Open Thread 15 August 2022

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  1. Notfakebot says:

    I’m enjoying the dog days of the summer. Glad to be over with the Covid hysteria. Seems like the worst of it is over. We can live again.

    • Deap says:

      How do those directly responsible for the covid hysteria plan to clean up the carnage they left behind. Or will they just declare a victory for Biden “stopping covid” in its tracks.

      Today, trillions of dollars later, businesses ruined and a total disruption to every aspect of our lives, we know nothing more about “covid” than we learned from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in March 2020, when this Democrat mind game all began.

  2. Leith says:

    Ukraine confirms Iranian UAVs are already in use by Russia. At least 46 of them, maybe more. Reportedly they are older models of the Shahed 129. They will definitely be used to seek and destroy HIMARS launchers. If the Russians have any of the new 129A models they could create some havoc. Although there are reports that the 129As are in limited production.

    • borko says:


      It will be interesting when the first battle AI appears, that is able to correlate and analyse data from every source on the battlefield and around it (air, space etc) and direct counter battery fire, provide intelligence on movement of enemy troops, launch hunter/seeker drones and much more.

      • Leith says:

        Borko –

        Star Wars stuff. I dread the day.

        • borko says:


          We are not that far away from that day I think. First elements are already here: sensors, communication, remote control, smaller applications like that Ukrainian GisArta, F35 datalink, neural networks etc.

          15-20 years, maybe sooner

  3. Fred says:

    What if Bill Gates went to Epstein’s all those times, not to ‘enjoy’ the offerings, but to collect what Jefferey had been collecting?

  4. powderfinger1 says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Salman Rushdie should demand a refund from his “security company”?

  5. Jose says:

    Interesting read from JWST (James Webb Telescope) which indicates the Big Bang Theory is probably dead:

    Hopefully, Dark Matter is next.

    BTW, does anybody know why JWST has not focused on Proxima Centauri of The Trappist System?

  6. JK/AR says:

    Too frequently I’d allow, I’ve adopted a habit of lifting main topics from sites and dropping those elsewhere. The justification I’ve told myself being that some of what the commenters place in the ensuing discussions would overly distress some more civilized people. Additionally perhaps, doing more or less precisely the same thing I complain about “the system” doing (ie CYA).

    That outta the way:

    This Mr. Ferguson fellow uses a phrase – a common phrase – I’ve used myself in attempting to describe all the follow on ramifications of what Trump’s election should have made obvious to everyone. But I place the genesis of the phenomena at the door of the Bush – Cheney administration specifically the creating and then enacting of the Patriot Act. What’s followed since, in my opinion, should have been obvious to all. The Primary danger I felt then was that inevitably there would be abuse in the form of a massive Surveillance State. However I did not foresee the rise of a Manipulation State. A Distraction State.

    Mr. Ferguson employs the phrase “the scales should have dropped from our eyes” – In private communications I’ve used the phrase in the context of what the “election” of Trump – not the man himself – should have made manifest to “the great unwashed.”

    And lately posts and thoughts concerning the state of – and likely/maybe future – of our Republic itself have been openly and plainly revealed.

    There be dragons over the horizon.

    • powdefinger1 says:

      “There be dragons over the horizon.”

      We’re already surrounded. The best we can hope for is a valiant last stand.

      • JK/AR says:

        Well the horizon is a 360° sort of thing but as the Korean War era – General? – reputedly said, “Retreat, hell. We’re not retreating. We’re just advancing in another direction.”

  7. Deap says:

    Anyone have really good instructions how to make a tinfoil hat to protect from FBI intrusions on conservative websites? Urgent. It is happening as we speak:

    If the government would stop playing stupid games, they would not have to worry about winning stupid prizes – like coming down with full blown TDS paranoia.

    • Deap says:

      BTW – some of the conservative websites I frequent are now over-run with obvious trolls, posting with the intent to look “incendiary” – creating their own self-fulfilling prophecy that …… evil people lurk here.

