Show us Gina Haspel.


The internet is alive with rumors that the CIA Director, Gina Haspel, is either under arrest or dead.  The country needs to be assured about this.  Let her show herself, walking, talking and up close enough for positive identification.  pl

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  1. turcopolier says:

    All I understand she started her government work in 1980-81 as an Army civil servant as the post librarian ans testing service tsar at Ft. Devens Massachusetts. She later applied to the CIA for employment, was accepted and made her way to the top in the clerical support side of the DO. she is living proof of the old Soviet saying “s–k d—s and read newspapers and you, too, can be a commissar.” Oddly enough, one of her distant predecessors in the librarian job dragged me into the office and away from reading newspapers to take some tests. To my surprise Washington called me a couple of weeks later with an offer to go to Special Forces (Green Berets).


    In the past I brushed a lot of that internet rumor stuff off. Not anymore now that some of it has turned out to be true. Now I have to wait and see. I for one am glad you posted this.

  3. Deap says:

    Or is this just a disappearing act since it was revealed –allegedly— where those German Dominion computers might have been hooked up……. ACORN, fercrissakes? Haspel makes like a tree and leaves.

  4. Horace says:

    We all live in bubbles, but most live in bubbles that are pretty similar to many other people’s bubbles. However, the bubbles of those in Washington DC, Hollywood, New York City and the lesser marxist enclaves are particularly far removed from the the mean.
    Based on observations of people in my own family, these leftists have no idea the hellfire they are kindling under their own feet. I’m reminded of the (perhaps apocryphal) story of the New Yorker exclaiming after Nixon’s 49 state victory “I don’t know anyone who voted for Nixon!”
    Leftists, we don’t see you as Americans with a different opinion anymore. We see you as enemies of our mere existence. You should have left us alone. That’s all we ever wanted: to be left alone. We are desperately looking for a way out, but your masters are hellbent on our destruction. They don’t care how many of you useful idiots have to die for them to end us, as long as they are in possession of the ashes.

  5. sbin says:

    Perfect example of peter principal on steroids with splash gender bias.
    However with such examples of CIA leadership as Brennan, Pompeo perhaps it is past time CIA was disbanded.

  6. Deap says:

    Here is what SNOPES has to say, while taking some licks at just about everything else – no German computer raid and no election fraud. Let’s see how this all checks out with the emerging facts, not just their “fact-checking”:
    About this time in 2016, Democrats were pushing the Trump pee-pee tapes and demanding Electors become faithless and cast their votes for Clinton …to save the Republic.
    As they say, the US sausage making factory is messy to behold.

  7. turcopolier says:

    Why would you care what Snope’s say. They may well be part of the perception management apparat.

  8. turcopolier says:

    Have you heard of the “internets?”

  9. Deap says:

    It gets even better in the rumor mill: Obama arrested in Hawaii and Biden is wearing a “boot” to hide his ankle bracelet after his arrest – for espionage and treason:
    All the news that is fit to print- and pretty close to the same stuff Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler spent four years dishing out about Trump. Why do we do this to ourselves?
    Democrats spent four years tossing bogus and heinous claims against Trump, yet the stomach churns immediately when this same tactic is now reversed and the other side is getting in some licks too. Bogus then and bogus now? Or is this turnabout is fair play – stop the world, I want to get off. No, this is not how I want this game played.
    MAD Magazine – Spy vs Spy – life imitating art.

  10. Fred says:

    Trump’s comments from this morning. Doesn’t sound like a concession or willingness to accept a steal to me.

  11. fakebot says:

    Biden is supposedly looking for a replacement. Tom Donilon was lined up, but he passed on the offer and it seems the Biden team are looking at other options. Trump himself was mulling to replace her only a few weeks ago. She’s out the door one way or another.
    I saw a report published yesterday that she is “intimately involved” with Abrams and Pompeo in clandestine operations against Iran in Trump’s remaining weeks in office.

    The officials say Trump has been more passive in overseeing Iran policy and point to Pompeo and Iran envoy Elliot Abrams as the two advisors heading the last-ditch effort to hammer the Islamic Republic. The officials say both Pompeo and Abrams are in favor of quietly backing covert actions carried out by other actors. One official said CIA Director Gina Haspel has been “intimately involved” in the administration’s clandestine strategy against Iran.

