IMO Trump cares nothing for either Israel or Palestine


"The United States currently provides nearly $4 billion in mostly military annual aid to Israel."

"As it readies its peace plan, now 18 months in the making with no release date in sight, the White House is seeking to take the right of return off the table, as Trump has said he eliminated the future of the contested city of Jerusalem from negotiations late last year when he recognized it as the capital of Israel.

Ever since the Jerusalem decision, the Palestinian Authority led by President Mahmoud Abbas has refused to meet with White House aides Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt and others working on the plan. While they have released no details, U.S. officials have indicated the plan is likely to include infusions of development aid, particularly to Hamas-controlled Gaza.

The goal, officials have said, is both to woo Palestinians away from Hamas, by appealing to their desire for better lives amid seemingly endless strife and deprivation under terrorist leaders, and to make it more difficult for Abbas, a Hamas rival, to continue to rebuff U.S. overtures."  washpost


IMO the United States is intent on bullying and intimidating the Palestinians, all of them, into accepting an eternal status as helots existing in second or third class status in a Greater Israel.

Our cancellation of direct US assistance to the Palestinians and our Nikki run move to deprive Palestinians of their UN status as people driven from their homeland into exile are programmatic steps by the US and Trump to make the Palestinians subjects of Israel.

At the same time, Trump, IMO cares nothing for either group and is only seeking fulfillment of his egotistical vision of himself as "the Greatest President."

Amusingly, McCain, trump's rival in egotism has probably stolen from him the possibility of a future imperial funeral.  pl

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