Nice Knowing You by Walrus

Crocodile Dundee and friends

The potential costs of advocating anything other than the official Australian Government position on Ukraine / Russia matters suggest I have to leave. Not that I carry any weight anyway. Nice knowing you all.

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  1. blue peacock says:

    Why are you so scared? Has Australia become CCP where you can just get disappeared for saying Xi wore his pants one leg at a time.

    Oh, yeah! I recall that Australia and its neighbor New Zealand demonstrated how authoritarianism can be brought in so quickly in a western “democracy” during the covidian regime.

  2. borko says:

    It is ironic that there is more freedom of speech in former communist countries than in let’s say UK, Australia or Canada where you can easily get in trouble for not towing the government line. And it is not just about Ukraine, but other issues like Covid vaccination for example.

  3. Barbara Ann says:


    It appears the freedom to speak as one’s conscience dictates was an all too brief deviation from the norm. Authoritarianism and censorship are coming back with a vengeance in the West. The bitter irony of course is that the rise of China and Russia is one of the excuses our governments give for destroying what is left of the freedoms which differentiate our societies from theirs.

    You are a particularly bright ironic point of light and I hope you can find some way to stick around here whatever you decide you must do. My very best wishes.

  4. Leith says:

    Walrus – Keep in touch. Even though we disagree on much, I’d not want to lose your insight on the few things we do somewhat agree on.

  5. Fourth and Long says:

    They saw that Walrus ends in rus, and that Wal is law spelled backwards.

    Don’t feel bad. I am banned very frequently. Because my handle ends with ong they assume I’m wrong or maybe from China.

  6. cobo says:


    Use my approach. I piss off both sides. They can fight over me :- )

    Holding a contrary position is what freedom of speech is. Actively working to aid an enemy is different, although authoritarians don’t do nuance well. Your comments are always reasonable and well stated. Like a few other commenters here, I read them more than once, and again on the next day.

  7. Jose says:

    Walrus, you have joined the “Fifth Columnist Brigade,” Welcome to the club!!!!

    My final post will be when I post we all knew how this will end around Februray!!!

    Watch out for Stasi Koala’s, trust me the bite…lol

  8. kodlu says:


    I have benefited from and enjoyed your point of view here at Turcopolier. Sorry to see you go.

  9. Bill Roche says:

    Walrus; I never agree w/anyone at all times on the Col’s. Log. Be of good cheer; that includes you! But you have always been civil, smart, and thoughtful. God bless and good luck. You’ll be back (on another “handle”???).
    Bil Roche

  10. JamesT says:


    Please stick around. Your comments are very good for my morale and to reassure me that I am not crazy. Even if this were not the case I would still want you to stick around on the grounds that your thinking is well reasoned and well considered.

  11. d74 says:

    A light is going out.
    You are the second after Patrick Armstrong.
    Canada, Australia, what have you done to the freedom of expression?

    Courage, this war that threatens us will end.

  12. Pat Lang says:

    Who are more afraid of their government, you Aussies or the Canucks? Your father was an incredible man who sailed an open boat from Luzon to Australia in 1942. The Japs would have killed him if they had caught him. C’mon man! “THIS is a knahfe!”

  13. John Anderson says:

    I thought the US encouraged freedom of speech until, after years of sustained efforts resulting in heaps of positive karma, I was thrown out of Reddit.

  14. different clue says:

    Costs imposed by whom? The AustraliaGov? Perhaps there is a way to send comments under deepest cover to a trusted person who will repost them under a totally different name?

    • mcohen says:

      Yes this war in Ukraine is a good example of corporate change management.The people on the ground have little say.Just don’t try to get in the way.

      Here is an Australian themed poem to cheer you up

      Bum bag sag

      I saw an old man pushing
      A trolley down the street
      He was shuffling
      No shoes on his feet

      I asked where’s he at
      Could I get him some push
      Like under the hat
      That grows on a bush

      Said he had the bum bag sag
      Was all cashed up
      Gonna put it on a nag
      At the melbourne cup

      Had a mate
      Who played the dark arts
      With tricks on his plate
      A man of many parts

      Could summon a wakt
      From a juju bowl
      Smoke a fresh khat
      Slide down the rabbit hole

      Pull out the ouija board
      Get some answers
      From the dark lord
      Take his chances

      Cut a long story short
      At odds twenty to one
      The ticket he bought
      Was the horse that won

      I saw an old man pushing
      A trolley down the street
      He was shuffling
      New shoes on his feet

  15. Fred says:


    It’s time for you to run for office.

  16. Swamp Yankee says:

    Sad to hear this news, Walrus. I’ve always appreciated your contributions here over the years. Best wishes from Cape Cod Bay!

  17. jim ticehurst.. says:

    Walrus..I Like a Good Debate..And Your Input on this Forum..I Will honestly Miss Your Tusks..Be Weall..Stay Safe..

  18. longarch says:

    Dear Walrus,
    thank you for informing and educating me; I hope you can return again to inform and educate us all as soon as possible.
    Happy trails, until we meet again.

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