In the first round of voting for Speaker of the House of Representatives, Jim Jordan gets 200 votes but not 217

Jim Jordan at the University of Wisconsin

By Robert Willmann

Starting at noon today, the U.S. House of Representatives held a public session to try to elect a new Speaker, after Kevin McCarthy was removed on 3 October 2023 by a vote on a motion to vacate the chair, brought by Representative Matt Gaetz. The temporary speaker, Representative Patrick McHenry, has called for nominations, and the only ones are Democrat Hakeem Jeffries of New York and Republican Jim Jordan of Ohio. This is a situation in which the vote has not been worked out and fixed in advance, with the vote being merely a formality for the unwashed masses.

When Jeffries was nominated, the Democrats cheered, meaning that all of them will certainly vote for him. This means that 217 Republicans are going to have to vote for Jordan for this first round to end with Jordan as Speaker.

As the old saying goes, Jordan is a “competitor”. He was a four-time state high school wrestling champion in Ohio with a record of 150-1, even winning as a freshman. In four years at the University of Wisconsin, he won the NCAA Division 1 national wrestling championship two times in the 134-pound weight class. For one of the national titles, in 1985, he defeated John William Smith of Oklahoma State, who later won two Olympic gold medals. I think that Jordan tried out for, but did not make the U.S. Olympic team. Smith’s collegiate record was 154-7-2, and Jordan’s was 156-28-1.

Former president Donald Trump gave Jordan the Presidential Medal of Freedom at a private ceremony on 11 January 2021. Trump gave the Medal of Freedom to legendary wrestler and college wrestling coach Dan Gable in a public ceremony on 7 December 2020. I think that Jordan recommended to Trump that he give the award to Gable, who really did have an extraordinary career.

You can tell by the way he questions witnesses before a House committee that Jordan did not have much courtroom experience, or experience in a questioning session with an informant or other person in an intelligence gathering or law enforcement setting. But he is not afraid to ask questions, and he often uses chronologies when doing so.

My preference is for a representative who is not interested in being Speaker — Thomas Massie of Kentucky — who is more courageous on some issues. He appears mild-mannered, but has nailed some of the more slippery characters in Washington DC in committee hearings, including Attorney General Merrick Garland. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Massie founded a company that enabled persons to interact with computers using their sense of touch.

Only one vote was held, and since Jordan received 200 votes and not the required 217 to win, no Speaker was chosen. From the verbal announcement by Speaker pro tempore McHenry, Jordan got 200 votes, Jeffries (the Democrat) got 212, and around seven others got votes. McHenry is close to former Speaker McCarthy, who had appointed him Speaker pro tempore. He did not call for another vote. When McCarthy was trying to be Speaker, numerous public votes were held, one after the other. But McHenry announced that the House was in recess, subject to the call of the Chair. In other words, he was not going to authorize additional rounds of voting that would allow Jordan’s supporters an opportunity to wrangle additional votes. McHenry was angry when his friend McCarthy was removed as Speaker.

When the roll call vote is posted, we will be able to see how Jordan was blocked. From the verbal announcement by McHenry when the voting ended, there may have been four Republicans who received votes that when added together, prevented Jordan from winning, even though they were not nominated for the position.

The theater of the snake pit will continue.

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26 Responses to In the first round of voting for Speaker of the House of Representatives, Jim Jordan gets 200 votes but not 217

  1. F&L says:

    If Hezbollah knocks Biden’s plane down and Kamala Harris is kidnapped by domestic terrorists and executed on Facebook Live, the President pro tempore of the Senate Patty Murray is the 47th President of the United States. Great State of Oregon. Spells No Gore.

    My brother in law from New Jersey made the US Olympic wrestling team in 1980 in a somewhat higher weight class than Jordan, but then along came Zbig the Polish prince and it was held without the US of A. I think Biden was a college football star, receiver or something. Ok, no LGBT jokes. President Ford was very good football player they say. Bush I was captain of Yale Baseball and a war hero. The stories of Abraham Lincoln’s strength are of almost mythical proportions. Ike played football. So did Nixon.

    Jim Jordan looks like he took easy on the cheese up there.
    Mad JJ O’Rin. Sneaker of the House. Minus 17.

