Open Thread 18 July, 2022

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  1. eakens says:

    Has anybody else noticed the Hollywood machine gearing up the public for war against Iran? Amazon shows about Iran trying to obtain chemical weapons, Top Gun, non-stop YouTube feed about Iran trying to get a bomb, and Videos promoting all the positive and amazing things Israel is doing

    War is afoot and the media is doing their part…

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Yup. Dey sez dey gots dability to make a bombomb but ain’t deicided to go aheads yets.

      Khamenei adviser says Tehran ‘capable of building nuclear bomb,’ Al Jazeera reports:

      Could get interessanting. Stories also of Eye Rainians making drones in Tajikistan or embarking thereupon. Beware of the old Colin Powell Dubya Two step: We printem scary story in paper. We start war because it so scary. Paleface speak with fork tongue.

    • Deap says:

      Top Gun could have been about Pakistan -also a technically proficient advancing nuclear threat – lots of Indian crew working on that film and it looks like some of the mountain scenes might have filmed in the Himalaya ranges. I am sure India would have approved making a movie Pakistan the bad guys.

      Apparently some was also in Lake Tahoe. Just saw it a second time -even better the second time. Anyone else totally in love with Hangman? (Blush)

      • Notfakebot says:

        Or North Korea for that matter. The country was never named. Also there was no war depicted in TP2. It was about a clandestine operation to destroy a secret base.

  2. Fourth and Long says:

    Anyone see this story about Michael Moore’s 28th Amendment idea?
    I’m a bit of a news hound but didn’t see it until reading about it in a translation of an online Russian newspaper. Which led me to think the story is being suppressed here. Given my conspiratorial bent I checked with my sister who also hadn’t seen it. Why would it be suppressed? 1) Fear of public disturbances? 2) Fear that it will seem like a good idea and “Gee, why didn’t the Democrats and Joe take this route, hey maybe they don’t give two hoots?”

    I’m guessing # 1.

    Michael Moore Proposes a 2nd Amendment Replacement to Protect Citizens’ ‘Inalienable Right’ to Gun Violence Safety

  3. Matthew says:

    I’m really curious if someone would venture an analysis on Russian military adaptation in this war. They seem to have definitively shifted the casualty ratios in their favor despite taking a lot towns in the Donbas.

    Sorry, I lack the expertise to do this.

  4. Fred says:

    I see Dr. Birx has outed herself as a sabotour within the Trump administration, and also admitted that the virus ‘came out of the box ready to infect’ and was being worked on by scientists in Chinese lab..”

    It’s right their in her book. LOL aren’t we happy we got rid of Trump. I wonder if she was on China’s payroll or just a willing dupe.

    • Whitewall says:

      I think ‘dupery’ comes natural to her and so many others in DC.

    • blue peacock says:


      Trump was a master at hiring.

      • Fred says:

        blue peacock,

        Birx committed multiple felonies and I’m sure she’s not alone in that.

      • Deap says:

        BP: Trump wanted to expand Schedule F which would allow him to fire these top government bureaucrats. If you can’t fire them, you can’t rehire their replacements. Such is the power of the inherited deeps state.

        Stay focused on the real problems now embedded in our US government no matter who is POTUS – the intractable deep state which always prefers toady Democrats over kick butt GOP.

        Support an expanded Schedule F – give newly elected Presidents the power to create a supported key administrative structure.

  5. JK/AR says:

    Looks like the roux is browned and the celery and the onions and the bell peppers stirred in but as we all know Gumbo takes alot of stuff afore getting its chef’s nod so in that spirit – Looks like some shoes are “soon” to drop in Uvalde:

    And a “heads up” I think is in order for this last one – Nothing ‘deadly graphic’ to be seen on any of the included videos but I feel a “Advisory : Some might find this content disturbing” is warranted. (I guess I forgot – the tee vee station already included a warning.)

    • Fourth and Long says:

      376 Officers involved who did zero. Leonidas’ noble three hundred at Thermopylae, right? I’d write a parody of the famous inscription to the Lacedomonians but they don’t deserve the time of day. It certainly is was a day of infamy, May 24. We should observe a national day of shame annually in memory of those children like the Israelites did over the murder of Jephthah’s daughter. But we won’t because we are irredeemable.

    • Deap says:

      Uvalde is as much a result of the George Floyd Effect, as any other theory – don’t shoot the bad guys or you yourself may get hung out to dry.

