Is Sotomayor a propagandist liar or is she merely an ignoramus?

A wise Latina

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor came under withering criticism Friday after she falsely suggested that upwards of 100,000 children in the United States are hospitalized from COVID-19, many of them on ventilators.

During oral arguments on the Biden administration’s mandate on private businesses for employees to be either vaccinated or frequently tested, Sotomayor drastically overstated the number of young people who have fallen severely ill from coronavirus.

“We have hospitals that are almost at full capacity with people severely ill on ventilators. We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition, many on ventilators,” she said.”

“While there are more children hospitalized now than at any point during the pandemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the seven-day average of pediatric hospitalizations was around 3,700 this week, according to the Washington PostAs with prior strains of the virus, younger people are at far less risk than old ones of severe outcomes from the coronavirus.

“Fact-checkers. Hello?” Fox News contributor Joe Concha asked in response to Sotomayor.

“Inexcusable for a SCOTUS justice to peddle this fear mongering false info,” the Hudson Institute’s Rebeccah Heinrichs wrote.

“It’s actually terrifying that a Supreme Court justice can be so misinformed. The emperor has no clothes,” Ron DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw chimed in.

“Justice Sotomayor’s comment on 100,000 children in serious condition with covid is such a flagrantly untrue statement she should have to correct it after the argument. It’s embarrassing for the Supreme Court to allow that factual inaccuracy to occur in an oral argument,” OutKick’s Clay Travis tweeted.”

Comment: I seem to remember that she said something about the court needing “a wise Latina woman.” Perhaps she and Kagan should take a break from their duties to play more softball. pl

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28 Responses to Is Sotomayor a propagandist liar or is she merely an ignoramus?

  1. sbin says:

    Going with lazy ignorant and privileged.

  2. jim ticehurst says:

    So Many…For So Long..Have Been Vain Enough To Betray…Truth…Justice…And The American Way…There are Dream Catchers..And Peace Makers…And Hand Shakes…and Peace Breakers…And Life in America..Is a Trail of Tears..Smiles of Courage..and Hidden Fears…But…We,,,Who Have a Pilgrims Heart..Will Survive…Faith Never Dies…Hope Never Dies…Love Never Dies..They are Eternal..In Hands We Can Trust..As It Is Written..

  3. Fred says:

    She claims not to understand the difference between state and federal powers; she also believes OSHA has police powers. She should be impeached for malfeasance. not being naive nor ignorant, she’s an authoratarian who wants the left to remain in power.

  4. exiled off mainstreet says:

    The lies show she is a pathetic enemy of liberty and is either incredibly naive or has totally gone over into the dark side as an acolyte of Mengele.

  5. tedrichard says:

    now that information is no longer held hostage by the msm to push a specific narrative the recipients of diversity, inclusivity and equity installed into high positions of power and authority within our society are no longer able to hide their real agenda, their actual crass ignorance and stupidity while they pretend to do the peoples business from the world at large.

    welcome the fact she is, if not a moron, a hack in place for a reason and far too dumb, like harris, et al to understand the function of a puppet.

    for the rest of us whose minds still work properly all we see is an ideology on life support no longer capable of leadership and resolving societies problems.

    how did the radical left (now in open decrepitude) put in in the 1960’s……. you don’t need a weatherman to see which way the wind is blowing

  6. Babeltuap says:

    These “esteemed” justices have large legal staffs. It appears she also has a couple of comedy writers as well.

  7. Claudius says:

    No surprise! Her unstated role is to increase Federal power.
    If others want to trust this lot, that is their business; I don’t and will not. I trust Genial John Roberts about as far as I can throw Jerry Nadler.
    The Confederacy’s constitution did not feature a Supreme Court, as it was seen to be a source of mischief, a mechanism to increase central government power. I cannot argue against that.
    In my life the Supreme Court has:
    – Invented rights, most egregiously abortion (a state issue, not Federal).
    – Drastically weakened states by eliminating residency requirements for welfare, enabling corrupt, largely unproductive cities like Chicago and New York to unload their permanent public assistance class on nearby, better managed states and counties.
    – Required local school districts to fund schools for illegals, switching on a magnet that the locals cannot switch off.
    – Established the disparate impact concept, a never ending source of litigation covering every aspect of life. Good for Ivy League lawyers and nobody else.
    -Screwed over several of my family with useless Obamacare. Thank you Genial John! Bloody git.
    I recommend Marshall DeRosa’s book The Confederate Constitution of 1861. Term limits, balanced budget, greatly restricted general welfare clause, restrictions on tariffs; in short a defanged central government. The reader will gain a greater understanding of the US Constitution from it.

