The Search for Probable Cause. Another tale from the New CNN

There’s danger to National Security! So says the attorney general. The Biden Administration has sent top men, yes TOP MEN, to keep us all safe.

And our crack team from the New CNN, Chat Noir News, is on hunt. For the usual suspects? the truth in this story. More below the fold.

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22 Responses to The Search for Probable Cause. Another tale from the New CNN

  1. Barbara Ann says:

    Awesome Fred, keep ’em coming. The darker the times the darker the humor required.

    “Probably cause” needs an entry in Walrus’ GAGA dictionary, how about this: A legal term for the level of perceived justice (variously spelled and performed) a judge thinks he can get away with before issuing a search warrant. Example usage: “The AG thought the charges included in the warrant would generate sufficient probable cause that the search had some legal basis”

    Not to be confused with the now outmoded term derived from the Fourth Amendment. Also see Lavrentiy Beria.

  2. Sam says:

    If the hoax pattern of activity isn’t yet strong enough for you to see it, have you at least noticed it is the same cast of characters?

    Yup. The same playbook.

    Propaganda mode: “could have included”

    The documents retrieved from Mar-a-Lago could have included the “most protected secrets in the U.S. government,” according to @KenDilanianNBC.

    The same guy who peddled Iraq WMD and Russia Collusion, using the same “anonymous official sources”. Yet, we are expected to believe him and his “anonymous official sources” this time??

    Neil Oliver is spot on in his monologue below:

    “It’s hard to think the unthinkable”. That the State might be working against you, taking your inalienable rights, but they are!

  3. Sam says:

    FBI bulletin warns of ‘dirty bomb’ threat and increasing calls for ‘civil war’ in wake of raid on Mar-a-Lago: MAGA supporters in show of support for Trump with vehicle parades outside his New Jersey golf course and Palm Beach resort

    That crafty Trump, stealing nuclear secrets to give to Nazi MAGA to build “dirty bomb” to take out the patriotic and virtue-laden rank & file of the FBI/DOJ.

    Is Rachel Maddow on it 24×7?

  4. JK/AR says:

    “Did the FBI find what they were looking for? (Of course, this is a trick question, but lets go with the fraud flow) If not, where else could they be?”

    Well Fred, as the powers that be are beavering away at changing all the defining terms available for us peons to describe what’s gone on, ‘raid’ is now verboten, ‘fishing expedition’ beyond the pale, with ‘search’ almost certainly inevitably to fall too I would suggest going back “old school” (which as it isn’t a statue to be torn down or such) And so far as I know Wikipedia hasn’t an entry dedicated [yet?].

    And as we know Melania’s stuff was assiduously gone through how’s about we call it from here on out precisely what happened?

    Now of course I admit it could be a little cumbersome to type out in full but since there’s no insufficiency of former – and current? – military types hanging around I’m confident somebody can come up with a suggestive acronym so …

    The Great FBI Panty Raid of 2022!

    Seem innocuous enough to me anyway. Those were after all, kinda entertaining back in the day.

    • Deap says:

      Jacobites >>> Reign of Terror >> Napoleon >> Thermidor >>Restoration on the Ancient Regime. It is deja vu, all over again.

    • Fred says:


      Wikipedia is in deep trouble, they’ve been spreading nuclear documents for years:
      Height, weight, weapon yeild, weapon material and weight. Oh my, National security!

      • JK/AR says:

        Oh dear, could be bad Fred.

        But I’m supposing the FBI has access to Wikipedia’s Standard Form 86?

        But I will guess there’s no SF 312 of file whatsoever either.

        So for Wikipedia, things are looking at this point to be, exceedingly bleak.

        That is, if there truly is such a thing as a ‘One Size Fits All’ system of Justice.

    • Deap says:

      The Great 2022 FBI Panty Raid:

      –Wardrode So Gayte-gate.
      –FBI cosplay-gate.
      –Wispy chiffon probably-cause gate.

      Never forget a blue dress brought down Clinton, or was that J Edgar?

      Clothes make the man. What is Trump’s real waist size, or was he purloining secret documents in that inflated girth?

      The king has no clothes, reports Biden’s Secret Service swimming pool detail. reports.

  5. Sam says:

    Check out “What Difference Does It Make?”

    One rule for you and another for me. Actually I’m above the law which is only for the those that oppose us.