      • TTG says:


        Uvalde is more the result of a bunch of cosplaying chickenshits more concerned about saving their own asses than protecting the people they were sworn to protect. Leadership was nonexistent. With over 300 LE personnel there, I’m surprised not one informal leader rose to the occasion.

        • Fourth and Long says:

          Well said. That you barely only infinitesimally lapsed into aviary scatology is commendable and above the call. Those guys drive me to fantasies of mounting up with Zorro, something you know far more about than I. The strategic blindness of allowing Hispanic children to be mass murdered mere miles from the Mexico Texas border suggests that maybe Kamala Harris needs lessons in Uprisings 101.

        • Fred says:


          One did, it the Border Patrol agent who went in and ended this.

        • Mark Logan says:


          My gut tells me it wasn’t cowardice. Broadly speaking the police culture is one in which a display cowardice before one’s peers is sure career death. The very long lulls in firing contributed to the general feeling it was a barackade situation.

          I suspect mass confusion will be discovered as the primary reason, and a heck of a lot of tiny police forces around the nation will, for the first time, seriously train for the scenario. For a great many of them the well deserved and righteous damning of the Uvalde PD will be a “…but for the grace of God…” moment. The experts we seeing in the news are all from large metropolitan depts and the massive FBI, which have both the resources and an obvious call to so prepare. They are shocked that Podunk USA isn’t exactly like themselves.

          • JK/AR says:

            Mr. Logan,

            A “barricade situation”?

            I think – Not.

            All the while children’s 911 calls were coming in. Likewise the teachers in the affected rooms (until one got killed).

            And there were windows allowing clear views into what was happening inside. (Horrifying venue acknowledged, placing a shot through glass coupled with the [probable] elevated position whatever “resourced shooter” MAY have had.) Additionally acknowledging ‘the blowback’ that was near certain to fall on anybody risking a shot such as that circumstance demanded. And then Duty.

            [Possible Foul Language Alert!]



            “Grace of God” can only be stretched so far. The more appropriate at that instance “God helps those who help themselves” seems to me to be, the only available comfort.

            That “comfort” only realizable after the fact.

            And too it must be additionally acknowledged, Whatever the course the “dutiful person” chose – had he or she so chosen – would have almost certainly paid a dear price.

            But then – inner peace [I imagine] – is the most valued treasure an individual can have hope for.

          • Deap says:

            The Benghazi Option – do nothing.

            Don’t stand up. Don’t stand down. Don’t ask the Commander in Chief to make an executive level decision, in the final days of his re-election campaign.

            Plus he was missing in action anyway. Where was Barry Soetoro between 16:00 and 22:00 on Sept 11, 2012?

          • Mark Logan says:


            The full idiom is “There but for the grace of God go I”. It’s not an absolution, it’s an acknowledgement that one has been lucky.

          • JK/AR says:

            Just so Mr. Logan,

            Yes. Not an absolution.

            Indianapolis has a bureau field office and as reports – see that first evening’s press conference – indicate the CBP wasn’t the sole federal agency on scene that day.

            The “experts shocked” thusly?

            As my dear ol’ Papaw used to put it, “Ay hae me doots.” (Unless of course you’re referring to the expert practice of passing the buck.)

  6. Tidewater says:

    It looks like at least twenty million people are in grave danger of starvation or death from thirst in the Horn of Africa and in nearby countries. This would include Somalia, Ethiopia, parts of Kenya, and Eritrea. The rains will have failed five years in a row, come November, in Somalia. Hundreds of thousands of cattle have died. The photos, aerial photos, videos and witness accounts are horrific. Tough and experienced relief workers are reported to break down at what they see. The ancient pastoral way of life of more than half a million Ethiopians seems done. People are now trapped in camps, apparently permanently. Then there is Yemen across the water. A child dies of starvation there every minute and fifteen seconds. Trump and the United States set up this war. Trump’s Middle-East policy was a complete disaster! And a crime. We have given logistical support to the extended Saudi air force bombing campaign of Yemen. That’s a crime. And we are the ones who are looting Saudi Arabia’s resources, encouraging a dictator’s fantasy Xanadu called Neom in a region where climate catastrophe is on the way and architecture must become defensive. We have broken the agnatic custom of succession in Saudi Arabia that served so well. This did not have to be.