      Very disturbing game they are playing – are they bots, plants, our own taxpayer funded government employees doing this to us? Gateway Pundit is currently riddled with swarms of these “violent rightwing agitator” posts. We even had a recent gratuitous slur of this website here by a “new” poster.

      The troll posts are ham-handed and transparent fakes, but will certainly pass Jan 6 Committee evidence integrity review as reason enough for the feds to close the website down and haul the owners off to the DC Gulag.

      When people fear their government, it is tyranny.
      When the government fears the people, it is liberty.
      (Thomas Jeferson)

      • JK/AR says:


        Read the trial transcripts of the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping “case.”

        Have some things I’ve got to get done before I have to be in court in 10 or so days else I’d find ’em myself for you. Talking about the ‘findings of innocent’ not the ‘mistrial’ ones – But the former are very illuminating on precisely the *M.O. as I understand you to be referring to.

        (I’m unaware of any “blog” posting in the entirety just excerpting – I did a MI public records search.)

  8. kodlu says:

    I hope this is not considered off-topic.

    I have recently found out about the book Conversations with the Crow which seems to be a series of unedited phone calls with Robert Trumbull Crowley – Former Deputy Director of Clandestine Operations for the CIA. See the link at the following website for a brief description:

    Available at Bezos’ stand ( as well as at some book sharing sites. The content includes some (previously unknown to me) claims of assassinations and other CIA activities, once one trawls through the day to day minutiae of the conversations.

    One claim relates to the crash (shootdown?) of an Air India flight over Switzerland in 1966, which carried a passenger named Homi Jehangir Bhabha, nuclear physicist and father of India’s nuclear programme.

    I was wondering what (if any) are the opinions of this book among the readers, writers and of course the host of Turcopolier. Is it full of BS, only partially BS, etc.

  9. Whitewall says:

    What I’m stunned about is how anyone got that above picture of me before I have my first cup of coffee?

  10. jim ticehurst says:

    Why Did Bill Gates Spend so Much Time With Jeffrey Epstein..?
    ..Well..Epstein offered “Special Products..”and Gates ,,Well..His Wife Divorced
    him.. Not Everyones Computers or Videos Went PUBLIC… (YET)
    And Epstein Died…With Prejudice..The Manner Suggest Agency’s ..Probably Domestic and Foreign …Sanctioned..
    Dont Forget The Florida Magistrate..Signing The Warrant..He Like Epstein Too..

    Oh And AG Garland..You Can see on WIKI..He is of Russian Jewish Heritage..When The Family Migrated To New York..They Changed the Family Name…Instead of Garland…It Was “GARFINKLE”…. Soros..The Hungarian Did That too.. What are They Ashamed Of..??

    As For Bill Gates Current Activity Besides Farming with Chinese..Well..He and Several others Are Mining…
    See CNN Storty August 8th,2022 By Rene Marsh…
    Header..”Billionaires are Funding Massive Treasure Hunt in GREENLAND as Ice Vanishes..”
    Gates…Jeff Bezos and Michael Bloomberg had Teams on Disko Island And the
    Nuussuaq Peninsula..Looking for the Worlds Largest Deposits Of Enough Minerals To Power Hundreds of Millions of “Electric Vehicles” They Include The Worlds Largest Deposits of NICKEL And COBALT..

    The Billionaires Are Backing a California Start up Company (Of Course) Called
    KOBOLD METALS..Greenland is Also a Hot Spot For Coal..Copper..Gold..Rare Earth Elements..And Zinc..

    • Fred says:


      Gates is obviously still stuck in his college years:
      “Kobolds are craven reptilian humanoids that commonly infest dungeons. They make up for their physical ineptitude with a cleverness for trap making.”

      • Leith says:

        Old name for cobalt from German meaning ‘goblin ore’.

      • jim ticehurst says:

        Fred..I Never liked those Reptilian Hummanoids..You Can Spot Them..They Are Ugly Creatures And They Stick their tongues out and Lick thier Lips.alot..
        .The Clumsy ones fall off thier Bikes..

