As Pliny put it: “Graves offensae, levis gratia.” So let me begin, with song! Because, why not.

Ain’t no real big secret all the same.Ain’t no real big secret all the same….

Somewhere, somehow somebody, must have kicked you around some….Everybody’s had to fight to be free You see you don’t have to live like a refugee.

What a great song, from back when ‘Merica was great. Which leads me to conclude:

It’s time to Make America Great Again help refugees fleeing Ukraine. I’m stepping up to do my part. Being the great guy I am, I will volunteer to house one refugee. Keeping in mind the advice of those two great American’s, Franklin and Buffett.

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4 Responses to Refugees

  1. JovanP says:

    Dear Fred, please be careful, there is a thin line between trying to help, falling in love and working for the ,,enemy” (Gogol’s book Taras Bulba comes to mind). Maybe it’s good to invite Miss Russia as well. Just in case. 🙂

  2. Whitewall says:

    My goodness what inspirational photos! Thanks. Music references are solid too.

  3. Leith says:

    Great fun Fred. I heard that the Russian cosmonauts decided to undock the Soyuz from the ISS and return home because they didn’t like NASA’s veggie burgers. They wanted something ‘meteor’.

    Off topic, as a former submariner can you figure out what is going on with this boomer boat?

    Old pic, nothing to do with current events in the Ukraine. But inquiring minds want to know. Is this an over-pressured or ruptured ballast tank? Or could it be going thru an established maintenance or test procedure? Once righted will the missiles still launch correctly after laying on their sides?

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