    But what is strange, in the middle of all this, is the matter of the FSO Safer. This ship is a rust bucket containing one of the biggest oil spills in history. At this moment, I don’t even have the guts or energy to try to speculate on the consequences if FSO Safer breaks up. But the results will be an economic catastrophe to the West and a death sentence to hundreds of thousands. The amazing thing is that it would only take some fifty million dollars to get the oil transferred, and the UN has not been able to raise this money. The USA should have picked up the tab on FSO Safer years ago. It has to be done, soonest… And I don’t think the UN will be able to get it done in time, regardless of what they say!
    https: //

    • Tidewater says:

      If there is something wrong with my link, one can Google the recent UN statement on this ship at “FSO Safer UN-Coordinated Proposal Explainer July 2022.” I am skeptical. A lot has been written about FSO Safer, so it would be easy for anyone interested to get quickly up to speed. The fact is that very little is getting done. I don’t understand it, actually.

      • different clue says:

        I may have heard/read wrong and my memory may be off, but I thought that the Houthis semi-control the area where that oil ship is and they wouldn’t allow anyone to approach the ship to take off the oil.

        Was that correct? Is it still correct?

        • Tidewater says:

          different clue,

          As I understand it, the Houthis signed an agreement early last March with the UN for a two-stage operation to pump the oil into a tanker that would carefully move alongside for the transfer. This surely must mean that the Houthis have had teams of explosive experts on board FSO Safer, and divers in the water around the ship, to remove explosive devices and sea mines. Apparently, the Houthis have used FSO Safer as an ‘ace in the hole’ against invasion.

          But here’s what is amazing: the UN couldn’t raise the money! Nothing has been done, as far as I know. For the last three or four years, the ship has been like a story by Edgar Allan Poe or Stephen Crane. Or come to think of it, like Conrad’s ‘Lord Jim!’ They’ve actually had small crews living on it. Listening to every creak and groan through the long nights?

      • JK/AR says:

        This site “may be” of some assistance. Back when I initially began using it though – Somalia piracy – it bore a disclaimer stating “We don’t follow USN/USCG ships” so, one’s mileage may vary:

        On another note – as Tidewater you’ve included in your lead comment “the results will be an economic catastrophe” – in my this today’s blog-wanderings I came upon another ingredient thinking ‘add to the gumbo’

    • cobo says:

      The UN should be abolished. NATO should expand to do what needs to be done on this planet, beyond the coming war.

      • TTG says:


        I disagree. NATO shouldn’t extend beyond the North Atlantic. I guess some could argue Turkey and Ukraine are pushing those boundaries.

        • cobo says:

          Turkiye is an interesting piece of the ongoing puzzle. I don’t like the UN 2030 agenda, and I’d like to see the UN and the WEF made obsolete, although they are deeply and broadly embedded in the current world ruling class. I choose NATO, because that is where western civilization still stands, even if currently corrupted. When we get to world coverage, the recent participation of Western Pacific countries shows the organization can encompass the globe – just needs to change the name to something more appropriate. It aggravates me incessantly that we are not working together as a planet. In a better world, Russia, China, South and Southeast Asia, Africa, the Pacific Island Nations, Europe and the Americas would collaborate to identify and deflect space threats, to acquire and exploit the resources of asteroids, to recover the pristine health of the oceans, to reverse desertification and provide for boundless freshwater supplies. We can do this, and we can start now. However, mankind is infected with a sickness. No matter how far we advance, the sickness infects our minds and bodies. This sickness drives us into the collective passions, dispassionately and methodically pursued, to desire the collective rage and the joy of bloodlust and war. So, that being said… I might sound a little closer to the crazy that I am, but in my art: The Jaguar has climbed down the Tree of Life from Heaven, and he sits now in NATO

        • borko says:

          Ukraine’s eastern boundaries have started to push back.

          • JK/AR says:

            Candidly I’m wholeheartedly alongside TTG on the prospect of NATO being strictly limited to the part of the world as originally charted [chartered?].

            Imagining NATO going ‘worldwide’ at this time particularly, with so much on its plate unimaginable at its creation gives me at least, an extreme case of ‘the heebie jeebies.’

            Instance in point : the Spratley Islands chain specifically and China’s “building islands” in the rest of that region’s waters + NATO’s Article Five responsibilities is the stuff of nightmares.

            The mere thought of – disregarding whatever one may think of its current … oh ‘state of affairs’ I suppose … makes me, and I’m extremely immune to it ordinarily, seasick.