  12. J says:

    I’d bet good money that both Sergey Naryshkin and Yossi Cohen know Haspel’s whereabouts, whether Haspel’s above or below ground.

  13. TV says:

    Snopes is pretty well known as another left wing “fact” checker.
    The founders are Democrat activists.
    Are there any so-called “fact” checkers that are not left wing?
    Politifact obviously gets their “facts” from Schumer and Pelosi press releases.

  14. Deap says:

    I only care what “Snopes” is saying because this is what the Bubble is hearing and believing. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
    Snopes for, some reason, has already “gotten ahead” of this rumor – so even that is interesting. Not that they are accurate, but that they are out there running defense and are even expanding the topic ( gratuitously debunking election fraud and German raid for bonus points ) for whatever in fact is their own agenda.
    No, these links were not presented for their truth; just for the wider discussion since the other side puts a lot of credence in them for their own purposes. Brain-washing the “progressive set” with dismissive denials is part of their agenda. Which personally bugs me. So I put their weapons of diversion on the table up front.

  15. Rick Merlotti says:

    Snopes is most definitely a part of the perception management apparat. Along with several others who get prime Google News real estate to tell the sonambulent sheep what to think.


    An example: An internet sleuth tracks a DOJ plane to Fulton County. It is there 2 hours and then flies to DC. The next day Lin announces the servers are gone from Fulton County in spite of a court order. This is why I now wait and don’t discount too early.

  17. longarch says:

    Typically I think Reuters is staffed by idiots, but I feel it might be noteworhty that Reuters has questioned the accuracy of
    Some of its content appears to have been lifted from:
    The article itself links to:
    which does not seem to support its claim.

  18. Eric Newhill says:

    Pretty sure you’re trolling us a little with this post. That said, it is 2020.
    I am 100% convinced that covid is a political conspiracy based on personal knowledge and other info. Tonight Tucker Carlson reports that blood samples taken in early Jan 2020 tested positive for covid – all of the samples. In other countries there is evidence of covid in the population going back to Fall 2019; yet no overwhelmed hospitals and spiking death counts from those early months. The internet fact checkers are clearly arrayed against information seekers and forcing conformity to the state’s message.
    Clearly there was malfeasance in the election as well as a general Charlie Foxtrot created by implementing mail in voting without sufficient time and resources for infrastructure development; a no brainer that everyone should have foreseen and avoided – except for the covid hysteria.
    We saw the the Russia collusion hoax, Steele Dossier nonsense, idiotic impeachment and slandering filthy lie campaign against of Justice Kavanaugh.
    The list goes on. However, it stretches my credulity that the US military (Army SOF unit?) would be shooting it out with the CIA in Germany and that Haskel would be there to be wounded in the action; or was arrested and whisked off to some secret detention facility.
    Would you please consider sharing what you really think?

  19. Dennis Daulton says:

    Hopefully Larry Johnson will have something interesting to say on this, he always seems to have his ear to the ground when it comes to matters like this.

  20. Jessica Paine says:

    I surmise the Biden/Obama arrest fantasy is psyops to misdirect away from the real story concerning Hasple.

  21. Barbara Ann says:

    I’m not sure at this stage whether the country would be more reassured if the rumor of Haspel’s arrest turns out to be true or false.
    Colonel, you once suggested an alternative motto for the CIA; “L’état, c’est nous”. Learning that the CIA has been instrumental in a domestic Hammer and Scorecard conspiracy to “regime change” Trump may, paradoxically, save the country – as at least the real enemy would then be obvious to all but the hard core Never Trump partisans.
    Trump’s speech yesterday seemed to me a clear declaration of willingness to cross the Rubicon – or perhaps more appropriately to meet the persons having already done so by fixing the election, in battle. If so, I think the only thing that really matters is who is perceived to have crossed it first: Is Trump saving the country from Deep State tyranny or imposing it himself? Plenty of folk on both sides decided this for themselves way back, but what about the ones that matter; the military?
    Unless Trump can produce irrefutable, hard evidence of the fix (e.g. a public mea culpa by Gina or someone else) he risks going down in history as a Sore Loserman and usurper of the Constitution, not as its savior.

