“We come in peace.” Really?


"Overwhelmingly, everyone The Debrief spoke with said the most striking feature of the recently released UAPTF intelligence position report was the inclusion of new and “extremely clear” photograph of an unidentifiable triangular aircraft.

The photograph, which is said to have also been taken from inside the cockpit of a military fighter jet, depicted an apparent aerospace vehicle described as a large equilateral triangle with rounded or “blunted” edges and large, perfectly spherical white “lights” in each corner. Officials who had seen it said the image was captured in 2019 by an F/A-18 fighter pilot. 

Two officials that received the report said the photo was taken after the triangular craft emerged from the ocean and began to ascend straight upwards at a 90-degree angle. It was indicated that this event occurred off the eastern coast of the United States. Several other sources confirmed the photo’s existence; however, they declined to provide any further specifics of the incident. 

Regarding the overall theme of the recent report, officials who read it say the report primarily focused on “Unidentified Submersible Phenomena,” or unidentified “transmedium” vehicles capable of operating both under water and in the air. "  the debrief



I am surprised by people who are so intellectually limited that they insist that UFO/UAP cannot be real.  Dana Perino, the cute blonde midget who is a talking head on Foxnews says that she not only "thinks" there is nothing but us in the great, wide universe but that she believes the whole US Space Program has been a waste of time and money from its very inception in the era of the godlike JFK except as it was a useful tool with which to tweak the Soviets.  

Now, the generals and admirals, a notably unimaginative lot, are slowly coming to a consensus with regard to UFO/UAP and that consensus points to a conclusion of the reality of these things, whatever they are.  pl 


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  1. Polish Janitor says:

    I am more on the skeptic side than the believer side because of my general attitude and dim view about human nature. But I have to say that the only thing that makes me believe in these unknown sightings is that they are coming from the military brass and I don’t take the military as ‘BS’ers.
    But let me ask you this Colonel: Have you yourself ever encountered unknown aerial phenomena such as these? I really would love to hear it if the answer is yes.

  2. turcopolier says:

    Polish Janitor
    No, but I don’t have to see things to believe they are real. That was always a big advantage for me as an intelligence officer.

  3. turcopolier says:

    Polish janitor
    OTOH some people in my father’s family see and hear things that are not easily explained. My sister is like that. So am I to some extent. Many years ago I was out walking one of my terriers late at night and late in Autumn. I was in front of my house. It was cold. The dog looked up the block to the left of us and I saw a brunette woman approaching on the sidewalk. She went out into the street to get past us and as she came near I saw that she was barefooted and wearing a white lace negligee. I said “Good evening.” She nodded and kept walking. I asked if she were not cold. She said she was not. The dog was tracking her with his head turning as she passed. I said that she seemed odd. She responded “Aren’t we all?” and kept walking. I turned my head to the left just after she passed and when I turned back to watch her go, she was gone, gone from the street and under a streetlight. The dog turned and wanted to go back in the house. Perhaps you can explain that incident. I cannot.

  4. I believe there is something to the Roswell Incident. An Act of God may have brought the craft down. There was a severe thunderstorm reported in the area around time of the alleged crash.
    Major Marcel was head of intelligence for 509th Bomb group of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field. The unit that housed the Enola Gay and was responsible for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII.
    He describes the material as lightweight. You could crumple it up and it would expand naturally to its former form after releasing it.
    Also, you could not burn the material and a sledgehammer would not dent the material.
    A balloon would obviously burn and a sledgehammer would destroy or tear it. And it would not reform to its original shape.

