“Ric Grenell to Newsmax: Incoming Ballots Showing GOP Wins in Arizona”

Kari Lake

“Let me just be very specific on the data, and the reality is right now that we have at least 450,000 possibly 500,000 ballots now left,” Grenell, an acting director of national intelligence and ambassador under former President Donald Trump, told Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now.” “Those are almost exclusively election day voters, which we know are traditionally Republican.” 

There have been four or five dumps of the ballots so far, taking down the number of uncounted ballots to about 450,000 from 1 million, and in those drops, “the Republican team has been winning those by 65-70-75%” in each, Grenell said.

And from that, Grenell said, “there is going to be a red wave” in Arizona.

“Abe Hamadeh, the attorney general candidate, is leading the Republican field here because he’s only down by 3,900 votes,” said Grenell. 

Next are gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, who is down by 12,000 votes, and U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters, down by 90,000 votes, but the incoming ballots will push them into the winning categories, Grenell said. 

But of the 450,000 votes, “at least, if you calculate that we are winning, let’s take the lowest percentage of the night that we’ve seen, 60-65%, all three of these candidates are going to win,” said Grenell, adding that Mark Fincham will win as secretary of state.”

Comment: Ah, thank god. I was beginning to worry a bit, but not to fret… There will be a governor of Arizona, as smart, tough and good looking as my wife.

 Ric Grenell to Newsmax: Incoming Ballots Showing GOP Wins in Arizona | Newsmax.com

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12 Responses to “Ric Grenell to Newsmax: Incoming Ballots Showing GOP Wins in Arizona”

  1. KjHeart says:

    Kari Lake has the votes to win – the counting just needs to get completed.

    There are still a lot of ballots to count and if they continue to break the way they have Kari Lake (Gov), Blake Masters (Senator) and Abe Hamadeh (Attorney Gen) all doing well – dunno about Mark Finchem

    As of this AM, 11-9-22, Left to count are

    Election Day Early Drops – 275,000 (breaking 65% for Lake)
    Late Earlies – 86,000 (breaking 55% toward Lake)
    Emergency Ballots – 50,000 (breaking 45% toward Lake)
    Box 3 – 17,000 (breaking 65% toward Lake)

    Net gain will be a boost of 91, 000 to Lake OVER Hobbs – she can and will get in – All eyes ar on this election in Arizona.

    I got this from watching the Charlie Kirk Livestream (chart at 40 minutes and 22 seconds)


  2. Al says:

    BTW, South Dakota voters want against Repub Gov Noem and Repub legislature and expanded Medicare under Obama Care to low income residents.

    Interesting how citizens are implementing laws via petitions where politicians, usually by Republican controlled legislature, block such

    This yr in Kansas on abortion, 3 in Michigan passed where previously the Republican legislature blocked

    • Fred says:


      You contradict yourself by pointing out what the legislature of South Dakota did, then claim citizen petitions are implementing laws.

      • TTG says:


        True. The ballot initiative amended the state constitution to mandate Medicaid expansion. It didn’t change any legislative law.

  3. Al says:

    Correction: Medicaid

  4. jim ticehurst.. says:

    Nicely Said Colonial Lang….
    We have seen the Moles..Poke their Heads out ..Pushing out Thier Bowls
    Of Troll Made Hungarian Googleash..But They have Bad Eyes..and Tiny Brains…

    I Watched..Waited..And Transformed The Last One..Who wandered Out..Now
    The Rotten Eggs..Are Sitting on a Fence..With Bad Eyes..and Tiny Brains..
    And Big Mouths..and Bad Breath..
    They will Be Swept Away..After Thier Fall…As Dawn Breaks in 2023..A Complete Reversal of Events….
    .Biden just Said He Will Do nothing..going Forward..Prophetic..Pathetic..
    And He Rights….Kaput is Kaput…The DONKs..will Be KAPUT.. Just like the
    Patience Pilgrims..Patience..From America..With Love..and clear Eyes..

  5. Stefan says:

    What many dont understand about AZ is that Maricopa County generally has a turnout that includes more votes than the rest of the state combined. Pima County being a distant second, whose turnout is generally equal to half of the rest of the state outside of Maricopa County. At the moment Maricopa County is 73% in, Pima 63% in. Both of these counties are, and have been trending Democratic. Unless it is very close in these two counties the vote in the rest of the state doesnt matter numbers wise.

    The rest of the counties actually have more percentage of votes counted than do the two counties that drive statewide politics in AZ. In order to win statewide office Republicans have to keep Maricopa and Pima County very, very close. Hobbs is up 4% in Maricopa, with 73% of the vote in (1,123,062 votes) and up much more in Pima with 272,508 votes and 63% of the votes in.

    All GOP votes combined for the rest of the state, most 80%+ in do not match half of Maricopa Counties votes at the moment.

    GOP lost both counties to Dems in the last Presidential election and the results in these two counties seem to be trending the same now. Unless things change in these two countries pretty dramatically Dems will take the governor race. These two counties, it would seem, will continue to trend Democratic in the future as growth remains strong from states with a traditional Democratic base.

    Toss up for now, but the numbers suggest a win for Dems. 100% a rural/urban divide with the Valley, Tucson and Flagstaff going Democratic, most of the rest of the state with dramatically lower population, going Republican.

    Should know in a couple of days.

    • Fred says:


      “Should know in a couple of days.”

      Amazing that all the claims of voter suppression and ‘democracy’ at risk before Tuesday have been suddenly silenced. Now the effective leadership of Maricopa county needs ‘a couple of days’ to do what, it sure doesn’t take that long to count ballots.

      • Stefan says:

        If you follow Arizona politics this is par for course. Why? I don’t know, but it just has always been this way. AZ media is reporting something around 160,000 votes left to count and the GOP has not closed the lead enough to overcome the slim difference. AZ media is likely to call the election by the end of the day, or tomorrow at the latest.

  6. jim ticehurst.. says:

    Ariona has Traditionally always been Conservative..and Voted Republican over 70 years.
    .until the 2020 Elections..when Biden got one million votes in Maricopa County..According
    to Wiki..That was because many Voters Didnt like like Donald Trumps Campaign
    This year There are reported to be 894,088 registered Independants…
    888,426 Registered Republicans
    787,971 Registered Democrats
    22,315 Registered Libertarians
    For a Total of 2,592,800 Registered Voters..

    All Elected Officials in Maricopa County are Republicans. Except the Sheriff,Democrat
    which is fine with Me..

    I Think Mr Trump should STOP Saying The Election is Corrupt in Maricopa County
    and just Let The Votes Be Counted and Wait for the Results..IMO
    TTG is Right about this Matter..

    • Stefan says:

      I don’t think this can really be laid at the doorstep of Trump. Maricopa County, the driver of AZ politics, has seen large demographic changes the last few years. No doubt Trump played a role but I’d say it is more about demographics, which doesn’t bode well for GOP prospects for state wide politics.

      AZ media seems to be set to call the election today for the Dems as there is around 160,000 votes left to be counted. They counted almost the same amount yesterday.

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