Russian President Underestimated Ukrainian Defence and Global Response to War.

So says the Chief of Britains GCHQ in public in Australia today.

“The head of Britain’s spy agency says Vladimir Putin has “massively misjudged” the difficulty of invading Ukraine, and Russian soldiers are sabotaging their own military equipment as morale in the army deteriorates.

Key points:

Sir Jeremy said Russian soldiers were “refusing to carry out orders”

He warned countries like the UK, the US and Australia could be targeted by Russian cyber attacks

He said China was backing Moscow for now in part because its plans for Taiwan

Sir Jeremy Fleming delivered the assessment during a speech to the National Security College (NSC) in Canberra on a visit to Australia.

The director of the GCHQ said the Russian government was beginning to realise it had made a strategic miscalculation by launching the invasion, but the Russian President’s advisers were “afraid” to tell him the truth about the extent of their losses.

“It’s clear [Mr Putin] misjudged the resistance of the Ukrainian people,” he said.

“He underestimated the strength of the coalition his actions would galvanise.

“He underplayed the economic consequences of the sanctions regime.

“He overestimated the abilities of his military to secure a rapid victory.

Sir Jeremy said Russian soldiers were “refusing to carry out orders, sabotaging their own equipment and even accidentally shooting down their own aircraft”.”

Comment: This has been said in public and echoed by the Whitehouse without attribution. If it is disinformation, then it appears to be a masterful concoction for spreading FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt at all levels of Russian society, not just within the Government and the armed forces.

I note that two of the better Russia oriented commentators: “The Saker” and “Reminiscences” are careful to avoid addressing, let alone contradicting this possibility. In my opinion, the commentary of the first is dissolving into mysticism, the latter into technobabble. I’m not a believer in the idea that Russias current operation is somehow a masterful demonstration of hypercharged superdynamic 21st century warfare stratagery. It looks to me like a bit of a mess.

I imagine that Flemings statements would be consistent with Col. Langs own appreciation. Lets hope he recovers soon.

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  1. Lowmire says:

    At this point, it’s easier to look at anecdotal actions to determine who is winning, and judging by Germany trying to criminalize the Z symbol, I would say Russia is winning.

  2. Jovan P says:

    A very good Russian analyst Jurij Podoljaka is saying, that apart from the military, many Russian services did a lousy job. The core point is that they believed that the ,,pro-Russian” elites would cooperate, which mostly they did not. I think, the Russians underestimated the strength of SBU (which would kill any ,,dissenting” voices – Ukranian negotiatior Denis Kireev and later one mayor who ,,negotiated” with the Russians, etc.) and it’s firm grip on the society, together with the ,,right sector”.

    IMO opinion the Russians did not underestimate the courage and strength of ordinary people of Ukraine, nor do the Russians cheer when .showing murdered Ukrainians, even the Nazis from Azov. They are not fighting a ,,Vernichtunskrieg” but an operation with the aim of denazification. And that’s a hard goal to achieve.

  3. Klapper says:

    The same people who claimed the Skripals and Navalny were poisoned by novichok are now claiming the Russians are losing the war, I guess by not winning as quickly as they thought they would. Perhaps they are losing, but I would never believe it because of a claim by representatives of US or British intelligence.

    • walrus says:

      Klapper, I think the point is that Fleming said his piece in public where he knew it would be reported. That is a very different and more courageous thing to do that the usual “Intelligence analyst speaking anonymously because they are not authorised ” etc. Fleming is now on the public record and if has made a mistake he will suffer for it. That takes balls and conviction.

      • dsrcwt says:

        I don’t really see that what he says in public matters. He will be judged by what he tells his masters. What he says in public is part of an information operation, and at a later date he can say he was lying in furtherance of a greater good.

  4. Ernst wang says:

    Read Scott Ritters comments on Twitter……

  5. mcohen says:

    Walrus.would this Fleming be of 007 vintage by any chance

  6. Fred says:

    “He did not say what intelligence he drew on to make this assessment, or provide any further details.”

    That sure has a familar ring to it. Speaking of familiar, isn’t GCHQ the place where Christopher Steele was employed for all those years, prior to interfering in a US election of course? Thanks Sir Jeremy for keeeping your man loyal.

    Sir Jeremy has one part right, the Russians underestimated the Ukrainians and overestimated their own military. Not that much beyond that is easy to understand as there is even more ‘fog of war’ around this than there was surrounding “Russia collusion”.

