E-mail – Waiting for the FBI and DoJ.


"What the new report from the State Department inspector general makes clear is that it also was not a casual oversight. Ms. Clinton had plenty of warnings to use official government communications methods, so as to make sure that her records were properly preserved and to minimize cybersecurity risks. She ignored them.

The 83-page report declares that “beginning in late 2005 and continuing through 2011,” the department revised its Foreign Affairs Manual and “issued various memoranda specifically discussing the obligation to use Department systems in most circumstances and identifying the risks of not doing so.” Ms. Clinton didn’t.

During her tenure, State Department employees were told that they were expected to use approved, secure methods to transmit information that was sensitive but unclassified, or SBU. If they needed to transmit SBU information outside the department’s network, they were told to ask information specialists for help. The report said there is no evidence that Ms. Clinton ever asked, “despite the fact that emails exchanged on her personal account regularly contained information that was marked as SBU.” On June 28, 2011, a cable was sent to all diplomatic and consular posts over her signature warning that personal email accounts could be compromised and officials should “avoid conducting official Department business from your personal e-mail accounts.” At the time, Ms. Clinton was doing exactly that."  Washpost


 The persistence of untruth radiating from Clintonia is impressive. 

  • She had permission?  The State Department "rules" allowed the use of a "home brew" mail server in Chappaqua?  Really?  How about the back-up servers in Denver in some couple's spare bathroom?  Did the State department's "rules" allow that as well?
  • Well. pilgrims,  a cabinet secretary in the US Government sets the rules (as opposed to laws) for his/her department.  There is no higher authority above the cabinet secretary for setting "rules" or granting exceptions to those "rules."  So, basically, she set the rules under which  she says the State Department granted her permission to break the same rules.  Say what?  I suppose she could have asked Obama personally as her only boss if she could waive her own rules in order to "protect her privacy" from future FOIA action.  I suppose she could have done that…  I wonder what he would have said.
  • The State IG report is about the Records Keeping Law.  There is another whole universe of hurt out there for HC and those marooned in Clintonia involving other statutes (laws as opposed to rules) concerning; handling of secret information,  possible breaches and penetration of her E-mail traffic,  US Secret information that may have been collected and retained by a foreign country, etc.
IMO the FBI waited for the publication of this IG report, waited to see what the reaction would be.  The reaction is considerable. 
She declined to be  interviewed by the State Department IG.  Can she rely on Obama to allow her to stonewall the FBI?
Taking everything into account, I think the Dems should have a relief pitcher or two warming up in the bull pen.  pl 



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  1. b says:

    There is already a relief pitcher and he just took Clinton to the cleaners.
    Clinton declined to debate him again, as had been agreed, before the California primary. Sanders will now debate Trump!
    That debate will have huge ratings and give Sanders additional votes. It will showcase to the super-delegates that Sanders is the better chance to defeat Trump and keep the party in power.
    Clinton screwed that debate issue up nicely and to her disadvantage.

  2. pj says:

    I’m not sure this provocative letter to Obama about the Clinton emails has been posted here, so here goes – http://www.globalresearch.ca/us-intelligence-veterans-urge-fast-report-on-hillary-clintons-emails-nsa-fbi-have-enough-evidence/5526858

  3. steve says:

    If the dems look to parachute someone like Biden in to replace Hillary rather than allow a Sanders candidacy, they can kiss this election goodbye.
    It has been said that the dems would rather lose with Hillary than win with Sanders. Same could be said of Biden.

  4. Bill H says:

    With all due respect, Colonel, “this too shall pass.” Clinton is already saying that this vindicates her because it says that her predecessors did the same thing, which it does not and they did not, but the media will ignore the IG and print whet Hillary says and she will continue her “inevitable” course to the nomination.
    Actually, it’s too late anyway, becuase to hear her tell it she has already won the nomination. Those of us voting in California are merely window dressing.

  5. Tyler says:

    Trump just wrecked billions of dollars worth of hopes for the Borg, crushed 14 pretenders and literally took over via force of will.
    Bernie couldn’t protect his podium from BLM and two fat black women. He has no chance.

  6. Tyler says:

    Ann Coulter has an article up that expresses how the server was to hide her plans from Obama more than anyone, and she’s of the opinion that Joe Biden is going to be subbed in for Hillary.

  7. turcopolier says:

    Bill H
    This may be the most worthless nomination in US history. I think that it will not pass. pl

  8. LG says:

    Can you please post the link to this article. Many thanks

  9. Liza says:

    Col. Lang:
    You confused “Chappaqua” with “Chappaquiddick”. Perhaps you’re expecting another political dynasty to fade into history.
    I agree that this should disqualify Clinton. The only problem: her opponent apparently has well-established connections with the mafia. Politicos published this well-researched piece by a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter.

  10. Tyler says:

    Trump will sweep 50 states if the Dems elect Hillary.

  11. Tyler,
    Trump had to cancel one of his rallies because of a fear that anti-Trump protest could potentially turn violent. The rally where Sanders was pushed away from the podium was not his rally. He was just another invited speaker at someone else’s event. It wasn’t his podium. In both cases, the candidate backed down. In my opinion, they were both wise to do so. This upcoming debate between Trump and Sanders will determine whether Sanders has a chance or not. If Sanders holds his own, I think the pressure to dump Clinton will increase dramatically. OTOH, a demonstrably poor showing by Sanders would sink him once and for all.

  12. I think it will take strategic leaks from the FBI to pressure the DOJ to act in this case. Otherwise, Clinton will get away with insinuating that only the little people have to follow rules to protect secrets or preserve federal records. As much as I distrust Trump as a grifter void of all truth, I fear Clinton would be the more imperious President.

