“James Clyburn defends federal takeover of elections: ‘Cannot be left up to the states'”

Top down or bottom up has always been the question in US government.

Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., defended federal involvement in elections, citing Alexander Hamilton while claiming election loss “cannot be left up to the states.” 

This week marked one year since the Jan. 6 Capitol riot that occurred on the day that Congress set to certify President Biden’s win in the 2020 election over former President Donald Trump. The controversy around the post-election days focused on Trump’s efforts to challenge election losses in key states, including Georgia where State Secretary Brad Raffensperger famously rebuffed the then-president’s effort to find more votes. 

The dispute revived a long-standing argument over the role of federal officials in elections that some believe should remain entirely under the control of local and state officials. “

Comment: All the nonsense about Alexander Hamilton is representative of the desire of the Democrats to transform The Union into a centralized state in which one party rule (theirs) is insured by destroying the features of the US Constitution that were designed to prevent exactly that.




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9 Responses to “James Clyburn defends federal takeover of elections: ‘Cannot be left up to the states'”

  1. Babeltuap says:

    They know. We know. Everyone knows who is not feeble minded why one entity should NEVER control an entire election system. It was written that way to defeat a well known common problem that was the downfall of many civilizations; CHEATING.

    Unfortunately it still happened in 2020 because nobody would enforce Federal election laws. I’m not sure why Democrats even care. If nobody enforces Federal election laws then they already have what they want.

  2. exiled off mainstreet says:

    Anybody using a provocation modelled after the Reichstag Fire as a central point in their argument reveals that they are foes, not friends, of liberty, democracy and the rule of law and the sedition is from the proponents of this sort of crap, not the opponents.

  3. Ed Lindgren says:

    Clyburn turned out the Black vote in SC during the primaries, thereby saving the Biden candidacy.

    Clyburn has a lot to answer for now that we are stuck with Dementia Joe. I can’t help but think that Clyburn also played his part in ensuring that Kamala Harris ended up as Dementia Joe’s VP.

  4. Fred says:

    So the two Senators from SC were illigitemately elected, unlike the congressman, because SC controlled its elections? It certainly can’t be because the bitter 81 year old 15 term member from SC’s first race based district (per the ever reliable wiki) is aware that the Democrats chances of holding a majority in Congress are going to get swept asside in anything close to a fair election not supervised by the DOJ, which is controlled by the ever popular Biden and his man Merrick Garland (thanks for keeping him off the supreme court Mitch McConnell).

  5. blue peacock says:

    And what will Republicans do about it?

  6. TV says:

    Clyburn is just another Democrat dimwit.
    Career politician living well from a life of “public service.”

  7. Eric Newhill says:

    Clyburn is a transparent sleaze bag. Everyone knows, since age 6 or 7, that the only reason people change the longstanding rules of a game is so they can win when they otherwise would be unable to – and that, after they change the rules, if they start to lose, they’ll just change the rules all over again. No one likes a cheater.

    And does he really want to play the game of “because a founding father said so”?. The founders said a lot of things that Clyburn and his pals really wouldn’t like.

    The democrats are done as of this Fall.

  8. Barbara Ann says:

    The tone of that interview with Clyburn was set about 7 minutes in by Baier himself when he interjected, presumably for the benefit of viewers: “The US technically is obviously a constitutional federal republic..”. Clyburn didn’t react.

    So there you have it; a reminder that federalism (and the rest of the Constitution?) is merely a technicality, a hangover from outmoded ideas & impediment to pragmatic discussion of political issues. After H.R. 1 goes through will Baier reminded the Fox audience that the US technically is obviously a democracy?

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