Open Thread 12 October 2022

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  1. Leith says:

    Kremlin just bought 2400 more Iranian UAVs. No info yet on model.

  2. Fred says:

    Looks like the ECB is trying to prop up Credit Suise via the Swiss National Bank:

    I’m sure that it is all apropos of nothing as we’ve been repeatedly assured the economy of both the US and the EU are doing great. Especially those UK pensions plans…..

    • KjHeart says:


      I was seeing something on this also – the CCP has been (accused) of money laundering by their detractors for some time now – Credit Siuse (Swiss) has been involved in the CCP real estate market (those huge business sectors that are empty?) I saw speculation that the suspected money laundering would become evident if Credit Suise has to go through restructuring (aka: bankruptcy) as the courts would have to see their books…aaaand then the public would know.

      This liquidity swap looks to me like an effort to bail out? Or is it a get the hell out of Dodge maneuver? I am not a financial expert (obviously) I have to think about these big money moves for a while to figure them out.

      IF money laundering really has been going on – then those giving bail out assistance might also have something to hide? (speculating of course)


  3. Whitewall says:

    Does anyone know what ‘conservatives’ are trying to conserve post Trump and hopefully post Biden?

    • Pat Lang says:

      American culture and society.

      • Bill Roche says:

        That’s worth it in my book

        • jim ticehurst.. says:

          American Culture and Society..The One That Conservative Citizens Remember ..You Know..Conserve..”Preserve”..
          “Protect..And Defend”..The Constitution..of The United States Of American..Its Obvious 85 Million Voting American “Citizens” Still Understand The Value of That Oath.
          .Its Not Political..They are to Heartless..To Respect That Oath..
          Its a “Feeling” Your Soul..Because you Love Your
          Country..And Its Freedom..I Know Some here
          Understand.. And I Salute Them..Conserve..

      • Michael Hobson says:

        Greetings. Trying to recall what your term (not necessarily complimentary) was for this so called Indian ‘Brahmin’ educated class of techno bureaucrat corporatists infiltrating Western government hierarchies, American think tanks, social media, silicon valley, etc. ie Niki Halley, Sunak, etc. Good holidays to you. & thanks

    • Razor says:

      Which Conservatives would that be?

    • Jimmy_W says:

      Conservatism is always a negative action, not a positive philosophy. That is why it always loses. Conservatism abhors change, but it does not articulate why any particular status quo is good. They’re always against, but not for.

      If Conservatives are for something, then they are no longer Conservatives. We wouldn’t call the Chamber of Commerce “conservatives”, since they’re unashamedly Global Capitalists, and not interested in conserving any status quo.

      • Valuenotfound says:

        I would venture to say you’re mostly likely a “progressive”. Well, not all change is progress and not all change is positive.

  4. Poul says:

    How long until the US have to concentrate on pure national defence and reduce the number of foreign bases due to manpower shortages?

    • Pat Lang says:

      It’s not bases, dummy, it’s force commitments.

      • LeaNder says:

        It’s not bases, dummy, it’s force commitments.

        Wikipedia still uses the term military bases, both for at home and abroad. Although the officer interviewed seems to use installations for bases. Force commitments cannot cover all contexts for the use of bases/installations. What exactly is wrong with base? Or military base? It’s ok in the US but not abroad?

        “We get criticized, frankly, sometimes for being ‘woke,'” Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said at a Monday discussion with other military leaders on national security and the branch’s modernization efforts. “I’m not sure what ‘woke’ means. I think ‘woke’ means a lot of different things to different people.” She continued, “But, first of all, if ‘woke’ means we are not focused on warfighting, we are not focused on readiness, that doesn’t reflect what I see at installations all around the country or overseas when I go and visit.”

      • Bill Roche says:

        Next month my wife and I will celebrate 48 year annv. West Point is just an hour away from our house and we may drive up, see the leaves, have dinner, take a walk (as my hip will allow!) and hope for a nice day. Westchester people, she and I know the area well. Anything of note I might not know, worth seeing? Thanks.