      • Deap says:

        Just defund the UN – US is paying most of their bills. Let them suck off someone else. See how long they like it.

  7. Deap says:

    Is the great covid hoax finally unraveling – deep state internecine finger pointing and the selling of tell-all book begins.

    Scarf Lady Birx takes her turn on center stage attempting to rebut Dr Scott Atlas’s scathing review of her hapless tenure on the Covid Task Force, in his first hand account “A Plague Upon Our House”

    Fauci is also looking for his exit, as his Task Force colleagues unmask his flagrant incompetence as well. Gutting the deep state is the healthiest thing that can happen right in America right now.

    Covid: a tragic opera in three acts. It is said all operas have the same plots – the tenor wants the soprano and the baritone causes trouble. Fauci and Birx were in pari delitcto and DR Scott Atlas takes the baritone role.

    • JK/AR says:


      Been awhile since we’ve heard from the Dr. Ryan Cole MD guy. A month or so ago there was a conference over in Bath England and I, aware that he’d spoken there was waiting for a discussion I know is scheduled between Dr. Ryan and Bret Weinstein – plus waiting for just such an opportunity as these ‘open subject’ posts are here to post a link to that.

      However, as it would appear things are likely to accelerate fairly soon now here’s the most recent appearance of his I’m aware of:

      • Deap says:

        JK/AR, thanks for this link to the Dr Ryan Cole interview – sobering information right now, since we know too well this “vaccine” is neither safe nor effective. He explains that point very well.

        • JK/AR says:


          Some may insist that all Dr. Cole’s assertions in that video “are unsupported” – So, to head that off at the proverbial pass:

          Well looky here folks, that’s from the NIH itself.

          (Mighta been useful to have had that available after a rigorously appropriate to the [pre-covid era] vaccines study trial had been conducted.)

  8. Jovan P says:

    Colonel, since the USA first acquired the A-bomb, were there debates inside the army to use on the Soviets? Thank God that the sanity prevailed, but I remember reading or watching that during the Korean war MacArthur proposed nuking North Korean, Chinese and Soviet cities (Vladivostok).

  9. JK/AR says:

    Took some considerable meandering to find a post that I could then repost to this thread without including a “Foul Language Ahead” disclaimer. Problem is with this one the Good Samaritan’s actions aren’t getting his due.

    For instance, reliable reports indicate when Mr. Dickson initially engaged the murderer Mr. Dickson was shooting [Glock – Semi-auto pistol] from forty yards distance. He fired a mere ten rounds, closing to approximately twenty feet. (I personally would really appreciate from the investigating ME what the “hit rate” was – That sort of info possibly impressing on LE’s “overseers” that range time is vitally important. Young Mr. Dickson’s “only training” having come via his Grandfather.)

    I know I’m almost certain to get pushback when I state that, where marksmanship is concerned civilians are generally better at killshots than the majority of LEOs are.

    • JK/AR says:

      Hit Rate. (First round – Hit : Nine following on [presumably – jk] moving target.

      80%. From 40 yards (and closing?).

      And do check out the authorities press release – updated to read:

      “The timeline between when [murderer] exited the restroom and began shooting, and when he was shot by the civilian (Mr. Dicken) was only fifteen seconds – not two minutes. [as previously reported – jk] The surveillance video shows [murderer] exit the restroom at 5:56:48 pm. He was neutralized by Dicken at 5:57:03 pm.”

      So remember guys and gals, boys and girls – when seconds count the cops are only 77+ minutes away!

      • TTG says:


        That’s some damned fine shooting. I read his grandfather taught him to shoot. I bet he spent a lot of time shooting at 50 yard targets rather than the 5 yard range that seems to be quite common on pistol ranges now. Sight alignment and trigger control.

        • JK/AR says:

          Yeah TTG, impressed the hell outta me too. And yes by all reports it was Grandfather provided “all” training. (Perhaps oddly, l’d rather appreciate hearing more about that fellow’s background and, just leave the young guy alone.)

          I, frankly, don’t think I could be confident of a disabling first shot – Well maybe but my EDC is equipped with greendot laser (zeroed to the spot at 25 feet) still though within likely +/- 4 seconds? Still though, generally takes me about the four seconds to draw from holster and enabling the laser: reckon I’ve been inspired toward a new drill routine.