    “And it is equally clear that China that wants to set the rules of the road, the norms for a new global governance [and it] is not well served by close alliance with a regime that wilfully and illegally ignores them all.””

    And nobody in complaining of Chinese slave labor, Chinese virus labratories, Chinese population control methods, and Chinese ‘social credit’ systems. In fact they are trying to create a couple of those things for their own governments and for the same reasons – to keep themselves in power.

  7. Christian J. Chuba says:

    “Russian President Underestimated … Global Response to War.”

    I do not believe that is true. Putin has spent at least a decade to sanction proof Russia. By that I mean being able to weather sanctions, not stop them. There is the famous import substitution program but more importantly, establishing an energy transportation infrastructure to China. I recall someone claiming that Russia’s NG pipelines to Russia were too expensive for the amount it delivered. Well, having over capacity here is a good thing for them.

    I believe that Putin believes the action sin Ukraine are worth the sanctions and that the actions in Ukraine are critical for Russia’s survival as an independent country. Russia has backed down in the face of sanctions for things that they do not consider critical, like buying uranium from Iran and other Iranian projects.

    • fakebot says:

      Well said.

    • Philip Owen says:

      The import substitution programme assisted about 1500 firms mostly in food processing and pharmaceuticals. There was already a stepper in Skolkovo to produce electronic circuits. There is a Russian intel compatible chip. That’s about it despite much lobbying by every failing Russian manufacturer to be considered systemically important or strategic.

  8. John Merryman. says:

    What I found interesting in today’s new, Politico, is the numbers of Ukrainians going back. Apparently being part of the propaganda war is not all that appealing.

  9. Fourth and Long says:

    Scott Ritter addresses the issue in this moderately long thread on “Big Arrow War:”

    You may see his analysis as an after-the-fact rationalization. Maybe so. But incompetence in execution on various levels is not inconsistent with his outline. My own outlook is that 1) the visible and reported ineptness is par for the course for numerous Russian operations historically – they are the original “come from behind kids,” admittedly at overwhelming cost; 2) Us folks from the “Ouest” have been overly conditioned to expect quick, tidy and expeditious outcomes. Blame it on mass consumer culture, the TV, the internet, or the Bossa Nova, it’s true.

    Another factor which I have not seen discussed is the effect this developing economic mess with its collateral famines and shortages will have on western home fronts. The Russian situation may have created, either intentionally or fortuitously, conditions of the “long slog” within which the political and social stability of various powerhouse countries is questionable vis a vis the Asian landmass countries with their long experience of serious deprivation.

  10. drifter says:

    We know for certain that Flemming’s specific assessments excerpted above – “misjudged … underestimated … overplayed … overestimated” apply to the US in the run-up to Feb 24. Maybe they also apply to Putin. I don’t know.

  11. English Outsider says:

    Walrus – we have a most comforting story we tell ourselves in England. It’s that when we engage in a war we lose every battle but the last. You’ll find no Englishman who doesn’t believe that. Me too. It’s a story I like.

    It’s necessary to resolutely ignore the facts in order to believe that. No problem there. Resolutely ignoring the facts is how you get to comforting stories.

    Trouble is, in the last three really big wars we’ve been engaged in the fact don’t quite fit. In the first it took the Germans to come along for that famous last battle and pull us out of a hole. In the other two the Americans. Your lot and the Canadians pitching in to great effect as well.

    I don’t know how those comforting stories got constructed way back then. Perhaps we just made them up ourselves because they’re nice stories. When it comes to the current Ukrainian war I do know how the various stories we believe get constructed. The press makes ‘em up. Been watching them do it.

    In this particular war the Western press devotes its time to guessing, usually wrongly, what the Russians intend to do and then claiming victory when the Russians don’t do it. That’s not war reporting. That’s just information war. Fools us in the British public but I very much doubt it fools the Ukrainian military.

    The Russians said all along that the aim was to keep Ukrainian forces occupied around Kyiv to stop them coming to the assistance of the army on the Donbas. They seem to have done that. They’ve concentrated on destroying communications, supply dumps and routes, air defences etc. That also is being done. They’ve said all along they don’t want to storm Kyiv and haven’t, though Rudskoy left the door very slightly ajar on that possibility.

