9,210 is the real US COVID death number?


"So get this straight – based on the recommendation of doctors Fauci and Birx the US shut down the entire economy based on 9,000 American deaths to the China coronavirus." The Gateway Pundit."

"… the coronavirus fatality rate reported by the liberal mainstream media was completely inaccurate and the actual rate more like a typical seasonal flu – the media was lying again.

Doctors Fauci and Birx were next to push ridiculous and highly exaggerated mortality rates related to the coronavirus:

** Dr. Tony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx used the Imperial College Model to persuade President Trump to lock down the ENTIRE US ECONOMY.

** The fraudulent model predicted 2.2 million American deaths from the coronavirus pandemic.

** The authors of the Imperial College Model shared their findings with the White House Coronavirus task force in early March

** Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx then met with President Trump privately and urged him to shut down the US economy and destroy the record Trump economy based on this model

But the Imperial College model Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx pushed was garbage and they recommended the destruction of the US economy using this model."  Gateway Pundit


Hmmm … The Fauci is a god crowd will heap scorn on this but, thing about it.  pl


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  1. dan of steele says:

    it is unclear to me why you would start this line of questioning. I live in Italy and remember quite well how everyone was shouting at us for not locking down earlier. My wife had rented an Air BnB in Virginia and the landlady canceled due to her fears of Covid and people from Italy.
    China shut down their whole country and got the virus under control (at least that is what we assume). Their methods were draconian by any measure.
    The US on the other hand tried to ignore the virus hoping that it would go away before hurting too many people. If advice to stay at home, social distancing, shutting down clubs and restaurants had not been implemented we might very well have hit 2 million dead….who knows? who wants to find out?
    Here in old Europe it seems we are on the verge of a new outbreak. Some people have gone on vacation and the number of daily new cases is on the rise. The greatest advantage to regular people here is that there is paid sick leave and social medicine so people can get treated without getting ruined financially.

  2. Eric Newhill says:

    Yes, Col Lang., as you know, this is what I’ve been saying for months.It is what the good data and analysis (not that CDC garbage) reveals. However, no one wants to believe the evil capitalist private insurance companies. They think government is far more trustworthy and competent. More of that conditioning of attitude and perception by the powers that be in the plan to implement a big global govt.
    The govt could have worked with the insurance companies to understand this thing. Seems like the logical move if you have poor quality data and insurance has good data, and you really believe there is a lethal pandemic on the loose.

  3. Laura Wilson says:

    Do you not understand that a new disease can kill people even if they have other diseases that are being managed? If you are diabetic and get C-19 and die, the C-19 killed you! Otherwise, you would have lived longer with the managed diabetes….
    Why is this even a question? 186,000 Americans are dead right now PRIMARILY because of C-19. Otherwise, most of them would still be alive—still with other underlying conditions and chronic illnesses but still alive.
    I read the article—it’s so flawed.

  4. turcopolier says:

    Laura Wilson
    “186,000 Americans are dead right now PRIMARILY because of C-19.” You do not know that is true. You just want it to be true for political reasons.

  5. Eric Newhill says:

    Laura Wilson,
    When you are over 75 years old, you are going to succumb to serious underlying conditions covid or no covid. Those who’s deaths are being attributed to covid are primarily in that age group. It is disingenuous to create a panic over a virus that almost exclusively contributes (at most) to the deaths of the elderly with underlying serious conditions. Many of those who have died, succumbed to the underlying condition, but incidentally had covid.
    Another new report has come out that shows a significant proportion of covid positive tests are showing positive for minuscule viral loads in the system; not enough to cause illness (or serious illness). How many of those elderly that died of underlying conditions fall into that category? Many of the tests show false positives.
    This whole thing has been one big scam – and I believe deliberately.

  6. Eric Newhill says:

    Actually, Laura, when you are over 75 years old, the risk of dying increases, period. Once you’re into the 85 year old and over bucket, which many covid deaths are, you were probably going to die regardless; unless you’re a vampire or some other inhuman death defying creature. Is this really news to anyone?
    We must look at years of expected life lost, not raw body counts. That approach reveals covid to not be a threat to society.