  13. John Minnerath says:

    The State Department IG report is damning, but carefully written to avoid outright condemnation. Now the question is, will this report give more of a green light to the FBI to be more aggressive in their own investigation?
    Neither agency is particularly beholden to the WH.
    The MSM may choose to ignore all this and HRC may try to blow it all off with a smile/smirk, but her grand political aspirations hang by an even thinner thread.

  14. turcopolier says:

    Typepad HTML Email
    Link? Pl

  15. turcopolier says:

    Yes. I am confused. Well, pilgrim, one Redskin word or another. pl

  16. mbrenner says:

    The really intriguing speculative question is what the Chappaqua couple would have done if they had driven the car off the Chappaquiddick bridge. Wrestle to keep each other from jumping in? wrestle to see which would play the role of hero(ine)? Both run like hell?

  17. turcopolier says:

    Yes. Let’s see, Chappaqua is where the house is that McCaullife bought for them. I wonder if they paid him back using money. Chappaquiddick is the place on “The Vineyard” where Teddy abandoned a drowning young woman in his submerged car. Is that right or do I still have them confused. pl

  18. Tyler says:

    This is an unfair conflation of 2 black women vs. An angry mob of literally thousands. What would you have had him do? Give the speech behind sandbagged machine gun emplacements? I know SS agents who were on that detail, and they had no answer for what to do when hundreds of rioters rushed the stage other than start shooting.
    I get that you don’t like Trump, but be honest with yourself here. Bernie is going to get asked how you pay for the gimmedats and its going to be blood on the floor.
    FYI they euthanitized the horse that was injured at the ABQ rally. Unless you’re going to start shooting rioters (an option im not opposed to) there’s not a lot you can do against a riot of thousands of paid Soros agitators.

  19. Tyler,
    You miss the point. Trump was right and wise to cancel that rally. It would have been stupid for him to hold it and risk the violence. He wasn’t “less of a man” for canceling it. I applaud his action in this case. I’d ask you the same question about the Sanders’ backdown. What would you have had him do? He could have wrestled the black women for control of the podium. We would have seen either a 74 year old man getting his ass kicked by women or an old man sucker punching women. It would have been bad for Sanders in either case.

  20. Allen Thomson says:

    This raises a question: Is a Cabinet Secretary an employee of the Department she heads and subject to its internal regulations? Or is she an independent entity placed by the POTUS, with the consent of the Senate, over the Department?
    Of course, to the extent the internal regulations are meant to implement federal laws like the Open Records Act, an independent Secretary would do well to pay attention to them. But for others, would they be more than advisory?

  21. turcopolier says:

    Allen Thompson
    It seems clear to me that a cabinet secretary holds a constitutional office and is NOT an employee of that department other than for administration not related to policy. pl

  22. Tyler says:

    Stood his ground and never let go of the microphone.
    It sounded from where I’m sitting like you were trying to conflate the two scenarios. Bernie looked weak in his scenario, Trump looked prudent. When the rioter attempted to charge Trump at the podium, Trump looked strong when he turned to face the guy and it looked to the public like the SS agents were trying to hold him back from confronting the idiot himself. Which is the truth, whether or not you would want to believe it.
    A 74 year old man getting attacked by two BLM agitators would have been golden for the Sanders campaign. Unfortunately instead of going Populist Left he immediately caved to BLM-SJW style politics. Oh well.

  23. Allen Thomson says:

    It would be interesting to see a Secretary’s pay stub.

  24. rg says:

    I’ve been saying to friends and family since 2013 and more recently in places like this site, in the comments, that the financial elites do not want the Clintons back in the White House, notwithstanding all the speaking fees and their apparent loyalty to the financiers. Hillary has never been an attractive candidate for elective office, but in any event I believe the elites in question made sure that she didn’t prevail in 2008, through their considerable influence over the mass media. These elites would have been happy to have John Kerry as President, and they would be happy to have Joe Biden succeed Obama. They have at least one of their inner-circle agents on Trump’s team, namely his National Finance Chairman. If Trump wins in November, I think this guy will become Treasury Secretary. But that’s a hedge, and Trump is not their first choice. I don’t think they anticipated the strength of Sanders’ campaign, and because of it, engineering a Biden Presidency now looks difficult. The military provocations of Russia and China might continue to escalate, because Trump, Sanders, and Hillary (if she’s still standing) are less plausible managers than Biden of a potential doomsday military scenario. Getting rid of Hillary is beginning to look like a chip shot, but forcing Biden in over Sanders is going to be bloody. If they can secure the Democratic nomination for Biden, they will probably unleash a horrifying series of leaks about Trump. The Jeffrey Epstein thing can work against both Trump and the Clintons, but that’s certainly not all that they’ve got on Trump. At this point it’s hard to predict who will succeed Obama.

  25. alba etie says:

    Col Lang
    You are exactly right – the young lady was abandoned and did drowned .

  26. alba etie says:

    If there is a criminal charge to be made FBI Director Comey’s record strongly suggests that he is not afraid of any of the elites .. IMO there will vociferous blowback from the FBI should the DOJ or anyone else try to bury any criminal wrong doing associated with Secretary of State Clinton’s email contretemps . That is the real question – was their criminal wrong doing by Ms Clinton? If there was you can bet that FBI Director Comey will not be bullied into not pressing charges . We shall see..

  27. rjj says:

    Atlantic City, casinos, NY real estate … but shocked, shocked to find that he has established mafia dealings/connections?
    how is that a problem?