    • Bill Roche says:

      1860 brought more than disagreement over slavery. Hiding in the bush was the issue of state’s rights and federal power sharing with the states. Power Sharing, does anyone even remember that? IMHO the Federalists of ’87 never intended to support power sharing and by ’65 the issue was settled by bayonette. Thereafter the federal government inexorably assumed greater power and crowded states out. Lincoln saved A union but at the expense of the constitution. With Grant’s help he created a different union. My answer to Pat is this. Sotomayor is neither uninformed, nor stupid. She knew exactly what she said and why she said it. She was lying to advance the power of the federal government and the press will hardly mention it. 1865 to 2021 is a long time. I’m too old to see the end of this story.

    • Deap says:

      It was in 1982 when SCOTUS mandated free K-12 for all illegals. It was considered at the time to be a relatively minor concession, due to the rates of illegal border crossings in those days -the reasoning was better to have educated masses than uneducated masses, since we refused to protect our borders anyway.

      Days of the amnesty and secure border quid pro quo promises – the assumption was the border would be controlled so this would be a diminishing concession.

      However, the teachers unions suddenly had a new agenda. Good to track the teacher unions growth in power and revenues from 1982 unto the present, along with the sheer flooding of the borders from that time forward as well along with the major demographic changes in border states first, then virtually everywhere in America.

      In the 1960’s you could not get Mexican food outside of the border states. Now small backwater towns in Mississippi have five Mexican restaurants.

      Open borders and sanctuary cities today serve primarily protect K-12 enrollment numbers and the continuous flow of teacher union dues. Each illegal is a teacher union cash cow.

      Plus every year a new cohort of K-12 students are required to feed the teacher union maw, as one cohort “graduates” and needs to be instantly replaced by a new cohort of equal numbers starting kindergarten for their own 13 year march through public education on the public dime.

      Domestic birth rates are not providing enough K-12 fodder to keep teachers unions fully employed. Hence, the very leaky borders and flooding of high birth rate illegals whenever Democrats are in charge. Since 1982. Do the math. The old math – 2+2 =4.

  8. Deap says:

    Putting brakes on the over-arching growth and power of the entire unelected administrative state – often referred to as the fourth branch of government – would be a splendid opportunity I hope this court does not overlook when it reviews this case.

    Rules and guidelines ,not just weasel words and loop holes, should govern actions taken by the unelected deep state. Have at it, SCOTUS. The deep state erodes your independent place in our tri-partate system of constitutional checks and balances too.

  9. LG says:

    In india, a lot of people are falling sick again. Whether its flu or covid cannot say but all tests come covid positive.

    My neighbours, doctor, lawyer, chartered accountants all down with covid and their families too.

    I was visiting my old anglo indian neighbours as their children (my age) and teenaged grandchildren were all down with covid.

    Now the old couple are positive too, as am I.

    I have a very bad racking cough, a little phlegm, stuffy nose, headache, body ache and a slight fever.

    The govt delayed school reopening slated for the new year, night curfew etc. They seem to be just going through the motions of doing something. Children are the worst sufferers as are the poor as the markets look deserted again.

    • Deap says:

      Children and grandchildren, all vaccinated, also down with alleged covid in Los Angeles right now. Only people I know who are reporting something they call covid, were all vaccinated.

      But then who in California, besides myself, dares to claim they are not vaccinated. Museums closing, meetings cancelled, emergency hysteria rules in full force again out here.

      What we don’t know is how much extra natural immunity benefit do the vaccinated now get by contracting covid naturally on top of their vaccinations. Or more sinisterly, are they now getting sick because the vaccines screwed up their immune system. Who will be honest enough to track, trace and tell us this.

    • Lysias says:

      Are you guys taking ivermectin? I thought it worked.

      Myself, I’ve been taking megadoses of Vitamin D. So far it seems to have worked.