    Further examination of the destruction of the Ukrainian army on the Donbas is difficult. We don’t know whether those Ukrainian forces poised on the line of control were intending to invade the old LDNR, or if so when. We don’t know what the Russians knew about that and more importantly, what they feared. The LDNR forces pre-war were said to be only 20,000 strong though they must have been building up to the current claimed 40,000. Could they have held 60,000 plus of the best Ukrainian troops? What would have been the consequences in the old LDNR if they hadn’t?

    I suppose we’ll know more about all that later but at present all there is to go on is the undoubted fact that the Russians pinned those 60,000 plus troops and are now breaking them up. Chirkin gives an indication of how –

    “. We provoked the enemy’s activity by tactical groups, deliberately pulling Ukrainian army units and National Security Forces from their locations. Withstanding with small numbers the terrible counterattacks by tanks and armoured vehicles, outnumbered by the motorised infantry.

    “Sometimes it was impossible to suppress Grads, artillery and mortars hidden in residential areas that were raining on you. Urban areas could not be cleared methodically by combat formations, by calling supporting fire, attack helicopters, sappers, flamethrowers, tanks to blow-up machine-gun points in houses and civilian infrastructure facilities.”

    So unlike Mariupol they pre-empted possible attack by the Ukrainian army across the LoC by going in fast and not at all in the way one would expect.

    Because the way one would expect would be more like the way Chirkin says he was trained. Chirkin was trained in a different and more deliberate type of warfare – “when the skies are under your full control, airfields are jammed with attack planes and bombers, operational-tactical missile systems are in service and there is a mass of heavy artillery.”

    The fact that the Russians didn’t have all that but still went in might indicate that they were mounting a hastily contrived pre-emptive attack. But none of the experts speak on that. We can merely look at the results. Which are what they are. The Ukrainian army in the Donbas is now being methodically taken apart and there seems to be no indication that it’ll now seek to break into the old LDNR area.

    But the Western press downplayed that all important Donbas theatre. Instead they focused on the back and forth of the holding operation up round Kyiv and wove stories around that. I simply don’t believe that Western Intelligence was so dumb and certainly not Israeli Intelligence. That’s why Naftali Bennett was giving Zelensky the only sensible advice that could be given. It’s over. Pack it in. Save what you can while you can.

    The Western press also attributes to the Russians a mode of warfare they didn’t use. Standard procedure for us is to bomb everything to hell, achieve air supremacy and then go in. The fact that the Russians seemed to collapse all those phases into one more or less escaped them. So also did the fact that the Russians were hampered by the insistence on avoiding civilian casualties and infrastructure damage. They also seem to have been hampered by reluctance, at least at first, to destroy Ukrainian troops en masse. Certainly not how Chirkin was trained, nor our own military, and therefore also something the press missed.

    They also miss that the Russians, when they can, are doing what their reconciliation teams did in Syria. Negotiate the taking of an individual settlement rather than simply flatten the place and walk in afterwards. This has apparently already been done with a few of the smaller settlements. We saw this attempted on a larger scale in Mariupol too, where the neo-nazis and regulars alike were offered transport to somewhere else, just as in Syria the Jihadis were offered transport to Idlib rather than fighting to the last. If I remember correctly the Americans did that in Raqqa too at the very end, though not to Idlib in that case, so that seems to be a recognised way of coaxing last-ditchers out of their strong points. Don’t make POW’s of them. Just get them to go somewhere else.

    They also missed the fact that the Russians were never after “Victory” in the sense we understand it. That’s when the enemy is all smashed up and can’t go on. They’re more interested in reaching a settlement without all that and that also makes it a different sort of war.

    The press also misunderstand the Russian war aims. Demilitarisation they don’t get because they mostly think it means no army at all. On that, what the Russians are after is denatoisation. Denazification they don’t get because it’s an article of faith in the UK that there are no neo-nazis in the Ukraine. Maybe a hundred or two but nothing of any significance. From what I see that’ll remain an article of faith with most of us for good. For the Russians to claim they’re clearing out Nazis when all know there are none around is just silly, we say stoutly. Information war works.

    This was not our finest hour for the press, when it came to walking us through what was really happening in the Ukraine. As a result the stories we tell ourselves in England about the Ukrainian war bear as little relation to reality as the stories we tell ourselves about our own wars. Same over your way?

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Once again, spot on EO. IMO, the Russians are playing a fine game of chess on the battlefield and in the geo-political field.

