that they are justified in crashing across the US border with Mexico without regard to US law.  To willingly cross the US border illegally is a misdemeanor crime.  The US government has a duty under the constitution to defend the borders of the US against foreign invasion.  How are foreign people trying to crash through the border not an invasion?  Tear gas?  Yes, it makes you cry and choke.  The alternative is force escalating to deadly force. 

The US listens to petitions for asylum from conditions that threaten life.  The US does not recognize petitions for asylum based on poor conditions of local economy or crime in countries of origin.  If the US did accept such petitions, most of the population of the planet would be eligible for asylum in the US.

The argument is raised that the US should make Central America an earthly paradise, a veritable Nebraska in which Hondurans, Guatemalans and Salvadorans would be content to abide.  Well, pilgrims, as I have explained here several times, the US has been trying to do that in Latin America ever since the Kennedy Administration with minimal success.  Do these little countries wish to surrender their sovereignty to the US so that we might perform our magic of enrichment and creation of actual democracy upon them?  I think they do not.  They approach our borders waving the various flags of their wretched countries even while asking for ASYLUM from those countries, countries that cannot run their own affairs well enough to make people want to stay home and live the good life Latino style.

Make no mistake.  If these migrants, who think nothing of using little children as human shields, force surrender of control of immigration, there will be a tidal wave coming behind them.  pl


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