” … NY Bill Would Allow Government to Detain Anyone Considered A Public Health Threat”

“In a brazen attempt to punish those who choose to resist the edicts coming from the state legislature and governor’s office, a proposed bill by the New York state legislature would allow the government to forcibly detain anyone without trial if they’re deemed a public health threat.

The bill, A.416, is among a trove of new draconian Covid restrictions and vaccine mandate bills set to be voted on during the next legislative session starting on January 5th.

According to the bill’s text, A.416 would “allow the governor or the appropriate health official to order the removal and detention of any person afflicted with a communicable disease in the event that there is a state of health emergency declared by the governor in relation to such disease.”

“[A]ny person or group removed or detained by order of the governor or his or her delegate shall be detained for as long as the department may direct, subdivision 3 of the bill further states.

As if this draconian legislation wasn’t enough, New Yorkers on Twitter are also highlighting several more bills up for a vote next session that is would empower the government to forcibly make state residents comply, using mental and physical duress as they deem fit.” trending politics

Comment: I used to tell French friends that unlike them we are not the property of the government. If you still want that you should pick your state of residence carefully. pl


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  1. TTG says:

    Such forcible quarantines are as American as apple pie. Throughout our history states have instituted many involuntary quarantines in response to smallpox, typhoid, cholera, plague, yellow fever, diphtheria and other diseases. In fact the colonies did the same since the early 17th century. The Supreme Court has upheld all of them to date. Typhoid Mary didn’t volunteer to be kept on North Brother Island for 26 years until her death. Some states have went so far as to pass statutes authorizing the preventive isolation of HIV-infected persons who repeatedly refuse to take steps to avoid transmitting the virus.

    • Fred says:

      Yes, and so is forced sterilization, which one of our family’s closest friends suffered at the hands of the government of Florida. Legal it was, immoral it was, too. You mention smallpox, yellow fever and typhoid. Aren’t all those highly deadly, and more so without modern antibiotics? Aren’t all three what the Wuhan virus was compared too world wide? Hasn’t reality proven that comparison false? BTW, California passed a law allowing HIV infected people to keep their infection status secret from sex partners.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      I loves me some apple pie. It’s kind of like when the government put all those sneaky Japanese into internment camps because they just might be a threat.
      Maybe we can bring back slavery too. Long history of that apple pie too.

      • Deap says:

        Turns out all America Johnny Appleseed was a pedofile who planted apple trees to create a readily available sugar source mash for moonshine liquor on the American frontier.

        I missed that part in the required third grade story telling about Johnny Appleseed. So as American and apple-based boot leg liquor might be the more apt association. We, as a nation, do get drunk en masse from time to time.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Now it’s Johnny Fentynaldose.

          The leading cause of death 18 – 44 is drug overdose; not covid. No forceable internment for dealers in NY though, what with bail reform all all that social justice. Back on the streets plying their product in a few hours, if arrested, with all of the other criminals. No big federal effort on the border either to stop the crap from getting to NY in the first place. Weird that we don’t hear a peep about the drug problem from these leaders who are so very concerned for our wellbeing.

  2. Jim says:

    In Massachusetts 48% of all covid related deaths since August are in fully vaxxed.

    45% of all cases here in fully vaxxed.

    New York is full of public health bureaucrats and establishment medical doctors — in very high places — that just lie to the public and apparently their friends as well, as a way of life. AKA The Criminal Fauci and Biden storm troopers.

    A friend just told me that a NYC surgeon, who is this individual’s friend: said only 4% of deaths are in those fully shot up with the covid silver bullets.

    I told my friend that is a demonstrable lie and asked for the MDs data that one used to lie so blatantly; which I have not gotten and don’t expect to.

    In Massachusetts, vaccine failure rates are not being reported in the news as they should.

    Here, 48% of ‘fully vaxxed’ in this state, using data from August to now, according to Mass. department of public health information posted online, is the actual proportion of all covid related deaths at this time. Among those paying attention, this is the way it really is in this country, vaccine failure disguised as?

    Massachusetts Department of Public Health began publishing vaccine failure for deaths and for those contracting the Sars CoV2 disease mid-August.

