Listen up, Joe! Subsonic is different from sub-orbital.


"I don't know which of Joe Biden's promises I'm more excited about: The cure for cancer or the airplane in which people "are going to be  flying around the world at 22,000 miles per hour sub-sonically."

Both will be coming within five years, the former vice-president told the crowd at a rally last week for the Democratic ticket in this year's gubernatorial election.

I took me a while before I realized that Biden meant "sub-orbitally," not "sub-sonically," which of course means below the speed of sound, which is about 700 mph."  Mulshine


Paul M is such a good writer that he should speak for himself in this

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  1. PRC90 says:

    For me that link goes to some kind of email scanning site; I’d not want to click anything on it.
    Joe ? Joe is the Democrat Presidential candidate, only a few weeks out from the election, and the world should be stopping to listen to every word.
    Unfortunately for him, his ramblings have been reduced to the status of pinball machine music in the background at a rodeo bar.
    A lot of weight should be placed on Michael Moore’s current predictions, after all he picked 2016 and the reasons why months before voting day.

  2. turcopolier says:

    Yet another.

  3. Deap says:

    In a display of unity, Trump and Biden should walk, hand in hand, the riot torn Democrat cities. Trump should immediately extend the invitation, and Biden needs to get outside of his basement.

  4. Fred says:

    Biden apparently tried to condemn the riots but got off message and blamed Trump. Maybe the President should invite Pelosi, Kamala and Joe to join him, Pence and House Minority Leader McCarthy in such a walk. Then all three branches of government will show unity.

  5. Timothy Hagios says:

    We’re in the middle of a new Great Depression thanks to the president’s failure to speak out against the suicidal lockdowns and mass hysteria over Covid. If he had been square with the public that Covid would kill plenty of people but a Great Depression would kill more, and had demonstrated the backbone to mitigate the governors’ overreactions, then much misery would have been avoided and the president would be on his way to reelection.
    Yet he failed to act with courage, and now we’re in a huge mess. Logically, he should be political dead meat. Yet the Democrats, perhaps fearful that they would actually win and be stuck with the responsibility of cleaning up this mess, went ahead and nominated a warmongering rapist with advancing dementia.
    I have come to the conclusion that both the Bloods and the Crips are criminal street gangs.

  6. Deap says:

    Timothy, blame seems to be more important to you than the facts.
    It was the constitutional duty of Democrat governors to manage their own states. Trump had no power to second guess them, nor was he going to shred the US Constitution knowing revisionists like you and the Democrat party would come howling later. When in fact you were screaming fascist when Trump even offered to help them.
    Trumps honored state’s rights, as he is required to do. You just want to make excuses for Democrat state governor failures. Not buying. You, in Democrat states, led yourselves into in this mess. Trump is working day and night to get you out of the cul de sac you Democrats drove yourselves into.
    Blood is on your hands in your states, Timothy. Don’t come here with your failed memory syndrome.

  7. Bill says:

    Good catch Paul. One note: 22,000 MPH is darn near escape velocity. Another 1500 miles or so & one would be on the way to the stars

  8. Timothy Hagios says:

    Leadership matters. Do you really believe that the president did everything in his power to prevent the situation that we’re in now? That there was nothing more that he could have done or could have said? At a minimum, he could have made a series of public addresses pointing out the madness of the lockdowns. He could have put political pressure on the Republican governors (who also imposed lockdowns), if not the Democratic ones.
    And yet he did not. Why didn’t he? I cannot tell you. Maybe he agreed with the lockdowns. Maybe he was too much of a coward to make a strong counterattack against the madness. Maybe it had something to do with how his friends and associates were getting even richer thanks to the $3,000,000,000,000 taxpayer bailout. I personally believe it was cowardice, but acknowledge that there are other plausible explanations for his failure to lead.
    You are 100% correct that the Democrats screwed things up massively. My point, as it relates to the subject of Biden vs. Trump, is that the Republicans did, too. I must also correct your assumption that I am a Democrat–it’s been about a decade since last I had anything positive to say about the Democratic Party.

  9. FakeBot says:

    It is more prudent to err on the side of caution. No one knew how dangerous the virus would be at the beginning, but given what was occurring in Italy it became clear we could have been faced with a very serious crisis. If Fauci, an Italian-American who must have dearly seen what was happening in Italy, is guilty of anything, then it’s of hedging his bets. If one studies his record of statements, you would notice he often made remarks favoring both sides of the argument. The media highlighted the remarks that favored their narrative of doom and gloom.
    I find it strange to argue the president should not have heeded the warnings of medical professionals he had availed himself. He had to follow their advice. Initially, there was widespread condemnation that the president downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic, but given how the president had to contend with manufactured crisis after manufactured crisis (Russia, Ukraine, etc), I think he can be forgiven if he thought Covid-19 was another ploy to destroy his presidency.
    It’s time all Americans, beginning with the politicians, began setting their squabbles aside and simply did what was best. That means getting people back to work in face of the risks this virus poses, ending the violence on the streets, and striving for the sort of excellence Joe Biden made mention of, you know curing cancer and the like.
    PS, did Joe Biden make any mention speeding up the TSA security process? I wager flights to the other side of the world will become faster than standing in those lines.

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