        As far as Miners..I Like The Dwarfs Mostly..All of My Chess Pieces are Limited Edition…Hand Forged Pewter Characters from the “Lord of The Rings” Episodes.

        My Chess Board Is Hand Made Of Teak Wood..With Tile Decorations..and A Quote Carved around the Four Sides..from Shakespere..”to Thine Own Self Be True etc..”

        It Was Hand Made By a Rabbi..

        • jim ticehurst says:

          I Do Believe that Hummanoid Hive is Alive..Does Thrive..
          Provides Data..There Are MIB..Who Fly Them Around
          In Those Documented Silent Black Helicopters..So the
          BugEyes Can Do Lab Work Blood Work….and Autopsy’s on Cattle…With Thier Devices..Well Documented..
          They Have Been Telling We..The People…That We dont
          Have a Need to Know..And Cant Handle The Truth..

          They Dont even Tell The POTUS..
          Bill Gates is Most Likely the One Who Knows..
          He got the Formulas For Bug Juice..

  11. Deap says:

    FBI seized three Trump passports during their Mar-a-lago raid: (1) one expired, the other two presumed to be his (2) individual passport issued before he became president; and the third (3) his diplomatic passport before he became president.

    On what grounds does the US government seize passports?

    • Deap says:

      Typo: a diplomatic passport *after* he became president.

    • Fred says:


      Try reading the search warrant and you will ansywer your own question.

      • Deap says:

        FBI admits they wrongfully confiscated Trump’s passports and will be returning them to him.

        FBI also claims these mistakes happen all the times when they swoop in on a broad warrant. After the fact, the FBI is then tasked to pick and choose what they want to keep and what items they will choose to return to the raid “target”.

        And which illegally obtained items they want to leak to the media. Like Melania’s dress size.

        After media claims Trump lied about the confiscated passports, stating Trump’s passports” were not in the FBI’s possession” (at that particular time), since they were being transferred back to Trump.

        Sharyl Atkisson’s book “Slanted” discloses the many ways the media lies, while appearing to be telling the truth. Good reading.

        EG: Media asks: did the FBI steal Trump’s passports?
        FBI responds: they are not in our possession.
        Media: Trump lies

        Facts: FBI did steal Trump’s passports and were in the process returning them to him, ergo they were no longer in FBI possession.

        Quibble about the term “steal” all you want, but wrongful possession of another’s private property works for me.

        • Fred says:


          Feel free to tell Trump to get the local police to go after the agents who executed the search warrants for the “theft” of said passports. You and the press have zero idea where those documents were located. In a box? In a file cabinet full of document? In an envelope that the agent did or did not open at the time it was taken? Guess all you want.

          The search warrant was so broadly written that they could have taken anything they wanted, including these, and have the defendant – Trump, argue to void the warrant and the search on that basis. Which they will most certainly do.

          • Glenn Fisher says:

            Merrick Garland would take umbrage at your Un-American, MAGA, mouth breathing (mis)disinformation that the search was broadly written (expect your Twitter ban any time now):
            “First, I personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. Second, the department does not take such a decision lightly. Where possible, it is standard practice to seek less-intrusive means as an alternative to a search and to narrowly scope any search that is undertaken.”

            Narrowly scoped, inasmuch as they didn’t authorize the taking any of leftovers from the fridge…

            I’d have included his remarks on the integrity of the FBI n DOJ, but there’s only so much tongue the cheek can take.

          • Fred says:


            I’m sure I’m on his proscription list. He’ll like my next piece even more than the last one.

    • JK/AR says:

      Deap, Fred,

      Ran across a Powerline article earlier today. (Doing the ‘wind up’ preps for the Order of Today I’d planned + coffee time.)

      Had ‘promised myself’ last evening I’d not stop by here owing to a tendency to get bogged down. Made a ‘note to self’ after checking my email to alert the Colonel – see belowmost comment.