        • Pat Lang says:

          No. I was unhappy to be assigned there and pleased to leave after three years. You should as a WP grad.

  5. Bill Roche says:

    A couple of correspondents asked for a quick rpt on my Muskelloung fishing trip to the Adirondacks. I went last week and the foliage was beautiful. Years ago, b/f the Northway was complete, the drive from Yonkers to Saranac was twelve hours! Today the Taconic to the Northway gets you there in 5. But, you miss the NYS landscape of small towns/villages along the way. That’s all lost and that swath of the state has died. The Northway killed it and its local jobs. Oh the fishing? My buddy and I fished the Saranac and Racqette Rivers for three days (if your interest is the French and Indian Wars and the Revolution this area of the state abounds in history). Our guide tried his best but we got honest, … not even one bite! My right shoulder is still killing me from a 1000 useless castes. We used spinners and various Rapallas (hi and low) to no avail. To boot, I got a nasty head/chest cold and I’m sneezing up a storm. But you can’t beat the “Daks” for natural beauty and (talk about stupid!) we’re going back! Next spring I think we’ll try the western side of the State, Pulaski river for salmon. I can’t do worse.

    • Leith says:

      Bill R –

      Any good Muskie recipes? I’ve had pan fried pickerel stuffed with lemon wedges served with eggs, potatos, and a ton of bones. Never ate Muskie. Saw one once being caught on the Pine River Pond (which is actually a lake despite the name) in Wakefield NH. It looked like a darn Barracuda, never figured out how a fish that big could live in such a small lake.

      • TTG says:


        I remember catching a 20 inch pike in a small woodland pond back in my hometown. I thought it was such a unique catch, I had to release it.

      • Bill Roche says:

        Leith there’s bones, bones, and then some bones. Jews use Pickeral for gefilte fish and the bones are ground up. But, you kind of know they’re there. Over the years I’ve caught some good sized Pike in Saranac Lake but always released them. I remember taking a filleting knife to a big Pike once in ’75 or so and gave it my best shot. The bones won!

    • TTG says:

      Bill Roche,

      I know that area well. Probably getting cool or even cold around this time of the year. After my freshman year at RPI, our ROTC Sergeant Major finagled me a slot in jump school. I didn’t even sign the commitment papers for ROTC yet. Upon my return, I was introduced to Master Sergeant Albert H. Rivers, fresh from three tours in MACVSOG. I proposed a rubber boat trip in the Adirondacks early in the next semester and Sergeant Rivers an I got to planning. He got all the equipment we needed from his buddies at Devens. I think it was early October when we paddled from Long Lake down the Raquette River into Tupper Lake. Great adventure and the beginning of a long friendship with Sergeant Rivers.

      • Bill Roche says:

        Goldilocks liked her porridge just right. Neither too cold nor hot. Guess fish are the same re water temp. Or maybe I’m not a good fisherman. Your knowledge of the area; Raquette Lake, Tupper, Long Lake, Saranac makes me wonder if you ever fished Champlain. I fished the Bouquet into Champlain some years ago for land locked salmon (nothing again!). The river was named for Henry Bouquet a British officer who promoted a “Rogers” style approach to American warfare. He too encouraged “Indian” style recon, long range scouts, woodland tactics and dress. I think that the British understood by the French and Indian War that battle in formation was not always the best idea in the American wilderness. Rogers and Bouquet are evidence of that. They were early spec forces advocates.

        • TTG says:

          Bill Roche,

          I’m a rank amateur fisherman even though my whole family spent a lot of time at it. My brother digitized a lot of our old family slides and there’s quite a few showing us proudly displaying our strings of fish. Caught a small tuna once off a spin caster off a North Carolina pier. Hooked a 3 foot sand shark in Long Island Sound with the same rod. There it was laying on the bottom of our boat. When slightly older, I saved up my paper route money and bought a Fenwick ferruleless pack rod. It remains an item of great pride and joy. I mainly fished a lot of small waters with that rod, a lot of pan fish and trout cooked over an open fire. That’s what I did in the Adirondacks.

