“Luna 25 launch, Russia’s 1st Moon mission in 47 years!” 

TALLINN, Estonia (AP) — A rocket carrying a lunar landing craft blasted off Friday on Russia’s first moon mission in nearly 50 years, racing to land on Earth’s satellite ahead of an Indian spacecraft. The launch from Russia’s Vostochny spaceport in the Far East of the Luna-25 craft to the moon is Russia’s first since 1976 when it was part of the Soviet Union.

The Russian lunar lander is expected to reach the moon on Aug. 23, about the same day as an Indian craft which was launched on July 14. The Russian spacecraft will take about 5.5 days to travel to the moon’s vicinity, then spend three to seven days orbiting at about 100 kilometers (62 miles) before heading for the surface.

Only three governments have managed successful moon landings: the Soviet Union, the United States and China. India and Russia are aiming to be the first to land at the moon’s south pole. Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency, said it wants to show Russia “is a state capable of delivering a payload to the moon,” and “ensure Russia’s guaranteed access to the moon’s surface.”

“Study of the moon is not the goal,” said Vitaly Egorov, a popular Russian space analyst. “The goal is political competition between two superpowers — China and the USA — and a number of other countries which also want to claim the title of space superpower.”

Sanctions imposed on Russia after it invaded Ukraine make it harder for it to access Western technology, impacting its space program. The Luna-25 was initially meant to carry a small moon rover but that idea was abandoned to reduce the weight of the craft for improved reliability, analysts say. “Foreign electronics are lighter, domestic electronics are heavier,” Egorov said. “While scientists might have the task of studying lunar water, for Roscosmos the main task is simply to land on the moon — to recover lost Soviet expertise and learn how to perform this task in a new era.”

The Luna-25 launched flawlessly from the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia’s Far East, according to video feed from Roscosmos.


Comment: I just saw this today and thought that the Russians may be going the way of the Chinese by keeping the launches quiet until they know they succeed. Apparently not. This launch was live streamed on RT. I find that reassuring. Although at some point there may be some friction at the Moon’s south pole. Everybody’s aiming for the same spot.

In other space news, it’s been a busy week in spaceflight according to NASA.



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  1. F&L says:

    Thanks TTG.

    I’ll be very pleased to visit the moon as long as I can still receive Scott Ritter’s broadcasts from my spacesuit’s head set.

    Moscow August 10, 2023:

    Scott Ritter Banned from YouTube.

    • F&L says:

      The Bible predicts that in the end times strange and previously unknown demons will arise from out of the abyss to further the perverted plans of the Antichrist and his evil legion:

      Large’ creature — with 20 arms — found lurking in Antarctic sea. It’s a new species.
      Scientists aboard a research vessel near Antarctica pulled their nets out of the chilly ocean water. Among their catch, they found a 20-armed creature with a distinctive body shape. It’s a new species.

      Researchers trawled the Southern Ocean on several research expeditions between 2008 and 2017, according to a study published July 14 in the journal Invertebrate Systematics. They were searching for a group of “cryptic” sea animals known as Promachocrinus, or Antarctic feather stars.
      (More at link)
      The Devil and Demons – Reverend Billy Graham

    • Whitewall says:

      Looks like something ‘blowed up’ as we say here in the South. If Ritter has departed You Tube, there is always Thom Hartmann on RT.

      • F&L says:

        That’s one possiblity. Another is that the Marine Corps command had lunch with the directors of Youtube and ordered, sorry, suggested, that they take Scott down again for the fifth time before reinstating him for the sixth to maintain the illusion. Of course I must be joking, because nothing like that ever happened in real life or the newspapers would have told us.

    • Keith Harbaugh says:

      If you can read this (it may be behind a paywall), this gives some interesting details about how hacking a satellite worked out:

      HACKING INTO SPACE — A team of Italian hackers by the name of mHACKeroni won the $50,000 grand prize Sunday afternoon in a U.S. government-backed competition to seize control of a satellite in orbit at the DEF CON hackers’ conference in Las Vegas — a practice test of skills amid very down-to-earth fears about foreign threats.

      — Refresher: This was the first time hackers tried to infiltrate a live-in-space satellite, which was built by the Aerospace Corporation and owned by the U.S. Space Force.
      Both the S.F. and Air Force sanctioned the event, which took place over the weekend.