      It should be clear to anyone honest/unbiased/not running a psi-ops that Russia is achieving its objectives – and very efficiently at that. Even most of the rare honest/unbiased/not running a psi-ops retired military brass and intelligence talking heads are just making the wrong base assumptions about what Russia is trying to achieve. Remember, these pundits were leaders in an organization that has not really brought a war to a successful conclusion since 1945. The most recently crop of retirees has only ever fought goat herders and camel jockeys. How much are their opinions regarding a major power like Russia worth, even if they’re not gaslighting? The IC people don’t have a better track record.

      Logically, Scott Ritter and Douglas Macgregor are getting it right. They can back up their opinions and conclusions with maps and arguments that make sense, fit the evidence and that are not internally contradicting or necessitating an unrealistic demeaning of Russian intelligence and capabilities and a demonizing of Russian leadership, like that of all of the other pundits, who give us an insulting cartoon version of “reality”.

      Sir Jeremy is just another carnival barker who doesn’t like reality and so creates his own cartoon version.

    • fakebot says:


      I genuinely mean this with all due respect (and you certainly make a number of valid arguments), but I think there is a enough evidence to suggest Russia had intended to topple Ukraine’s leadership and install their own; however, this aim was never admitted.

      Putin and his advisors never expected Zelensky to be so admired and respected–that Zelensky would rise to the occasion. Putin likely believed Zelensky had no backbone and would flee Ukraine. He believed Russia would take that whole of Ukraine without having to put up a real fight. Historically, there was precedent to qualify such beliefs. Also Russia didn’t want to attack and destroy Ukraine too harshly because the hope was to win these people over despite denying their nationhood.

      • Steve says:


        What evidence is there to suggest the Russians intended to take over the country? I’ve only seen that from NATO governments (US/UK) and by extension an unquestioning media. Beyond that it has never made sense. EO and Eric are talking sense here and it’s borne out by every battle map.

        • fakebot says:


          Agreed on the sanctions mess. I can’t see the sanctions lasting in full effect for long.


          Take over in a loose sense. Ukraine would remain Ukrainian in name, but politically and economically aligned with Russia (i.e., within Russia’s sphere of influence).

          This is a longstanding policy. There is a pattern of behavior that demonstrates Russia wants to keep Ukraine under her thumb.

          For example, former Ukrainian president Yanukovych was poisoned with a component found in Agent Orange. The goal wasn’t to kill him, but to send a message that would scare him and others who wanted to align Ukraine with the West during the Orange colour revolution.

          Russia hoped to scare Zelensky too. The hope was he would run for the hills. Putin saw Zelensky as a joke, a comedian well out of his depth. At the start of the invasion, there was talk that Zelensky would operate his government from exile. If he had left, Ukraine’s leadership would have changed hands sooner than later. There are enough Ukrainian politicians who would gladly collaborate with the Russians.

          • Susan says:

            Not Yanukovych — Yushchenko

          • Steve says:


            That makes sense only if they’re willing to continue revisiting the war in order to quell an insurgency. That would be a very long term commitment that wouldn’t return enough value for the effort. When they didn’t do a full on rush into Kyiv the picture changed dramatically to one of partition and a closed door to the west – except to sell commodities, of course:). Europe then has to embrace the action it refused to take in 2013/14 and at a far higher cost.

      • English Outsider says:

        Ah. I’m reading the Colonel’s site as closely as I can on all that. Where I’m absolutely sure of my ground is that setting aside entirely the rights and wrongs of the case, the Euros have screwed up in the sanctions war. They’ll either have to backtrack or wreck the European economy. That’s slowly beginning to dawn on them but far too late.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Col Lang originally thought that Russia only wanted to take the Donbas. I think his first analysis or instinct was correct. Then the forum switched to a war time footing and it became all hate and kill Russians and anything to the contrary, even giving the Devil his due (or respecting an enemy’s capabilities) was suppressed or derided as surrender monkeying and providing aid to the enemy. So naturally the Russians became just incompetent screw-ups not establishing a diversion and fixing UKR troops around Kiev so they couldn’t reinforce the East, but just running out of fuel and other supplies while Ukrainian grandmas valiantly gunned them down. Every destroyed Russian tank etc became evidence that UKR was crushing the invader, as opposed to being the kind of sh!t that happens in war – like all sides suffer casualties and losses of materiel (was there ever a war against an enemy up to current standards wherein both sides didn’t?). Do we forget that in WW2 the US and Brits tied down crack German divisions in Italy at great cost at places like the Rapido River and Monte Casino so those German divisions couldn’t reinforce Normandy? The examples of that kind of sacrifice and ample throughout the history of warfare. Apparently, it’s only gross failure when the Russians do it.