  22. Spen says:

    This reminds me; has anyone seen Michael D’Andrea this year? Did *not* die in Afghanistan in January, according to the CIA.

  23. turcopolier says:

    Eric Newhill
    I am not “trolling” you whatever that means. If she is running around free as a bird, she should show herself.

  24. Deap says:

    Don’t leave the actual Declaration of War out of the series of Democrat crimes against the President: Speaker Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump’s SOYU address on live TV — opening the door wide open to the Covid War on every single Trump accomplishment.
    Clearly, Pelosi was going to use “covid” to destroy any chance of a Trump re-election. A venal and hateful moment, which she rehearsed and gloated over this 2020 turning point moment. Never take that grotesque act out of the 2020 election scenario.
    “Covid” was the Collusion of Convenience under-girding the 2020 Democrat take-over every step of the way. Government employees loyal to Democrats continued to get paid, while everyone else who might have leaned towards Trump second term got slashed and burned.
    What did we really elect in 2020?

  25. Deap says:

    The most hideous moment in recent US history: Trump declares at the end of his SOTU address “The best is yet to come” …………. and then she did it:
    This is the person who should be hung for treason

  26. Eric Newhill says:

    So you think that Haspel really could be arrested or otherwise taken out?
    I thought maybe you were testing your readership to see who among us is susceptible to the info-war raging in the media and on the internets.
    I take your point that if that is an event that serious and respect worthy people (like yourself) believe within the realm of possibility, then it needs to be disproven ASAP if she is actually free and going about her usual business.
    If she’s not free and going about her business, then …wow!

  27. Keith Harbaugh says:

    My view: If the CIA Director has better things to do with her time than disprove every wild-ass rumor that pops up on the internet, that’s fine with me and seems quite reasonable.
    If she has better things to do than appear in public, what’s wrong with that?

    My wife just gave me a Tee shirt that says “I need new conspiracy theories, all my old ones came true”

  29. Have a laugh.
    Note the time and source of the video.
    Nowadays, in CNN-land, the machines are 100% secure and only an orange conspiracy theorist would doubt they were.

  30. Seward says:

    In my 24 years at the other well-known IC agency, I encountered a phenomenon similar to Gina Haspel’s. Mid-way through my time there I became head of data processing for a primary targets. On the office staff, our personnel officer, whom I knew very well, was a young woman close-friend of our older, married chief; she’d followed him from job to job. Her primary claim to fame was arranging lavish parties for the office and higher-level organizations. No technical skills or background whatsoever. About 25 years later, working as a contractor at the primary IC agency, I met up with her in a hallway with a contingent of suits. I greeted her but she seemed barely to know me, my surprise. I learned she’d become the Deputy Director of my previous agency, the highest civilian official. (The 3-star Director, much publicized in the media, was typically a non-entity getting his ticket punched.) People that knew her said she’d advanced so far so fast through social skills alone that she was way above any level of competence, describing her “a deer caught in the headlights.”
    “So take my advice, and never go to sea, and you’ll become the ruler of the queen’s Nay-vee.”

  31. turcopolier says:

    Keith Harbaugh
    I stopped trusting or believing any of them a long time ago. I want proof that she is happily at work. You think I go to the trouble of keeping this blog because I think the government is in good hands? Sure. I just love having a target on my back.

  32. Polish Janitor says:

    It is these little stories that makes this blog, one the most authentic in the alt-media sphere. Your story made me chuckle colonel.
    With regards to the rumor, maybe she is ‘dead’, as in she’s been fired by Trump. There has been a quite firings at DoD, HS, State, DoJ… I think the special forces’ raid in Frankfurt a while back was enough to do her. Barr too is apparently so close to being fired by Trump.
    Does anyone remember back in ’19 during Trump’s SOTU speech at Congress how weirdly she was acting and when he brought up regime change in Venezuela she got up and started clapping and all. Odd woman indeed!

  33. mcohen says:

    evidently the Iranian scientist and family “defected”.sounds good.stop the planned Iranian policy change by Biden in its tracks.

  34. BillWade says:

    Maybe she’s busy cleaning up Hunter.