  28. Mark Pyruz says:

    Hurtful, Colonel, hurtful…

  29. robt willmann says:

    Although the e-mail sending and receiving, and computer server legal problems have gotten the most publicity about Hillary, it might be that legal problems in the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, a/k/a The Clinton Foundation, and associated foundations may be the most serious ones.
    A man named Charles K. Ortel has started to research and write about information on the Clinton Foundation that in his opinion is the “largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted”. And in addition, the “Clinton Foundation trustees have never submitted the financial records of this web of public charities to an independent, properly certified audit, performed by fully informed and empowered accounting firms.” Plus, the Clinton Foundation has been authorized by the IRS only for the tax-exempt purpose of being an archival records repository and research facility in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hillary’s close friend Cheryl Mills, who is also a subject in the e-mail inquiry, apparently was a trustee of the Clinton Foundation for a while.
    What is interesting is that Mr. Ortel worked at the old-line investment “bank”, Dillon, Read & Co., where he did a lot of work on “mergers and acquisitions” and corporate buyouts, and then went on to other investment advisory firms. Putting the socioeconomic issue of corporate mergers and buyouts to the side, Mr. Ortel definitely knows “finance” and how to read financial statements and reports, publicly filed financial reports, and IRS requirements. He has also consulted with people familiar with the legal and tax obligations of public charitable foundations. After grinding through a lot of public filings, he has put together some information and exhibits that are on his website–
    I heard a news report early on that the FBI was allegedly also looking into the Clinton Foundation mess, but I do not know if that is actually happening. The book, “Clinton Cash”, that came out in 2015, described in general some of the Clintons’ money manipulations. A documentary relating to the book has been made and is to be released in July, after being recently screened for distributors at the Cannes Film Festival–
    There are criminal laws against making false and materially misleading statements in financial reports about foundations filed with a State government or the federal government, and against fraud and other bad conduct regarding a charitable foundation. Because of the fact that the publicly filed documents show illegal conduct, proving a criminal case is much easier, as the documents speak for themselves, and tracing bank transactions is straight forward. Mr. Ortel’s work is of the detailed kind that can produce an investigation that can result in legal action against the Clintons and their “charitable” foundation.

  30. steve says:

    There are lists of donors to the Clinton Foundation available.

  31. turcopolier says:

    Mark Pyrus
    You need to decide who you are. pl

  32. Fred says:

    Well this sure explains why we have a tranny bathroom crisis. If Obama wants his legacy to be any better than Hoover’s he should direct the DOJ to do something useful.

  33. Fred says:

    Just how big was the “riot” in ABQ?
    Place de la République has had demonstrations every day that look bigger than that.

  34. robt willmann says:

    Here is an interview that Charles Ortel did a week ago on the subject of the Clinton Foundation and the illegal conduct on a Chicago, Illinois radio station, AM560. It starts at 1 minute, 32 seconds into the video–

  35. Kooshy says:

    b I am afraid on this issue (HRC’ sever gate) your hope like mine is too high, I don’t think the Borg and Borgistan well let the judiciary touch her, she has the Borg and Borg’ media behind her all the way to Nov. The report yesterday IMO was rather miled, I suspect it was meant to fend off the FBI report before it comes out. IMO, Trump and Bernie should insist for a special independent investigative commission to keep the president’ hand off.

  36. mbrenner says:

    The Clintons figure in that category of people who compulsively skirt the rules (law)because the “getting away with it” is as emotionally important as is any tangible gain from doing it. In this, they psychologically are very similar to the Wall Street barons, some old-time Mafiosi and the most arrogant patricians of yore. There is a need to confirm to themselves their sense of superiority/exceptionalism. Usually, there is an underlying element of basic insecurity associated with this personality type.
    There also are similarities with middle-aged (and older) womanizers – like Donald Trump, for one. It isn’t the sex drive that moves them, it’s the desperate need for self-assertion, for demonstrated power, and – often – for subjugating someone else. These men, married or not, don’t understand what an affair between a man and a woman really is. They should watch some of those European detective series alluded to a while back instead of drooling over the magazine covers at check-out lines.

  37. Kooshy says:

    Yeh, beating a black women on the stage by sanders and his entourage/security detail would be really golden, yes for some at CNN ( Clinton Net. News), give us a brake , why wouldn’t you tell us who you really suport instead of trying to knock everyone off. As I gather not too many here on this site are for Borg queen, but if you are, you shouldn’t be sneaky about it. IMO TTG is absouloutley and entirely corect on this.

  38. Keith Harbaugh says:

    According to the IG report, at least two State Department employees expressed concerns to their superior(s) about what Hillary was doing, and in response their superior(s) “instructed the staff never to speak of the secretary’s personal email system again.”
    Dear SST readers, my question is:
    What should those employees have done then?

  39. LeaNder says:

    Tyler, I wasn’t aware of either events. Basically I respect your supportive rapture, or supportive enthusiasm, if you prefer. 😉
    On the other hand you seemed to shift from a collective of BLM plus two fat black women (a threat “from BLM and two fat black women”) to two female black agitators only. Even dropping the no doubt relevant adjective in the process.
    “an unfair conflation of 2 black women vs. an angry mob”?
    Not really it feels … But helpful for raising the threat level: Riots, in your mind may in fact have similar players on both sides? No? Wrong?

  40. Trey N says:

    Well, here’s an interesting confluence of articles:
    The Archdruid, in his latest column, said:
    “I’ve heard the same rumors about the Clinton campaign. Keep an eye on DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz; if she loses her position before the convention, that’s a pretty solid signal that the Dem leadership has realized that Clinton’s going to suffer a catastrophic defeat at Trump’s hands, and is about to throw her under the bus and try to give the nomination to someone who can actually win.”
    And then this from The Hill: “Dems Discuss Dropping Wasserman Schultz”
    With all the big names going on the record to support Schultz in response to the article, I’d say she’s already dead chair walking….