    Baseline for this analysis begins with first data the DPH published, showing, as of August 14:
    12,641 cases [‘breakthrough’ cases]
    124 deaths [‘breakthrough’ deaths].

    At that time, August 14, 2021, there was total of
    689,749 cumulative cases in Massachusetts
    17,772 cumulative deaths

    The most recently, weekly DPH vaccine failure report shows, as of Dec. 11:
    1] 100,399 cases among fully vaccinated, defined “as those who test positive more than 14 days after the final dose of vaccine”
    2] 699 deaths in fully vaccinated.

    The corresponding cumulative cases, and deaths, as of Dec. 11 according to DPH show
    915,343 cases
    19,217 deaths [reported Dec. 10; next daily not reported until Dec. 13]

    The difference in cumulative cases and deaths, in this span, mid-August until December as follows:
    Cases, 915343 – 689749 = 225,549 cases
    Deaths, 19217 – 17772 = 1,445 deaths

    100,399 breakthroughs of 225,549 total cases = ??%
    699 breakthroughs of 1,445 total deaths = ??%

    100399/225549= 45% of cases reported in Mass. since August among fully vaccinated

    699/1445= 48% of deaths in Mass. since August among fully vaccinated.



    This NYC surgeon is obviously talking out of his pie hole, like so many many many others like them. These people are sickos, certifiable, and need help.

    Telling the public demonstrable lies to justify more coercion. To justify making ordinary Americans criminals in our own land. . . .etc. etc.

    What is actually needed at this time are mental hospitals in which to place all these criminally insane maniacs.

    Let them put their “MD” “badges” to work on their criminal conspirators when they are all safely locked up inside a mental hospital — where they are no longer a menace to the rest of us trying to live our lives — and where they can play doctor with one another!

    MIT scientists Stephanie Seneff posted recently on Twitter yesterday:

    [[[Stephanie Seneff
    Dec 17
    I watched PBS evening news where they ran a story about the runaway COVID infection rate at Cornell U (> 900 cases), where 97% of the students are fully vaccinated. The message was, we need more people to get vaccinated. When will this insanity end?]]]


    And she posted: [[[Vaccines are a “tool we didn’t have a year ago” but they are not working!]]]



  3. akaPatience says:

    If vaccines work, why have more people in the US died of Covid this year than last? And while I’m at it, if vaccines are causing myocarditis in young, athletic people, why shouldn’t older folks be concerned about vaccine-induced myocardial effects?

    I wonder how many heart attack deaths in the wake of this year’s massive vaccination program could’ve been caused by vaccines? We found out in the initial FOIA drop of the FDA’s Pfizer data that in the first 2 months alone of vaccination, thousands reported adverse effects and over 1200 people suffered vaccine-induced deaths. What was the nature of their deaths? Why is the FDA making it so hard to access this data (recall, it wants to wait several decades before releasing it all).

    SO, what on earth is the justification for this proposed NY quarantine facility? Surely not Covid. Is there a biowarfare threat we’re unaware of?

  4. Longarch says:

    I am not a Republican. I aspire to be a Jeffersonian (and I fear I often fall short of that lofty aspiration). Therefore I hope that I will never live anywhere so anti-Jeffersonian as the state of New York is in 2021 (and has been for decades).

    First serious question: If I want neighbors who adhere as closely as possible to the ideals of the founding fathers (Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, and the authors of the Anti-Federalist Papers), is Alaska the best state in the USA? Some unidentified people on the Internet have suggested that Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, and South Dakota are more traditional than Texas and Alaska (but obviously I value the opinions of known experts, such as the experts who write at turcopolier.com).

    Second serious question: How far away from cities must one live to find neighbors who adhere to the ideals of the founding fathers? I have visited Austin, Texas, and it seemed to lack the traditional qualities attributed to Texas. A few people in Austin paid lip service to Jefferson but I found very little sincerity among them. However, I had the sense that more rural Texans had a greater appreciation for tradition, and I might have had a better time if I had managed to live in rural Texas. Similarly, a big city in Montana or Alaska might lack traditional frontier values.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Harlan Easley says:

    All the evidence from South Africa and now Denmark indicate Omicron is the variant evolutionary biologists have been predicting from the start. A novel virus due to evolutionary pressures becomes more transmissible and less virulent overtime.

