Maybe, Maybe …

“Echelon Insights is out with yet another poll showing Republican Glenn Youngkin ahead of Terry McAuliffe in the hotly contested race for the governor’s mansion.

In a sample of 611 likely voters, 49 percent supported Youngkin and 46 percent preferred McAuliffe, Virginia’s governor from 2014-2018.

The same survey showed Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares — the GOP’s candidates for lieutenant governor and attorney general, respectively — ahead of their Democratic opponents. In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans, Youngkin’s lead is entirely attributable to his 17 point advantage with independents.

Data collected by Echelon would seem to lend further credence to the narrative that Youngkin’s surging poll numbers are due to the contrast he’s drawn with McAuliffe on education, emphasizing parents’ role in the system. That contrast appears to have yielded Youngkin a 15 point advantage with K-12 parents.” yahoo news.

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  1. Fred says:

    All the big wheels of the left came out for McCauliffe in the last few days. Then he had his flunkies stage a fake tiki-torch protest, woman and black ‘white supremecists’ included, with the Lincoln Project grifters coming out a day later to give Governor Groomer a plausablie deniability fall guy for this smear. Following all that is the “ISIS terror warning” for Norther Virginia, surprise surprise!

    Don Surber quotes James Hohmann of the WAPO: “Our new Washington Post poll shows that EDUCATION is now the No. 1 issue for Virginia voters in the governor’s race, edging out the economy. In September, education voters favored McAuliffe by 33 points, but now they tilt toward Youngkin by 9 points.”
    If that’s the case McCauliffe has already lost.

    However, Fairfax county has already asked to be relieved from the duty of following Virginia election laws. I think the left has rigged this. We’ll know when all those glitches give them a week to stuff the ballots boxes with the pre-filled papers.

    • exiled off mainstreet says:

      I’m hoping it doesn’t end up like it did last time when, quoting Party Secretary Stalin, “It doesn’t matter who votes; it only matters who counts the votes.” I’m certain that if McAuliffe “wins” it can only be due to widespread fraud.

  2. Sam says:

    Will counting get stopped at midnight and suddenly McCauliffe and Democrat mail-in ballots come sweeping in from several NoVa counties?

  3. Deap says:

    How much of VA today is a “government town”? 99% of that demographic will vote Democrat, no matter who or what is running. Past is prologue in government towns – 2020.

    • chris moffatt says:

      Well almost all of Northern VA depends on Federal employment or contracting and almost all of Tidewater VA depends on DoD dollars. These are the two population centres of VA and it really doesn’t matter what the (mostly red) rest of the state does. But if these poll results are real then we can expect the democrats to steal the election. Leopards don’t change spots.

  4. Peter Reichard says:

    When a reasonably popular former Democratic governor in a Blue state runs against a political unknown, a businessman from the notorious Carlyle Group no less, it shouldn’t even be close. If McAuliffe manages to just squeek by it will still be a victory for the Republicans.
    I sense a sea change in the making but something quite apart from and bigger than just which party is in power. All political movements tend to overplay their hands. The “New Left” of the sixties which always hated liberals, liberalism and free speech long ago took over the academy at the college level and now a new generation is trying to push its America last historical revisionism along with radical theories about race, racism and gender into corporations and high schools. The Loudoun County School Board craziness represents the tipping point where the pushback has finally begun to move the pendulum in the opposite direction.
    The Democratic Party is comitting political suicide by embracing this nonsense and seems to think every election nationwide is the same as running for the Berkeley City Council. It will be their undoing.

    • Pat Lang says:

      peter reichard

      What is “notorious” about the Carlyle Group?

      • Sam says:

        Col. Lang,

        Carlyle, along with KKR, Bain and other PE firms have been the prime movers to dismantle the US industrial base and have it shipped to China, Mexico and other Asian countries. All in the name of “shareholder returns”. Their modus operandi has been to acquire venerable American brands, load them with debt in the acquisition to pay out special dividends to the new owners, then restructure the company by firing employees, offshoring manufacturing, cutting back R&D, raising prices and of course then taking parts of the company public again and reap a second financial windfall.

        Of course they provide the key revolving door to the financial regulatory apparatus. Current Fed chair Powell made his hundred million while at Carlyle. Wall St has been a big successful promoter of privatization of speculative financial profits and socialization of losses. From the bailout of LTCM to the bailouts of 2008 this revolving door has been instrumental.

        Wall St has no loyalty to the United States. Only to short-term financial returns for themselves.

        • Sam says:

          Another point that needs to be made is that Wall St led financialization of the US economy over the past few decades has created unprecedented market concentration across practically every market segment. We no longer have a competitive free market economy but a corporatist government-backed oligopolies. We have the Party of Davos fascism.

          I just read an interesting thread by @RaoulGMI talking about techno utopianism and how we are all going to make it.

          1/ We are in what I believe is the final stage of the Super Bubble. The Super Bubble is the misconception that bailout capitalism is actually a free market.

          2/ The belief that markets are a machine is a beautiful lie, peddled very profitably by Ray Dalio. Funds invest hundreds of billions of dollars in his underperforming funds because it is so enticing to think of a system running on “levers”. Capitalism – the vast Randian Railroad

          3/ Dalio and others advised Central Bankers in 2008 that bailing out the financial system, and later “going big” or using “bazookas” or doing “whatever it takes” is a far better alternative to the austerity which caused the Great Depression and subsequently led to WW2

          4/ It’s difficult to say if this is true or not. What is less difficult to say is that we are now witnessing moral hazard at full force in financial markets. Lunatics are fully in charge of the asylum and exorbitant excess is visible in nearly every asset class. Consider crypto.

  5. Fred says:

    Well, well. It looks like NBC can no longer pump out believable agitprop to keep the dems’ loyal. Here’s the latest tweet from Chuck Todd’s Meet the Press:
    “We have a brand new NBC News poll out this morning that’s filled with tough news for Democrats.The country is headed —
    In the right direction: 22 On wrong track: 71
    President Biden’s job performance —
    Approve: 42 Disapprove: 54”

    Looks like they’ll shove Joe asside right after shoving more fraudulent legislation and regulation our way. Then KKKamala will save us! Or at least give them another year of shoving crap our way. Not to menting letting in another 7 or 8 million illegals.

  6. Lysias says:

    Bad news mounts up for McAuliffe. A mother testified at a Loudoun County PTA meeting last week that she pulled her 6 y. o. daughter out of public school because the daughter was taught that she was born evil because she’s white. Apparently the video has gone viral.

  7. blue peacock says:

    The polls are within 1%.

    Pretty remarkable for Youngkin. However, we don’t know yet what the counters in the NoVa counties decide.

  8. TTG says:

    I think it’s more than even money Youngkin takes it. Depending on what happens down ballot, we could see the statues being returned to Monument Avenue and book burnings, figuratively if not literally, becoming commonplace. As far as the economy goes, it won’t make much difference.

    • Pat Lang says:

      The statues returned to Monument Avenue and to places like my alma mater? No, best not. “Can the circle be unbroken…?” The circle IS broken and cannot be restored. The Marxists and Black activists succeeded. There was very little resistance to the desecration of the memory of a brave people and their army. In Lexington the wretched city council voted to remove Stonewall’s statue from his grave site. In Alexandria the UDC removed the statue called “Appomattox” from downtown in order to save it from the mob. The circle is broken.

  9. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Well, GoodWhites, take that! McAuliffe throws Nice White Lady Schoolteachers under the bus.

    Can you now really doubt that Anti-Whiteism is the driving wheel of Wokism?

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