      Anyway the Powerline article addresses this passports stuff:

      Posted on August 16, 2022 by John Hinderaker in Biden Justice Department, Donald Trump, FBI, Merrick Garland
      The FBI Took Trump’s Passports

      Yesterday, Donald Trump announced that during the Mar-a-Lago raid, FBI agents “stole” his three passports, one of which was expired. The Department of Justice initially tried to deny this claim, or at least weasel out of it. Via RedState:

      This is typical of how the Biden Department of Justice and the FBI operate. They piously assert that they can’t comment on much of anything publicly, and then leak falsehoods and half-truths to friendly and gullible media outlets. The careful wording of this particular leak is obvious: the FBI “is NOT in possession” of Trump’s passports–not that they didn’t take them, as Trump said.

      It turns out that Trump was right:

      A word of explanation: Trump and his agents have pointed out that some of the materials seized by the FBI were covered by attorney-client privilege. This happens a lot. The usual practice, as I understand it, is to have a team not associated with the investigation (the “filter agents”) review the materials and remove privileged documents before the investigative team digs into them. Apparently the “filter agents” removed the passports and the FBI offered them back to Trump. Is this consistent with the DOJ leak claiming that the FBI was “NOT in possession” of the passports? Only if the filter team did not consist of FBI employees, and even then, only if you construe “possession” with misleading narrowness.”

      Which explanation reads alot like – to me – similar to something Bill Clinton [Starr’s Report footnote #1128] said by way of explaining:

      “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. If the—if he—if ‘is’ means is and never has been, that is not—that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement. … Now, if someone had asked me on that day, are you having any kind of sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky, that is, asked me a question in the present tense, I would have said no. And it would have been completely true.”

      Master Plans always seem to have flaws.

  12. Barbara Ann says:

    A friend shared with me a BBC documentary which aired recently on how the JWST was built, launched and deployed. Highly recommended for those interested in this marvel of technology.

  13. Fred says:

    A couple of news items for the day:

    The official definition of vaccine has changed to ‘slow the spread’ as 4 times vaxxed SecDef gets the Covid. Again.

    Climate change so real than nothing has happened these past 15 years. Guess private jets and space tourism are still on the menu. Unlike beef or diary products in Holland.

    • Deap says:

      Nature, natural immunity and viral mutations “slow the spread” of any virus.

      For that Fauci should be eternally grateful, after funding gain of function bat virus research in Wuhan China.

      Will we ever learn if the Democrat hair on fire response to “covid” was because they already knew about their own deep state role in its lab creation? Or was it simply because of the splendid partisan gain of function an election year Zombie Apocalypse would provide their own interests in 2020.

      Did they sow the wind and reap a whirlwind in 2020 and now need to wind it down, but can’t quite get rid of the hysteria in 2022?

      • Fred says:


        It is becoming more evident by the day that repeated vaccinations increase the probability of damage to one’s immune system.

        • Deap says:

          Indeed, but now they can’t outrun the accumulating data although they certainly are trying to bury it, or “change” it in official documents under the cover of night.

          Head of CDC Walensky today issues a weak mea culpa, claiming they “fell short” on their response to “covid” and will start an institutional housecleaning to learn how to do things better.

          Should they be allowed to investigate themselves when their unilaterally inflicted carnage caused trillions of dollars of damage? Will they only find what they choose to look for?

          How can the CDC house be cleaned, using the “covid” response as case in point.

          Early on the winning argument out here in California policy making was ……..”if it save just one life” ……..we need to do XYZ.

          That should no longer be a driving decision making ethic. But it quickly became “you want to kill granny” in the hands of those who used “covid” for their own political gain.

          CDC needs a bioethical house-cleaning, along with an administrative house cleaning. What is a proper decision tree to apply, when faced with impossible bioethical decisions that quickly affect millions well outside their own immediate administrative reach?

          “First do no harm” needs far more nuance than ….. the far more draconian …………..”if it save s just one life”. How can you put a price on a human life, they demanded when anyone asked them to slow down. (say the abortionists without a shred of irony.)