    The virus wants to “live” or in reality replicate since it is not technically alive but an obligate parasite. All viruses are obligate parasites; that is, they lack metabolic machinery of their own to generate energy or to synthesize proteins, so they depend on host cells to carry out these vital functions. So if it kills the hosts too fast then it won’t live.

    Looks like Omicron is extremely contagious maybe as high as measles which is music to my ears. Let it spread fast and wide replacing the much more dangerous Delta variant and be gone with this pandemic.

    This is the viruses last dance this winter. Come Spring we will be dealing with the cold again. So there will be 5 coronavirus instead of the 4 now that causes the cold.

    For the Left this will be a very bitter pill to swallow but they will get over it or end up 6 ft below the ground if they keep pushing.

  6. jim ticehurst says:

    Looks Like The Fifth Wave…Will Be The Fifth Hammer..For The Fifth Estate..Now They Can “Sickle” at Will. ..Much Like The CCP…Probably The Primary Objective of The Combine..Conducting This American Coup…How and Where will American Citizens Be Detained against Thier Will..? Will They Be Subjected to Medical Experiments..Injected against Thier Will…Be “Terminated”…with Cause of Death..”Covid”..Strange How fast and Far t this New Wave developed..Because we are told New Varients..Triple every Three Days..Is This BIO Event..Staged..Pre Planned…Aerosol Dispersed..Or Do All Those Migrants come in as Super Spreaders…Since The Pattern is all along Southern Borders..to The South West..and Up The Coast..where all New Waves are Developing..?? A Reasonable person would Question This Administrations Policys Combined..and How Destructive to The Wefare and Well Being of The United States They are. Undermining The Military..Police..Law and Order..Judicial System..Military Degradation..State and Local Rights eroded..and Controled by A Minority Element.. Even ALL The Operational Policys of The Biden Administartion..Administers EVERY Policy of The American GREEN Party of 245,000 Members……..Health Care…Education..Green New Deal..Criminal Justice..Racial Justice..LBGT Rights…Legal Drugs..and Foreign Policy….WHY..?..Like Totalitarian Systems..There is Too Much going on To Call Such Concerns Paranoia..Its appears to Organized..Protected..and Operational …Answers to No One..And Up to No Good…

  7. Deap says:

    Something fishy is going on – both Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker test positive for covid at the same time.

    And BOTH now claim because they are triple-vaxxed they know they have nothing to worry about – just mild symptoms.

    Just think, 99.95% already had just mild symptoms if at all with full recovery and did not need to turn themselves into a GMO pin cushion. I write off this remarkable “covid coincidence” by these two grifters as more covid theater from inside the bowels of the Beltway.

    Back to the rule I learned here:
    –Once is happenstance
    –Twice is coincidence
    –Third time is a declaration of war

    Who will be the third high profile, tripped vaxxed Democrat to rush to defend Fauci’s mandatory vaxx everyone agenda?

    Or did these two read the covid tea leaves and want to get out ahead of the 2022 Democrat election disaster?

    Triple vaxx and now you are not gonna die – the new Democrat message
    No vaxx and 99.5% likely you are not gonna die either. But we already knew that back in 2020.

  8. Deap says:

    Is our esteemed Secy of HHS finally trying to find a back door to get out from this Democrat covid thing? CNN reports this might be true – can’t fight it so now we just live with it.


    But not without a last gasp defense of the TripleVaxx from Eliz Warren and Cory Booker. Mixed message- can’t fight it with vaccines because they are now shown not to work, but get vaxxed anyway so you don’t die after all.

    Maybe Newsom got to fellow Calif homie Secy HSS Xavier Beccerra, with tales of his sorry tale bout his own deadly third vaxx; When Newsom had to disappea from public view for two whole weeks, immediately after Newsom got his very public third vaxx?

  9. English Outsider says:

    That looks as if they are contemplating using force to isolate unvaccinated persons. That hammer is far too big for the nail.