          The whole thing is part of a larger societal phenomenon brought to us by our would be masters. First it was anti-Trump hysteria 24/7. Then covid hysteria 24/7 and now anti-Russia/love UKR hysteria. All the same distorted nonsensical cartoon alternate reality for the masses. Buy into it at your own risk.

          • Mikew says:

            It almost appears that someone highjacked this site. Weird. He even did a post about “surrender monkeys” for God’s sake. It appears to be 2003 all over again.

          • English Outsider says:

            Mr Newhill – I also believe the Colonel’s view is the only realistic one.

            Realistic, and how it’ll probably turn out, but a great pity. I think most in Europe, and almost all in England, didn’t realise what a useful compromise Minsk 2 would have been. Sources here and Martyanov elsewhere are quite explicit that the old LDNR itself was by no means all pro-Russian.

            I spent some time looking at the Northern Irish peacekeeping problem. That might skew my perspective, but I always regarded Minsk 2 as the equivalent writ large of the old Good Friday Agreement (Belfast Agreement). Not exactly keeping both sides happy, but leaving neither side too unhappy and, most importantly, keeping the two sides from each other’s throats.

            Pursuing the comparison, I see such as Strelkov/Girkin as the equivalent of the headbanger Irish Nationalist, or of the equally dangerous ultra-Loyalist, and hope he can be put back in his box. I waded through an old Girkin video that the Saker put up with a translation recently and that fully confirmed my view. I noted that Raevsky also sees Girkin as wrong too.

            The Saker also put up an interview with Ishchenko. From that I picked up confirmation of my view that the population mix in the Ukraine is very difficult.

            Also, again as in Northern Ireland, that it’s not just a question of which side one is inclined to. It’s not just a matter of counting heads. Where civil disturbance is in question it’s a matter of how many on either side are prepared to reach for the gun. Ishchenko’s evaluation of that was I believe more accurate, more workable, than Girkin’s.


            It seems impossible now that Minsk 2 can be put back together. Things have moved on too much. But one hopes that the same considerations that led to the Russians pursuing Minsk 2 for so long will also guide them when it comes to the future of the remnant Ukraine after the war is over.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            I don’t think the situation was avoidable. Minsk2, etc. was never going to fly. IMO, the Borg and associated neocons have long been dead set on damaging Russia to the point where, in Borg/neocon fantasies, the Russian government collapses and is then replaced by something that the Borg can covertly control and use, as they have achieved in the UKR. Does anyone seriously doubt that Zelensky is a US puppet?

            Here is one of many examples of Borg/neocon thinking –

            The entire premise should be questioned. Why are we (the US) maliciously screwing with counties, like Russia and UKR, on the other side of the world? How does that help me, a citizen and tax payer? This is the problem with career government and leeches like favored contractors and think tanks (often the same people/revolving door). Govt isn’t accountable and is divorced from the will and needs of The People. It has massive sums of money to play with that it doesn’t earn. The money can be spent recklessly pursuing policies based on theories of questionable material and moral virtue. That, combined with a media that is essentially another arm of government, leads to all sorts of stupid, corrupt, malignant activities that the citizens pay for, yet are unaware of. When something goes wrong with the stupid, corrupt, malignant hidden government activities, the govt just gets its media agent together and creates a psy-op/info-op campaign to keep the citizens in the dark and in line. What we are getting in main stream media and even a lot of what we are getting here from various commenters and headliners are a part of the above SOP.

          • Sam says:


            In a few years military tacticians will evaluate the Russian offense and the Ukrainian defense. Right now we’re in the fog of war with mostly propaganda disseminated by all sides in the conflict. Reading the tea leaves in the propaganda information stream is challenging. All said and done the invasion is now over 30 days old.