  5. Eric Newhill says:

    I’ve mentioned before that a number of years ago I began to spontaneously have what are called “out of body experiences” (OBEs). Scared the hell out of me at first. Eventually, I learned to be ok with them and even induce them at will. I seem to have gradually lost that ability; for the most part. At some point back then I was seeking to determine if the experiences were “real” or just some kind of strange dreams. I ultimately concluded they were largely real because I could obtain verifiable detailed information about events at locations beyond my physical body of which I had no prior knowledge. Sometimes I even obtained detailed information about future events.
    On one such purposeful test in the early days of my experimentation, I willed my “astral”self to travel to my neighbor’s house and enter it. I knew my neighbor well enough to say “hello”, but had never been in her house. This was at night. After midnight if I recall correctly. I found my neighbor in bed with her boyfriend(she wasn’t married). The boyfriend was sound asleep, but my neighbor was partly awake. I could just tell. I was “standing” by her bed taking in the sights and starting to feel a little guilty about being creepy that way, when she sat up in bed and looked right at me. She seemed to see me, which surprised me. I went “flying” out of her house.
    Maybe a week later I encountered her as we were both taking out the trash for pick-up. I asked how she was doing. She said she was well – then, without any prompting from me, she told me that she thought her house might be haunted. I asked why. She said that about a week ago she had seen a ghost in her bedroom. It had frightened her and she was trying to deal with experience. She described what the ghost looked like and, yes, it looked just like me. Oddly she didn’t make the connection. I think because she believed ghosts could be real, but couldn’t imagine that living people can project as ghosts. I swear that is a 100% true story. Maybe the woman you encountered was someone projecting like that. I understand that many do in their sleep and either don’t recall or consider it to be a vivid dream, but just a dream.
    Because I have had a range of paranormal experiences, I have studied all of the evidence, etc as a hobby. I always kind of dismissed UFOs as nuts and bolts phenomena. I’m starting to open to the idea that they are. I’m really not sure what to think about them, but they should not be summarily dismissed as “impossible”. Indeed that is closed minded and ignores the evidence. Science follows the evidence. It doesn’t seek to defend a paradigm at all costs.

  6. Diana L Croissant says:

    I believe many things that I have never seen. A person has to as he or she goes through school. We have to take the words of our teachers and professors and use their documentation as proof.
    On another note, my two sisters and my brother and I all knew that we couldn’t get away with much that my mother didn’t approve of. She always somehow KNEW what we were doing that she didn’t approve of, and our friends all assured us they hadn’t told.
    My mother had “died” in some sense twice: the first after going into eclampsia while giving birth to my brother, her first child. And the second time after a gall bladder operation. Both times she came home to tell us of who came to talk with her and tell her she was still needed and had to go back (to life).
    Those people who had talked with her were obviously not from outer space but from wherever we go when we die.
    Therefore, I have grown up believing that it is perfectly o.k. to believe in things that I personally have not seen myself. Most people who report these sorts of events have to know they will be accused of lying or hallucinating. So, their belief has to be firm if they are willing to be characterized as mentally ill or something else.
    If you search the Internet, you have to realize that you’ll be reading things that may or may not be “documented” as well as they should be to be believed. I taught research writing and know the rules of documentation.
    However I find it fun to search the Internet. I learned that someone believes these things about my blood type O-: I am less likely to catch this virus, but more exciting for me is that some feel I will be more likely than others to be abducted by outer space aliens.
    In the boring pandemic lockdown, I find that to be an exciting possibility.
    Sometimes you don’t have to see to believe. Instead, sometimes you have to believe to “see”.

  7. Artemesia says:

    Does anyone remember details of a meeting on Smith Island, across from Jekyll Island, about a year or 18 months ago. My hazy recollection is only that neoconservatives dominated the gathering — the brief report I read quoted Robert Kagan. He said something like, “We have seen some extremely interesting new defense technologies here.” — words to that effect.
    Is the Triangle phenomenon a new weapons system being developed by US, or US allies?
    I never thought much about whether or not 4th dimension events and aliens are real. Kurt Vonnegut made Tralfamadore real to me — when I read such literature I become caught up in it: started when I read Enid Blyton in the library above the firehouse in a small village in Ohio.
    We have not yet fully explored the capabilities of the human brain that, in my case at least, can create reality from the written word, much less all that an infinite universe has yet to unfold.

