Pompeo as imperial proconsul


"Pompeo’s list of 12 requirements included many that Iran is highly unlikely to consider.

He said Iran must “stop enrichment” of uranium, which was allowed within strict limitations under the 2015 deal. Iran must also allow nuclear “unqualified access to all sites throughout the country,” Pompeo said, alluding to military sites that were off-limits under the 2015 deal except under specific circumstances. To that end, he also said Iran must declare all previous efforts to build a nuclear weapon, reopening an issue that the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency has already deemed a closed matter.

Pompeo also demanded that Iran cease from a range of activities throughout the Middle East that have long drawn the ire of the U.S. and its allies. He said Iran must end support for Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen, “withdraw all forces” from Syria, halt support for its ally Hezbollah and stop threatening Israel.

Iran must also “release all U.S. citizens” missing in Iran or being held on “spurious charges,” he said."  The Mercury


Well, he may have been 1st in his class at USMA but he doesn't seem to have learned much since then.  Does this man listen to anyone other than his local, friendly AIPAC rep. when the ME is the subject?

The DJT Administration is doing a lot of things that are to my taste but their ME policy is completely under the control of Israel and its paranoia.  Do they imagine that Iran will meekly consent to being Morganthau-ized?  Do they really think that China, Russia and the EU can be bullied into screwing themselves economically by cutting off trade with Iran?  If so, this is a silly concept.

By implication it is clear that  there will be a serious attempt to subvert the Iranian government by further ruining the economy and encouraging armed revolt.  Well, pilgrims, Iran is a theocratic police state.  Good luck.

Gina Haspel will be given the job of fomenting revolt within Iran.  Good luch to her on that.  CIA has tried such things many time at the direction of various presidents.  They have a very mixed record.  pl 


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