            IMO, no matter if there’s some of kind of ceasefire agreement in the short-term this conflict will remain hot until one of the sides gets exhausted. The neocons are firmly in charge with full support from the leadership of BOTH political parties. So as far as Ukraine is concerned it wouldn’t matter at all if the GOP wins a Congressional majority later this year and the presidency in 2024. The duopoly are unified with neocon foreign policy. Congress has appropriated the money. Now the government and contractor machinery will gear up to keep supplying Ukraine with lethal weapons, material and intelligence and very likely tactical battle planning. By the Fall the supply chain will be in full swing. Mr. White Helmets apparently has his new assignment. Ukraine for all intents and purposes is not really an independent player. Heck, even Biden bragged about having the Ukrainian attorney general fired for investigating corruption where his son had his hand in a cookie jar. Neoconism like neoliberalism is widely supported by both parties. Even “independent” Trump nominated the same guys to all the top positions in his administration. Victoria Nuland is back in State and Pompeo who ran it for Trump was right there too.

            It is highly unlikely this war will end anytime soon. The effort to degrade the Russian military forces in Ukraine will be ratcheted up. And it is also highly unlikely that our lurch from one emergency to another continuously chipping away at our bedrock liberties will end anytime soon. The writing on the wall is as clear as day. What Justin, Jacinda, Trump, Biden, et al and the laptop class minions have demonstrated with the covidian emergency is that it will continue to be ratcheted up with the active support of the majority. All the tools of authoritarianism were deployed with the full support of the majority. Like the boiling frog metaphor the historically unique experiment that is America is reverting to the natural state of the rulers and the ruled.

    • Sam says:

      (Reuters) – Britain and its allies have agreed to send air and coastal defence systems, longer-range artillery and counter battery capabilities, armoured vehicles as well as provide wider training and logistical support to Ukraine, British defence minister Ben Wallace said

      Looks like the UK is preparing Ukraine for a long war. It appears Ben Wallace will not counsel Zelensky to give up Donbass. This may not be what Putin bargained for when he sent in his military across the border. And with MI6 Mr. White Helmets in Ukraine who knows what provocation he’ll dream up?

    • Philip Owen says:

      Russia appears to be trying to force a cauldron around the 60,000 troops facing the Donbas. Unfortunately:

      1) Things don’t seem to be falling into place at Kharkiv. Kharkiv is necessary for the northern salient. The Eastern MID forces are collapsing as fast as the Central MID forces around Kiev.
      2) Ukraine has assembled an army to the West of the potential salients necessary to build a cauldron. They are in prepared fortifications. So any salient is going to be fired at from two sides. Running the gauntlet. They fell confident enough about Kiev to move 15,000 extra men there.

      Girkin (a far better thinker than Saker) seems to believe that the Ukrainians have now mobilised enough men to win, at least until Russia equips a new army later in the year.

    • d74 says:

      Thank you so much!
      Well thought out and subtle.

      As far as war news is concerned, how will the English-language media handle the return to reality?
      If the Ukrainians win, this press will be justified. Gross overstatements and twisted assumptions will become the new reality.
      If the Russians win, the damage-control will be exciting to watch. Only if media respect their readers…

      • Steve says:


        Our media have a long history and plenty of experience when it comes to the shifting of narrative back to a place of comfort:)

        • jim ticehurst says:

          Yes..Fact…Its Now 2022…Long After The American/Chinese..Mao Culture War That I Saw on The Streets..and in The “MEDIA”…in the 1960s…and all the 1970s..And Al Its Strange Tragic Events..John Kennedy..Shot Dead By An American who had defec ted to Russia..married Russian..(kgb??)and was allowed baxk in USA..Under Whose Control..?

          Martin Luther King..Who I Respected for his “WORDS”..Shot by Someones Gunman..Tryed To Flee to UK..Whose Playing..?

          Bobby Kennedy.>Likable..though Attorney..Was Putting Policy..and Unity Together in a Proper And Needed Legal Manner..

          Yes..Friends..Seen…Even ThenAn America being Operated in a Manner..The “MANIPULATORS” Wants it Run..Zealots..Cultist..Evil Minds..

          Groomed..Conditioned..Screened..Through Various Methods..Brought in From Various Areas of Europe..People Great Wealth…But Aways Wanting More Wealth..Get Connected..and Buy..POWER..

          Thats Been Done now..Sixty Years Later..Ten..Eleven..Twelve..Men of Great Wealth..Billions..Who Control…”MINDS”..And 99 percent of Major Media Programs and SUBJECTIVE

          The Current Wizards and Witches At the Grand COVEN..are becoming More Obvious..They Have
          Developed Strong Radical Leadership and Control
          Of All Domestic Programs..Social ..Political..Legal thier Advantage and Further Control..