  8. That’s one of the best articles I’ve read on this stuff in a long while. The idea that aliens may be more interested in creatures living in our seas rather than on land is intriguing. Who could they be contacting? Whales? Porpoises? Octopuses? Maybe something else we haven’t encountered yet. On land, aliens may be more interested in the wider forests organisms encompassing the trees, mushrooms and other fungi all connected and communicating through mycelia.
    We are terribly self-centered to assume that we are the only organisms on this planet that aliens would be interested in. Whales may have been reaching out to the stars long before we started to do so. Perhaps even the forests have been doing so even before the whales.

  9. james says:

    thanks pat! fascinating…. something that can cross the barrier between water and air at really high speeds – wow! of course there is life in other universes.. we are foolish to think planet earth is the only planet inhabited by people and intelligence… the universe is big… we live in one small part of it.. at some point if we keep on screwing up here on planet earth we are going to find out more from these foreign travellers.. that is my take.. hopefully we can figure out how to get along and not kill the planet in the process…

  10. Mary Hallock says:

    Colonel, I had an uncle who was a transport pilot during WWII and stayed in the air force until retiring. He claimed to have seen an aircraft flying along side his plane that took off doing things that none of our technology could do. He said he couldn’t explain it but I know what he meant. He’s dead these many years so I can’t ask him about it now.
    BTW we had a night time visitor in our house until my priest uncle gave us a house blessing. Our 90 pound golden retriever growled but wouldn’t go downstairs. The world is full of strange things and I’m not arrogant enough to say I understand everything.

  11. Diana L Croissant says:

    “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

  12. turcopolier says:

    I came back in the house and described this to my wife. She has a contemporary memory of the event.

  13. akaPatience says:

    When I was single one of my boyfriends was an aerospace engineer. He liked to take rides in hilly rural areas to test the maneuverability of his newly-purchased Land Rover, which in those days was only available in a relatively primitive model, unlike the luxury SUVs of today. Early one evening while riding around, we saw distant lights moving slowly and randomly, hovering above a farmer’s field. As we got closer, we could see it was some sort of truck-sized vehicle with revolving lights all around its lower edge, with about 10 feet or so of space between its bottom and the ground. I froze in fear as my boyfriend said it had to be a UFO, because he’d never seen anything like it before.
    More recently, I had a frightening paranormal experience. It happened on a Thanksgiving night: we’d hosted the feast during which a brother and his family regaled us with stories of hauntings. He’d recently moved to a pre-Civil War farmhouse on 40 acres. It had been sold to him by a retired GE engineer and his wife who’d only lived there a few years. When asked why they were selling, the wife told him it “was time to go”. Anyway, it wasn’t long before my brother and his wife started hearing strange noises – footsteps, knocks, rustling, soft music, etc. Their daughter said the phenomenon seemed to follow them around because it would happen in her house when they visited. I thought to myself that this was some sort of flaky mass hysteria and dismissed it in my mind. However, that evening as I sat alone in the kitchen after cleaning up, with my 2 cats huddled close to me, I heard music that I thought was coming from the TV behind me, tuned in to the Classic Arts videos I often watched late at night. Fearing it could disturb my husband, I turned to switch it off but it wasn’t even on. Then I suddenly heard sharp footsteps coming from above that sounded like a woman walking in high heels on a hardwood floor. Both cats quickly turned their heads upwards at the same time as we listened to the footsteps for a couple of minutes. However, no one was in the room above, which was thickly carpeted…
    I’m an annoying skeptic by nature but have to admit something very unusual, frightening and inexplicable occurred both times.