  7. BillWade says:

    The good news is that tens of thousands protested in London and Berlin yesterday. The bad news is that some degenerate tried to rape a 25 year old women at 11 AM on a NYC subway station platform, also on Saturday. Thankfully the spectators shamed him off of her. The 600 person NYC special undercover cops were defunded. It used to be one didn’t know if a cop was riding on the subway or not, now the criminals know they aren’t there.
    President Trump really needs to stop this nonsense and tell everyone they can take off their masks if they want to and get back to work and school. It’s time now, please!

  8. walrus says:

    Col. Lang with respect, the numbers are consistent and Fauci and Birx are not wrong. Many Americans have “co morbidities” not just a few expendable old people.
    34 million have diabetes. 30 million have heart disease. There are about 40 million over 70 years. Sure, some folk will tick all three boxes but there is a significant portion of the population at risk and we still don’t understand the side effects and possible permanent injury potential.
    However that is not the problem. The problem is logistics. Specifically what happens to the health system when twenty million get covid at the same time?

  9. Mike46 says:

    “You do not know that is true. You just want it to be true for political reasons.”
    And you want it to be false for political reasons.
    Why not just make it ZERO deaths? Attribute them all to heart failure.

  10. Laura Wilson says:

    turcopolier…well, apparently that “news” came from QANON…so you might want to be careful about wanting fake facts to be “true for political reasons.” Pretty much works both ways…we ALL have to pay attention.

  11. Laura Wilson says:

    Oh, turcopolier, I just noticed that I made a serious typo—I meant 176,000 Americans. I’m sorry that I mis-spoke.

  12. turcopolier says:

    Laura Wilson
    Nonsense. Which Demo group do you work for?

  13. turcopolier says:

    Another Democratic operative. we must be having an effect.

  14. turcopolier says:

    The numbers are consistent because the strategy has been carefully worked out to have consistent documents. There will not be 20 million COVID cases requiring hospitalization because a high percentage do not get sick. In re the IO, been there done that myself. My question is, which group or constellation of groups is running the op.

  15. rho says:

    dan of steele,
    “Here in old Europe it seems we are on the verge of a new outbreak. Some people have gone on vacation and the number of daily new cases is on the rise.”
    The number of daily new cases in Germany has recently doubled because the number of daily tests has also roughly doubled. The share of positive tests among all tests has remained constant at around 1% for 3 months now.
    (see page 11)
    Must be a very strange “new outbreak”. The number of Covid patients in the ICUs of German hospitals have been stagnating at a very low level (around 250 patients in the whole country) for several weeks.
    (look at the pink line in the bottom right diagram)
    Where are all the sick people that you are so worried about?

  16. Jack says:

    What has intrigued me about the Wuhan virus is the panicked, off-the-cuff response. A pandemic is not new. We’ve had several in the recent past. SARS, H1N1, H2N2.
    CDC has an annual budget of $12 billion. Then there are public health budgets at NIH and other federal, state and counties.
    How come there was no agreed upon pandemic response plan? If there was, why wasn’t it executed? Do public health authorities have a plan now that can be executed?
    It would appear to me this was a failure across all segments of society. The public because they so easily succumbed to fear. The media for fanning the flames of hysteria. Private healthcare for not providing realistic and alternative views. The government for not executing a coordinated response.
    Money is never the issue in the USA. No one spends like us on healthcare, education, national security. Outcomes are a different matter altogether. Value for money is poor since there’s a high “corruption” factor.
    We’ve had many “wars”. War on Poverty. War on Drugs. War on Terror. We’ve spent huge amounts on each. They’ve all been failures!

  17. Deap says:

    Laura, When you get to a certain age, everyday you wake up to most of obituaries being for people younger than yourself. It is a landmark point in one’s life.
    Before they were all so old. Now they are all so young. And no, they did not die “of covid”. The died. Fate played out their final hand. And you ask not for whom the bells toll …………. you just praise every single blessed day that is still yours to enjoy.
    182,000 did not die “of covid” in the US. CDC played games with the numbers from day one. The only mystery is why? And why did we let them do this. Because we did – Brix admitted up front on TV they tossed anyone suspected of “covid” into the covid basket.
    Any screw up were not facing covid, but overkilling “covid”. The leftist cabal made sure no other points of view were allowed. If a covid report did not include or imply OrangemanBad, it never reached the airwaves. Please don’t have selective memory problems about any of this. Or else you have come to the wrong place to push them.
    So now tell us where the new CDC data is flawed (9K deaths), and why that is justification for believing their prior data is not flawed. (182K deaths)

