Sheila Jackson-Lee and the AR-15

I hardly know what to say about this. I have been an owner of firearms since I was 12. My grandfather sold or gave me (can’t remember which) a .22 single shot bolt action rifle with which I am sorry to say I did great slaughter among red squirrels and the like. This was up in Maine or Down East as they would have said there.

For this woman to have no more sense than to say that an AR-15 weighs as much as 10 “moving boxes” and fires .50 caliber bullets is so stupid and ill informed as to be laughable except that the crazed creature will participate in making Biden’s gun policies.

In fact the net weight of an AR-15 is 6 lbs. and it shoots .223 ammunition, a small bore, high velocity round well adapted to hunting, home defense, etc.. This is a caliber quite different, very different than the monster .50 caliber bullet which will kill at a couple thousand yards in a sniper’s weapon.

I have stated my opinion of this woman previously and will not belabor the point. pl

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7 Responses to Sheila Jackson-Lee and the AR-15

  1. Fred says:

    These statements aren’t due to stupidity, they are pure propaganda. Most importantly it she seems very unconcerned about the black-on-black violence that has plagued many inner cities for years, none of which results from AR-15 ownership. None of the laws enacted in cities like D.C., Baltimore and Chicago have prevented that violence.

  2. TV says:

    Stupid, ugly and fat is no way to go through this world unless…’re a black female politician.

  3. Ranger Ray says:

    There is a good reason that we conservatives here in Houston refer to her as Sheila “Jackass” Lee. She is a blithering idiot. Her opponent last November was a very sharp 1985, black, West Point grad who, unfortunately, lost. I’m waiting to see when ole Sheila comprehends that neither Jackson nor Lee are appropriate names for a woke “Demonrat”and decides to change them!

  4. Eric Newhill says:

    Where is the hyper-lethal covid-19 when you need it?

  5. fakebot says:

    Ranger Ray,

    That reminds me of that of the very funny scene in John Ford’s film Young Lincoln.

    Abe Lincoln:
    [cross-examining Cass] J. Palmer Cass.

    John Palmer Cass:
    Yes, sir.

    Abe Lincoln:
    What’s the “J” stand for?

    John Palmer Cass:

    Abe Lincoln:
    Anyone ever call you Jack?

    John Palmer Cass:
    Yeah, but…

    Abe Lincoln:
    Why “J. Palmer Cass?” Why not “John P. Cass?”

    John Palmer Cass:
    Well, I…

    Abe Lincoln:
    Does “J. Palmer Cass” have something to hide?

    John Palmer Cass:

    Abe Lincoln:
    Then what do you part your name in the middle for?

    John Palmer Cass:
    I got a right to call myself anything I want as long as it’s my own name!

    Abe Lincoln:
    Well then if it’s all the same to you, I’ll call you Jack Cass.

  6. Deap says:

    Covid became an instrument of the fascist state. UCSF med school profession, bucks the trend and advocates overall “harm reduction” analysis to counter the fascist absolutist “lockdownists” who dominated this past election year rapid slide into the one party state:

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