          For those who may be less experienced with what TTG and I know so well:

      • KjHeart says:

        Impressive – thank you for this

  10. KjHeart says:

    ON another subject: I saw an article that Zelensky has removed Ivan Bakanov as head of the SBU. (according to the article) He has also removed Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova as well – The article further states that Bakanov did not have prior Security Service Experience (dunno how to verify that) and that his replacement for head of the SBU, Vasily Malyuk, was the number 2 guy and has career experience…

    These are the names I pulled out of the article –
    My source for this info is very vitriolic against Ukraine so I try to take facts only from the articles and go from there..

    I would welcome any better information than I have on the subject as this seems a significant move on Zelensky’s part? (if true?)


  11. SRW says:

    Interesting article on Russian logistics. I can only hope this author is right.

  12. Barbara Ann says:

    For those in need of some uplifting news, and God knows we all need it, look no farther than the winner of today’s stage in the Tour de France. Hugo Houle, a Québécois, celebrated the first major win of his professional career by dedicating it to his late brother who was killed in a hit and run 10 years ago. A decade and more of motivation was on display in the French Pyrenees today. Chapeau M. Houle.

    • ked says:

      a heart-warming story of brotherly love. the Tour has been great this year… titanic competition in brutal heat. & “clean” too. made me gaze @ my road-racing bike hanging in the garage – ironically named Mockba 80, Italian-built for the Polish Olympic team… who didn’t race… ’cause; The Russians (ok, Soviets… consistent behaviors). I promise myself I’ll ride it soon … as soon as the temps fall into the cool low 90s.

  13. Deap says:

    Conservative Treehouse reports Biden’s “National Climate Emergency” may be declared as soon as tomorrow.

    This will replace the “National Covid Emergency” and explains why Biden has been out of sight these past few days, while The Squad gins up media hysteria-grabbing headlines getting “arrested” by Capitol Police in order to distract the nation from the next round of evil this administration intends to inflict upon us..

    This wonderful country has gone freaking, barking dog mad under Joe Biden.

  14. Deap says:

    The real insurrection was the utter defiance of the Deep State, esp DOJ against President Trump -its refusal to carry out direct Trump orders demanding full transparency of deep state activities.

    We need t one very afraid of what the Deep State has done to our country. We must combat the deep state insurrection against our representative form of governance.

    • JK/AR says:

      Ahoy Deap

      You and I’ve been long (“in cahoots” heh heh) discussing both together all the Covid stuff and, oh tangentially I suppose given that the whole matter of “All Things Covid” really comes back to what you’re addressing above The Deep State.

      So now comes likely some exposure tying the two phenomena together – the ol’ On The One Hand presentation and now adding the “other shoe” On The Other Hand there is the other manifestation of Deep State which is Covid.

      I would suggest headphones – perhaps a pen and paper for notes – then; run this up to the 1:02:58 timestamp and proceed to listen closely thereafter:

      Fauci, Birx & et al looks like – Are about to face what’s known in legal circles as “Discovery.”

      (Oh one last thing maybe – in addition to the headphones and pen and pad you might want to lay in a good store of popcorn.)

  15. JK/AR says:

    Colonel Lang, TTG, Willman?

    I just today became aware of Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana filing a suit against Biden et al (Fauci is a named Respondent). Listening to that youtube I posted immediately above is where I learned of it then, did some digging via the MO AG’s website, next to finding the filed suit, lastly via Court Listener, signed Courts orders.

    There’s a bunch of stuff herein that’s gonna take some serious study time but potentially, this could be some very big news (not that we’ll be seeing much if any coverage from the usual suspects).

    The gist:

    The suit – as filed – itself:

    The Court’s Orders (See page 13 for the orders for eg Fauci to sit for a disposition):

    Very preliminarily, as Judge Doughty has signed off on an Order To Respond it would appear this case has merit. Standing, as the Plaintiffs are states AGs, shouldn’t be questionable. I can’t see any way for the Executive to claim privilege. But as I say, there’s a lot here – and as I’ve mentioned before I am no lawyer. And though I’ve worked for some in both MO and LA – as well as here in AR – all my, and that limited, knowledge is only at the states level. Where US Code is concerned I think I’d be in way over my head.

    I think this is going to be big. In my humble hillbilly opinion of course.

    • Bill Roche says:

      “It” may well be big but so what. Who will make the Biden Administration do or respond to anything. Who will cover the news. Will the GOPe/RINOs call attn to any of it (or gasp, themselves). The corruption’s gone too deep. This absence of justice can’t continue if we want to call ourselves a country. National division must come.

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