      [Participants got] a sneak peek of an upcoming CISA document offering recommendations
      to shift responsibility for secure-by-design and secure-by-default methods
      onto the design and build of tech products.

  2. F&L says:

    As can be seen from this very brief clip from a sermon of the Reverend Billy Graham, the real reasons as to why the US Army, USAF, USN and United States Marine Corps – in addition to the Russian Army and Aerospace Corps, and Chinese Communist Party and Defense and Industrial Complex are vitally interested in getting to a certain location on the moon quickly has little to nothing to do with anything you ever suspected.

    You thought that it was the only reachable site from which to observe the bedrooms of President Joe Biden, President Vladimir Putin and President Xi while simultaneously being able to receive updates from Scott Ritter? Think again.

    Oh. You thought it was the mystery between the Pentagon UFO reports in the press and on the net? You actually believed the aliens sent the leaders of Planet Earth an ultimatum to have their representatives meet one of their representatives on the moon’s south pole – or else – and that’s why they’re hurrying hand over fist to get there first?

    Well well well, if so then you’re actually not entirely far far off.

    But no. The real reason is here revealed for you alone on turcopolier dot com for the very first time. Do not stand on any high building ledges while attempting to pay rapt attention to what will appear on your screens if you launch this link. Be sure to have a relative or neighbor aware of your last wishes and what to do in case of an emergency.

    It is the shocking absolute most up to date attempt at analysis of this phenomenon, acknowledged by the most esteemed and elite members of a society that must necessarily remain un-specified for the time being.

    Reversend BILLY GRAHAM

    As you see, TTG is not just your everyday retired US Army Special Forces Officer.
    But the above revelation by Reverend Graham, to those who paid close attention and still retain their faculties of reason and spirit of curiosity, raises profound questions about what exactly has been going on, doesn’t it?

    • TTG says:


      I don’t think we’re all heading to the lunar south pole to find demons. It’s just that the south pole is where most of the water ice is located.

      • F&L says:

        The devil and demons more generally are beings with souls hollowed out to where they can contain nor generate warmth of any variety or degree. “Emotionally cold” is certainly a term familiar to most people.

        I was joking of course. I don’t follow Billy Graham’s advice and haven’t, most of my life, to my regret and misfortune. But I really enjoy watching him ever since childhood on the TV when my mom and her bridge partners would make fun of him. I thought and still do think that he was remarkable. But he beseeched and preached for decades – look at the good it’s done – undetectable. Some of his wilder claims fall under the variety of propositions discovered by mathematicians like Gödel and others – statements which are true but unprovable. Devils falling from the heavens to earth to plague an innocent mankind is likely not one of them.

        Confucius say “Graham Crackers.” I wouldn’t go quite that far but most of his imitators are nuts or bananas, and Confucius had a point – Graham’s original flocks were in large part “crackers.”

        Reverend Billy Graham provides us with an illustration of the power of pursuasion in the hands of a supremely gifted orator. He brought the spirit. That’s the essence of the man. He inspired. If he was short and unnatractive with a weird moustache, dark brown hair, a foreign accent and a nasty drug habit – would he have been as effective? You’d think not, but then again – look at the excess of intellect clearly visible on the faces and foreheads of his audience members – the effect could easily be 180 degrees opposite the one Billy Graham intended.

  3. F&L says:

    Our legal dept says they can represent this as on topic because it mentions missiles, but it may require appeals and the firm’s fees are high. Not my area of expertise but it looks to me like the Kerch bridge isn’t going to be around for long. I’d even suspect that it’s damages in the near future won’t be reported on by either side — the Russian because it’s too embarrassing, and the western/”Ukrainian” due to desire not to escalate. But I am reliably paranoid if anything. The US bottom line is that Lloyd and Joe and the boys want this to go on forever slowly grinding the Russians down ever so imperceptibly till they are so hollowed out that they sheepishly agree to terms behind the scenes and continue, Potemkin village style while western executives and military officers run the country and dismantle it’s military with no one being the wiser. The crossing or tipping point will be when the profits to the MIC from the forever war (that isn’t a war) become less than the profits from developing Russia’s resources once they are in hand. Per unit time, I guess. That’s a business projection problem beyond my patience and aptitude to calculate at the moment but the guys at Rand or more likely Larry Fink’s hedge funds and Lloyd’s of London have likely already worked it out or are busy with it. I hate that stuff anyway.