  41. LeaNder says:

    Thanks, Michael, now I understand Pat Lang. Both helpful and interesting. 😉
    Not sure if I understand Liza. Seems to make sense to put the “home brew” mail server there …

  42. LeaNder says:

    Liza, I don’t recall exactly at what point in time these type of narratives started to bore me, or left me wondering about the patterns to rouse our indignation. … Surely Trump himself is master player of emotional keys too.
    Anyway, “Random Pick”:
    “Commissioner David Waters complained that DGE did not go nearly far enough in seeking a $30.000 fine against Trump for taking an illegal loan from his father, which could be grounds to revoke Trump’s casino licenses.”
    Hmm?? “Illegal loan”? Father and or son loan sharked each other?
    Ok, I see:
    “At the time, the CCC was investigating whether Trump’s father, Fred made an illegal loan by buying $3 million worth of chips at the Trump Castle in Atlantic City. The elder Trump was trying to give his son an advance on his inheritance and help him make a crucial mortgage payment on the casino–but under law, it’s illegal for anyone unlicensed to put money into a casino.”
    Well in that case, the father should have better given his son a $3 million present. That would have been legal, I assume. Wouldn’t it have been?

  43. Mark Pyruz says:

    Colonel, a person cannot “decide” their heritage. I admit its a rare multiethnic background but there are examples appearing in professional sports such as:
    T. J. Houshmandzadeh, NFL wide receiver, Iranian father , African American mother.
    Yu Darvish, MLB pitcher, Iranian father, Japanese mother.
    Perhaps it would help to know I am not a naturalized American but a native son. Also, I’m not an Iranian but an American of partial Iranian heritage. Does this clear things up?
    But none of this is relevant to your “redskins” remark.
    While I appreciate the email notification to comment, I’m withdrawing my attention from SST. I’ve a zero tolerance policy towards racism, and the remark has crossed the line.
    That said I wish you and your committee continued success at SST. It’s a unique and outstanding effort, all the way around.

  44. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    The top 25 hedge fund managers made $13,000,000,000 in 2015.
    The State of Idaho’s budget for 2014 was $2,780,000,000 – or about 1/5th of what a mere 25 hedge fund managers made. Idaho’s population is less than 2 million.
    The State of Oregon’s budget for 2015 was about $18.6 billion, so about 5 billion more than the 25 hedge fund guys. Oregon’s population is almost 4,000,000 souls. So that’s about .0000000625 Oregonians per hedge fund jerk.
    According to Forbes, there is probably $13 trillion (lots and lots and lots of zero’s) hidden in tax havens — not all that money is US in origin, but between the pharma tax dodges, the software tax dodges, and the GE tax dodges, there’s enough change clinking around the Bahamas, the Caymans, Hong Kong, the Seychelles, and the Jersey Islands to reduce the cost of college for all Americans, revamp US health care to focus on wellness (nutrition, exercise, social support networks), and a multitude of other practical outcomes.
    There’s plenty of money floating around. But until we have new ways of thinking about economics, we’ll continue to shoot ourselves in the foot through bogus accounting, tax dodges, and other forms of delusion.
    Republicans, and Trump included, obsess on ‘lower taxes’ on the assumption that taxes ‘crowds out’ money for investment. That may possibly have been true in the 1880s, and perhaps up until the 1940s, but in an information age all the assumptions need to be completely revised.
    In an information economy, new wealth creation requires widespread public amenities like public education, transportation, communication, and health care resources. Sanders’ economic mastery is probably unparalleled in modern American politics, but things like the Panama Papers are adding validity to his analysis of what’s wrong in American politics.

  45. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    The DNC needs to get some relief pitchers in the bullpen, but it’s hard to see how anyone they anoint is going to be plausible given that Bernie has raised over $200,000,000, seems to be closing in on Clinton in CA, and has won over 20 states.
    The DNC is just going to lose more credibility, after backing Hillary so blatantly, if they try to push Biden forward. The very sight of Wasserman-Shultz is going to make millions of us disgusted. I predict public ridicule and mockery on an epic scale.
    Must be enough to give Bibi and the neocons indigestion.
    That, at least, would offer a silver lining.

  46. ked says:

    It’s five months until the general election. The coast will be clear of these arcane inside-game matters by the last month remaining. That’s when the real campaign theater takes place. The electorate will be consumed by the entertainment of the daily tilt. No institutional functionaries are going to stand in the way of that speeding train. The desperate will seek to create / trigger an October Surprise. I doubt it will work. The masses will decide, as poorly as ever.

  47. steve says:

    MSNBC had an absolutely devastating segment on the IG’s report yesterday.

  48. turcopolier says:

    Mark Pyruz
    If you are so silly as to think that “Redskin” as an appellation is racist then I wish you good luck in whatever universe you inhabit. I guess you missed the story in the Washpost this week in which 9 out of 10 Indians asked do not think “Redskins” is racist. pl

  49. turcopolier says:

    “now I understand Pat Lang” Now I AM confused. You understood what about me? Or was it something I wrote that you understand? Or was it my old man confusion over these Redskin words. I wonder which Indian languages they are from? A pedant’s reaction I admit. Well, at least I am not a Redskin. I thought I was as a matter of family legend, but SWMBO ruined that with the damned DNA tests and research. Instead I am descended from many oppressors of the Redskins. pl

  50. jld says:

    I’ve a zero tolerance policy towards racism,

    Ja, ja, there must be some kind of “final solution” to suppress racism.
    I also wish to draw your attention to the nasty fact that rain is wet.
    May be we should suppress rain?
    Or, more technically advanced, design “non wet” water?
    For myself I will be content to use an umbrella and avoid going out too much when it’s raining.