  18. dan of steele says:

    I don’t have a dog in this fight. I do hope that one day we will find out what is really going on with this covid-19. I merely look at worldofmeters corona virus page and watch the numbers of new cases, serious cases, and deaths. Those numbers were horrible for Italy for a long time and after months of being locked down hard, the numbers got better.
    15 August is a very famous Italian holiday with everyone going to the beach, having picnics, and so on. Oddly enough a week to 10 days later the numbers of new cases went up…quite a bit. Happily the deaths have not gone back to the 1000 a day from the early days but I am holding my breath. In our little village we have 4 active cases and 21 in quarantine. They were infected by people who had gone on vacation somewhere else.
    as for Germany, my son lives near Hamburg and he is mostly teleworking and overall they are quite good at implementing good pandemic control measures. Testing was free but I believe they are starting to charge for it again. My brother in law went to Cyprus on his vacation this year and upon return he and his family were all tested.
    believe me, I don’t want this crap to go on any more than you do. It does not affect me all that much as I am finally retired and have a single family home with a yard. being somewhat of a recluse anyway didn’t make it worse.

  19. Deap says:

    “New outbreaks” that lead to herd immunity are a good thing; when the death rate remains static or declines. Which is what is happening right now.
    As long as every passing day adds more very elderly with 3.5 co-morbidities to the body count, one can assume this flu is taking its normal course through this population demographics.
    As it does every single year, since the flu was always previously known as “the old man’s friend”. Sad, of course. Any death is sad. Very sad.
    For reflection on eternal life however, take a look at the Czech opera “The Makropolus Case”. The diva lives for 300 years, and when it comes time to take the magic potion again that keeps her eternally alive, she muses about the trials, tribulations and practical burdens of her eternal life………. and she finally decides to …….?????

  20. Deap says:

    Always hate it when media reports a percentage increase – “twice as many cases” — but never mentions the numbers. 2 case is twice as many as one case. Zut alors! We need new cases to finally reach herd immunity.
    Cases are okay. In fact, it is relief we are finally existing outside of this artificial bubble, and at a time we now know a lot more about treatment and to stop killing people with forced ventilator abuse.
    Original game plan – flatten the curve – end up with the same numbers of cases, but over a longer period time to ensure health care delivery would not be overwhelmed should they all happen at once. That was the bargain – flatten the curve, but not change the numbers infected.
    When did “someone” demand we flat-line the numbers of infections, until they reach absolute zero? Who, what, where, when, how or why did that change?
    Will anti-Trump riots after Trump’s 2020 re-election push “covid” off the front pages?

  21. Fred says:

    How many of the 500,000 attendees at Bike Week died of this, it’s been three weeks already? How about all those ‘mostly peaceful’ protests? (Not counting than the two who died of the AR15 virus in Kenosha)

  22. cirsium says:

    dan of Steele – a contributory factor in the death toll in Italy might be the mandatory influenza vaccine. In the autumn/winter 2019, a super influenza vaccine (4 strains in one dose) was administered to old people and health care workers in Italy. Research suggests that influenza vaccine derived virus interference is significantly associated with coronavirus.
    See https://www.bmj.com/content/368/bmj.m810/rr-0
    and https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31607599/