  14. A. Pols says:

    It seems that the periodic table is reality throughout the universe and the chemistry of life processes is likely to be fairly similar everywhere. It also seems planetary systems exist in profusion as well and I would also infer that Earth similar planets are likely to exist by the millions in the vastness of the universe. Therefore the evolution of intelligent life forms seems likely beyond our planet. Now travel on an interstellar basis may be difficult due to time and distance and communications as well. After all, hundreds of light years is quite a hike.
    I and a number of companions saw a phenomenon one night in 1974. Some friends and I were camped at a mountain shelter in New Hampshire called “Crag Camp” near treeline in the Presidential Range. There were perhaps a total of 15 people in the hut and it was late October and quite cold with snow on the mountain and a very clear sky. My then girlfriend and I along with another couple had retired for the night to our sleeping bags when we heard excited conversation from out side. Crag Camp had an outside deck with a fine view over King Ravine. The people outside were exclaiming over something they were seeing in the sky, so we got up and threw on boots&coats so we could see what all the fuss was about. There was a diamond shaped pattern of 4 lights, totally stable in size and shape, that alternately hovered and then moved in extremely rapid jumps both laterally and vertically. This went on for some time until whatever it was moved at unnatural speeds and disappeared. There were probably a dozen people who all saw the same thing from the same vantage point. What it was I cannot say, but it was quite real. The pattern of lights had an angular perceived size equal perhaps to a full moon. There were no apparent weird refractive phenomena to be seen that we thought could explain what we saw.

  15. confusedponderer says:

    I cannot say I have seen or experienced a thing like the odd woman in the cold when you went out with your dog.
    What I know is just something more easily explained. When I did my military service I had it often that I felt ‘there is something‘, looked again and then found it. I explained it to me by concluding I must have a decent peripheral vision.
    Alas, now, with a little age I’m slightly shortsighted (too much reading and computer) so it will be less so, but I have it corrected with glasses. It was disturbing to suddenly see things sharp again which I previously only knew to be there.
    That said, I still recall fondly an experience during a night “search and find” exercise when I had myself properly greened up, standing in front of a hedge. A comrade was some 2 meters away, looking at me, not seeing me. “Boo!” I said. And I came in peace.

  16. SAC Brat says:

    Legendary British test pilot Eric Brown wrote of chasing an object by jet that had multiple witnesses over England in February 1956. It was real to him and to the radar operators at the airbase he flew from. He then mentions three months later he had to shoot down a real balloon that had broken loose and the challenge to line up his shots so they didn’t land in a populated area.

  17. turcopolier says:

    Further “proof” of my strangeness is the experience I had at the von Furstenberg palace on the north shore of Lake Constance. SWMBO and I were on vacation and driving around and decided from some tourist guide to visit the schloss which was open for tours. This has been in the family since the Renaissance. I started to feel uncomfortable as soon as we entered the building. We joined a tour. The more we walked around the worse I felt. We finally arrived at the chapel which is very old. By that time I was filled with dread. The von Furstenbergs are a Catholic family with the exception of Diane who married in. In the last generation there was a Cardinal von Furstenberg who was Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of which I am a member. The tour guide focused on me and asked what I was feeling. I asked who was under the floor. He named several. The names meant nothing to me. I told him I felt ill and would leave. He nodded and said that some people were affected by the chapel that way. I went out in the parking and threw up. I was glad to drive away.

  18. d74 says:

    They came to see how we commit suicide by fouling the Earth. They have been coming regularly for millennia. Even the old medieval chronicles talk about them.
    They see that progress is still stalled because we are unable to get out of our hole. We are still our worst enemy.
    So they leave without saying a word, just nodding their heads.

  19. siberiancat says:

    With all respect, the photo looks like a CGI, and the video is very blurry

  20. turcopolier says:

    The article states that the triangle picture is an artists rendition of a photograph he had been shown. Aircraft sensor films like that are always blurry. Stanford, eh? Typical smart-alecky attitude.

  21. Polish Janitor says:

    Fascinating experiences Colonel, thank you for sharing them. The barefoot woman you described, walking around in cold whether is not something ordinary at all. Quite unusual indeed. It is interesting that you actually interacted with her, I am thinking if I were in that situation I probably would have remained frozen and speechless!
    My father is a retired F-4 phantom pilot and used to fly in the late 80s. He and his GIB had one sighting that the jet’s radar would not pick up but it was visually observable. The object was gray and did not have a specific shape and seemed static and when they started to approach it my dad said it vanished immediately.
    Please keep us updated if you ever came across news pieces like this colonel, a little distraction from the political news cycle is great as always!