  6. Deap says:

    Our favorite sausage butcher in a small central valley town in California also sells rolls of toilet paper with Nancy Pelosi’s face on each sheet. Will this crack team they be coming for those papers too?

  7. Deap says:

    The little boy on Christmas morning ………………….. I just know there is a pony in there somewhere.

  8. Deap says:

    They measure perfidy by their own standards; which means we are all in trouble.

  9. Notfakebot says:

    Very funny if it wasn’t so true.

    The investigation could be half the worry. I hope Trump keeps safe and well.

  10. jim ticehurst says:

    Cobsider that all was Well in June..With The Cooperation over the Documents Trump Had and was Handing Over…Perhaps The Queens in The Castle Got Alarmed..Nothing Useful Was Showing Up…And Time was Running Out..

    Suddenly…Things Went COLD..What Caused That…>>? An INFORMANT..

    The Data Now Not Public in the PC..Affidavit…

    The MOTIVE..? And The Informants…Idenity..The Motive…Create HAVOC Now..
    How…CREATE Crimes..Talks Nukes..The Players Mr Trump and the Saudis..
    THAT makes everything Dirty and suspicious..and The Feds Have Proof.. DOCUMENTS..After The Fact..Backed up by Trumps Pardon on Mr Stone..and a Box of Family Photos..Yessir PROOF it was ALL Trump Material..Beyond a Unreasonal Doubt Your Honor..
    Aw Yes…That MAGISTRATE..He Could Smell The Lochs and Bagel Finger Prints All
    Over The Fingers And Documents Handed to Him..And Mein GOTT..The
    Informant..?? Well..He was so Concerned About The National Security Of King Davids Kingdom..That He Just HAD To Do His Duty..And Thats THe Way The Plot
    Gos..In My Jerry”Kosher” Kooshy ..Spy Novel..The Last Chapter is “Golden”


  11. Datil D says:

    “Looks like the Federal Reserve is taking the off-shore capital markets to the cleaners rather than bailing out European banks like Obama did.”
    With the Russians draining their energy and the Fed draining their dollars Europe is starting to cry uncle.

  12. Zams says:

    Best most funny thing I’ve read in a while.

  13. Fourth and Long says:

    What sort of gang is the If Be High? Don’t they attend flaw school? Don’t they know it’s OK to drone assassinate American citizens? Isn’t Trump a citizen?

  14. JK/AR says:

    Had a dream last night. Now it weren’t no reglar sort of dream but more like a … Well it weren’t ezact-like a nightmare neither. Did have a bunch of the usual suspects the-most-trusteds in it though.

    Wasn’t what I’d call spooky scary though. I’d allow as kindy scary mebbe.

    Now “prophetic”? Yeah that’s it.

    Mebbe. … Don’t think I’m gonna be making the mistake of having kippers, two boiled eggs, a slice of onion, and some crumbles of feta cheese – two beers of foreign origin – as my get-ready-for-bed snack again anytime soon though.

    • Deap says:

      Barbara Tuchman in her book The Proud Tower claimed European psychotherapists sensed WWI was pending just by the patterns of so many of their clients troubled dreams, in this budding new field investigating the unconscious at the turn of the last century.

      Maybe it wasn’t the feta crumbles, but fetid rumbles.

      • JK/AR says:

        Well I would admit Deap there was some fetid awful enough to awaken me to think ‘Well has to be something outside the house.’

        I did of course check the state of my skivvies before drawing any conclusions though I’ll admit.

        Weird science I think. Except not like the movie of the same.

  15. Jose says:

    Great post, had to re-read it several times to get the full picture.

    IMHO, best read while this is playing in the background for ambience:

  16. JK/AR says:

    Ahoy Fred!

    Push this up to the 10:00 timestamp and proceed from there to wherever. I’d suggest headphones and a notepad – a working pencil of course or, ink pen.

    Fellow who’s doing the podcast is a natural born Canadian and is likewise a barrister albeit limited to practicing in the Canadian system – thus and so the fellow’s “knowledge of the US system” is lacking where the finer points are concerned.

    HOWEVER – He did manage to get a seat in Judge Reinhart’s courtroom when the arguments for/against the unsealing of the affidavit “justifying” the approval of the original warrant were presented.

    His lacking – as I’ve mentioned – experience practicing in US Courts notwithstanding I think he analyzes the issue[s] more than adequately regardless.


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