    Obviously if someone is walking around with smallpox or such like in an otherwise uninfected community, if he takes no care not to infect others, then force is justified in ensuring the rest of us are safe,

    But we’re nowhere near far enough along the spectrum of risk to justify that in this case. The experts I listen to say the disease is endemic. It can be caught from the vaccinated. If caught, however it’s caught, then the chances of the vaccinated surviving are fair. If we’re going to catch it anyway, as the experts say, then what does it matter who we catch it from?

    Measures, voluntary precautions, to prevent too many catching it all at once are sensible. No point in overloading the hospitals as we saw them overloaded in New York early on. Those of us who are vulnerable surely have wit enough to take such precautions for ourselves.

  10. Babeltuap says:

    Why did Fauci go against the grain of Dr. Donald Henderson, the man who rolled out the smallpox vaccine, the most successful vaccine in history that eradicated the disease. Henderson said restrictive measures would absolutely not work. People would lose faith and trust in the government. And look what happened; direct hit. People lost faith in the government.

    What Fauci and co are doing however is far far worse than what even Henderson predicted. They are making people lose faith in every aspect of society, not just government because the vaccines do not work. The boosters do not work. Nobody is eradicating covid. The madness has to stop.

    • Deap says:

      RFKJr builds a solid case in his book The Real Dr Fauci, that Fauci is a vanity-driven, megalomaniac sociopath.

      That can explain his actions, as well as his survivor as a Beltway insider. Fauci is to NIH, as J. Edgar Hoover was to the FBI.

    • Sam says:


      Precisely. People should lose faith.

      When the vaccine was rolled out Fauci, et al were touting that it would prevent infection and once a certain percentage of the population were vaccinated it would end the pandemic and life would return to normal. Let’s not forget this as it gets mixed up in the current pronouncements of boosters, new definition of vaccine passport, the vilification of the unvaxed, detentions and the apartheid for that group. The goal posts keep shifting with these guys who have been proven wrong every step of the way from the initial death models from Ferguson, et al, to the efficacy of the vaccine and lockdowns and their attacks and blame on the unvaccinated to their propaganda efforts in labeling lab leak as a conspiracy theory. I’ve long argued that Fauci, Collins, Daszak, et al should be testifying to a grand jury. And the question is why aren’t the Republicans not more vehement about it? Doesn’t that speak louder than words?

      Francis Collins’ interview with Baier marks a sad end to an illustrious career, and I take no joy in saying so. Fauci should join him in retirement. They have done enough damage. (20/20)


      I would encourage the Committee to read the entire thread from Dr. Battacharya, professor of medicine at Standard who was attacked by Collins and Fauci using the collusion of corporate media to obfuscate their failure and resort to ever increasing authoritarianism.

      • Deap says:

        Critical to pushing the covid shot also was changing the definition of “vaccine” in official government documents, as well as even roping the dictionary people into this redefinition of “vaccine” scam. Pure NewSpeak.

        Early on Frontline Doctors exposed this was not a vaccine, but an experimental injection. At that time the spokeswoman for Frontline Doctors said take it or not, you choice but do NOT call it a vaccine.

        Know you are participating in a novel, first time experimental drug delivery system. Of course, these voices of due caution were immediately canceled.

  11. Sam says:

    Vaccinated & boosted Senator Karen, woke Senator Booker and governor of Maryland all infected.


    Why the apartheid on the unvaxed when the vaxxed & boosted not only get infected but also transmit? Shouldn’t they be sent to detention centers and stripped of their dignity?

  12. Sam says:

    Annals in Courage.

    Trump: “I didn’t… because if you fire him [Fauci] you’re going to have a firestorm on the Left.”


    • Deap says:

      Annals of RealPolitik.

      Read Scott Atlas’s new book – A Plague Upon Our House. Where was the courage of a multitude of Americans at that same time to kick Fauci out by rising up in sufficient protest and letting Trump know they would have his back if Trump took this move?

      One more time Trump took the temperature of the room and knew this would be a no-win move. And Trump was correct. The covid train had left the station by then anyway, getting rid of one person at the top was not going to stop the covid-porn hysteria that was already well-embedded far and wide. Trump certainly had marginalized Fauci by that time. Props for that.