  22. Mark Logan says:

    I would guess that if we had interstellar capability and encountered a world with life at the early stages of industrialization the last thing we would do is make contact with it. It’s a safe bet only a miniscule percentage of water-planets encountered would have it at the point in time we arrive. A thing observed is a thing changed.
    We would tread on the knife edge of as much study as possible without revealing ourselves.

  23. james says:

    @ pat @ eric newhill and others…
    thanks for sharing these stories… makes me feel a bit more sane..

  24. Eric Newhill says:

    Maybe they have seen Col. Lang’s grilled sword fish posts and decided they needed to try some of that.
    Maybe they are miners or gatherers of organic materials necessary to their lives and depleted on their planet, but abundant and ignored here.

  25. Mark Logan says:

    On the subject of communication without language.
    I had one truly unexplainable event on that. In the early 90’s a crazy man broke into my sister’s apartment and brutally assaulted her. She was gravely injured. The time when it happened was about 5:00AM where I was. At that time I got out of my bunk wide awake. No grogginess whatsoever. I didn’t even have thoughts, I simply got up and got dressed with a feeling that I needed to be ready without a trace of a reason to be so. Barely finished brushing my teeth when the knock on the door summoning me for an urgent phone call from home came. I was already dressed, utterly clear and utterly awake…ready for battle…with nary a hint as to what for or the slightest question in my mind of why I felt that way. Literally on the other side of the world.
    Physics? We have but cracked the surface.

  26. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    OT, sorry, dragging us back to the sub-lunary like this, but Lord Malloch Brown, about whom David Habakkuk had posted a little while back as a dodgy character worth keeping an eye on is in the news. I took the liberty of posting in this comment thread since that associated with David’s thread is way stale now. Again, apologies, Colonel.
    Looks as if Mr. Habakkuk’s suspicions were justified. Imagine him popping up on the radar screen right about now.
    Huh… Another scheming, globalist Brit; they seem to be thick on the ground these days.

  27. SAC Brat says:

    Mark Logan,
    I had the same feelings during the Challenger accident and the September 11 crashes. Something just happened. Turn on the tv and saw the news.
    Fast forward to a few years ago and getting the hunch, and then contacting family and friends to make sure everything was ok. It was, but I like to chase down hunches whenever I feel them now. Some don’t pan out, some hit something, but I don’t want to pass them by.

  28. Unhinged Citizen says:

    I’ve never seen a UFO or anything I could remotely call super-natural in my life, but I do believe something is afoot, and have had a hobby-level interest in the topic.
    Having done a deep dive into the literature and witness reports, I’m firmly in the Jacques Valles camp of interpretation of the phenomenon, meaning that I don’t believe these are alien creatures necessarily in silver metallic saucers travelling between the stars to sample our DNA or whatever else, but rather that this is something profoundly different, bordering on our physical reality. Something to do with death, and our souls. These entities use technology, but nothing about their origins or motives is known. What is telling is they operate clandestinely and use deception.
    Their emergence into our reality over the span of civilization seems to have elements of design. They may be responsible for our deities.

  29. Fred says:

    No no no, they are interstellar capitalists and came by to acquire luxury goods, the truly valuable things in trade. Why ode de Love Canal was a great seller at Seti Alpha five. Sadly it is no more. Shame, shame, shame. If only we had bottled some. Just imagine what a can of smog from LA, vintage 1982, or a bottle of Chateaux de Cuyahoga River 1969 would bring on Beatlejuex 2. Sad. We could pay off our national debt with a couple of cases of that..

  30. Eric,
    I’m glad you brought up your remote viewing and other experiences. My experience is limited to performing enough RV to prove to myself it’s real. I’m confident humanity or some subgroup of humanity will understand and harness that skill/ability to the point we will wander the farthest reaches of the universe at will. We will join the ranks of beings and/or entities that already do so. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if whales and forest spirits are there to greet us and say “What took you so long?”

