“Manhattan DA gives many misdemeanors a pass even as new mayor vows to combat growing crime”

The new DA for NY City

“Alvin Bragg, a former federal prosecutor sworn in as Manhattan District Attorney on Jan. 1, sent guidance to his office calling for the “decriminalization/non prosecution” for crimes including marijuana possession, turnstile jumping, trespassing, resisting arrest, interfering with an arrest and prostitution.” 

“Additionally, the guidance says the DA’s office will “not seek carceral sentence other than for homicide” or “class B violent felony in which a deadly weapon causes serious injury, domestic violence felonies” with some exceptions in “extraordinary circumstances.”

The memo argues that “reserving incarceration for matters involving significant harm will make us safer.”

Bragg’s office also says it will request a maximum of 20 years in prison for all crimes that don’t have a life-in-prison option and will never seek life without parole in any case regardless of how heinous.

Pretrial detention, according to Bragg’s office, will only be recommended in “very serious cases.””

Comment: Is this another Soros protege? The woman at his elbow in the picture is loving this. His wife? pl


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14 Responses to “Manhattan DA gives many misdemeanors a pass even as new mayor vows to combat growing crime”

  1. Babeltuap says:

    People have 3 options:

    1. Move
    2. Put up with it
    3. Run him out

    Looks like they are absolutely going to put up with it.

    • Pat Lang says:


      IMO the city will continue to disintegrate if that is so.

      • Sam says:

        San Francisco provides an instructive example of how quickly it all disintegrates.

        Now there are several recall petitions for the woke DA and several school board members. Let’s see how that pans out.

        • Fred says:


          If you look at the congressional map you see that is Pelosi’s district. What has occurred over the past decade or so is the concentration of the vote there into making it a reliable tech oligarch friendly district. Once Pelosi goes, however, their (techies) actual political power in D.C. will be affected, though that won’t help residents, citizens or not, in any meaningful way in the short term.

  2. backsdrummer says:

    No charges for obstruction or interference with an arrest? That’s an invitation to confront, intimidate, and physically bar the police from doing their job. It will make attacks on the police harder to prosecute. I’m sure the “protestors” will love that.

    • Mike says:

      The DA’s ‘memo’ reads like a nonsensical variation Alinsky anarcho-socialist manifesto. But if offenders or as they wish to be called ‘upstanders’ are uncharged after arrest, irrespective of felony, then police as well must be granted immunity & uncharged when theyr forced to protect themselves and are compelled to enforce those arrests; including deadly force. I am not a blue fan; but simply for law and order. Hpy 2022!

  3. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Well, it would seem that this mook wants to build on the “accomplishments” of the illustrious di Blasio, and he appears to be the man for the job. Maybe he could ask for pointers from San Francisco’s DA, that Chesa Boudin, on how to maximize the Anarchotyranny.

    I guess that the shitlibs are going to get what they want, and just as Mencken recommended for his time’s boobousie, they should get it good and hard. That’d be fine in theory, but in practice, these cockroaches merely scurry out of the building they set on fire, be it California, New York, Sillinois, or whatever, and migrate to Your Town to further spread their unhinged politics to your community. Splendid.

    A few good looting attacks, like we have recently seen in Southern California and Chicongo, and high end retail will be deader than a doornail, and won’t that just be great for commercial real estate, already ravaged at the mid and low end by the Covidians’ favored cure-all, lockdowns.

    I would hope that the museums, and libraries, institutions with great collections to preserve and protect, would be thinking of getting the hell outta Dodge; but, as they are likely infested by and administered by the worst sort of pwogwessives, they likely will limit their actions to singing – really hard, though – Kumbayah. Their collections are in danger, and what about those who might patronize them? Oops. And ditto for the performing arts; theoretically, they have a native audience along with an out of town one, but if that audience fears for their life and limb, not to mention the performers and all of the support personnel, where does that leave you?