          A deeper dive into “cui bono” needs to be conducted too before allowing any government agency plenipotentiary powers, with no review nor recourse. Nor recompense.

          Was “covid” overall any worse than the invasion across out southern borders in terms to lives lost, expenses incurred and nationwide destruction – yet Biden left this open border emergency languish and take its course, while doing a full Leroy Jones on “covid”.

          Cui bono questions, could have given us better answers when measuring our responses to both.

  14. JK/AR says:

    Give this, at least until the 26 minute mark then only, deciding whether yourself and your headphones wish to continue on:

    Talking about ‘predicate’ – whether *We the People (governed by consent incidentally) will ever “be allowed” discovery. Personally speaking only – I very much doubt The People – writ large – can ever find what’s happened, justifiable.

    But draw your own conclusions.

    • Deap says:

      The government does, have and will lie to us. I vividly learned that in the 1980’s when Fauci gamed the HIV agenda for his own personal power grab. Even the

      Founders knew this and tried to protect the people from the very beginning from unchecked and unaccountable “government”.

      Cynicism about “government” is built into our national DNA. Which I see is distinct from patriotism, with is love for the countries governing principles, which ironically includes this very fundamental mistrust of all actions of the government.

      What we can patriotically love about our country is its built in check and balances, its three separate but equal branches of government. What we should be fearing most today about our government is seeing those fundamental principles breached by the deep state and regulatory capture of government functions.

      Certainly what we learned after the fact about Vietnam was the searing lesson for my own generation of dutiful government naifs in the 1960’s.

      Plus only now learning JFK did not stare down the soviets over missles in Cube, but blinked first agreeing to remove missiles in Turkey already poised to strike Moscow.

      When an increasing part of “government” today is the expanding, unelected and unsupervised Deep State whose first goal is their own self-preservation, the price of this liberty is constant vigilance. (to coin and old Cold War SAC motto).

      Thank goodness for the alternative media today for picking up the task long abdicated by the previously traditional “free press”…. the alternate media which some now label the “far right extremist media”. God bless their existence every single day.

  15. JK/AR says:

    Colonel Lang?

    Are you still being adversely affected by that “Long Covid” symptomology?

    You may recall sometime back my posting some links to studies/observations regarding the “seeming” [possible] protective effect that active smokers appeared to possibly be *enjoying?

    This one I seem to recall most likely to have posted:

    And from another – down under ‘conclusions’:

    “Compared with never smokers, current smokers appear to be at reduced risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection while former smokers appear to be at increased risk of hospitalisation, greater disease severity and mortality from COVID-19. However, it is uncertain whether these associations are causal.”

    The reason behind my inquiring is, I just happen to have in my email a link to a video featuring some fellow I’ve never heard of however, IF what he’s reporting is on the up-and-up (and as he’s not advising to take up smoking but rather using a method some smokers have found effective – and it is FDA approved – to stop smoking : it might possibly be of benefit to individuals such as yourself. Here:

    Yes I realize the title states “May be an antidote to snake venom” but shortly into the video he also relates that 2 mg nicotine gum can be effective on some of the known symptoms of Long Covid.

    Might be worth a try – I do know people who have used the stuff without horns erupting out of their foreheads or other such adverse effects. The only thing I’ve personally heard people *complain of who’ve used the product is it made their tongue temporarily “feel tingly.”

  16. Deap says:

    Was the infamous Lisa Page love-bird Peter Strzok working for the CIA or the FBI?

    Unanswered questions linger for this key Russiagate person, who earlier had signed himself as a “station chief” and appears to have no time spent at the Quantico FBI Academy.

    When will Durham start wrapping this thing up.

  17. JK/AR says:


    I realize this is old news. I realize likely nobody cares anymore but …

    Alec Baldwin insistings, one thing or another …

    The “trigger sear” apparently

  18. JK/AR says:

    It’s been oft’ said “All good things come to an end” But when the “good” (by my lights in this specific instance is … Well about all I can bring myself to say is Good Riddance!

    Mr. Potato personified is to soon be, no more:

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