  31. blue peacock says:

    When one considers the sheer scale of the universe and other universes as the most recent Nobel Prize winner postulates, then the probability of other life must be very high. We may have no concept of that life, however.
    The Viking spacecraft are now in interstellar space and still sending some sensor data. Our curiosity about the universe has existed for millennia among philosophers, theologians and even mere mortals.
    A big question is what does complete destruction of habitat for other species by humans on planet earth portend?

  32. Yeah, Right says:

    Is that an artist’s rendition of the object that is shown here:
    Or is that another event altogether?

  33. elaine says:

    TTG, Thank you for your post. I’ve long known trees communicate
    with each other & now I know a bit more how. I love them.

  34. Dongo says:

    That photograph appears to be a fairly simple CGI composite, which makes me doubt the honesty of the story told by anyone peddling it.

  35. TonyL says:

    Looking at the Earth from space, it reminds us that all the human struggles and tribal politics are mundane.
    “We are so small between the stars, So large against the sky.”
    We need more posts like this from the Colonel!

  36. turcopolier says:

    The original article says clearly that the triangle picture is an artist’s rendering of a photograph he had seen. Got that?

  37. turcopolier says:

    yeah, right
    “an artist’s rendition of the object that is shown here” Yes! Yes!

  38. turcopolier says:

    Since you enjoyed those so much I will “share” another with you. I may have written about this before. In 2000 I was in Rome and was invited to a semi-private audience with JP2. There were about a dozen people, all involved in Catholic charities in the ME. When it was my turn I took a knee before him and kissed his hand rather than his ring. As I wrote yesterday, I am invested as a knight of a papal chivalric order (EOHS) and was swept up in the moment. He was all hunched over and looking crippled, but when I did that he looked up at me. Our faces were about two feet apart. “My father was a soldier,” he said. and then after a moment, “You worry too much. I do not see anything very bad in you. You did what you did because it had to be…” I have a photograph of that moment, taken by a Vatican photographer. It hangs in my “how great I was room.” I look at it every day.

  39. Leith says:

    TTG –
    Thanks for that video link of an experiment on how trees communicate with each other. I have to wonder if Doctor Simard was the inspiration for Richard Powers character in his Pulitzer prize winning novel The Overstory?
    But apparently plantlife has more avenues of communication other than mycelia. Some scientists have shown that some plants also use electrical signaling, or VOCs like terpenoids, or chemical cues to talk to each other.

  40. J says:

    What about the government engineer Phil Schneider and the case of the Dulce firefight with ‘beings’ (aka large greys) underground? After Schneider went public, he was suicided in less than a year.

  41. j. casey says:

    I very much enjoyed your personal experiences in non-ordinary reality. Clearly, the statistics are very much against us being alone in the universe. However, I would add that this photo seems like the latest installment in a long-standing operation that has moved the triangle craft (various made-up names, TR3B, Aurora, etc.) from fringes and woo woo sites into the WaPo/Times state-media operations in preparation, I suspect, for a “big reveal” when needed. That reveal would wow the PopSci crew with a “it was our secret weapon all along, so secret that even military pilots didn’t know about it!” More “fluffer” services by the so-called media for the weapons manufacturers.

  42. sbin says:

    The universe could be thought of as life and what we perceive around us is manifestations of that.
    As a single cell doesn’t comprehend it’s role in creating human consciousness humanity can not understand its role in the grand order.
    The finite can not comprehend the infinite but it sure is an enjoyable way to spent some of our very limited time here.

  43. Walrus says:

    Col. Lang, I had a similar experience to yours with the Pope in a Japanese Monastery in 1972 as a young man. I was a guest at a semi private audience with the very old and venerable Abbot. When my turn came, he clasped my hand, looked right through me and told my host in Japanese that I would turn out all right, or that is how he translated it.