  51. Jackrabbit says:

    Trump debate with Sanders seems unlikely. At Trump’s recent news conference he said:
    > Hillary will win (so a debate with Sanders is just a spectacle)
    > The media shouldn’t profit from this debate: $10 million or more (so no specific amount – essentially all profits) should go to charity
    Trump probably knows that no major network (Even FoxNews) will ‘stick it’ to Clinton while earning no money. He is just shining a bright light on Clinton’s refusal to debate.

  52. Trey N says:

    The Marxist SJWs world-view demands that they seek out groups of people (minorities of one kind or another) on whose behalf to be “offended” about one thing or another — even if the overwhelming majority of said group couldn’t care less about said “issue”.

  53. Jackrabbit says:

    With what we know at this point, it seems unlikely that no charges are brought between now and election day. And it’s best for Clinton to put this behind her ASAP. I think she simply wants to wrap up the nomination before doing so.
    IMO the likely outcome is a plea to a misdemeanor (like Gen. Petraeus) with Clinton saying (as she has already) that using a private server was a mistake BUT… and that she is FORCED to plea because she can’t run for President while the charges are pending and she can’t fight the charges while running. The plea may be to some minor, innocuous-sounding charge like ‘mishandling records’. Clinton may also get an order to seal the records?
    Obama will likely pardon her after the election (whether she wins or loses).
    >> National Security
    Obama’s remark that Clinton didn’t _intentionally_ harm national security sets up a plea deal. IMO Obama wouldn’t be ‘going to bat’ for Clinton if there was solid evidence of Obstruction of Justice.
    >> Obstruction of justice.
    Her evasiveness for political gain is not a crime. Did she instruct a tech guy to ‘wipe’ her server? Did she do so because she KNEW it contained evidence of a crime? Did she instruct witness to lie (if she did it was probably done very carefully and with top aides/advisors that she trusts). FBI may recommend an obstruction charge but DOJ will probably drop it saying that the case is not solid (even if really for political reasons).
    >> FOIA violations
    Unclear. Not obeying State Dept rules can get you fired, but that doesn’t mean legal jeopardy. She has not refused to turn over records.

  54. Fred says:

    I noticed a line of “Redskin” clothing at Galleries Lafayette this afternoon. No one seemed outraged but maybe Paris needs some folks like Mark to come for a visit.

  55. Tyler says:

    I support Emperor Trump (PBUH), you silly dope.Sorry you couldn’t take five seconds to read the thread before rushing in to defend the cucked Bernie.
    There were a lot of ways to handle that situation. I never said anything about him fist fighting two angry boons (but he would have gotten my vote if he did). Backing away and letting them lose their shit while he stood there like he was in the corner chair is weak and indicative of how he’d be as President. More BLM nonsense taking over the cities. NO THANK YOU.
    Atent you the guy who hires illegal aliens and brags about it?

  56. Tyler says:

    I have no clue what you are trying to say here other than a hyper literal focus on adjectives that bear little relevance to the point at hand.

  57. Tyler says:

    IDK. Some cops got tuned up from hurled rocks and they put a horse down. Big enough, I imagine.

  58. Tyler says:

    Trump wants less taxes on the middle class. He wants to close the carried interest loophole ffs. So when you go off on “republicans_cut_taxes.rant” cut and paste from HuffPaint, it tells me you’re not serious about the issues, just repeating ideological talking points without an original thought.
    Bernie wants all this free stuff thats going to cost gorillions cause it works in homogenous Nordic countries. Guess what? We are not a homogenous Nordic country. Thanks to Borg policies, we are a rag tag patch work and he wants to continue these policies. Has Bernie spoken up about closing off H1B and F1 visas? No? Then it’s all shadow play. Bernie is gonna bow to the Borg when push comes to shove.

  59. turcopolier says:

    I urge you to try – “Relais de l’Entrecote in the 8th. pl

  60. Cvillereader says:

    In an information economy that competes globally, what happens to the millions of people who simply don’t have the intellectual capacity to compete? It isn’t at all clear to me that more training and/or education can resolve that problem.
    It also seems that a a highly specialized economy– the kind that depends on finance related activity without actually making anything –is one that will become increasingly fragile over time.
    It’s quite ironic that the same people who worship diversity on a cultural basis, also tend to support an increasingly specialized economy that cannot provide real opportunities to a significant part of the population.

  61. Jackrabbit says:

    Clinton played fast and loose with national security because she wanted absolute protection for HER OWN information and her crony network (including Bill).
    Obama himself is at risk because he should’ve known or his NSA should’ve known.
    And Obama’s ‘War on Whistle-blowers’ may have compromised national security because no one wanted to risk their career by ‘blowing the whistle’ on Clinton. Those who warned about Clinton’s email server use were told not to speak of it. AFAICT, they did as they were told.

  62. Jack says:

    Well, we’re gonna find out how independent the FBI and the DOJ really are? The IG report is rather clear that the Borg Queen did not get permission to have a private unsecured email server for classified communication.

  63. Tyler says:

    I’m sure we will all miss the insight of another Soros troll and gnash our teeth at his fleeing Rohan for the green pastures of Mordor.

  64. Tyler says:

    Like find out how US bought arms ended up in the hands of Mexican sicarios and murdered BPA Brian Terry.

  65. Babak Makkinejad says:

    I think in German language “Redskin” etc. are very bad.
    In Persian language, all races are known as color+skin; Red Skin, White Skin, Yellow Skin, Black Skin and Green Skin for Martians.

  66. Babak Makkinejad says:

    There is a final solution, it is called inter-marriage.

  67. Seamus says:

    Gone straight to WikiLeaks, the only publishing organization that can’t be bought.

  68. turcopolier says:

    A facile response and easy to say if you are not a career civil servant and don’t have children to educate or a mortgage. Are you rich? US civil servants typically are not. Is the situation different in the UK? pl

  69. Edward says:

    Are you kidding? Sanders has done very well starting from nowhere.

