“Least consequential president in American history” Gingrich


Comment: “Least consequential?” I dunno. Biden seems malevolently determined to force his will on history and his Marxist team of puppeteers are doing well. Tucker said last night that the preppy, Ivy, children like Sullivan and Blinken are hard to believe as “statesmen.” I agree, but they have the jobs. Sadly Joe, Joe the monkey boy was clearly enraged in his TeeVee talk by the effrontery of the American people in questioning his wisdom, a wisdom allowed to them by the God that Biden consults with on Sundays. And for this man to speak of the “corruption” of Ashraf Ghani was enough to bring tears of rage. pl


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16 Responses to “Least consequential president in American history” Gingrich

  1. TV says:

    At least Obama has been elevaated from being the worst President in history.

  2. Deap says:

    Add this accusation to the postmortem investigations this administration must now face – trust, but verify.

    Did we indeed have a drone bead drawn on the airport suicide bomber, knowing who and when he would attack, but refused to take him out so we would not anger the Taliban? I suspect at least 13 people want answers – as well as the POTUS level risk assessment that weighed potential collateral damage had this preventive action been taken.


  3. Stephanie says:

    I see the old boy is feeling his oats again after the shock of losing the 13. “I take responsibility for the operation, which was a totally awesome success, and any flaws were a) unavoidable and b) someone else’s fault. However, it was also a big mess that demonstrates how right I was to get out.” Got it.

    That said, I’m not sure what Gingrich is talking about. Biden has passed pieces of major legislation, whatever you think of the legislation, and for the rest of his term you will hear about how he got us finally out of an unpopular war. If Breyer quits he will have a Supreme Court seat to fill. At the very least he’s keeping up with Millard Fillmore.

  4. Polish Janitor says:

    Judging by Gingrich’s argument in the Fox interview, I think what he meant was that Biden has been a disaster and pretty much an embarrassment as president so much so that we will be remembered as an “inconsequential” leader in American history. His vision will never bring glory or international recognition and significance, so he won’t be remembered in the same light as Reagan or Kennedy. Plain and simple, Joe is just a clueless baffoon….or shall we say an ‘inconsequential baffoon’ history-wise.

  5. TV says:

    NOTHING will happen.
    When was there ever accountability in the swamp?
    Kiss enough butts and you too can be a 4-star.
    BTW, anyone see this?

  6. Barbara Ann says:

    C’mon man, consequential presidents are so 2020. In this brave new decade inconsequential presidents are you know, the thing. In fact the more inconsequential the better. Unless Joe actually dies Kamala is gatekeeper to the 25th. And given he’s being “instructed” I don’t see any reason why his instructors won’t just wheel him out asleep or comatose & set the autocue to play “Joe’s” words in a kind of Stephen Hawking voice.

    Note I am being facetious, but only just.

    • Deap says:

      Not facetious at all. We have done without a functioning governor now for three years, and the upcoming Sept 14 recall outcome may well extend that dubious accomplishment even longer.

      A sign we hate being governed, so we now choose to put in the least qualified of all. And keep them there. A sign this country is actually turning towards libertarianism; not authoritarianism.

      Too bad so much tax payer cash will leak out the back door during these same leaderless times, when no one is minding the storehouse. Riddle me the accomplishments of a single Biden cabinet officer in the past 8 months.

  7. Deap says:

    REDSTATE……….”That’s a pretty huge number that agree with impeachment (60%). One of the reasons? Biden is finally finding no real cover in the media, there’s been a lot of honest reporting and a lot of truth is coming out when it comes to Afghanistan.

    But, at this point, the only thing that’s really saving him on that in the public’s mind is that his replacement is Kamala Harris, who the public also has a great deal of concern about.

    People are still very hinky on the concept of her taking over from him. (Only 38% think she is qualified)………”

  8. jim ticehurst says:

    Joe…..Another World Leader…Who Doesnt know whats in those Gummies and Spritze….Impfung..;;;He is given each Morning…Or that He has come to…Fundamentally Destroy His Country….Because His Head is Full of Glory..And HE…alone Is Commander In Chief…The photos of Him Pointing To Maps…on the Plotting Table.. are Coming..And He will sleep through the Invasion of the California Beaches…at Malibu….The Only Difference Is…Joe does Not Speak German….

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