  23. Mark says:

    For some reason, the authorities want COVID-19 to be recognized as The New Black Death. Rising numbers of ‘cases’ substitute for deaths in order to keep the fear factor high (as far as I can make out) when higher case numbers are an unsurprising consequence of ramped-up testing. There are allegedly high numbers of false positives, and many if not most of the cases uncovered by testing are in people who are asymptomatic or not very sick, certainly not in danger of dying or even having to be hospitalized.
    The WHO admitted publicly that the chief reason it declared a pandemic was that too many countries were – in its opinion – not taking the threat seriously enough. Therefore, even the declaration of a pandemic was for scare value. When COVID-19 was at its peak for infections and deaths, the WHO (Dr. Fauci himself, actually) claimed that medical-grade masks were not necessary for the public, because the WHO deemed it necessary to reserve the supply of masks for medical use. I don’t think anyone would disagree that non-medical cloth masks have much less filtration capability. But then Fauci reversed himself, and now a plethora of ‘experts’ claim it is proven that non-medical cloth masks work to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and there is growing and relentless pressure from the busybody sector to make them mandatory wear in all public settings. Now, when the death rate is steadily dropping. No clinical trials have ever achieved results which demonstrate that cloth masks do anything to stop the spread of an airborne virus – not masks and only masks. Trials in which the subjects regularly washed their hands, avoided touching their faces after touching other surfaces AND wore a mask demonstrated a somewhat reduced infection rate. Tests in which only masks were used showed either a statistically insignificant difference or no difference at all, but were not proper clinical trials as the sample size was comparatively small and the masked group contained a significant number who admitted they did not wear it all the time. But forcing everyone to wear a mask has become a test of will for public authorities against a public in which many do not want to wear them and are afraid compulsory wear will become the norm. Once again, there is NO PROOF that they work, as the theory has never been properly tested, I don’t care what ‘expert’ is telling you the results are in, and masks work.
    For those ‘COVID warriors’ who label all dissenters ‘maskholes’ and ‘Covidiots’, cite me a proper clinical trial that establishes masks on their own significantly reduced the infection rate of an airborne virus. That means show me how uninfected people wore a mask and did not take other precautions, in the presence of an infected person (without touching them or handling objects infected people handled) and remained uninfected. While you’re at it, find me where the ‘6-foot rule’ came from. Nobody seems to know how that number was arrived upon, the WHO says it did not come from them, and how does it account for different environments such as the presence or absence of wind? People have to stand six feet apart outside while waiting to be allowed in to the grocery store. How does that protect you from an airborne virus that theoretically can only travel six feet in still air?
    I am always willing to have my mind changed by actual science. But so far I am not seeing it. Just a lot of politics.

  24. Mike46 says:

    “So now tell us where the new CDC data is flawed (9K deaths), and why that is justification for believing their prior data is not flawed. (182K deaths)”
    The burden of proof is on those making the claim. Point out the flaws in the data then we can talk about. All I’ve seen so far is speculation.

  25. Mike46 says:

    Deap: “New outbreaks”
    New outbreaks can get quickly out of control with the end result being shutdowns. That’s why expanded testing and quick detection are important. Apparently it’s something the President has a problem wrapping his head around.
    By the way whenever I look at my state’s daily statistics, I always check the number of tests performed, they can vary greatly from day to day. I don’t know where this idea of a casedemic comes from. I haven’t seen it here in the midwest. But I also don’t waste my time with Facebook, twitter and that other crap.

  26. Mike46 says:

    Try Googling: “mask effectiveness demonstration”. There are a lot of them out there.

  27. longarch says:

    For some reason, the authorities want COVID-19 to be recognized as The New Black Death. …
    The WHO admitted publicly that the chief reason it declared a pandemic was that too many countries were – in its opinion – not taking the threat seriously enough. Therefore, even the declaration of a pandemic was for scare value. When COVID-19 was at its peak for infections and deaths, the WHO (Dr. Fauci himself, actually) claimed that medical-grade masks were not necessary for the public, because the WHO deemed it necessary to reserve the supply of masks for medical use. I don’t think anyone would disagree that non-medical cloth masks have much less filtration capability. But then Fauci reversed himself,

    It seems obvious to me that the PRC was the instigator of the panic, the PRC was the primary beneficiary of the panic, and the PRC was closely tied to Fauci and other traitors to the USA.
    It has been alleged:

    186,000 Americans are dead right now PRIMARILY because of C-19.

    However, the agencies that count the deaths have numerous conflicts of interest. A gunshot victim that obviously died due to a gunshot might be reported as a COVID death because the incentives push agencies to overstate the number of COVID deaths.