  70. Seamus says:

    It’s anonymous mate. They’ve never given up one of their hundreds of sources yet. Chelsea Manning was snitched on by Adrian Lamo, other than her there’s been zero exposure of their sources.

  71. different clue says:

    Sanders represents the marginalized sidelined disrespected and disregarded “Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party” as Senator Paul Wellstone once called it. Ever since Reagan, a pro-boss/anti-worker, pro-corporation anti natural-person, pro-upper-class oriented group of people has been working to subvert the Democratic Party from within and take it over. Many of them were bunched up into something called the Democratic Leadership Conference. Bill Clinton was a major leader/organizer of that.
    Democratic Democrats would have rejected all the Forced Trade Agreements negotiated by the Reagan/ Elder Bush Trade Negotiating teams. DLC “new Democrat” Clinton worked against the Democratic Democrats of his own party to get them passed and signed. His kind of Democrat is referred to by several names: New Yuppie Scumocrat, Establicrat, Corrupticrat, etc.
    What outsiders think is still the “Democratic” Party has been ever since Clinton the Wall Street/ Goldman-Sachs/ Hamilton Project/DLC/Third Way party in reality. Sanders threatens and offends everything that Bill Clinton and the New Yuppie Scumocrats stand for. The Corporate Corruptocratic Party will NEVer EVer perMIT Sanders to be nominated under ANy circumstances What! So! EVer! Never! Never! There will NOT be a nominee Sanders.
    So the Corruptocratic Party will try holding all these Clinton scandals off stage long enough to get Clinton nominated and Sanders disposed of. That is my prediction. Then . . . if the scandals start erupting . . . the Corruptocrats will find someone to take Clinton’s place. Probably Biden or someone like that.
    So why is Sanders even bothering to keep seeking the nomination?
    Perhaps he thinks he will be permitted to get the nomination if he gets “the most delegates” in the end. But he is also attracting and inspiring a movement-load of people. He will try building them into a self-organizing self-propelling movement which can survive Sanders’ death and/or retirement. Their long range goal will be to conquer from within and take over the Democratic Party and move it towards a more left-wing agenda. Whether that would include the sort of New Deal Reaction/ New Deal Restoration that I would like to see is unknowable to me for now.

  72. turcopolier says:

    Nobody on this side of the pond would believe that NSA doesn’t read all their correspondence. pl

  73. different clue says:

    Bill H,
    Those of you voting in California don’t have to view yourselves as merely window dressing. The more Sanders-minded Californians actually vote in your primary, the more delegates Sanders will get. Even when Sanders is denied the nomination by hook or by crook, a visibly bigger base is harder to ignore than a visibly smaller one. And the Sandervoters can take heart from their visible strength and start cross-organizing for a longer-range effort to take back the Democratic Party. So I hope the Sandervoters of California actually come out and vote, no matter how pre-rigged the nomination is for Clinton.

  74. Kooshy says:

    Colonel LANG there now a branch of Entrecôte in LA’ west Hollywood, not as good as the Entrecôte in Porte-Maillot. IMO Nothing beats the NY or KC cut.

  75. Seamus says:

    I think we should reduce all cultural groups to the supposed color of their skin.
    Shakespeare could be described as a Whiteskin (or maybe a Pinkskin), and MLK as a Blackskin. That would surely improve our understanding no end.
    Here’s an artistic example in practice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goh2x_G0ct4

  76. different clue says:

    If you can put the spotlights onto one thing, you can get the cameras off of another thing.

  77. different clue says:

    That would be why the anti-Bernie establishment will try every which way to keep the Clinton scandals contained until after Clinton has been nominated and Sanders rejected. After that, the scandals can erupt if they want to. Clinton will be replaced if necessary by someone other than Sanders, who will have been already disposed of.

  78. Kooshy says:

    Hire illegal aliens? You already had the hearing and passed judgment ? No wonder

  79. Kooshy says:

    I agree with your historic points on Demos, but IMO Bernie doesn’t have a chance to get elected, as I believe one can’t win with just north east and west states alone, he will need to have a few southern states which I don’t think he can win in general election. I really think Trump has a chance if he just keeps his mouth shout, the decision not to give meat for the riots was right as TTG explains, he should be more careful not to give meat to CNN and wolf B.

  80. turcopolier says:

    The only group differences that matter are cultural differences. If you are from the Highlands of Scotland and look as black as Idi Amin, you are still Scottish if you think like one. You keep looking, searching for a way to make us into idiots. IMO this is the Brit superiority thing, still resentful over Little Britain. pl

  81. Allen Thomson says:

    >> FOIA violations
    >Unclear. Not obeying State Dept rules can get you fired, but that doesn’t mean legal jeopardy.
    True, and, as asked upthread, is the Secretary bound to follow Department rules that don’t implement federal law?
    Also, if violation of Department rules is a firing offense for its employees (which it is), how would that be implemented for the Secretary? She serves at the pleasure of the President, so someone would have to contact the POTUS and persuade him/her to get displeased, no? Who in the Department of State would send the Secretary a pink slip?

  82. Seamus says:

    “The only group differences that matter are cultural differences”. So why reduce them to racial ones?
    I like the Basque idea of identity, which has nothing to do with race. If you can speak Basque then you are excepted as a Basque.
    I’m Irish Pat, btw.

  83. turcopolier says:

    “So why reduce them to racial ones?” I don’t. “Irish?” So what? The attitude is the same , the same pretentious arrogance. pl

  84. turcopolier says:

    Allen Thompson
    As I wrote before, IMO the secretary could not be fired for violations of her own regulations by anyone but POTUS. The real question here is her probable violation of US statutes. pl

  85. Seamus says:

    There were no cultural differences between the tribes of the “Redskins”?