          I’m an avid fan of the F&I and Revolutionary Wars in the region. One of my hometown’s founding fathers was a colonial militia officer during the Fort William Henry battles. I’ve walked, skied and snowshoed damn near every inch of Saratoga Battlefield over the years. We had a nice display of Robert Rogers Rules of Ranging standing in my Recondo School compound in the mountains outside Schofield Barracks.

  6. Valuenotfound says:

    Will this see the light of day on mainstream news networks;

    Or will it some how be censored as misinformation?

  7. Gerard says:

    Something I’ve wondered about. For all the hullabaloo about the Russians using tactical nukes, how are such weapons meant to be used in a particular theatre? Could the use of a single tactical nuke make a difference in blunting the Ukrainian counter-offensive?

    The blowback to the Russians is a whole other topic. I’m just wondering how they are designed to be used and if their value has diminished since the Cold War.

    • Pat Lang says:

      It might depending on the targeting. They are meant to be used against a concentrated unit like a battalion or brigade.

  8. mcohen says:

    Hey you also having an open thread.So is moon of alabomba.
    There opening first post

    United States wants the West to jointly create an integrated air defense system of Ukraine and transfer missile systems of various ranges to Kiev – Lloyd Austin at the Rammstein meeting
    Posted by: rk | Oct 12 2022 17:14 utc

    Your first post

    Leith says:
    October 12, 2022 at 10:07 am
    Kremlin just bought 2400 more Iranian UAVs. No info yet on model.

    Reminds me of laurel and harvey movie

    • Pat Lang says:

      borderline ad hominem. Your other crap about the Kerch Bridge simply misses the point that it will be done over and over again in different ways. As for keeping western weapons out of Ukrainian hands, that has not been and will not be.

      • james ticehurst.. says:

        I Believe Germany announced today Its sending Ukraine Its Best Air Defense Missle Systems…Will Check for that News..

      • jim ticehurst.. says:

        Yes..Its on the DW Website ..Germany Delivered Four Mobile
        IRIS-T Air Defense Systems to Ukraine Today With More
        to come..They have an Air Defense Range of 40 Kilometers…25 Miles..

  9. jim ticehurst.. says:

    My Error…it was The First of Four Promised Air Defense System..All The Data and Photos are on The DW (German) Website;;

  10. Shako says:

    Way, way back in February, March, April – there was a lot of angst, and electrons spilt on this site looking for Ukrainian “nazis”, I suspect mostly by Russian symps, who accepted Russian propaganda at face value. Most of the loudest, posting with certitude, clearly have never set foot in Russia, or in Ukraine, or for that matter in Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhya, or Kherson. From much of the commentary it was obvious that most have never read a word of Russian or Ukrainian, nor have ever listened to a Russian or Ukrainian news broadcast, or one of the nightly Russian TV political debate show broadcasts from Moscow about the political, economic, cultural aspects of Russian – Ukrainian relations. It’s all there, in the open, free for viewing. All open source. Some of the “experts” relying on the best CIA / DIA / DOD “analysis” predicted a Russian campaign of 3 – 4 days, one week max. All of that back and forth discussion about nonsense took away much from the seriousness of this site. How is that “nazi” hunt going?

  11. Barbara Ann says:

    I see PayPal is desperately trying to walk back planned changes to their ToS which would have allowed them to fine you if, among other things, you use its service to “promote misinformation”. The penalty was to be “$2,500.00 U.S. dollars per violation, which may be debited directly from your PayPal account”. No doubt the Party will provide guidance from time to time as to what constitutes misinformation.