      • LG says:

        Some Doctors are still prescribing ivermectin and vit d3 along with antibiotics. My doc prescribed an antibiotic (levofloxacin) and i felt immediately better after taking it. Ive been lax with vitd3. Thanks for reminding me.

        By the way all of us who are sick are double vaxxed

  10. Deap says:

    Latinos uniquely proven to over-react to objective stimulus, compared to other ethnic groups. Latinos in this case also include any latin language group – including Italian, French, Portuguese as well as Spanish. No Romanians know to have participated in this study.

    UCSF Med School conducted a pain reaction experiment, using a known pain inducer -an intramuscular injection, not unlike the “covid” shot. They compared the injection time to the reaction time and degree of response. Like it or not, but these results demonstrated ethnic variations.

    Those from “latin cultures” reacted far earlier and more emotionally, when compared to “asian cultures” who reacted the least if at all. With everyone else falling somewhere in the middle.

    So is Sotomayor a drama queen for effect? Highly likely. The Latin American culture is a unique way of viewing their physiology, health and treatment interventions that differs from a more northern European construct. Health care professionals in California now with a Hispanic plurality take courses in order to translate western medical concepts to those from latin backgrounds.

    Spanish language medical translators in California must be aware as well of these differences too when they convey what the Hispanic speaking patient tries to convey to the English speaking and western trained doctor.

  11. Claudius says:

    Almost forgot!
    By “one man, one vote” they forced many state legislatures to abandon county based upper chambers. This removed checks on urban power, resulting in the current situation in Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania and other states; now large, utter corrupt cities dictate to and rob the productive rural areas.
    This decision is perhaps the worst of the lot.

  12. Sam says:

    I’ve argued a lot of cases before a lot of state and federal judges. Sometimes judges (IMO) misapply the law to the facts. But I’ve never witnessed a judge, with absolute confidence, assert facts that were objectively, demonstrably false. Until today.

    It wasn’t incompetence to assert 100,000 kids in hospital due to covid, and vaccines prevent transmission and OSHA has “police power”. This was malice in service to a specific agenda and that’s not protecting liberty enshrined in the constitution. If we were a serious country impeachment proceedings would be launched.

    • Carey says:

      > It wasn’t incompetence to assert 100,000 kids in hospital due to covid, and vaccines prevent transmission and OSHA has “police power”. This was malice in service to a specific agenda <

      Hear, hear. They know what they're doing.

    • Deap says:

      Exact same person who just said a gestating infant in the womb was the equivalent of a brain dead adult on life support.

      I miss the days when a college education required at least one semester course in the biological sciences, along with other breadth requirements in order to proudly wear the badge of being a college graduate, let along a graduate of an esteemed Ivy League college like Princeton.

      But I guess things have changed since my college days in the 1960’s, pre student revolution and when this wise Latina picked up her polyester sheepskin.

  13. different clue says:

    Haven’t most Supreme Court Justices spent their entire adult and even pre-adult lives within the world of The Law? How much exposure has any of them ever had to information about science or technology? How many of them even know the first thing about any of it?

    Even I, as little as I know, know enough to know that I am not a scientist. Do the Justices even know enough about science to even know that?

    • Claudius says:

      My great respect for Justice Thomas is built on his early life working in his grandfather’s fuel oil truck in Savannah and him telling the confirmation committee, in his final remarks, to pound sand. God bless him!

      • different clue says:

        In my comment just above yours, I was about to have written ” all ” Supreme Court Justices, but then I remembered that Thomas indeed did have a Life before entering the Law.

    • Deap says:

      SCOTUS members should not have even discussed any elements about “covid”; they were called to argue the legal intent, scope and range of the US Administrative Act powers.

      How far can or should unelected government bureaucrats intrude upon our lives using vaguely written administrative guidelines?

      Back to work, Team SCOTUS. Most lawyers have zero background in anything other than college poli-sci or history majors. Those with more technical backgrounds go into patent law. Most who practice medical malpractice law make it up as they go along. Most, not all.

      Those who end up as judges should have a different background, training and experience than those who act as single party advocates in court. You want a wise and neutral jurist sitting on the bench; but you want a zealous advocate on your side during a trial. The two do not mix.

      Yet too often we demand “trial experience” from our judges. That is the last thing we should be looking for. Send in a generalist and a legal scholar to be a judge; not a skilled legal process manipulator.

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