  86. turcopolier says:

    Of course there are. Have you ever been to the US? I probably know a lot more about Indian tribes than you do. “Redskin” is not a racial term. It is not equivalent to “nigger” or “chink.” It is a term long commonly in use in the US to refer to all the Indian nations. it is something like calling Germans “squareheads,” “boche” or “krauts,” or calling northern English “geordies.” You may have noticed that Germans and northern English are more or less white. Only the SJW crowd like you think otherwise. Have you noticed that it is only the professional Indians and SJWers who are offended by “Redskin?” did you see the Washpost artice in which Indians were polled about the term. remember the Washpost is a liberal/neocon paper. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/new-poll-finds-9-in-10-native-americans-arent-offended-by-redskins-name/2016/05/18/3ea11cfa-161a-11e6-924d-838753295f9a_story.html

  87. turcopolier says:

    You did not answer any of my points and preferred to whine about people being called “Geeordie” Is that what you are, a professional Irishman who now is really English and who lives in England? Are you from greater Tyneside?Tell me how it is “presumptuous” to mention the term Geordie? You presumptuously spoke of American Indians and seem to know nothing about them. We could discuss Indian tribes, confederations, languages, cultures, Indian history and the complex history of white/Indian history since 1600. Are you aware that white Americans ALWAYS had Indian allies in fighting other competing and often oppressive tribes? Narragansetts, Mohegans, Pawnee, Mandans, Navajo, Crow, the list is long. Want to talk about that? pl

  88. Fred says:

    Read up on the ongoing action in France. What’s happing in the thug demonstrations back home doesn’t compare.

  89. Fred says:

    I’ll do that. I had lunch today at L’Homme bleu that was recommended by Patrick. Très bien. I don’t know where in the states I’ll find couscous that good.

  90. Jackrabbit says:

    There’s still some important info that we don’t know. The devil is in the details.
    AFAIK there is only one instance of Hillary instructing an aide to remove secret markings. How did the other secret emails gets to her server? Did she share these emails (forwarding) with others?
    If Hillary’s aids say that they removed markings without informing her then Hillary may only plea to one count of ‘mishandling classified materials’ (the same charge that Petraeus plead to).
    Naturally, pleading to multiple counts would be more damaging politically.
    Hillary would likely pardon any aide that was convicted. But she would likely wait until after she her first term.

  91. Nana2007 says:

    Redskins at least conveys a certain respect. It also distracts from the more negative but appropriate appellation ‘losers’.

  92. steve says:

    I’m not sure that ditching Schultz would entirely be a result of a recognition that Clinton is losing. That might be part of it, but from things I’ve read recently, it appears that she’s not been particularly popular as a DNC chair for quite a while. She’s been a lousy fundraiser–raising only half what the RNC has–as well as having a tiff with Obama.
    This is an article from 2014:
    “Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in a behind-the-scenes struggle with the White House, congressional Democrats and Washington insiders who have lost confidence in her as both a unifying leader and reliable party spokesperson at a time when they need her most.
    Long-simmering doubts about her have reached a peak after two recent public flubs: criticizing the White House’s handling of the border crisis and comparing the tea party to wife beaters.”

  93. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    At no point in that comment did I suggest that ‘education’ everywhere and always means ‘college’. I know a very skilled cabinet maker. The skills he has, which have enabled him to make a very good living, are not taught in my local schools or community colleges.
    There are all kinds of skills – from horticulture to carpentry to welding – that have a hard time getting funding because people are chasing after programming skills.
    I’m in complete agreement with you that finance produces nothing of value, and I find it heartening that more frequently, I see solid critiques of it’s economically dangerous effects and socially disastrous consequences.

  94. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    Tyler, You strike me as a smart guy who hates bullshit as much as I do.
    However, it would be nice if, at some point, you ditched the personal insults and actually engaged in meaningful discussion of the topics at hand. My feelings aren’t hurt, but it would be more interesting to engage in actual discussion rather than degrade the Col’s generosity by hurling insults, witty or otherwise.
    I mentioned tax cuts, tax havens, and the ridiculous amounts of money obtained in useless endeavors by hedge fund managers. HuffPo may have that info, but I take info like that from organizations who make their reputations collecting it, or from McClatchy, which is currently doing some fantastic reporting on the Panama Papers and tax havens.
    How is pointing out that one party (the GOP) focuses the majority of their economic whining on the narrow, absurdly small topic of ‘tax cuts’ a ‘rant’?
    As for the H1B visas, it’s the logical result of the economic assumptions held by the GOP, well exhibited and articulated by Romney and all the 2016 candidates. Even Hillary buys into that nonsense. That’s a whole other discussion that has zilch to do with Hillary’s emails, which was the topic of this thread.

  95. different clue says:

    You could be correct about Sanders having no chance of defeating Trump in the general election if Sanders were to win the DemParty nomination.
    But we will never know. And the reason we will never know is that Sanders will not be nominated. No. Matter. What. So the experiment will never be run. But I support Sanders’ nomination race anyway . . . to see how big a voter-base Sanders can indeed assemble, and to see if that voter-baseload of people decide to become a long-term movement-load of people.

  96. jld says:

    No, I don’t think it’s a solution at all.
    Mixed race people miss a sense of belonging, and group values are such a basic feature of humans (and many high end animals BTW) that forceful extirpation of such trends isn’t going to work.
    I rather see a workable solution in moderating the excess of group animosities as we can see in sports competitions.
    Please also consider that many intergroup conflicts aren’t race based at all and are just as fierce, just labelling IDENTICAL people A versus B is enough:

  97. Babak Makkinejad says:

    “Mixed race people miss a sense of belonging”…
    Well, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Russia are filled with mixed race peoples – some have a sense of belonging to the country of their birth and some do not. But race is not an issue for them.
    You guys are obsessed with race, just as you are obsessed with Jews.
    What gives?