    I closed my account yesterday. Heck, with all the ‘misinformation’ promoted here (sarcasm) one PayPal donation to the blog could precipitate PayPal’s wrath and bankrupt me. I can live without a payment provider which doubles as the thoughcrime police. If the government chooses to outsource its tyrannical attempts to curb our rights to private companies, I’d suggest the price for such collusion should be high enough to dissuade others from doing so.

    Colonel, if you have other means of collecting donations I’ll happily oblige. I’d also advise you may want to keep an eye on PayPal’s ToS changes from now on, as you use the service on the blog and I should imagine could easily become a target for closing down ‘misinformation’.

    An archived copy of the ToS is here:

    • Fourth and Long says:

      When come the public stocks and floggings? Witch burning? Oh, forgot. They invented Viagra. Never fear. Progress is with us. Nuclear war for example. Yep. No more floggings, no more lynchings, no more hunting down every woman with grey hair. Nope. We have ….. the bomb. And

    • Bill Roche says:

      Contributors can always resort to their credit card. What ever happened to political tolerance in America? Censorship is meant to be frightening. It is not brought to the public by Libertarians and, to my knowledge, not conservatives. We are at a place in the woods and are taking the wrong path.

    • Fred says:

      Barbara Ann,

      Paypal is just giving everyone a foreshadowing of what will be done to them once digital currency is mandated by law.

      • TTG says:


        That day is already here with credit cards. I’m sure ApplePay can be just as intrusive. At least cash is still excepted most places, at least for now.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        It’s coming everywhere. I’ve just had a new set of T&C’s through from my bank which come into effect early next year. They permit the bank to prevent payments I wish to make and to “stop payments in and out of your account, or block access, for safety reasons”. Sure, like keeping Canadian truckers safe from donations from supporters.

        Unless the banks are stopped the whole concept of money is going to change. You’ll be allowed to keep it only if you toe the line, otherwise ‘your’ money will simply be confiscated. CBDC’s will make the system of total control much easier to implement. The irony of the Biden administration saying it wants to keep us safe from authoritarian regimes is breathtaking.

  12. Jane says:

    Tulsi is a toady who runs where ever she thinks the power lies. No side should trust her.

    • Bill Roche says:

      She will be a player in the next two years so I want to know what she thinks about socialism. How does she rationalize individualism and socialism? Why did she support communist Bernie Sanders? Exactly what is wrong w/personal ppty and greed? In short, beyond being a well spoken pretty girl w/mil. creds. … wtf is TG. I am willing to listen to her b/c she may be changing her tune …I’ll give her an ear.

    • james ticehurst.. says:

      Jane.. If you Are That Aware of Political Motives…You Must Have Had the same Opinion of Barrack Hussein Obama…The Son ..Of An Ouslander Who Said He
      Was Going to Fundamentally change America..And Promoted Race Issues that Have Created A Three Frog Problem..For American Culture..

      I Dont See or Hear Tulsi..Coming Near Promoting Any thing Close
      to a CHE..XI ..Culture War..She is More Qualifed to Be be In Politics
      that A Community Organizer..From Chicago..America has turned Out Just Like Chicago Has..Gangs..And Drugs..And Shooters..Drugs or Guns.. ..I Cant Believe the Way Folks Slander Tulsi..Thats a Bunch off CRACK..Talk..IMO

      No One will Have Any Excuses..When Thier Book of Life is Opened..

  13. Fred says:

    Any thoughts on the EU economy over the next few weeks? I have some travel scheduled to my favorite European city but am wondering about postponing that for awhile. Gas shortages, electricity, etc.

    • Jim Ticehurst says:

      I like SAS. Copenhagen is nice. My Golf Buddy loved Spain. Embassy guy. Many years. Great story’s. He was all over in his TR. Old Nam Vet too. Great story’s should have been a writer. Like Col Lang. And AAF. My favorite poet.

      Economy’s Hmmm. Go where the foods good. Cheers. Non

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