“… and he’s pushing down, and pushing down.”


" … And he’s pushing down and pushing down,” she said through tears. “I honestly didn’t know what was going on. And then the next thing I know, like, my head is, like, literally in his crotch … And I’m choking and gagging. And, you know, I couldn’t say anything ‘cause I’m choking and gagging.”

Tyson also believes that Fairfax took advantage of her past as a survivor of incest, about which she recalls telling him 2004. At the time of the alleged assault, she was counseling other survivors at a rape crisis center, which was then “the biggest part of [her] life.”

In early February, Tyson came forward after a right-wing website reported a private Facebook post she wrote, claiming that Fairfax had sexually assaulted her; a day later, she made her name public and claimed that he had “forced [her] to perform oral sex on him,” after which she “suffered from both deep humiliation and shame.” In the time since, a second woman, Meredith Watson, has accused Fairfax of raping her in a “premeditated and aggressive” fashion."  The Cut


I am not sure what rape in a "non-aggressive fashion" would be, but, no matter.   Tyson's experience as recounted by her cannot be described as other than rape.  Forced oral sex is rape without any doubt at all.  This attack occurred in  Boston, MA and the statute of limitations has not run on it as yet. 

Joe Biden, he of many hands, has said of the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearing long ago that Hill was poorly treated at the hearing.  Biden, was then chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and presided at the hearing.  He now says that her ill treatment was caused by the application of legal concepts derived from ancient British common law by the "old white guys" on the committee.  They being he, Edward Kennedy, etc.  I am not sure what he means by the concepts thingy.  Perhaps he means that actual evidence of physical or spiritual assault should not be required in the face of female accusations  and assertions of distress.  In other words lynch law should apply and the process should take place in televised autos da fé.

Well, pilgrims, the two women who have accused Fairfax are willing to testify under oath about these events before the Virginia General Assembly, so, public humiliation and the Biden rule of New Law can apply.

Would Fairfax sit in the chair of the president of the senate during this testimony?  All the world wonders.



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