  35. longarch says:

    The following video does not have my total trust and endorsement. I do believe the first ten minutes are worth your time.
    This was linked from a source that I do not always trust, but which definitely does get SOME facts right:
    Interestingly, many sources of verifiable facts believe that Q posts on 8kun are worthwhile. One such source is CodeMonkeyZ:
    Another 8kun-friendly source noted that Trump says anons basically just support good government, but suggested that CNN should not get any clicks:

  36. mcohen says:

    I have always believed that whatever country was involved in the release of covid also nuclear capability.just my intuition.after looking at all the variables I believe Iran to be the source.this is based on whatever it takes type sacrifice which Iran is capable of such as the human waves in the Iraq war.
    if the Iranian guy was responsible or he can confirm then in the next 2 weeks there will a bombing of all military sites in Iran.imho.

  37. james says:

    @ mcohen… seems like thomas wictor is a paid agent for ksa with those youtube videos he spins…. i wonder who pays him?

  38. The Beaver says:

    @ spen
    This reminds me; has anyone seen Michael D’Andrea this year?
    Beat me to it !
    That’s what i thought when I saw the title.
    And yet, Iran lost two guys this year. Wonder whether The Dark Prince is still alive and where he is living.
    Hope not in Mauritius where his wife is living.
    Like I read somewhere on Twitter:
    It cant simultaneously be true that Tehran is fully infiltrator by US & Israel, and also that anyone Iran arrests as a spy is an innocent hostage academic/journo.

  39. Peter VE says:

    I think: “Why would you care what Snope’s say. They may well be part of the perception management apparat.”
    should read
    “Why would you care what Snope’s say. They are part of the perception management apparat.”

  40. Artemesia says:

    — release of covid
    — nuclear capable
    — capable of self-sacrifice
    That fits Israel to a T.
    a. Israel was first off the mark to announce a cure for covid — just a few days after WHO declared it a pandemic, if memory serves
    b. Avner Cohen (any relation?) has written on Israel’s nuclear weapons, and Dem-then-Republican senator Arlen Specter went to great pains to protect Zalman Shapiro, who was head of NUMEC when uranium went missing, said to have been shipped to Israel to make its nuclear bombs.
    c. Michael Ledeen has spoken and written about the long tradition of “Jews killing Jews” — first at Mount Sinai where Levites killed those Hebrews unwilling to invade Canaan. Ledeen, an outspoken advocate for war in Iraq, brought that tradition to the present with his bold statement, “I am a proud Levite.”

  41. Fred says:

    The Isreali’s did it is a new one on the Covid front.

  42. Deap says:

    Maybe Haspel is like Hilary Clinton when she “disappeared” during her last days on the government payroll – getting some major plastic surgery done while still on the public dime?
    Clinton looked so “refreshed” when she emerged for her Benghazi hearings, after her self-imposed solitary confinement for an alleged slip and fall. Be sure to observe before and after photos of Haspel if/when she also re-emerges.
    What is with these Democrats – they keep slipping and falling – proof they are systemically unbalanced. Is Biden due for some more hair plugs, botox and skin-tightening pulls, like Kamala Harris quickly got when the spotlight finally shone upon her aging visage.
    Which raises the next question the media keeps overlooking – how did Nancy Pelosi get her eyebrows back down from the center of her forehead to now closer to her hollowed out eye sockets. Micro-blading brows like Michelle Obama got before she also left the WH?
    No wonder Pelosi is so interested in getting someone else to pay for “health care”.

  43. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Some above seem to have a negative view of Ms. Haspel.
    In contrast, Michael Scheuer has written the following about her:
    “The current CIA Director is one of the officers I worked with,
    and she, almost single-handedly,
    helped CIA’s bin Laden unit destroy an al-Qaeda organization in Eurasia.
    I have always admired her greatly for her brains, personal courage,
    and for never, in my experience, flinching from truth and duty.”

  44. Keith Harbaugh
    Do you know Scheuer? I do. He is one of the stranger dingbats in the world of intelligence puffery. I am perhaps one of the others.

  45. My sole knowledge of Michael Scheuer is from reading two of his books, “Imperial Hubris” and “Marching Towards Hell”, and from occasional reading of his blogs, one now defunct and one current.
    His understanding of issues, of what the problems are, seemed admirable to me.
    Where I hsd severe disagreements was with his proposed solutions to the problems, which always seemed to relsy too much on force and even bloodshed.
    E.g., his statement in the blog post cited above:
    “I still want blood, and want it soon.”
    That certainly sounds over the top to me.
    But it didn’t diminish my valuation of his professional assessment of Gina Haspel.