    • Fred says:


      Lee Harvey Oswald’s long lost Muslim grandson uses a stinger bought off the Ukrainian black market to shoot down AF1. Kamala becomes America’s first female war president (hooray for women)! Sadly for the borg a White Helmet (Black Swan) op happened a day sooner, so of course Israel did it! Certainly not our ally Perfidious Albion. Or Hamas, ’cause their rockets never go bad. And certainly not the IDFAF targeting something based on info supplied by Christopher Steele’s GCHQ friends via Shin Bet who definitely didn’t misinform Bibi about Gaza before that music festival finale. Because don’t you trust 51 intelligence professionals. And the MSM. And whatever comes out of social media.

      On an even brighter tin foil hat note, if both Joe and you know who go bye bye Patrick McHenry takes charge. Boy I bet the people in London (and elsewhere) didn’t see that coming. I wonder who he’ll bomb first?

      • F&L says:

        It’s the real Fred at last! What did it? No idea but what a relief!

        Axios (the CIA) sent me an email this morning saying today is Hump day,🐫🐪, next to which was placed a dromedary icon – emoji. Was it a one or two humped? Immediately I remembered my chatter-dump regarding Gorby’s name meaning humpback in Russian.

        Patty Murray is a woman not a “he” in case by McHenry you meant her, but hen-ry after Mc is hall of Fame material. And on rye or are you a wry humorist and ry is ris the Froggy laugh.
        F&L’s cornermen throw in the towel. He’s whupped. Sorry folks.

      • Peter Hug says:

        I do not believe that McHenry is in the line of succession – he wasn’t elected to the Speakership by the House.

  2. F&L says:

    I hope Eric Newhill is as happy as the Bibi Nyet n Yahu dinosaur. How’s the honey mcohen? Sweet enough?. Is this 23/10 in action? Murder a huge hospital of wounded children so Donald Trump is number 47? mcohen these are just bees. But the beekeeper cometh. The BS about it being a Hamas rocket is already out of the Israelis mouths.
    Israel-Hamas War.
    Israeli Airstrike Hits Gaza Hospital, Killing 500, Palestinian Health Ministry Says
    The ministry said the number of casualties at the Gaza City hospital, where many civilians had sought shelter, is expected to rise. Israel said it is investigating. President Biden is expected in Israel on Wednesday.

  3. Fred says:

    At least we see by this play of Democracy in action that the democrats are all in for open borders and packing the supreme court. Hopefully Gaetz and company can see that as well.

    • F&L says:

      Packing, no. Send them packing – yes.

      • Fred says:

        Send the Supreme Court packing? Why note, Obama and Biden both like ruling by decree.

        • TTG says:


          Why leave out Trump? He issued 220 EOs in 4 years to Obama’s 276 in 8 years. Biden issued 116 so far.

          • Fred says:


            DACA, the sacred EO. Which one of Trump’s was like that? Did the GOP House get rid of DACA, Obamacare (which gave us the trans surgery craze and all those mutilated children), or anything else? Nah, they were just Democrat Deep State light; Paul Ryan did what? When did McCarthy release those J6 tapes? Great leadership. Which might explain why neither are speaker any longer.

    • F&L says:

      In other news the Russians commenting on Markov’s channel regarding wise strategist who sold his entire once great nation into either slavery or serfdom Empress Putina’s ongoing crawl on his reptile belly to Chere Monk Xi (Ji Ji to his friends) in Pea-King (duck!, IDF, it’s looks like and walks like and it talks like – oops is President Joe Bitethem the leashed neocon attack dog come to Bibi land to get the codes to unlock his leash) ..
      Where was I? Yes, their question for Gospodin Sergei Markov run from:

      1-Did he sell Comrade Xi only Khabarovsk or all of Siberia


      2- How do I say “I got my dick snagged in one of your chintzy zippers or do the Japs still make them, and by the way it f’ing hurts like a bitch, in Mandarin, Comrade JiJi … Because we’re almost done replacing all the English on our highway signs and in our airports with Manned-her-in as you commanded [or did the MI6 do it to troll us. -editor] but instructions for when your big Russian Dick (brain) gets stuck in a zipper are only known to me in English and German presently?”