      Hard for one man to push back mass hysteria. Unfair to make impossible demands in retrospect, particular when most immediate avenues to communication were also cut off. Mass hysteria has to be countered by mass denunciation- and that was missing.

      Cracks in this mass covid hysteria are just starting to appear now . The narrative is finally shifting, including even Trump getting boos when he now pushes the “vaxx”.

  13. A. Pols says:

    50 years ago they were still confining people who were sputum positive for TB, at least in some states. The country was full of state run sanatoriums expressly for TB patients, but by the early 70s most had been closed. Isoniazid was the drug that beat back TB. So, doing this is not without precedent, but doing it to people who are unvaxed is.

    • Deap says:

      Remember when every shopping center parking lot had portable lung X-ray machines so everyone could get tested for TB – I don’t think there was any limit on the numbers of time – you just did it to be part of the team.

      Then they learned all that diagnostic X-ray exposure was harming more than helping. Another public health initiative, well-intended initially, that went awry in practice. What role did that play in the scourge of lung cancer, that was blamed only on smoking?

      Except smokers only accounted for 25% of the lung cancer patients. Something our CDC should have been on top of to figure out why this discrepancy, until Fauci took over his share in the NIH pie 50 years ago.

      No one should hold a key federal administrative position that long – power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely – thy name is Tony Fauci. Civil Service reform needs deep prophylaxis, along with practical infection control.

  14. UpstateNY says:

    Since I am stuck in Upstate NY this story concerned me when I saw it yesterday so I looked into it.

    It’s good that this crazy bill is getting noticed but at this time it is my understanding that it does not have a sponsor in the NYS Senate so it will not reach the floor for a vote. Similar bills has been submitted each legislative session since 2015. Each time the bills have gone no where.

    The status of the bill can be viewed here: https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2021/a416

    P.S. I bought the Kindle version of Tattoo. It’s the first book that I have finished reading in quite a while. Very interesting story.

    • TTG says:


      So everyone is getting their panties in a bunch over nothing. Just as well. It might have done some good if a widespread testing and isolation was implemented at the very beginning. If they tried it now, it’d be pissing into the wind.

  15. BillWade says:

    Yesterday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reiterated that there would be no Covid shutdowns is our state, period!

    I’ve been aiming for a few years now to get a new “regular doctor” and finally made it happen today. I am very pleased with my decision, where I am now going has a large staff of very friendly folks and none of them are wearing masks. They only ask you to wear one if you are ill.

    We have lots of new folks coming into the state now, surprisingly they are coming from California, Nevada, and Colorado. Weird. Wonder why?

    We Floridians are living a very normal life these days. The kids just got out of school and don’t have to go back until the Christmas season is over. Then, they will go back to school showing their smiling (or scowling) faces and not wearing their slave masks.

    All’s not well here though, the Bucs and Brady lost to New Orleans and I lost a few bucks.

    • blue peacock says:

      DeSantis with Maria

      “We’re going to continue focusing on early treatment,” DeSantis told Maria Bartiromo on FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

      “Some of these universities, they force everyone to be vaccinated, they force them to wear masks, and they still lock down because you have these cases going up,” DeSantis said, defending his stance against mandates and shutdowns. “In Florida, people are going to be able to make those decisions.”


      This guy gets the zeitgeist. He is positioning himself well not only for his re-election campaign next year but also for the Republican nomination in 2024. IMO, you’ll see him more & more commenting on national issues.

  16. Jim says:

    All these email documents of the criminal duo of NIH Director Francis Collins and NIAID Director Anthony Fauci come directly from USA Government. They demonstrate their efforts to destroy actual men of science who discovered the Lockdowns — the cure as it were — is worse than the covid disease. Or at least, the scientists seriously questioned this premise — on which USA public health pandemic policy was buttressed upon.

    The government released them, as they are required to do by law, via The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

    [[Federal agencies are required to disclose records upon receipt of a written request, with some exceptions. This right of access is enforceable in court. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides public access to all federal agency records except for those records (or portions of those records) that are protected from disclosure by any of nine exemptions or three exclusions (reasons for which an agency may withhold records from a requester).]]