  28. Jim says:

    9,000 or 3,279 deaths?
    “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death,” the CDC posted on their website Aug. 26.
    Thus, 94 percent of deaths: nearly 3 or more, on average, other serious medical problems.
    This is not from AlAnon, QAnon, Weight Watchers or a Billy Graham Crusade; it is CDC, right from horses mouth.
    Massachusetts Department of Public Health data indicates “Total Deaths” “with Underlying Conditions” present in 4,551 deaths, or 98.2 % of 4,663 deaths studied.
    To date, 82 of the state deaths examined, or 1.8%, of them, had no “underlying conditions.”
    My first question: why is CDC rate more than 3 times higher than state of Mass. for that state’s folks?
    Keep in mind the CDC uses estimates to arrive at the alleged 5.9 million total positive cases as of Sunday.
    The estimated number of deaths as of Sunday is allegedly 182,149, according to CDC.
    Millions of the alleged COVID-19 cases are neither verified as “confirmed” or identified as “probable” as shown by the CDC’s own reporting regimen posted online.
    Massachusetts reports both confirmed and probable; about half the states don’t including California, Texas, Florida which account for about 2 million of alleged cases testing positive.
    If the Mass. 1.8 percent proportion is accurate, and the CDC 6 percent is inflated [would any one be surprised?], then: based on the Mass. experience, 1.8 percent of 182,149 deaths = 3,279 deaths attributed strictly and only to COVID-19 in USA.
    Where is person zero for each of the various strains of the Sars Cov2 virus, known to exist?
    For reason that may not all be kosher, this essential dimension must be discerned.
    Otherwise, as the man on the moon would say: We cannot conclude with certainty where this disease actually comes from.
    Sciencedaily.com this month listed and described “The six strains of SARS-CoV-2”.
    And, how is this actually transmitted? Definitive answer on this also unknown.
    Who and what and how and/or etc. is this transmitted?
    With all the excitement, to sort of paraphrase Clint Eastwood, we seem to have forgotten whether five or six bullets were shot.
    We actually have not been told how this was originally transmitted to person zero. . . and for that matter: how many person zeroes might there be, viz. original transmissions of disease?
    This is most relevant simply as it’s now well established this Grand Mother of All Hoaxes has always been met with a grossly disproportionate response — banning social interaction in all forms; combined with an appalling lack of the most relevant and basic information and data.
    And we have been lied to over and over again.
    The Censorship.
    Many MDs censored. These are facts.
    All those that questioned, asked rational questions, censored.
    Along with various and sundry blogs and Facebook and Twitters, banned.
    These are all facts.
    The enemies of the people extend far beyond the corrupt media giants, and politicians and Bill Gates crowd.
    It is these enemies pushing for an end to Social Interaction, with Lockdowns and arrests of people to people contact.
    Whatever the truth might turn out to be about this disease — for now, during the corona911/COVID-19 special operation, the most heinous and criminal act is banning people to people contact at the point of a gun and threat of jail.
    There is no point to living absent social interaction.
    The same or some of the same social engineers that made it “OK” to murder 61 million babies since 1973 Roe V Wade are at it again.
    This scum of the earth, these social engineers, they want to ban social interaction.
    Planned Murder-hood joins Planned Parent-hood.
    Nurse Wratched would be proud.

  29. Deap says:

    Mike46, CDC is making the claim in their new data release. Links to the CDC website are provided. Laura claims these numbers are flawed. I hope she tells us why she thinks this.
    Glad to see these alleged “covid” death variables are finally getting charted: covid death –because of,- coincidentally with, –assumed, –unknown, –confirmed, —with co-morbidities, —with no co-morbidities, or –lumped together with PIC.
    Mark, let’s not forget the role AVAAZ might have played ginning things up worldwide – global clicktivists- with a decided “progressive agenda” whose flagrant mistress AVAAZ director had the pillow talk ear of the now thoroughly discredited Imperial College of Medicine epidemiologist’s “covid” modeling.
    Might also be a good time to revisit the great toilet paper hoax that created global panic, even before we could spell “covid19”. It was a very carefully choreographed roll out in retrospect, don’t you think. Word id Facebook News started the Great Toilet Paper Hoax in Australia. And instantly, it hit world wide.
    Yes, that was the start of this whole …..caper, along with the AVAAZ director messing around with with the imperial College of Medicine covid honcho.

  30. English Outsider says:

    Mike46 – the early press conferences given by President Trump and his team were on the lines you mention – expanded testing and tracing with local lockdowns where necessary.
    I could have got it wrong but I got the impression at the time that President Trump didn’t mean state-wide lockdowns when he said “local”. More the type one has seen in Germany, as few as 3,000 people sometimes.
    That’s the message I took from those early conferences and it was a message I liked. As far as I can make out it’s what we’re doing in England.
    Since then it’s all become so politicised. Over my way the Progressives have become so worked up that you only have to mention Trump’s name and it’s instant meltdown. Over your way too? Not conditions in which his Coronavirus policy, or anyone else’s, can be judiciously assessed.