  46. rjj says:

    Deap @ 03/12 post: “This is the person who should be hung for treason”
    NAY!!!! Treason??? Land sakes honeydear, you sound like a Prog. ‘Tis a boon. The hardest debts of all to acknowledge are the ones we owe to our bad examples. This exquisitely cringeworthy and teachable demonstration can be shown to school children as such.

  47. Polish Janitor says:

    Keith Harbaugh,
    I used to read Michael Scheuer’s blog and would enjoy watching him debate people at TV. I still do check out his blog from time to time just to see what is the newest thin he’s angry at. But the reality is that he has gone off-rails, he is believer of Qanon, still believes Trump drained the Swamp, Trump was a God-send and Israel had nothing to do with his administration’s policies. I even remember him calling Trump to bomb Iran and Syria with nukes and all. He is not principled and nuanced like Colonel Lang here, but seems quite deranged and on the verge of explosion. For God’s sake he married an actual CIA torturer some years back and seems okay with bombing and torturing and killing and nuking nowadays. And I am saying this as a libertarian not a leftist, but boy he’s changed so much from 2000s. His best moment IMO was when he decimated those pro-Israeli congressmen during a House testimony I think back in 2013-2014…

  48. Leith says:

    I expect Gina is keeping a low profile due to the threats against her by some Qanon believers.
    The bigger question to me is: Who will replace her as D/CIA?
    Admiral Whitworth, J2 for the Joint Staff would be a good choice. As would General Haugh, Commander of AFI; Admiral Aeschbach, Commander of ONI, and General Potter, Army G2. Mike Morrell, former Acting D/CIA, is said to be in the running but faces pushback. Same for Tom Donilon, former Natl Scty Advisor for Obama. But the smart money is on LtGen Stewart former DIA Director; or Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin, a CIA analyst in the early 2000s and later a senior assistant to DNI and she held senior posts in DoD and State.

  49. J says:

    What I find interesting about China Joe and his purported broken ankle/foot. If you look at the photos of China Joe, you’ll notice he is putting his full weight down on that foot. A person with a broken ankle/foot would not be walking with their full weight on it. Ergo, the 64 dollar question — is the ankle/foot boot hiding something? Like an ankle-braclet perhaps? Hmm… inquiring mind wants to know.
    Re: Ms Haspel, reminds me of the game Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego.

  50. Fred says:

    Really? Where o where are those alleged threats emanating? Checking usual suspects list: the alt-right, far right, boogaloo boys “Qanon believers”. Thank goodness we get the real threat information here first. Sadly there doesn’t appear to be any public mention of those, any more than there is mention of Ms. Gina the Honest CIA director.
    That’s the point of the boot, take up the weight. If he couldn’t walk on it he’d be in a wheelchair. However, if he falls in the shower instead of falls while yanking dogs tail (if you believe that tale) he’ll break a hip, or his neck.

  51. Artemesia says:

    @ Fred:
    Fred, re an Israeli connection to Covid:
    If China is compellingly implicated, Israel holds a spot on the cui bono list: For over 15 years Israeli leaders (including so-called dual-Israelis such as Dennis Ross) have been preparing for the demise of US economic and political dominance, to be replaced by China.
    Recall that Mike Pompeo traveled to Israel to persuade Netanyahu not to make a deal on a desalination plant with China. Nevertheless, China and Israel have numerous financial and infrastructure ties, and Israel is fully on board with China’s OBOR project including with the bank created to underwrite its development.
    The devastation of the US economy can be perceived as a non-negative to Israel’s interests, nor to China’s: the latter, perhaps both, will be more than willing and able to swoop in and buy up hard American small business assets at pennies/yuan/shekels/bitcoin on the dollar.
    Note: Neither Iran and its rial nor the Venezuelan bolivar are on either the swooping vulture or the cui bono list! Zounds.
    nb. A few days ago in an appearance on C Span Washington Journal, Rep. Tom McClintock of California drew a clear distinction between the coronavirus and the devastation of the US economy. He said, “Covid did not cause lockdowns, government did.”

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