Former papal nuncio to the US. (2011-2016), Archbishop Vigano, backs Trump.


"On this occasion, Attorney General William Barr will receive the NCPB’s Christifideles Laici Award (Christ’s Faithful Laity), named after the Apostolic Exhortation On the Laity by Pope John Paul II.

I would like to make myself present on this memorable occasion, in which I participated with great enthusiasm as Apostolic Nuncio during the years of my mission in Washington, D.C. (2011-2016).

I therefore join all the participants in this extraordinary celebration and all American Catholics, who see in President Donald Trump the greatest defender of the supreme values of Christian civilization: of life, from conception to natural death; of the natural family composed of one man and one woman and children; and of love for the homeland: One Nation under God! And, most importantly, he stands for defending the right to freely practice our Faith, thus allowing us more fully to honor God.

The presidential elections in November represent an epochal challenge, a biblical challenge, the outcome of which will be decisive not only for the United States of America but for the whole world."  Lifesitenews


There you have it folks.  This retired career Vatican diplomat backs Trump as the enemy of "demonic forces"  in the Deep State.  He doesn't much like Francis either.  The curia are working themselves up to take decisive action against this man.  pl

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7 Responses to Former papal nuncio to the US. (2011-2016), Archbishop Vigano, backs Trump.

  1. Rick Merlotti says:

    He supports life, nationalism, well-defined gender reality and Trump. HE MUST BE A WITCH. BURN HIM!
    Pope Francis the sissy will no doubt set about to cancel him with alacrity.

  2. Artemesia says:

    Will Episcopal bishop Mariann Budde send warm congratulations to SCOTUS nominee Amy Barrett?
    Budde and [Episcopal primate] Curry “are among the pantheon of progressive religious leaders who have long been critical of Trump’s political agenda.”. . .the Religious Coalition on Reproductive Choice, a progressive lobby that voices approval from religious officials for unrestricted abortion-on-demand, . . . counts the Episcopal Church as a member.
    “Pew Research Center shows 49 percent of Episcopalians are Democrats or lean Democratic, compared with 39 percent of church members who are Republican or lean Republican.
    Episcopalians have increasingly found themselves in roles difficult to maintain. Church officials simultaneously embrace leftist causes, while also serving as a boutique chaplaincy to the affluent and as presiders over American civil religion in events of national importance including state funerals.
    “For his part, President Trump is in close proximity to the Episcopal Church: his youngest son was baptized at an Episcopal parish and attends a private Episcopal high school (Trump himself is Presbyterian and his wife Melania is Roman Catholic). ”

    Will Roman Catholicism edge out Episcopalians as “presiders over American civil religion?”
    In 2011 an earth quake damaged the National Episcopal Cathedral in DC to an extent that the building has not yet recovered.
    But the Roman Catholic Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, on a hilltop overlooking DC’s government centers, begun in 1920 and dedicated in December 1959, stands tall, proud, beautiful, and architecturally and in terms of communities served and who contributed to its creation, a monument to authentic Diversity.
    Is the god of nature telling us something?

  3. Paco says:

    What’s with argentinians? They have galactic level stars, will outshine many, I’m thinking about the footballers god Maradona, for instance, and his absolute win against the colonialists, tricking and treating. There is another one, the most reproduced picture in the history of photography, but that’s in the no naming league, for one shall not take thy name in vain.

  4. turcopolier says:

    “on a hilltop?” What hilltop is that? I have spent a lot of time there. Do you mean the nearby Monastery of the Holy Sepulchre? That is on a hilltop.

  5. Artemesia says:

    “On a hilltop” = somewhere between poor word choice and poetic license.
    I was last at the Basilica in March, just before Lockdown. The spaciousness of the outside environment impressed me: looking straight ahead, one sees only sky. The site of the Cathedral does seem to overlook DC’s centers of government.
    But you’re probably right: as I understand the topography, Brookland is elevated but the church is not on a hilltop.

  6. ked says:

    Institutional religion in service to political power is as strong as ever in America – Jefferson might’ve wept.

  7. C Webb says:

    Archbishop Viganò – Francis & the New World Order

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