  31. Eliot says:

    There are a very limited number of people who are vulnerable to covid. The parishes in Louisiana that saw an initial outbreak in March didn’t see a second wave when the state reopened.
    If lockdowns do anything, it’s simply delay herd immunity, which is not desirable. Worse, the lockdowns come at a heavy economic and human price.
    – Eliot

  32. upstater says:

    Months ago I posted here that the CCP didn’t shutdown much if their economy for the heck of it. They are playing a long game. And to believe this was a ruse is magical thinking.
    I agree with Walrus, there are valid concerns about health care logistics if the curve was not flattened. We saw that in Northern Italy and NYC.
    My mom is 92 and in a nursing home. She has multiple conditions, any of which will cause her death at some point without COVID. That is a given. However if the whole facility became infected and there were widespread infections in the community, palliative care to provide comfort would be impossible. Is that what we want?
    Politicizing such things is a pox on all houses. For the skeptics here, why not organize civil disobedience and COVID parties?
    (I condemn Cuomo’s response, particularly not locking down sooner and sending infected elderly back to nursing homes, resulting in needless suffering and thousands of deaths)

  33. FakeBot says:

    The point being made is not that this virus should be taken with greater skepticism, but rather that we can’t live in fear of it. To paraphrase FDR during the depths of the Great Depression, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Collectively Americans need to be braver and more united in the face of challenges like this virus.
    Democrats and Republicans need to stop politicizing matters in their bids to win office and come to more agreeable terms to better the public interest. There won’t be a country if political leaders from both parties fail to make things work and only focus on accomplishing their own political agenda.

  34. Deap says:

    Here is the recent BBC headline: Pranab Mukherjee: Former president of India dies after Covid diagnosis
    Here are the facts: 84 year old Mukherjee was in hospital for removal of brain blood clot, where he also tested positive for covid.
    What is the implication of the BBC headline wording. Who are they trying to goose? Did he die because of covid, with covid, or just die anyway? What was the history and etiology of his brain blood clot? How skilled was the medical care?

  35. Deap says:

    Laura and Mike46, tell us why Biden is the better choice in 2020; just not more your OrangemanBad.
    If you are here to test-drive your Biden campaign memes, at least disclose your real intent because we see through your junk arguments. And it is time we stop telling you why. Figure that out by yourself.
    You are stuck with a loser, no matter how much lipstick you try to put on him. Plus you now must spend 24/7 cleaning up the mess on aisle two: Kamala Harris.
    Just can’t get the image of her grinning and cackling about the riots “never ending” and calling them a good thing. She just signed the Democrat owner certificate for the past four years of Democrat chaos – from Inauguration Day forward. Out of the deep state Obama shadows and on to prime time TV, for four long Democrat driven years.

  36. Deap says:

    Mike46, is Our Lady of Perpetual Fear (D) your patron saint? All indications confirm this “pandemic” has peaked and has now proven to be far less infectious and far less deadly than Our Lady of Perpetual Fear (D) wanted it to be.
    Where has covid ever “run out of control”? Define your terms. Put numbers on that claim. And dates. And co-morbidity specifics. Did you get assigned to post your brand of fear mongering to this group? Do you really think purple prose turns red into blue?
    You sound like the main character in Albert Camus’ The Plague. Have a friend with you when you read the final chapter..

  37. Deap says:

    Looks like this CDC death count story is picking up interest: https://newsbusters.org/blogs/techwatch/alexander-hall/2020/08/31/twitter-censors-claim-about-covid-19-deaths-retweeted
    The CDC story must be killed, since it goes so directly against the Democrat narrative. Just when we thought we could cruise safely with no new scandal du jour until Nov 3. Now comes CDC Covid-gate.

  38. Seward says:

    After I posted this on my Facebook page, someone had Facebook declare it “False,” because the other 200,000 Covid-19 deaths were “excess deaths” — not related at all. (Likely an FDA lawyer I know, who once showed me how to declare things you don’t like false.)
    So I posted an ABC news item of the same thing, less political in tenor. If that’s also declared false, I’ll post the CDC report.
    First time I’ve ever been censored. So much for freedom of speech.

  39. Mike46 says:

    “Mike46, is Our Lady of Perpetual Fear (D) your patron saint? All indications confirm this “pandemic” has peaked and has now proven to be far less infectious and far less deadly than Our Lady of Perpetual Fear (D) wanted it to be.”
    I think you have your effing head in the sand.

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