      And they are wondering because according to reports I haven’t confirmed, President Xi told Empress Putina that their next conference will be held in Khabarovsk, which was Chinese property not overly long ago and still appears on their maps as such.

      So in conclusion we aren’t the only stupor-power losing control of our Southern borders.

      TTG & Fred – I know you are busy bees but if you saw this article by Thomas Graham who works or worked for or with Henry Kissinger Associates and speaks fluent Russian you might conclude that down in the infernal hell from where the world is actually ruled they have concluded that gayboy Vlad needs to be replaced. But you’d maybe say that if so they are stoned on sulphur fumes because we are no longer the big bad USA of yore and we’re ruled from Tel-Aviv now anyway for a long time. If that last is wrong and we can still coup those pathetic fuckers then good, I will submit my list of who to shoot and who not to under any conditions whatsoever. Thing is we are in most ways even more pathetic fuckers than they are and the list of people here to be shot is much longer and not only because our population in almost 3X theirs.

      The Russian and Tartar beauties here in the 1st are singing Au Revoir in English.
      Live Concert Filatov & Karas – Авторадио
      Russia Will Survive a Defeat in Ukraine. It’s Time to Prepare for What Comes Next.
      We need to figure out how to harness its power to American purposes in the global arena.
      Thomas Graham, a distinguished fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, was the senior director for Russia on the National Security Council staff during the George W. Bush administration.
      This article was adapted from the author’s new book, Getting Russia Right, published this month by Polity.
      In the midst of the raging war in Ukraine, Washington’s attention is understandably focused on maintaining robust Western support for Ukraine’s valiant effort to thwart Russia’s aggression and expel it from its territory. The setbacks of Ukraine’s ongoing counteroffensive have made it clear that victory will not come soon, if at all. A long war of attrition lies ahead.
      But the conflict will eventually end, and the United States will remain faced with the question of Russia. Win, lose, or draw, Russia is not going to disappear as a major challenge.
      Despite some Western pundits’ breathless predictions, the chances of Russia’s breaking up as a consequence of the war are negligible. Unlike the Soviet Union in its agony, Russia is held together by powerful centripetal forces, including patriotism and xenophobia, supply chains and critical infrastructure, not to mention the powerful security services that want to draw on the resources of the entire country. Although there are substantial minorities, notably the Tatars in the Volga region, and whiffs of separatism, the country remains overwhelmingly ethnic Russian, and countries that are ethnically homogenous rarely, if ever, break up from internal causes.

      Likewise, defeat in Ukraine might exacerbate domestic tensions, but it will not spark a democratic breakthrough, as some pundits hope. The Kremlin has eviscerated the democratic opposition in the past few years, imprisoning its leaders or driving them into exile and systematically dismantling its country-wide political networks. (More at link)

      Our information, Mr Phelps, is that almighty Satan does not want the land of blinis to fall into the grasp of land of the rice-noodles. As usual, if you or any of your team are captured, headquarters will deny any knowledge of your activities.

      • F&L says:

        Save yourself the trouble. I received my answer just now by reading the latest gnus at the Screw-Pork Times.

        Attack dog President Joe Bite-Them! was released off his neocon leash by PM NestofYahoos and he agreed to say that the US Military has info that the bomb wasn’t Israeli. .

        America is finished now. It’s over. Officially.

        The code for unleashing the Joe Bite-Them! attack dog rabies infected mongrel is a NestofYahoo secret.

        The code was partially deciphered by our fieldmouse team.
        They discovered these fragments:
        A) $$$
        B) 666
        C) Election
        D) Jeffrey Epstein’s Safe
        E) Do you expect AF-1 to make it out of our country in one piece now, Joe?
        F) Yes we have a sub near the Potomac

        There’s also a secret meaning to “US Defense Dept” but you will decode it for yourselves from this (hint – America you Capitol city’s name actually doesn’t start with ‘W.’)

        “Based on what I’ve seen, it appears as though it was done by the other team, not you,” he said during an appearance with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. Mr. Biden said later that he had based his comments on an American military evaluation and “data I was shown by my Defense Department.”