  98. kooshy says:

    Bernie sounds to be a decent person, even a decent politician, unfortunately, even with a large support he has, with the youth, his party bosses, the DLC, and wall street are doing their best to keep him out before he gets a chance at general in the fall. So just for polling reason , I would guess he has support of more than 50% of democratic voters, and that’s without the political support and money that is thrown behind the party establishment and wall street’ candidate of choice the Borg queen. IMO that’s not bad for a jewish, small state, northwestern liberal democrat candidate. Maybe as good or better than McGovern.

  99. Tyler says:

    Not denying, just pointing and stammering on your part?
    Evasive response. Interesting.

  100. Tyler says:

    Because when you throw out ridiculous shibboleths like “Republicans love tax cuts” when the reality is that both sides have their sacred cows (google Hollywood Accounting if you don’t know what that is), then I’m going to mock you for it. Notice how even when I disagree with some people, I keep it diadetic. When you present ridiculous arguments, I go looking for a place to drive the rhetorical shiv and give it a theatrical twist for the viewing pleasure of those reading.
    I’m doing you a favor, ROTL, by making you up your game and research what you’re saying before posting. You’re language policing, which doesn’t come off good here because it says to me 1) the rhetoric has knocked you off camber and 2) you don’t have an easy answer to the diadetic so 3) you’re acting aggrieved to distract from the issue.
    And let’s talk about the issue at hand. As I pointed out above, each party has their sacred cows. Furthermore, pretending that Romney and the rest of the 2016 field aren’t totally cucked beyond belief, with the exception of Emperor Trump (PBUH) isn’t telling me anything new. Its a deflection attempt, as if you think I’m intelligent from my posts, you know what I think should be done to the cuckservatives in this country (Summary Execution pronounced before a Committee of Safety). So you know this, yet you still bring it up, much like the ground fighter who is mounted and taking blows to the head will ineffectively slap away.
    You left yourself open to the riposte on H1B by mentioning that economist unicorn of “information economy”, which is an updated version of everyone doing everyone else’s laundry. Its not my fault you left yourself open like that. Plan your moves further ahead. I hope this has been edifying for you. Less time being language nanny. More time researching your positions. Chin up, cowboy.

  101. Tyler says:

    I never said he hasn’t. He’d be doing better if he didn’t roll over for BLM/SJW nonsense.

  102. Tyler says:

    Because to an extent, race is destiny.
    Mixed race kids also have worst outcomes, by an large. Eurasians are an exception, sonewhat. There’s a lot of dysgenics and neuroticism associated with mixed race kids. Just look at Obama.

  103. Old Microbiologist says:

    It can and has been argued the latter. I recall serving as an Article 32 investigating officer exactly when Bill was undergoing impeachment. The subjects I was investigating were drill sergeants who had consensual sex with privates under their command and were subsequently sentenced to a long course at Leavenworth while the Commander in Chief was not sentenced equally for exactly the same offense. Very arguably having consensual sex with an aide is rape under Federal law.

  104. Babak Makkinejad says:

    All applicable to US, I should think only.
    Mexico is mixed-race, and their most successful statement was Benito Juarez, a mixed-race man.
    And the poet Pushkin was also mixed race.

  105. Tyler says:

    Outliers are not the median. Mexico is ruled over by the blonde haired blue eyes descendants of the peninsulares.
    Let’s not play the game of pointing at random examples of history to buttress an argument.

  106. Fred says:

    New Yorker’s before me, LA media executives behind me. “Mon dieu” just where did I find myself? I’ll draft a little write up worthy, I hope, of SST.

  107. pj says:

    In all the reporting on Clinton’e emails, I have yet to see an IT security professional’s take on the situation. Serendipitously, I had dinner last night with my niece whose boyfriend turned out be just that at one of the top tech companies. So, I asked his opinions. One, most discussions he reads in the papers about cyber security are naive and laughable. Two, to keep Hillary’s server secure, you would need a round the clock team of professionals. Three, yes Guccifer could well have seen evidence of prior hacks, had there been any.

  108. Tyler says:

    Wogs begin at Calais and all that. Americans haven’t seen this nonsense in decades, so any little dust up is going to look insane.

  109. Tyler says:

    Are you kidding? Every time the SJW/illegal alien traitor wing of the Democrat Party decides to burn a few cop cars while waving the Mexican flag and screaming “MAKE AMERICA MEXICO AGAIN” a tens of thousands more Trump voters are created.
    Trump saying “America should have borders” and “deport illegal aliens” are not controversial statements. That they drive Blitzer and CNN into fits is immaterial. “Revolutionary culture”, like tranny rights, appeal to a narrow virtue signaling band of the populace.
    You know what is going to happen if there is another terror attack? Hillary will blame Trump and Trump will blame the fact that the terrorists were here. Which do you think is going to make more sense to the average American?
    50 state blowout here we come.

  110. Keith Harbaugh says:

    There is of course no single “right” answer to my question above, but here is a possibility that might not be obvious:
    Al Kamen during the years of Clinton’s secretaryship wrote a column for the Washington Post entitled “In the Loop”.
    It amounted to a gossip column for the bureaucracy.
    I don’t know if he would have published an anonymously-sourced item about what Hillary was doing, but it is entirely possible he would have.
    It seems to me to fit in with the type of things he did publish.
    The result would have been that various people could have weighed in, in public or behind the scenes, on whether Hillary’s communications practices were a good idea.
    Might have led to fixing the problem with a minimum of drama.

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