    I forsee good times ahead for NYC. But at least this brutha be avocatin’ for the interests of he people. Bruthas gotta work, and there can be no restraints on their “trade”. Maybe, as in that movie from a few decades ago, Escape from New York, it is relegated to a criminal zone, cut off from the outside – bridges cut, walled off to the north, airports closed – it’ll come to that.

    Sound extreme, and unlikely? These people have plans, big plans. Instilling anarchotyranny, and erasing YT and our Western Civilization are their life aims, demonic, spiteful mutants as they are, and serve as their motivation. Burn the Metropolitan Museum, the New York Public Library? I don’t put it past them. Who is to stop them if they take the notion, and with all of the anti-white indoctrination with which they have been pervasively inculcated for decades, why would it not? You think Kathy Hochul would send in the Guard? Would you have expected the Governor of Washington State to have taken this action when Seattle was under siege, or the Governor of Oregon to have acted when Portland was descending into anarchy? Extreme leftist bluetick governors won’t do a damn thing because this is their plan.

    And if H.R. 1 is approved, why would they, when the government and its ability to paper anarchotyranny over with the power of the purse in perpetuum goes into effect? Hell, with the Republicans as presently constituted, they already get the bailouts they need for their dysfunctional governance. Passage would just give them an opportunity to do an ongoing victory dance in the end zone.

    Spicy times ahead, friends.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      John Carpenter’s dystopian movie was what came to my mind too when I read of this gentleman’s ideas to “make us safer”. Perhaps that is the plan; gradually remove the rule of law, wait until the hoodlums move in en masse (and the cops out) and then seal the place off.

  4. tedrichard says:

    this is a fat lady singing moment and those living in nyc (manhattan particularly) will deserve what they get for ignoring it!

  5. Eliot says:

    Col. Lang,

    I read Baron Wrangel’s memoir, and Prince Obolensky’s memoir last year. These headlines immediately make me think of their stories, and how the Bolsheviks emptied the prisons, and turned violent felons on ordinary society, in an effort to torture the people into submission.

    I am concerned by these radicals, but I’m even more concerned by our passive acceptance of what is happening.

    There’s a Russian movie about the end of civil war, Sunstroke, near the end, the hero, a White Russian officer, declares in empty horror “we did this.”

    He sees his own death coming, but also the death of Russia. And he blames his cohort for allowing it to occur.

    I worry we are letting this happening.

    – Eliot

  6. Sam says:

    I was a cook. I was a dishwasher. If nobody came to my restaurant when I was in college, I wouldn’t have been able to survive. When you talk about closing down our city, you’re talking about putting low-wage workers out of a job. I’m not letting that happen.


    The new mayor of NYC gets it. It is not just the harm from a single disease but overall harm minimization. That’s been Public Health 101 for a long time. It got thrown out the window with manufactured covid hysteria. Anyone that pointed it out like the Great Barrington Declaration were slandered by Team Fauci. Lockdown will become a policy orphan with no one claiming they supported it. Watch the revisionism. We shouldn’t let the lockdowners slink away.

  7. TV says:

    Once again…
    People get the government they deserve.
    NYC has been committing suicide since Bloomberg left.

  8. Over the last 50+ years most major cities in the US have lurched left, reflexively voted Democrat, and slowly become Detroit or Newark. NYC on the other hand surprises me every so often and manages to course-correct with a Bloomberg, Koch, or Gulianni to clean up the mess left by (as TV so aptly puts it) people getting the Govt they deserve.

    I’m not sure Adams will be that guy, but if history is any indicator NY’ers will at some point find one who is.

  9. jerseycityjoan says:

    I am indignant beyond words at this plan.

    The people who will be hurt by far the most by this are blacks and Hispanics. Many of them already live in virtual war zones in our big cities.

    I would not be surprised if this accelerates gentrification. I guess the Sundays will get some of their ridership back as everybody goes into Manhattan to commit more crimes.

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