        • TTG says:


          This whole hospital bombing incident appears to 98% unadulterated bullshit. Was the hospital actually struct or was it the parking lot next to the hospital? Now there’s a photo of a small crater in a parking lot. Is that near the hospital? Have hundred been killed or maybe dozens? The first story was pure Hamas outrage over a deliberate Israeli attack. Then it was a errant Hamas rocket. Then it was an Islamic Jihad rocket. Multiple competing fairy tales each pushed by fans eager to demonstrate that their outrage is the most virulent. I’m starting to wonder if anything happened at that hospital other than slick video and story editing.

          • F&L says:

            You need to get some fresh air and stretch your legs. If you believe what you say you either haven’t been following it or you’re hungover, joking or attempting to rationalize to yourself your inner moral difficulties with a future post you’re about to make where you agree with Biden that Schizreal didn’t do it.
            I don’t know what else to say TTG. You know Trump is a skeevy charlatan dog – well he’s pouring on the smarmy schmaltz even harder than Biden about supporting Israel. So they agree. So Biden agrees with a known POS liar, known to you. The uniform doesn’t compel this of you. I think terrorists suck too and deserve worse than keelhauling. But that doesn’t excuse this. It’s a bitch, I know, this is awful stuff. Take a break. Don’t wear yourself out over people who don’t deserve it. Even the NY Times has airbrushed its story 3 times. They are whores, don’t join them.

          • TTG says:


            Is this the hospital destroyed by an Israeli JDAM? The impact crater in this film looks more like a mortar round. Or is this footage trying to hide their crime and shag the blame onto Islamic Jihad?


          • Fred says:


            Certainly you don’t believe ‘Hamas rockets never miss’ any more than ‘the IDF (or any other AF) never gets intel wrong’.

          • jld says:

            From other “sources” it appears to be a win-win for both sides:
            – It was indeed an Israeli JDAM.
            – The unreasonable damage was from the cooking off of a Hamas munition depot in the basement.

          • TonyL says:


            “Was the hospital actually struct or was it the parking lot next to the hospital? Now there’s a photo of a small crater in a parking lot. Is that near the hospital? ”

            The refugees are in the hospital *and* out in the parking lot. Consider thousand refugees were there and hospital capacity…

            “Have hundred been killed or maybe dozens?”

            Words that hundreds have been killed by the bombing.

          • TTG says:


            There are also words that 50 to 60 were killed. With several thousand killed, that matters only for propaganda purposes.

        • F&L says:

          That film doesn’t even show the hospital. It’s a parking area. That little hole? Anything could have caused that. So they show thar for the % who already made their minds up and the pentagon trolls who need a video link for their Twitter orgies rebutting the truth. It’s a technique as old as the thief who robs the corner store and shoots the owner, then calls the cops and after mussing his hair and smearing his victims blood on his clothes, breaks down in tears when the cops arrive and points “he went thataway, officer.” And posted by the Murdoch (who is Jewish) Wall Street Journal?”
          You really have a low estimation of your reader’s intelligence.

          • TTG says:


            Where’s the bombed out hospital? All we see is the windows blown in/out of one wall so far. The chief orthopaedic surgeon said he heard the massive blast and saw his ward fill up with the dead and dying so they came from somewhere outside of his ward. The pews/benches in the hospital chapel weren’t even knocked over in the video featuring the same surgeon. The Israelis have killed thousands of Gazans already and showed the destruction of massive buildings from their bombings. Is that why you take it as an article of faith that they had to be the ones behind this one particular strike? BTW, the film is from a BBC crew on site.

  4. Christian J Chuba says:

    “a record of 150-1”

    It just begs the question, who was the ‘one’ guy who beat him?
    Unexpected move, cut too much weight, distracted, other …

  5. Whitewall says:

    Looks like Jim Jordan lost round two. This has the feel of the 1970s when insider traditional Republicans kept out Conservatives which led to the showdown between the Ford wing and the Reagan wing in the 1976 primary which Ford won and then lost to Carter. Reagan won a massive landslide in 1980. The R party is once again undergoing a massive sorting.

  6. Keith Harbaugh says:

    I wonder if Mr. Willmann has any comments or thoughts on this significant development:

    Sidney Powell made many eye-opening claims regarding the 2020 election.
    I hope we can get some insights into the source(s) of those claims, and why she believed them.
    (If she didn’t believe in the claims she was so publicly making, she is ipso facto a liar.)

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