    As damning as this prima facie evidence is related to Collins and Fauci acting as social terrorists. . . the emails show — and demonstrate without shadow of a doubt, what for me is most alarming:
    Concocted and coordinated effort by these beasts to recreate the reality of natural acquired immunity, also known as herd immunity. This is the Crime Against Humanity.

    These madmen embarked on Holy War to this end.

    Take a close read of the Nov. 1 2020 and Nov. 2 2020 emails, provided by USA government via the FOIA released documents.

    This, at top of the 24 pages shown at end of the AIER story.


    All along, and especially now with Omicron, the criminal USA “public health” response has been to BLOCK possibility of natural acquired immunity in the population.


    Because immunity was redefined by the Beasts et al. as coming from the covid death shots, AKA “vaccines”. A year later, it is no longer possible to deny at all that the shots do not create immunity — and at the time, the beasts knew this to be the case!

    Lockdowns prevent this natural immunity from happening, or rather slow it down. It will come, despite efforts of the Beasts.

    This is that evil.

    Collins and Fauci. . . .Trying to destroy Great Barrington declaration’s three authors was means to destroy concept of what —- up until the criminals Collins and Fauci, et al. —- was boilerplate in science. Natural Acquired Immunity.


    This article includes the question: [[So why was Dr. Collins so intent on impugning these three scientists? It’s hard to know exactly. . . ]]

    No, it’s not hard to know.

    Natural Acquired Immunity itself was a threat to distributing the millions and millions of covid death shots here, there and everywhere — along with the multiple billions of dollars involved!

    These emails, these schemes. . . October to early Nov. 2020, on the eve of the November 2020 Emergency Use Authorizations for the death shots. The rest is history.


    • Sam says:

      “You’re not gonna get COVID if you have these vaccinations” – Joe Biden

      “When people get vaccinated, they can feel safe that they’re not gonna get infected” -Fauci

      “Vaccinated people do not carry the virus and don’t get sick” – CDC Director Walensky


      Don’t forget what The Science said. Don’t let them bamboozle you now.

      People are tired of hearing “the science changed.”

      What science? How did it change? Were the methods in the vaccine studies flawed? If so, how? What corrections have been made? Make this data public.

      That’s what real scientists would be asking – and aren’t.


      Cernovich is correct. Hiding the Pfizer clinical trial data for 75 years is not how the FDA establishes credibility. Instead they’re demonstrating they’re primarily a political institution.

      Another example of The Science:

      If we don’t bring in restrictions, we are worried that infections may fall without them….


  17. blue peacock says:

    “…these schemes. . . October to early Nov. 2020…”


    These schemes began well before. One being the call organized by Fauci with Daszak, Farrar, etc the outcome of which was the letter orchestrated by them published in Lancet stating that anyone investigating lab leak was a conspiracy theorist. Despite emails showing for example the guy from Scripps noting to Fauci that there was a signature that showed it was an engineered virus. The Lancet editor has said that the publication of the letter was political. They also then packed the WHO investigation team with these same guys with massive conflict of interest essentially making that whole exercise a complete farce.

    Even worse Fauci & Daszak knew the background and they did not come clean then as it would have completely changed the trajectory of the pandemic response. Daszak obscured his proposal to DARPA couple years earlier to fund them to engineer a coronavirus in the identical manner to what got released until someone leaked the document to DRASTIC.

    This IMO is criminal not just morally repugnant.

    Fauci & Collins used their $41 billion research grant pool of funding to demonstrate how craven the majority of the medical scientific community are. These “experts” can never be trusted again. This is why what the Great Barrington Declaration signatories did was so courageous. They risked their careers and reputation and became targets of a vile propaganda campaign.

    There’s something seriously wrong when government officials collude with media to paint a false narrative when they know the truth and intentionally obscure it. The fact that the leadership of BOTH political parties continue to aid & abet this obfuscation implies their own dirty hands and complicity in this genocide and resulting authoritarianism. The majority of Americans don’t get the scale and depth of this operation because they choose not to is what is impressive.

  18. Sam says:

    Maxine Waters makes the rules. She doesn’t obey them.


    The policies enacted had nothing to do with public health. It has always been about the naked exercise of power.

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