          The Interestind Side of The Coven,,,Is The State Department ..Control of all its functions nd Policies..Especially in Europe..Ukraine ..Russia Relations..and The Personal Heritage and Connection the Secretarys Family has to Hungary,,and Migration…From America..

          Hopefully..We continue to get Better Insight..and with
          i t Discernment..
          …Thank You ..Colonel Lang. .For Providing Your Site
          For a “FORUM”..For Like Minded Thinkers..Or Those Who Always..Want To Learn More..and Can Have Mentors..Of Your QUALITY.!

  12. Personanongrata says:

    Comment: This has been said in public and echoed by the Whitehouse without attribution. If it is disinformation, then it appears to be a masterful concoction for spreading FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt at all levels of Russian society, not just within the Government and the armed forces.

    How much of what Flemming (ie western sources) put out is actually reaching Russians?

    Flemming’s FUD appears to be for mainly western audiences.

    It looks to me like a bit of a mess.

    It looks like war – Hell’s Circus rides again.

    Information available in the media does not portray Russia’s effort in Ukraine as being a well planned/executed endeavor.

    It would appear as if the Russian’s have their very own version of the Five O’Clock Follies.

  13. mcohen says:

    There is no war.This is just a special holiday.I have seen no proof of any attacks on russia. No bombs ,no missiles,no special forces attacks on riussian soil.Very strange.

    Secondly the whole Ukrainian army should abandon all there positions and overrun the crimea.grab it by the balls.Forget the rest of the country.Just the crimea and the surrounding coastal cities

    • Steve says:


      As in, hand Crimea over to NATO? Surely the prime target of installing a “friendly” government in Kyiv.

  14. Fred says:

    Looks like Ukrainians were not the only ones being underestimated.
    “Orban scores crushing victory …..”

  15. jim ticehurst says:

    Yes..He Won Big…Even After The Hungarian Jewish Immigrant George Soros went Back Over there..and Tried To Control Hungarian Politics..Spent Millions on Trying to Groom Viktor Orban..Sending him..Expenses Paid..To University in London..

    George Soros Over reached..Became The Most Disliked Auslander .in Hungary…and called “The Most Dangerous Man in The World..”by Hungarian Parliment..

    Its Very Interesting that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Is Also Of Jewish Hungarian Ancestry..Like Soros..And That Anthony Blinkens Father..Donald M. Blinken Got hi,mself Appointed Ambassador To Hungary…from 1994 to 1997..

    Right When The Od Communist were forming a New Coalition Government..

    So ..Binken and Soros Both are New York Area Residents..Blinken Family..
    Long History of Extreme Participation in U.S. Government Affairs..Ambassadors to Hungary And Begium…

    Anthony Blinken..Extreme Participation in the NSC..sine 1994..2002 to 2008..Staff Director for Senate Foreign Relations Committee…Assisting Chairman JOE BIDEN..and Formulating Joe Bidens Support for the IRAQ Invasion..

    2009 to 2013…Deputy Assistant to President Obama..And NSC Advisor to Joe Biden..

    In 2004 Elections Bush Vs Kerry..George Soros..Who had Never been that Invoved in Politics..Donated…$ 23,million Five Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Dollars to Various 527 (tax Exempt) Groups…To Help John Kerry Beat George Bush..

    Soros Massive Contributions to Help Dominate Various State ..County And City Elections ..And Control of Judicial Systems is Legendary…And His Interests don’t End There..

    ..So..Two Hungarian Americans from The New York Area..With So MUCH Power..
    to be honest…I Have Very Strong Concerns for President Zalinsky welfare..I worry about them Trying to call Him Out in The Open..Like a Turkey Conference..
    Dpont Expose Your Neck..To a Hungry Vampire..The Blood Lust is High..

    After Seeing Todays News Photos of Old Women Shot off Thier Bicycles..Children and Mens Bodys laying on The Streets’ Of Ukraine..There is No Doubt in My Mind Now..
    That Russia Capable..of The Most Extreme Mass Murder Attacks..With Any Type Weapon..Including A MOAB..Like that Used in Afghanistan..

    The Chearest Think in The World..Is all The daily..Monthly. Nauseating.Media Bull Shit..NOTHING Gets Done… Except BS ..
    and The Republic,,Our Republic..Has Been Sold to the Devil..

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