  44. Clueless Joe says:

    I’m late to the party, but all this is very interesting.
    About alien ships going down under the sea, I would actually go for the most obvious reason – which is kind of a trope of Sci-Fi, notably video games Sci Fi: any careful probing of human civilization would show that we can monitor a lot of things that happens over the ground, yet we have a very limited grasp of what’s under the seas of our very own planet. If any alien civilization wanted to set up an outpost, or even just a supply depot for basic logistical or emergency needs of their crafts, then putting it deep down in the ocean is definitely the best place, because odds that we would find it by mere luck are way lower than if they set it up in the Arctic, the desert or the jungle. I’d go for just a depot and not a fully-manned outpost, because the former doesn’t need to have an active communication device, it can just be dead weight lying on the floor of the ocean, something you have to actively look for at this precise spot to find.

  45. Eric Newhill says:

    You’ve mentioned your remote viewing before. Very cool.
    I agree with what you say about reaching out across the galaxies and maybe meeting the whales and all sorts of other beings out there. I think that day is always at hand – if only we freed up enough personal energy to move our focus away from earthly matters for a few hours a day and had faith in the power of soul.
    I have found that as I raised a family, developed a career and tried to be the best of the best and fretted and all of that, my spiritual senses atrophied. Right now I’m so torqued over the election and burned out from lockdowns and work that I can’t be there. I glimpse it, but can’t reach it. Stress and its sister, Confusion, kill – physically, mentally and spiritually. I used to think I could play the game and still keep a foot in that other, more real, world. I have learned that I can’t do it. I suspect we all find ourselves in that situation whether or not we realize it.
    But we’ll get there sooner or later. Either launching from this world or the next.

  46. Mike C says:

    My Dad was an aviation nut, likely that’s where I picked up the habit. In the late 60’s he was newly married, studying engineering at NDSU in Fargo, ND. Hector Int’l airport was a popular spot for Northwest Airlines to train flight crews, and on this particular day they were shooting touch-and-go’s in their still fairly new 727s. NDSU sits just SE of the airport, my Mother remembers that it was “really noisy” where they lived. Watching the planes out the window, Dad saw something odd hovering in the sky, near the traffic pattern he thought. He showed my Mom. It was bright, round, seemed to have its own light. Dad thought this was important enough to report it to the air traffic control tower. Yes, they said, they saw it too. Shortly thereafter two F-102s from the 119th Wing (Happy Hooligans) were scrambled. According to my Dad, they hadn’t even sucked in the gear before whatever it was sped off, zipped away, in a blink.
    A little over two decades later, my sister was studying for her degree up at UND in Grand Forks. She and my brother-in-law had just gotten back from doing some astronomy observations, around 2 or 3am. “Great,” said my BiL, “now the sky is clear.” This is typical in astronomy, telescopes attract cloud cover. My sister looked up and was confused, she could see no stars. Then she realized that the absence of stars had a shape. I just talked to her on the phone and read to her the description in the article posted above. “Yep. A blunt-edged equilateral triangle.” No lights were visible at the corners, however. She estimated it was “up to five fists wide”, in angle approximation that would be 50 degrees of sky, but it might have been less. There was no sound, she felt whatever it was was massive. She only saw it for about 5 seconds, my BiL caught a glimpse, and then it too vanished.
    -Just a couple family stories I wanted to throw on the pile.
    For some further reading, look up the “Gorman Dogfight” and the experiences of Dr. John Salter, Jr.

  47. j. casey says:

    Some news on the op:
    “The emails also seem to indicate that the research program that emanated from the patents did in fact result in an experimental demonstration of some sort. Last year, the publication of several unusual patents assigned to the U.S. Navy raised eyebrows due to the seemingly radical and unconventional claims found within them. These patents included bizarre technologies such as a “high temperature superconductor,” a “high frequency gravitational wave generator,” a force field-like “electromagnetic field generator,” a “plasma compression fusion device,” and a hybrid aerospace/underwater craft featuring an “inertial mass reduction device.” They truly sound like the stuff of science fiction and seem to describe the theoretical building blocks of a craft with UFO-like performance.”

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