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New York City Continues Meltdown From a Blowtorch of Violence

The wave of violence sweeping through Democrat controlled cities shows no signs of diminishing. The woke politics of the left is sowed seeds of chaos that is now sprouting into rampant, unchecked violence. Here’s the latest tally for New York … Continue reading

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Joe wants your guns

Joe is full of it. This is the guy who was a main sponsor of the great crime bill of the 1990s, c’mon man, you know, you know, the one that locked up all those criminals who happen to have … Continue reading

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Stimulus checks often spent on guns

“We’re expecting another big sale when the stimulus comes out,” he said. “They’ve got the extra money and people go indulge themselves with something they can’t normally afford. Some people want a car. Some people want a gun.” He said … Continue reading

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Sheila Jackson-Lee and the AR-15

I hardly know what to say about this. I have been an owner of firearms since I was 12. My grandfather sold or gave me (can’t remember which) a .22 single shot bolt action rifle with which I am sorry … Continue reading

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Jackson Lee wants your guns.

"The publicly-accessible list would contain serial numbers, owner names and gun locations. Obtaining a license would require gun owners to undergo a psychological evaluation, which would include interviewing family members or associates to determine mental and emotional states. Applicants must … Continue reading

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Mostly Peaceful Protests in D.C.

Commentary by Fred. The nation's capital witnessed a massive and mostly peaceful protest today. During this mostly peaceful event tens of thousands of law abiding concerned citizens gathered to discuss their greviences, to air them before the press and government … Continue reading

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Weapons banned in Canada by “Le petit Justin”

  That is an M-14 rifle.  Someone tell Trudeau.  It is on his list.  It is quite suitable for hunting deer, elk and the like.  But, then, we know that he has seized on the NS murders as an excuse … Continue reading

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“Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020” Congressional Record

  "Shown Here:Introduced in House (01/30/2020) Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020 This bill makes various changes to the federal framework governing the sale, transfer, and possession of firearms and ammunition. Among other things, the bill does … Continue reading

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“A Window into Virginia’s Future: Bills Headed to the Governor’s Desk Kill Virginia as We Know It. ” Virginia Christian Alliance

" … the deluge of bills, energized by out of state deep pockets which has placed Virginia on the fast lane to Marxism while erasing the freedoms and liberties of the free people of Virginia. This is Legislative Blitzkrieg, which … Continue reading

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Lesson for today – Shoot back at the nuts!

"Many Democrats and liberal media figures sneer at the “good guy with a gun” narrative when it comes to the debate over gun control, dismissing it as a myth clung to by Bible-thumping rednecks. Yet, if there was ever a … Continue reading

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