    The West helps Ukraine attack the Crimean bridge with old Soviet missiles.
    On Saturday, Ukraine twice tried to attack the Crimean Bridge with S-200 guided missiles converted into a strike version. In both cases, they were intercepted by Russian air defense systems. For additional protection, a smoke screen was temporarily placed on the bridge. Experts say that Ukraine modernized Soviet missiles with the help of Western specialists. What kind of changes have been made and how is Russia able to intercept these missiles? (More at link)

  4. F&L says:


    Do the Russians labor under the suspicion that our recent string of wildfires in Maui, Canada and elsewhere are in fact cover or misdirection in the service of conducting underground or even some new type of partially above ground nuclear testing in contravention to treaties as I last understood them to be in effect? Or did a certain “stronger than an ally” buddy say “show me they still work, please, $3 trillion is a bit on the expensive side?” Or was it something else?

    See photo of antique helicopter (one of the few that Prigozhin’s Wagner didn’t manage to shoot down?) and Shoigu with colleagues. Text pasted below link but original contains 2 other links not visible here.
    The arrival of S. Shoigu to the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, together with the head of Rosatom A. Likhachev, can serve as confirmation of Russia’s desire to resume – in the event of political and military expediency – the cycle of underground nuclear tests.
    For this purpose, the readiness of the nuclear test site, its facilities and equipment is checked.
    First of all, of course, of interest are tests of standard nuclear warheads intended for the main types of Russian ICBMs (monoblock and with MIRVs), as well as YaBZ for the Iskander-M OTRK, ALCMs and SLCMs of the main types.
    There is also a need for practical testing of the developed promising types of YaBZ and their automation.
    By the way, there has recently been an increased interest of the main Western intelligence services in the Russian nuclear test site on Novaya Zemlya.

  5. F&L says:

    Re my preceding comment submitted at 10:18 –

    Could it be for purposes of building morale? See the minute immediately preceding 26:40 and the Russian officer’s comment.

    Or see the distinguished Soviet scientist Victor Adamski, (weapons physicist Arzamas 16)
    after minute 17, and carefully read the text from a 1950s edition of The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists scrolling slowly enough to be easily read as he speaks. Note what it’s about – blasting through a fortified and dug in infantry line – a pertinent present situation. The video is an old and really excellent British one, by the way, posted, it says, 5 yrs ago. But things like this can and are prepared well in advance for foreseeable purposes and not so foreseeable ones. Why did it appear at precisely this time in my YT feed while Shoigu et al & Korotchenko are making displays and posting commentary.
    The Russians will have seen this video recently too if it’s as I suspect being circulated now. Seemingly algorithmically presented videos on YT is a perfectly deniable and untraceable communication technique that intelligence agencies would have discovered long ago. It may have been part of a deception intended to prompt Russia to test nukes at their old site and lose even more prestige in the eyes of an audience still on the sidelines. Why was the video filmed in such a way that you could easily read that passage from TBOTAS?

    The Atomic Bomb, Russia and Spies Атомная бомба, Россия и шпионы

  6. Fred says:

    Meanwhile on planet Earth the UK has allowed a Russian tech firm to remain listed for years….
    “VK Group, which owns a top Russian social media platform with the same name, will move its business back to Russia and quit the London Stock Exchange, the company said in a press-release on Friday.”

    • F&L says:

      Once again, you have to understand, the Kremlin is not only vicious, but they are also incompetent. And yet, they remain in power somehow. The immediate comparison that comes to mind is Kiev or Tel-Aviv, frankly. And in both places, the state is propped up and kept alive artificially from abroad both financially and politically (and militarily in the two ally cases). What does this hint to us about the St. Petersburg Gang’s rather strange and unnatural resilience in the face of adversity?
      Above is a quote from:
      Not recommending the article there at all. Just amused at peasants like myself who pay attention to these crooks.

  7. F&L says:

    A man from Maui who says the media is lying about death & destruction. Probably an attention seeker or less likely just furious over negligence. Chances of PTSD or shock – small but nonzero.
    Does he look like a graduate of a journalism school? Why would the media lie? Tragedy and grief are their bread and butter. 15 minutes of Fame.

    • TTG says:


      He strikes me as just another cranky old asshole mad at everything. If he lost everything in a fire, he has reason to feel that way. A few days ago, the media was saying that close to a thousand people were unaccounted for. The casualty figure is bound to rise as the cadaver dogs do their work.

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